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Vol. 1 2013

Moving Forward
“Customers love the new Cantrell’s Newly Patented Wing Segmenter concept. Production people Provides Accurate Cuts like the accuracy of the cuts Increase in bird size over the last several years has created the opportunity and the speeds it runs. Segmenter Each Wing to automate wing cutting and segmenting. Naturally, with the increased size machine can handle two Model No. CWCS-8400 comes bigger wings, one of the highest valued parts of the chicken. cone lines. Engineers are Cantrell is on the leading edge of this industry growth area with the excited because this system development of its CWCS-8400 Wing Segmenter. It is designed to make solves many all wing cuts in one place and logistics issues do it more accurately, at high line speeds, on birds of various with moving the sizes and with less labor. wings around. At plants currently “We are constantly seeking better solutions to everyday using rotary blade problems, ” says Cantrell’s saws, the Safety Regional Accounts Manager Managers are Kurt Danzy.  “We feel we have particularly fond raised the bar as far as wing U.S. Patent No. 8,517 ,805 of keeping the segmenting goes. We have employees’ hands come up with a system to away from the simply do it in a more accurate, blades. Maintenance guys are The CWCS-8400 Wing Segmenter cleaner, and more efficient way than The Cantrell Wing Segmenter offers fl exibility, accuracy and ease of use to your operation. makes all wing cuts in one place ever before. ” most ecstatic because of the The machine is capable of processing up to 170 wings per minute on a processing line or as and does it more accurately, at high simplicity versus what they The Cantrell Wing Segmenter is a standalone application. The Wing Segmenter properly orients the wing at any line speed for line speeds, on birds of various sizes have to maintain and keep in capable of processing up to 170 wings accuracy on each individual cut. and with less labor. per minute per processing line. The adjustment now. ”
new wing machine can run with a coneas line or as an The Segmenter is designed to allow simple adjustments during operation, well as easy off-line application.  The Wing Segmenter properly orients the wing at any line speed for accuracy on access for blade replacement. The shackle transfer eliminates misfeeds. Cantrell’s Regional Accounts each individual cut, and the shackle transfer eliminates misfeeds. Manager Kurt Danzy
The CWCS-8400 greatly reduces energy consumption and water usage, providing optimal easy. The Cantrell Wing Segmenter CWCS-8400 is patent pending. operating efficiency. In addition, the open design of the machine makes cleaning and access

When run in cone line operations, the only person who touches the wing is the employee who cuts it off the bird. This is a labor savings for processors. When configured with a cone line, the track and shackles run in front of the employee
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Wing Segmenter, continued

who hangs the wings in the shackle. The shackle line is routed overhead to the cutting head of the machine which solves the problem of transporting the wings away from the cone line.  “We will not only accurately segment the wings but can transport them away from the cone lines before doing so, ” Danzy says.  “This eliminates the logistics of getting the wings from the center of the cone lines or room. In some plants this will eliminate an expensive vacuum system.  In others, it will eliminate crossover conveyors.  These conveyors are hard to clean and commonly block egress areas. ” In an offline situation, Cantrell’s wing system can be loaded on both sides and configured with a cutting wheel on each end, making it possible to double the cutting capacity to 340 wings per minute. Working with various bird sizes is not a problem with the CWCS-8400 Wing Segmenter. During testing at three different plants, the Cantrell team ran 8-pound birds at one plant, 5.2-pound birds at the next and 9- to 11-pound birds at the third. All these variations ran very smoothly and only minor adjustments had to be made for the 5.2 pound bird. Why can the machine make such accurate cuts?  “The CWCS-8400 virtually eliminates the variable of human error with most semi-automatic segmenters, ” Danzy explains. Our machine removes the wing from the shackle and gently bends it allowing the machine to naturally find the center of the joint before it runs by the blade.  The result is more cuts made in the joint, where you want them, with less cut tendons and less ’lollipops’ when cooked. ” Cantrell’s Wing Segmenter utilizes only one motor which drives the chain. It uses two stationary blades to make the cuts. There is little downtime for blade changes. “The blades are accessed by removing just one bolt, ” Danzy says. “When you replace the blades and reinstall that one bolt, no adjustments are lost.  This process can be done in a couple of minutes. ”

Cantrell is receiving positive feedback about the CWCS-8400 Wing Segmenter from all levels of plant operations.

