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THIS AGREEMENT is made at this date____ between __________ and __________hereinafter referred to as 'the Licensor' of the One Part and _________hereinafter referred to as the 'Licensee' of the Other Part, which term includes its successors and assigns)

Whereas the Licensor is the owner of the __________ (Herein after referred to as the Premises) And whereas the Licensor has agreed to grant on leave and license to the Licensee for the occupation and use of the said Premises to the Licensee on the following terms and conditions agreed to between the parties hereto.

BOTH THE LICENSOR AND THE LICENSEE AGREE ON THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT OF LEASE: NOW IT IS AGREED BY AND BETWEEN THE PARTIES HERETO AS FOLLOWS:The Licensor hereby grants leave and license to the Licensee to occupy and use the said Premises hereinafter referred to as the Licensed Premises and includes all the amenities (refer Exhibit A for list of amenities in the licensed premises) for a period of 11 Months from the effective date hereof. The Licensee shall pay to the Licensor a sum of Rs. ____ per month (______Only) as License fee. The same shall be payable to The Licensor on or before first week of each month following the month in which the license premises was occupied by the Licensee. For e.g. rent: Starting from the month of 1 st of August 20 shall be paid on or before _____ and so on for the subsequent months.

1. 2.

The monthly Society Maintenance Charges are included in the monthly rent and shall be paid by the Licensor. Electricity bills (based on units consumed) in respect of the Licensed premises will he paid by the Licensee.


The annual property taxes and other levies shall be paid by the Licensor.


The Licensee occupying the said premises will be allowed to use the open space in the said building for parking one car during the period of the License and no separate compensation will be payable for the same. The said parking space will be deemed to be a part of the licensed premises.


The Licensed premises will be used only for residence of the Licensee and for no other purpose.


The Licensee shall not put up any additional fittings and fixtures and no other changes, by way of additions or permanent alterations in the said Licensed Premises without the prior permission of the Licensor.


The Licensed Premises are given to the Licensee on leave and license basis and the Licensee occupying the same will not be entitled to transfer the benefit of this agreement to anybody else nor will the Licensee be entitled to sublet the premises or any part thereof.


The Licensee shall not be deemed to be in the exclusive possession of the licensed premises and the Licensor will have the right to enter upon the premises at any time during working day hours to inspect the premises. The juridical possession shall be deemed to be with the Licensor.

9. 10.

The Licensee shall maintain the licensed premises in good condition and will not cause any damage thereto. The Licensee occupying the same shall not cause any nuisance or annoyance to the people in the neighborhood or store any hazardous goods on the premises or near about and shall not do any act which would be a breach of the bye-laws of the said society.


If the Licensee commits a breach of any term of this agreement then notwithstanding anything herein contained the Licensor will be entitled to terminate this agreement by fifteen days prior notice to the Licensee.


On the expiration of the said term or period of the License or earlier termination thereof, the Licensee shall hand over vacant and peaceful possession of the Licensed Premises to the Licensor in the same condition in which the premises now exist subject to normal wear and tear.


As a security for the said assurance or obligation of the Licensee, as well as a security for the performance and observance of the terms and conditions of this agreement, the Licensee has deposited with the Licensor a sum of Rs. /(Rupees Only) vide Cheque no _______, Cheque Date __________ drawn to the order of _______ .The said deposit is interest fee and will be refunded without any abatement to the Licensee on termination of this Agreement forthwith.

14. 15. 16.

This agreement can be terminated by either party by giving notice of One month to the other. This agreement can be renewed for further period as determined and agreed by either party. This agreement must registered and expenses for registration, stamp duty Etc will be shared equally by and between the Licensor & Licensee.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have put their hands the day and year first hereinabove written.

Signed by the within named Licensor_____________

Signed by the within named Licensee_________

In the presence of witnesses

EXHIBIT A: To the Leave and License Agreement










Signed by the within named Licensor, ___________

Signed by the within named Licensee ______________by.

In the presence of the witnesses: