Under the Auspices of

Mr. Mohamed Farid Khamis
Chairman of the Board of Trustees The British University in Egypt

Honorary Chairman Prof. Mostafa Gouda
Dean of the Faculty of Engineering The British University in Egypt

About the Conference:
The greatest percentage of global human settlement is intermediate cities. Top priorities should be given to them in studies, visions and development strategies. This is of particular relevance to Egypt, a country where the population occupies only 5-6% of the overall land. Intermediate cities present themselves as an optimum solution to this problem. This solution comes with both challenges and opportunities which are also of relevance to other countries in similar contexts. This conference covers a broad range of issues related to the challenges of settlements in desert intermediate cities of Egypt and countries of analogous situations. By addressing commonalities and allowing for diversities and uniqueness of individual localities, visionary approaches and strategies will allow us to write the history of a better future that is both viable and sustainable. Official Language: The official Language of the conference is English Key Dates Call for Paper Abstract Deadline: Abstract Acceptance: Paper Submission: Paper Acceptance: Receipt of final paper 15 January 2010

Prof. Ahmed Hamza
President of the British University in Egypt

Conference Chairman Prof. Ahmed Yehia Rashed
The British University in Egypt

Prof. Motaz Khorshid
Vice President of the British University in Egypt

Conference Coordinators Assoc. Prof. Amr Helmy Dr. Wafaa Nadim Organizing Committee Prof. Khaled Dewidar
Head of Architecture Department

First International Conference on Sustainability and the Future
“Future Intermediate Sustainable Cities: a message to future generations”

Assoc. Prof. Maguid Hassan
Head of Civil Department

Call for Papers
23-25 November 2010 www.bue.edu.eg/fisc2010

Prof. Youssef Rashed Assoc. Prof. Mahmoud Sobhy Assoc. Prof. Ayman Mahmoud Senior Lecturer. Keith Miller Dr. Ayman Othman Dr. May Al-Ibrashy Dr. Tammy Gaber Dr. Samar Sheweka
Architecture and Civil Dept. TAs Members

01 March 2010 22 March 2010 07 June 2010 01 September 2010 30 September 2010

Conference Venue The British University is located in the Sherouk City, about 40km from Cairo..The conference will be held at the British University in Egypt (BUE). The University will provide free shuttles to and from designated areas. Cairo - Suez Desert Road - El Sherouk City Hotline: 19BUE(19283) Tel. : +202 2689-0000 Fax: +202 26875889 / 97 Postal No. : 11837 - P.O. Box 43

Correspondence For all conference enquiries: e-mail: fisc2010@bue.edu.eg Phone: 2(02) 26890000 ext. 1460,1457,1436 Website: www.bue.edu.eg/fisc2010