Top: The wing is transferred to the CWCS-8400 Wing Segmenter. Middle: The initial cut is made. Bottom: The CWCS-8400 Wing Segmenter can make two or three cuts.

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Employee Highlight
With regional account managers covering all areas of the U.S. plus Canada, Central and South America, our sales team brings unmatched service and expertise to customers worldwide. Members of our sales team are located in the regions they serve enabling them to meet face-to-face to find the right solutions for your individual equipment needs. Our sales representatives work closely with our project managers and engineers to ensure that we meet your expectations.

Need a part? We’ve got it.
Providing the best products, parts and service available to processors around the globe is our ultimate goal here at Cantrell. If that means supplying top-quality replacement parts for other OEM lines, no problem. And if it means a rush order to get you back up and running, no problem. Our flexible production schedule enables us to accommodate it. We fill 95 percent of our parts orders the same day. At Cantrell, we have built our reputation on stocking large quantities of Cantrell parts available for immediate delivery, as well as providing custom parts designed and built to customer specifications. In addition, we carry an inventory of many hardto-find replacement parts and parts for older model processing equipment. Just contact our Parts Manager Jeff Saunders or our Sales Representatives Mark Boswell, Mike Ellis and Chris Truelove. They are ready to help. Count on Cantrell for custom, replacement or hard-to-find parts. It’s our business.

Meet our team
Joe Cosper is Account Manager for the Southeast and is responsible for Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, eastern Tennessee and southeastern Alabama. Our Central Region Account Manager is Kurt Danzy, whose territory includes Arkansas, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, western Kentucky and western Tennessee. Kurt is National Accounts Manager for Tyson Foods. West Region Account Manager Ray Tatum serves our clients in western Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and the West Coast. Tatum is National Accounts Manager for Sanderson Farms, Peco Foods and Foster Farms. Northeast Account Manager Steve Morrison works with our customers in North Carolina, eastern Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia, and the northeastern states. In Canada, Bill McBride is our Regional Accounts Manager, and Alejandro Cerna represents us in Central and South America. The Canadian and Latin American markets have unique needs, and Bill and Alejandro are knowledgeable about the specific requirements of those markets.

Alejandro Cerna

Bill McBride

Joe Cosper

Kurt Danzy

Ray Tatum

Steve Morrison

New advertising campaign
CWCS-8400 Wing Segmenter

We’ve launched a new advertising campaign, which highlights our new Wing Segmenter. Our ad recently ran in the June issues of National Provisioner and Meatingplace. We have placements planned throughout the year. Keep an eye out for our ads.

Moving forward… always

A better approach to parts, equipment, systems & solutions.

At Cantrell, we are proud to help move the poultry industry forward with truly innovative equipment and solutions. Our new patent pending CWCS8400 Wing Segmenter provides ultimate versatility with accurate cuts while running at high capacity. Capable of segmenting up to 170 wings per minute into two or three segments on a processing line or as a standalone application, the Wing Segmenter properly orients the wing at any line speed for accuracy on each individual cut. Designed with the ability to handle varying sizes of wings, the Wing Segmenter enables processors to cut tips, flats and drummettes all at one location with simple adjustments during operation. This unique system greatly reduces water consumption by applying only a mist in strategic locations, as well as reducing energy consumption with the use of only one motor in general applications. The Segmenter incorporates a shackle transport and transfer system to cut the wings uniformly, eliminating the possibility of loading error. Easy access for cleaning, combined with minimal parts usage, also greatly reduces maintenance costs. Cantrell. Moving forward by designing and supplying innovative equipment, service, parts, systems and solutions that work for you.
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Cantrell supports industry and customer events
• Simmons Golf Tournament, Hole Sponsorship, Aug. 10, 2013 • Georgia Poultry Federation Nights of Knights, Aug. 24, 2013 • Peco Foods, Golf Tournament, Hole Sponsorship, Sept. 26, 2013 • Keystone Foods Golf Tournament, Hole Sponsorship, Oct. 4, 2013 • Louisiana Poultry Federation, Oct. 4-5, 2013 • XXIII Congreso LatinoAmerican De AVICULTURA, El Salvador 2013, Nov. 2013 • IPPE, Jan. 28-30, 2014

1400 Bradford Street Ext. | Gainesville, GA 30501 | p: 770.536.3611 | f: 770.531.0832 | 1.800.922.1232

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