Tracks 1-12 : Produced by Dan Donegan : Co-Produced by David Draiman and Mike Wengren : Mixed by Neal Avron Track 13 -16 : Recorded Live at The Riviera : Mixed by Ben Grosse

disturbed1.com : myspace.com/disturbed : repriserecords.com CP2008 Reprise Records.


Bonus Tracks: Stupify (Live at The Riviera) Stricken (Live at The Riviera) Down With The Sickness (Live at The Riviera) Just Stop (Live at The Riviera) All Songs Written & Arranged by Disturbed © 2008 Mother Culture Publishing/WB Music Corp. All rights admin. by WB Music Corp. ASCAP. Lyrics Reprinted by Permission. All Rights Reserved. Tracks 1-12: Recorded at Groovemaster in Chicago, Il Produced by Dan Donegan Co-Produced David Draiman & Mike Wengren Engineered & Additional Production by Tadpole Assisted by Justin Wilks Pro Tools: Tadpole & Cameron Webb Mixed at Paramount Recording, Hollywood, CA Mixed by Neal Avron Mix Assistant: Nick Fournier Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound Tracks 13-16: Mixed by Ben Grosse Mastered by Brian Gardner at Bernie Grundman Mastering Recorded at Groovemaster in Chicago, Il Produced by Dan Donegan Co-produced David Draiman & Mike Wengren Engineered & Additional Production by Tadpole Assisted by Justin Wilks Pro Tools: Tadpole & Cameron Webb Mixed at Paramount Recording, Hollywood, CA Mixed by Neal Avron Mix Assistant: Nick Fournier Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound David Draiman: Vocals Dan Donegan: Guitar & Electronics Mike Wengren: Drums John Moyer: Bass Guitar A&R: Jeff Aldrich : Management: JBM Legal: Jeffrey Light for Myman, Abell, Fineman, Greenspan & Light, LLP Business: David Weiss & Associates North American Booking: Daryl Eaton & Rick Roskin for CAA : International Booking: Emma Banks for CAA Merchandise: Bravado Photography: Joey Lawrence Cover Illustration: David Finch Art Direction & Design: Matt Taylor – mattvarnish.com

David would like to thank: I would like to first and foremost thank all of our Disturbed brothers and sisters who continue to give us life and strength. My family, especially my brother Ben who has always been supportive, but never credited as such. My brothers, Dan, Mike, and John who remain a constant source of pride and inspiration (there is no one I’d rather share a stage with, living or dead). My dear friends Alex “the Viking” Ilich, Mark “Aaaaaa...” Leavitt, Tyler “Oooh-rah” Tucker, Yovan “Wo...wo...wo…wo” Ilich, and the rest of my boys who I know always have my back. All of our dedicated crew. Jeff Battaglia, Dougie Thomson, TJ Sagen and everyone at JBM. Johnny K, Tadpole, and everyone at Groovemaster Studios, Chicago (Tadpole, you kick ass). Raymond McGlammery for all you’ve done and your continuing support, all our strength and love, brother. Everyone at Warner/ Reprise. Nicole Donegan, Tina Wengren, and Kristen Moyer, for putting up with all that we do and for making my brothers the happiest husbands I know. My beautiful Lisa, and darling Bebe, who are a constant source of stress relief and joy, and last, but not in any way least, my darling, beautiful angel, Jasmin, who has finally brought me peace and love. Dan would like to thank: My amazing wife Nicole, for your unconditional love and support of our crazy lifestyle, for making me laugh every day, for being able to push buttons as good as I do and for our beautiful children Maya and Justin, who make me strive to be a great dad; Mom & Dad; Tommy and Dane Donegan; The Price Family; The Wade Family; The Sikora family; all the Sardos and Soristos; Jeff Battaglia & Corey Rybka; Dougie Thomson & family; Keith, Noel & Remi Guest; Marc Leavitt; Alex Illich; Tyler Tucker; John Lazarz & family; The Alsip Gang; The Guzolek’s; Tadpole; Johnny K; Doug Reynolds; David Karon; Paul Muniz; Greg Orred; Dave Cowles; Raymond McGlammery; John Duda & family; Don Berstein; Brian Karulski & B-Distinct Tattoos; Tina Wengren; Jasmin Yeganeh; Kristen, Kiley & Logan Moyer; The Disturbed Sisterhood; David, Mike & John for sharing the vision and living the dream. To all the fans who allow us to do what we love the most. Mike would like to thank: My beautiful, intelligent, funny, and always entertaining wife, Tina. I wouldn’t be here without your love and support. You truly are my better half and my best friend. Your constant energy always brightens my days. Wilbur, Simon, and Teagan—what more could a man want in a pup? Your crazy antics and unconditional love are more than I could have ever imagined, but couldn’t live without. My brothers Dan, David, and John, may we continue to have fun while pushing and inspiring each other in this amazing dream of Indestructiblity. The Peters / Klein / Radosevich / Jaeger / Gervasi family for truly knowing, loving, respecting, and supporting me for who I am and reminding me what family is really all about. I’m proud to call you my own. My grandparents, may God bless you. Jeff Battaglia, Dougie Thomson, and TJ Sagen for constantly going the extra mile for us. Tadpole,

