Tube Settlers



inclinations.TUBEdek® SPECIFICATIONS Process efficiency From multiplication of the sedimentation area. safe delivery to any place in the world. round settlers and allows cut outs. Easy handling Simple on site assembly method grants low cost. . Material resistente y de alta calidad TUBEdek® provides high stability of the modules for easy maintenance – PP material approved for high standards of potable water applications. Sophisticated support system With stainless steel and specially shaped glass fiber reinforced plastic beams minimizing turbulence and sludge deposit. Flexible dimensions TUBEdek® can be adapted to all kinds of shapes. chevron equidistant channel shape and adaption of the settling area spacing and slope.

: On all dimensions +/.TECHNICAL DATA Model Technical data Sedimentation area 2 3 Slope 60º [m /m ] TUBEdek® TUBEdek® TUBEdek® FS41.2000 1000 / 1500 83 (+/.1) 8 9 700 .Flocculated water GENERAL REMARKS Materials Sedimentation area Round cuts Anti flotation restraints Load to supports Support Maximum tolerances PVC PPTV : UV stabilized.20 mm.Surface water .64 (NEW) FS41. : For the equipment of large tanks.25 7 700 .6 PPTV 80 35 Max. .Filter backwash water .Polishing .Humus tanks behind fixed . for wastewater up to 200 kg/m3).Stormwater .1) FS41.Aqua culture .Low solids load polishing Waste water .50 11 13 500 . : Defined as horizontal projection of the TUBEdek® surface per m3. : For circular tanks maximum available height ex works is H = 1000 mm. : UV stabilized.2000 1000 45 (+/. 50 kg/m3.5 PPTV 80 41 PVC 55 45 2.1) Slope 55º [m2/m3] [mm] [mm] [mm] [cm] Vertical module height Standard module height Lamella pitch Hydraulic radius Material 1. whichever is the greater. or 2%. : When designing the supports the operational load has to be added to the product weight (Recommendation: min. : Tube settlers made of talcum reinforced Polypropylene (PPTV) must have restraints against flotation.Activated sludge with low film processes sludge volumes . Tighter tolerances by prior agreement. To be multiplied by H to get the sedimentation area per m2 of footprint area.84 6.Filter backwash water . certified for potable water application.5 PVC 55 80 PPTV 80 53 PVC 55 60 2. highest surface finish.Primary sedimentation .Ground water .2000 1000 / 1500 64 (+/. ECOTEC can supply special GRP supports for optimized module dimensions and support layouts. operation temperature [ºC] Weight (dry) [kg/m3] TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Potable and process water .Aqua culture .

Bufalvent C/ Esteve .ECOLOGÍA TÉCNICA ecotec@ecotec. P. 93 877 31 33 Fax 93 877 05 58 Group www. 37 A 08243 MANRESA (Barcelona) Tel. I.

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