Poor Clares from France came to the United States during the Revolution in 1792 but did not remain.

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Colettine Poor Clares from Belgium came at the invitation of Bishop Fenwick in 1826 but did not remain.

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Mother Mary Maddalena Bentivoglio and her sister, Mother Mary Constance, were commissioned by Pius IX, and Bernardino de Portuguaro, O.F.M. Minister General, to bring the Order of Saint Clare of the Strict Observance, observing the First Rule of Saint Clare, to North America in 1875

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In 1877 Poor Clares of the Colettine Observance arrived came Germany:

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In 1885 two women posing as Poor Clares came from England, but were eventually discovered and returned to England.

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20th Century Poor Clares: Development of Poor Clare Federations

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General History

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