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HYP004 : Oracle Hyperion Planning, Financial Reporting and SmartView Boot camp Training

Course Description: This training program is designed to prepare the students for Hyperion Planning Developers. Student will also learn how to create financial reporting using Financial Reporting and management reporting using SmartView. This training program provides detailed learning for Oracle Hyperion Planning complete life cycle implementation with SmartView Reports. Students will learn how Oracle Hyperion Planning provides an in-depth look at business operations and its related impact on financials, by tightly integrating financial and operational planning models. You will also learn how Oracle Hyperion Planning financial planning needs while enabling a platform for future cross-functional expansion and automated process integration. Course Duration: 25 hours. Take Away: Student Guide, Lab Guide, Practice Material, Sample Data Model and sample case study. Class Delivery: On Line (Interactive Web Based)
An Introduction to Planning Process and Life Cycle What is Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting Planning process life cycle Type of Planning and Budgeting Tops-Down, Bottoms-Up, Hybrid Introduction to Hyperion Planning and Interface Oracle Hyperion Planning Planning Architecture Planning Business Process Planning Business Scenario EPM Workspace: Overview Launching EPM Workspace EPM Workspace User Interface Creating Planning Application Creating Planning Classic Application Creating Planning EPMA Application Introduction to Applications and Dimensions Planning Application Overview Application Framework Planning Dimensions Required Dimensions Dimension Hierarchies Aggregation, Storage, and Calculation Options Planning Security Overview Creating Forms Forms Overview Creating Simple Forms Creating Composite Forms Folder and Form Access

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Enhancing Forms Rolling Forecasts Creating Menus Creating Formulas Rows and Columns Building Validation Rules Setting Up User Preferences Entering Data in Planning Navigating Forms Submitting Data in Forms Filtering Data Sorting Data Spreading Data Adjusting Plan Data Adding Annotations to Plan Data Clearing Cell Details Analyzing Data with Ad Hoc Grids Working with Business Rules Business Rules Overview Adding Business Rules to Menus Adding Menus with Business Rules to Forms Adding Business Rules to Forms Launching Business Rules from Planning Forms Launching Business Rules from the Planning Tools Menu Managing the Approval Process Approvals Overview Updating the Promotional Path with Validation Rules Approvals Dashboard Planning Unit Approval States and Reviewer Actions Impact of Entity Hierarchy on the Review Process Managing the Review Cycle Viewing and Resolving Validation Errors Copying Data Between Versions Managing Task Lists Task Lists Overview Task List Creation Process Editing Task Lists Working with Task Lists Completing Task Lists and Tasks Printing Task List Reports Introduction to Smart View Smart View Overview Connecting to Data Sources Setting Smart View Options Entering Data in Smart View Forms

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Analyzing Data in Smart View Analyzing Budget Data with Ad Hoc Grids Creating Ad Hoc Grids Presenting Planning Data in Word and PowerPoint Managing Planning Data Offline Managing Approvals Copying Versions Introduction to Financial Reporting Financial Reporting Functionality Financial Reporting Data Sources Previewing Reports Setting Preferences Printing Reports and Snapshots Designing Reports in Reporting Studio Opening, Previewing, and Printing Reports from Reporting Studio Integrating Reports into Microsoft Office Applications Creating Basic Reports Reports Creation Overview Creating Reports and Grids Selecting Members for Grids Setting the Point of View Adding Rows and Columns Saving Reports Setting Up Report Details Formatting Cells and Grids Suppressing Data Applying Conditional Formatting in Grids Changing Page Settings Displaying Detail Changing Page Settings Reports Objects Overview Designing Headers and Footers Adding Text Functions Text Functions Overview Creating Dynamic Values with the Current Keyword Displaying Row and Column IDs Displaying Text Function Errors Common Text Functions Adding Math Functions Report Calculation Overview Applying Mathematical Functions and Properties Creating Formulas Common Mathematical Functions Creating Books Books Overview Changing the Book POV Creating Books in EPM Workspace Modifying the Table of Contents Previewing and Printing Books

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