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The latest way to store data



Lucas Alcalde CAP480

“Cloud computing is a significant advancement in the delivery of information technology and services“ (Oracle) . This revolutionary concept has been around for decades, precisely since 1969, when J.C.R Licklider enabled the development of ARPNET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network). His vision was that everyone would be interconnected accessing data at any site (“A History of Cloud Computing”).
With the evolution of this concept, more and more companies are using the “cloud” to store their files and share information with suppliers and contingents. Cloud computing is not limited to file sharing though, it is possible to do trouble-shooting, remote access a computer and much more. As a matter of fact, we are “cloud computing” right now; I uploaded this presentation to ECPI’s server and you are accessing it from the website.

My Claim
 Cloud computing is

dynamic and a very good solution for file storage.
 Cloud computing is

very safe and very practical.

Claim #1 Cloud Computing: dynamic and a very good solution for file storage.

 More flexibility, smoother mergers and

acquisitions, more tech savvy in the executive suite and easy to use (Forbes).  It doesn’t eliminate the option to save data to a local server but adds another option of file storage for the user.  Files are available for use as soon as they are uploaded.

Claim #2 Cloud Computing: safety and practical

 With strong passwords it can take over 100

years for a hacker to break into your files (NBC)  User’s access to files and accounts and determined by the administrator.  The user friendly interface makes it easier to navigate through files and/or applications.

Cloud Computing Opposing Views
 It is too risky.
 There are too many providers

to choose from.
 If the network is down, cloud computing

does not work.

Cloud Computing Opposing Views Rebuttals
 It is too risky:
 There are trust worthy companies that offer cloud

computing security services along with the basic services. “Oracle provides a comprehensive set of solutions to mitigate threats across your database and applications” ( Oracle).

Cloud Computing Opposing Views Rebuttals (continued)
 There are too many providers to choose from:
 By narrowing down your needs, it also narrows down

your list of providers.  IT consulting companies such as Dell can help you narrow down your options in a matter of minutes.

Cloud Computing Opposing Views Rebuttals (continued)
 If the network is down, cloud computing

does not work:
 That’s why it is best practice to keep back-up files in a

local server.  During the project’s development phase it’s faster to work from your local computer rather than upload and download files from the cloud; only save necessary files to the cloud and let your local server take care of the rest.


Even though cloud computing has been around for a long time, it is just recently been largely used by corporations from all over the world. Concerns about security are no longer a threat to these services as I showed in this research but unfortunately it still raising question marks for customers. Sooner or later most companies out there will be using some sort of could computing in their processes. Everything being considered, there are more benefits than there are issues with cloud computing and that is really the future of communication.

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