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Step I - Ancestry of Chiara di Favarone di Offreduccio Traditionally it was held that Clare belonged to the Scifi family. This belief was accepted for many centuries as the works of some authors demonstrate:

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Arnaldo Fortini questioned this and traced the family lines of Saint Clare by examining thousands of records in the Archives of the Commune of Assisi, the Archives of the Commune of Perugia, the Archives of the Sacro Convento and of Santa Chiara, the Statutes of the Magnificent City of Assisi, and the Annals of the Ten Magistrates of Perugia. Since it was not customary at the time of Saint Francis and Saint Clare to keep baptismal, confirmation, marriage and death records in the manner which afterwards became general practice in the Church, Fortini's search turned to legal and public papers such as property deeds and descriptions, property leases, court sentences, wills, pacts of concord, feudal pacts and legal agreements. This investigation yielded information which supplemented what was already available in the Legend and Process of Canonization. In this manner he was able to construct the lines of Clare's family, tracing it to the Offreduccio clan. Clare's name must then have been: Chiara di Favarone di Offreduccio. The following texts contain the final form of his studies which had begun in 1926:

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A further study by Gemma Fortini traces Clare's ancestry back to Frederick II.

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8th CENTENARY OF CLARE’S BIRTH (1993-1994) Clare of Assisi: A New Woman. Letter of the Four Ministers General of the Franciscan Family to the Poor Clares, to all Franciscan Sisters living the "enclosed" life, and to all who love Clare and Francis throughout the world on the occasion of the Eighth Centenary of the Birth of St. Clare (1193-1993). Art by Raymond Falzon, O.F.M. Franciscan Publishers, 1993. Diocesi di Anagni-Alatri. Comitato per l'VIII Centenario della nascita di S. Chiara. Atti del covegno di studi, Anagni, 30 gennaio 1994.


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Step 2 – Clare’s Call to Follow Christ: San Damiano What was Clare's exact age at the time she joined Francis? This is one of the disputed questions of her life. The foundation of the Order of Saint Clare has been deputed from the year 1212. There are articles that discuss possibilities:

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In the year 1212 Francis brought her to the Benedictine Nuns at St. Paolo di Bastia, and then to an enclosure for hermit women at San Angelo di Panzo. There are articles on these locations:

Santucci, Francesco. "S. Angelo di Panzo, presso Assisi." Atti Accademia Properziana del Subasio 13 (1986): 83-112. English: "Sant'Angelo Di Panzo Near Assisi." Trans. Lori Pieper, S.F.O. Greyfriars Review 8 (1994): 219-38. Locatelli-Paolucci, Tommaso. Vita breve di S.Chiara di Assisi Vergine e fondatrice dell' O. delle Clarisse. Sansi, 1882: 167-72.

Clare's heart was not at rest, Celano tells us. Francis brought her, and the few who had joined her, to the little Church of San Damiano where she remained for the rest of her life. This was documented in the 15th century Chronicles of Marianus of Florence.

Mariano di Florentia. "Compendium Chronicarum Fratrum Minorum." Archivum Franciscanum Historicum 1 (1908): 106-7; Collectanea Francescana 24 (1987): 221.
Clare spent the remainder of her life at this ancient church of San Damiano situated on the Strata Francigena, a well used road leading to France. Some knowledge about this little Church will enable us to imagine something of the life that was lived there by Clare and the women who joined her. Pictures of Saint Damian's may be found in guide books of Assisi, such as:

Chierichetti, Sandro. Assisi: An Illustrated Guide Book. Milan: Moneta, ND: 23-7. Cianchetta, Romeo. Assisi: Art and History in the Centuries. Narni-Terni: Plurigraf, 1985: 93-7. Magro, Paschal, Greyfriar. Assisi: History Art Spirituality. Assisi: Casa Editrice Francescana, Frati Minori Conventuali, ND: 107-10. Majarelli, Stanislao, O.F.M. Assisi: A Franciscan Pilgrimage. Assisi: Portiuncola, 1959. Troiano, Costantino, and Alfonso Pompel. Illustrated Guide of Assisi. Casa Editrice Francescana, Frati Minori Conventuali. Forma Sororum 3 (1984). [A few photos dispersed throughout edition.]
The History of the building before, during and after Clare's lifetime is presented in the following studies:

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Some articles and poetry about San Damiano in regard to Saint Clare:

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Clare's first companions:

