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Modes of Recovery The recovery officer may recover the amount of debt due from the borrower by anyone

or more of the modes provided in section 25 without prejudice on the basis of the certificate issued to the recovery officer. If any amount is due from any person to the defendant, the Recovery Officer may require such person to deduct the amount of debt due under this Act from the said amount and shall pay such deducted amount to the Recovery Officer. This can be done with an assumption that nothing with this reference shall apply to any part of the amount exempt from attachment in execution of a decree of a civil court under section 60 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908. The recovery officer may require any person by sending notice in writing to pay such amount to recovery officer which is due or may become due to the defendant or any other person who holds or may subsequently hold money on account of the defendant. Such amount is sufficient to pay the amount of debt due from defendant or the whole of money when it is less than or equal to that amount. When the person holds money on account of defendant jointly with any other person then the shares of joint holders are presumed to be equal unless specified. Where the recovery officer issues notices to a post office, bank, financial institution, or insurer for the recovery of money, then no document is to be produced such as pass book or deposit receipt or policy for the purpose of any entry or endorsement or any other purpose before the payment is made. Any claim respecting any property in relation to the notice shall be void as against any demand contained in the notice if a person to whom a notice is sent, objects to it by a statement on oath that the sum demanded or the part thereof is not due to the defendant or does not hold any money for or on account of the defendant then nothing can make such person liable to pay such sum but if it is discovered that such statement was false in any material particular, such person shall be personally liable to the Recovery Officer to the extent of his own liability to the defendant or to the extent of defendants liability under this act, whichever is less. The recovery officer may amend or revoke any notice under this sub-section or extend the time for making any payment in pursuance of such notice. Any person discharging any liability to the defendant after the receipt of a notice under this subsection shall be personally liable to the Recovery Officer to the extent of his own liability to the defendant so discharged or to the extent of the defendants liability under this act whichever is less.