you really shined with your hard work and dedication on this record. Nicole, Maya, Justin and Barb Donegan; Jasmin Yeganeh; Kristen, Kylie and Logan Moyer. Mike Farriss, Derek Wolfford, Garryn Rollins, and everyone at Pearl Drums, Chris Stankee, Bobby Boos, Stacey Montgomery-Clark, and everyone at Sabian Cymbals. Chad Brandolini and everyone at Vater Percussion. Steve Lobmeier and everyone at Evans Drumheads. Nub at Nub Grafix/Orange County Choppers. Barry Jaeger at Black Dragon Tattoo. Johnny K and everyone at Groovemaster Recording. Nate Wlazelek. Dan Wiktorek. Conrad’s Harley Davidson. Bill, Karen, and everyone at Rooters. Troy and everyone at The Rave/Eagles Ballroom. The Bellevue Suite Camp. Whale Arms at Clear Lake. And most of all our Disturbed fans everywhere! John would like to thank: My incredible wife Kristen and beautiful daughter Kiley for their love and unwavering support and to my son Logan for giving me new inspiration—it is a lucky man who gets to live his dream, but I am truly fortunate to have such a wonderful family with whom to share it. Marcia Moyer, John and Barbara Henshall, Martha Ethridge, La Familia Tabuenca, The Rychel family, Mickey and Leanna and the whole Ohio clan. Also, thanks to JR Shirley, Chris Small, Jake Peterson, John Lazarz, Brian Jackson, Pat Kennison, and Josh Memolo for all their help along the way. Mad thanks to Todd Rockfield and everyone at Traben, Ted Burger and everyone at Kustom, Derek Brooks at Ernie Ball, Jeff Battaglia, Dougie Thompson, and TJ Sagan at JBM. Thanks to Nicole Donegan and Tina Wengren for making me and my family a part of your families, special thanks to Mike, David, and Dan not only for this awesome opportunity, but also for their friendship and brotherhood, and finally thanks to all the Disturbed fans who make what we do possible. DISTURBED thanks: JBM, Tom Whalley, Diarmuid Quinn, Jeff Aldrich, Rob “The Commissioner” Gordon, Mike Rittberg, Lynn McDonnell, Cheryl Valentine, Renee Harrison, Devin Sarno, Michael Nance, Nick Haussling and everyone at Warner Bros., Warner Chappell, Jeffrey Light, CAA, David Weiss, Emma Banks, Tadpole, Johnny K./Groovemaster, Neal Avron, Nick Fournier, Adam & Rafa at Rafacore, Nathan Cox, Tony Troncozo, Frank Mastalerz, the U.S. and coalition soldiers around the world sacrificing themselves every day to keep us safe, Operation MySpace, all our crew and their families. Dan Endorses: Washburn Guitars/Maya Series, Randall Amps/1086, Digitech Pedals/The Weapon, Tone Pros, GHS Strings, Rocktron & Dunlop : Mike Endorses: Pearl Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Vater Sticks, Evans Drumheads : John Endorses: Traben Basses/Havoc Series, Kustom Amps : Disturbed Endorses: Shure Mics Also thanks to: Mesa-Boogie, Roland, Diezel, Marshall, Bogner, Korg, Dunlop, Morley, Ultimate Ears, DDrum, Alesis

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