“Mandate of 1238”, Clare of Assisi: Early Documents. Ed. And Trans: Regis J. Armstrong, O.F.M. Cap. St. Bonaventure, NY: The Franciscan Institute Publications, 1993. [The Mandate of 1238 lists names of fifty sisters living at San Damiano] Agnes of Assisi. Menologium, November 16. Brunacci, Aldo, and Pia Bruzzichelli. "Agnese di Assisi, santa [+1253]. Biblioteca Sanctorum I. Rome 1961: 369-74. Cabano, Paolo. Chiara, Agnese e la prime Damianite nell'agiografia Francescana primavera. Franciscan Studies 25 (1988) and subsequent editions.

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Santa Clara de Assis: Incluendo traços biographicos de Santa Inês de Assis. Brazil: Cefijal (Vozes),


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Articles used by Saint Clare are preserved at San Damiano and at the Proto Monastery in Assisi. There are pictures and information on these: The iron grate through which the sisters received Communion.

"Concerning the Grate for Communion at the Time of Saint Clare." Pro Monialibus 81 (1980): 4-5. Forma Sororum 15 (1978): 240a.
Clare's hair was preserved by her sisters.

Casolini, Fausta. Il Protomonastero di Santa Chiara in Assisi. Assisi: Garzanti, 1954. 260. Forma Sororum 15 (1978): 208a [Picture of the case holding Clare's hair.]
A Picture of the chalice and patten used at San Damiano during Clare's lifetime:

Forma Sororum 18 (1981): 244.
Pictures of the hand sewn lace Alb Clare made for Francis; also the penitential horse-hair garment Clare wore next to her skin:

Forma Sororum 18 (1981): 217-21.


Francis' tunic mended by Saint Clare?

Flury-Lemburg, Mechthild. "Textile Relics: The Cowl of St. Francis of Assisi." Textile Conservation and Research. Switzerland: Abegg-Stiftung, (ND), VII: 314-7. [Photos and studies on needlework Clare may have done on one of Francis' tunics.]
An article with pictures of the corporal said to have been made by Clare:

Mena, Maria de los Angeles Gonzales. "Origini del Monastero di Santa Chiara di Zamora." Forma Sororum 20 (1984).
Pictures of the lace and embroidery made by Clare.

Tea, Eva. "Il Ricamo di Santa Chiara." Santa Chiara d'Assisi: Studi e Cronaca del VII Centenario. 1253-1953. Assisi: Comitato Centrale per il VII Centenario Morte S. Chiara, 1953: 145-50.
A study of the coarse penitential shirt Clare wore.

Mischi de Volpi,Romana. "Studio Tecnico sul Camice di Santa Chiara." Santa Chiara d'Assisi: Studi e Cronaca del VII Centenario. 1253-1953. Assisi: Comitato Centrale per il VII Centenario Morte S. Chiara, 1953: 150-53.
The bell Clare used to awaken the sisters for midnight Office has been preserved at San Damiano.

"Signs or Bell used by Clare." Pro Monialibus 81 (1980): 2-3.
The breviary of Saint Clare preserved at San Damiano has been an object of interest to liturgists and scholars.

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___. "The Breviary of Saint Clare". Origins of the Modern Roman Liturgy. Maryland: Newman Press, 1960: 135-44. [Notes on contents, a sample of pages, ritual for profession, etc.]
Wadding mentions seals Clare used: One for administrative acts and another for her personal letters.

Wadding, L. Annales, 1238, n. 14. Fortini, A. Nova Vita, II, 417-24. Vorreux, Damien, O.F.M. Sainte Claire d'Assise: Documents. Paris: Éditions Franciscaines, 1983: 362, note 32.
Further information on other items concerning Saint Clare's life at San Damiano may be found in the following articles:

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Some literary works commemorated the Seventh Centenary of Clare’s vocation and the beginning of her Order in 1912.

Borgialli, Luigi M., O.F.M. Il fiore più eletto nel giardino di B. Francesco. Discorso recitato nella Basilica di S.Chiara in Assisi, festeggiandosi il VII Centenario della Fondazione del II Ordine Minoritico. Assisi: Portiuncola Press, 1912. Burghetti, Benvenutus, O.F.M. "Settimo Centenario della fondazione del second'Ordine." Archivum Franciscanum Historicum 5 (1912): 393-4; 782-5; 600-3; 6
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