Tamer Gado. Peter McCleary. El-Sherouk Academy Prof. Helwan University Prof. 500 L. Thus addressing the utilisation of scarce resources used in the built environment and their impact on quality of life for future generations. UK Mr. UK The Local Scientific Committee: Prof. Ibrahim Abdel Rasheed. Loughborough University. Spain Prof. Reffat. ESG University School. Mahmoud Abdellatif. Yasser Mansour. Dalila El-Kerdany. Mott MacDonald. Saudi Arabia Prof. Mohamedein. University of Cagliai. Pekka Huovila. Prof.. From Egypt. Australia Prof. Alaa El-Habashi. Haupt. Fatma Ahmed Shaker. Ain Shams University Prof. Yasser Sherif.. Finland Dr. Ain Shams University Assoc. Germany Prof. Research Unit AE&CC. Yasser Sakr. UK Dr. Christina Claeson-Jonsson NCC. Mofidi. Prof. Andrew Ross. The main theme of the conference is ‘Future Intermediate Sustainable Cities’ which aims to integrate a wide range of aspects from philosophies and concepts through to techniques and implementation. Mansura University Prof. Jordan Prof. UK Dr. Mohamed A. Sahar Attia. Prof. Magda Sibley. Suez Canal University Prof. Amr El-Halafawi. Soheir Hawas. Penn. USA Prof. the cradle of more than 7000 years of civilisation. Hubert Guillaud. Papers are encouraged but not limited to the following themes: Future as Philosophy and Meaning New Approaches to Urbanisation The Earth/Desert/Green and Sustainable Buildings Construction Management Methods and Practices Renewable Energy Infra-structure challenges Smart Materials and/or Systems and Sustainability Integration Issues (economy. Hisham Elkadi. Before After 20 September 20 September 2010 2010 International* $500 $600 Egyptian* *Students get 50% off L. Petter Bergeurd. Modern Academy Prof. Ramböll Sweden AB. Manchester University. Loughborough University. and proceedings. TU Berlin. CPUT. Nassamat Abd Al-Kader. Rehabimed. UK Dr. Prof. Gordon Hudson. Christine Pasquire. Spain Prof. Tarek Hassan. S. the First International Conference on Sustainability and the Future aims to encourage researchers and professionals from all over the globe to share and exchange their visions. Mohamed Abdelsamiaa. Alexandria University Prof. Environics Registration Registration fee includes all conference lunches. Dan Engström. which will be at extra cost. Cyprus Assoc. Al –al-Bayt University. Mariana Correia. UK Prof. Alexandria University Prof. Arab Academy for Science (AAST) Prof. Kuwait University Assoc. Neveen Hamza.Geo-Physics The International Scientific Committee Prof. UK Prof. Cairo University Prof.. Dennis Loveday. M. Norway Prof. Loughborough University. Josep Maria Llop-Torné. Newcastle University. Sweden Assoc. Ghassan Aouad University of Salford. KFUPM. UCLAN University. Sayed Ettouney. Stephen Emmitt. Cairo University Prof. Northumbria University. Loughborough University. Helwan University Prof. Prof. society and environment) . Canada Dr. Cairo University Prof. Randa Reda Kamel. Adel Yassin. Sami Serageldin. Germany Prof. UK Prof. University of Liverpool. Cairo University Prof. UK Prof. TNO. Mohsen Bayad. UK Assoc. Finland Prof. Saudi Arabia Dr. Mohamed Essmat. State University.Conference Aim: The international community is currently striving for developments which satisfy current needs without compromising the quality of life for future generations. American University Cairo Assoc. Ain Shams University Prof. Portugal Dr. Cairo University Prof. Ahmed Yehia Okeil. Xavier Casanovas. Eman Eid. Ain Shams University Prof. Registration fee excludes costs for the gala dinner. South Africa Dr. Deakin University. Jack Goulding.E. Emirates Prof. Prof. Rabee M. Maddalena Achencza. Akin Akintoye UCLAN University. Symeon Christodoulou Cyprus Univ. UK Dr. Osama Hosny. Samir Sadek. 600 . Sayed Madboli. Hany Al Hashemy. Kazi Abdul Samad. France Prof. Yohansen Eid. Hani Serageldin. Sohag University Prof. Mostafa Al Araby. Ain Shams University Prof. Medhat Dorra. Suez Canal University Prof. Cairo University Prof. University of Science and Technology. Yasser Mahgoup. The Netherlands Dr. Liverpool John Moore University. Mohamed Assem. Cairo University Prof. Thomas Bock TU München. Ain Shams University Assoc. Iran Dr. Rudolf Schäfer. Ali Abughanimeh. Dundee University. VTT.E. Assiut University Prof. Mohamed Elhabiby. coffee breaks. USA Prof. David J. Italy Dr. University of Pennsylvania. King Faisal Univ. Bergen Academy of Arts. Fodil Fadli. UK Prof. Dr. Theodore C. Greenwood. Menoufia University Eng. Prof. Abou Dhabi University. Chimay Anumba. Kamal Gad Sharoubiem. UK Prof. Magdy Radwan. Ain Shams University Dr. Future University Prof. Cairo University Prof. UK Prof. Menoufia University Prof. Amr EL Gohary. Alexandria University Prof. Micro EnGeo Inc. knowledge and experiences to send a clear and strong message for the future on sustainable developments in both the developing as well as developed countries. Sweden Dr. University of Lleida. VTT. Mieke Oostra. Lobna Sherif.

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