CSR The concept of CSR originated in the 1950‘s in the USA but it became prevalent in early 1970s .

At that time US had lots of social problems like poverty, unemployment and pollution. Consequently a huge fall in the prices of Dollar was witnessed CSR BY SAHARA
Programmes for Handicapped (Sahyog) To address the nationwide problems of our physically challenged brethren, Sahara India Pariwar has established the Center for Handicapped. It aims at identifying the types of problems faced by the disabled persons, providing early identification guidelines, assessing disability, providing management & guidance for guardians of disabled. Facilities like physical & audio-metric tests, speech therapy, I.Q tests, repairing of co-appliances, providing essential aids & appliances on short-term basis is being provided through experienced specialists in the relevant fields. “Sakshar Bharat” (Literacy Programme) The objective of this programme is to help children and adults residing in slums of cities develop their overall personality and a functional understanding of aspects that affect their day-to-day lives. People of different age groups have benefited from this programme since its inception. Rehabilitation of survivors of Latur: Sahara Wadi Kilari - one of the villages affected by the earthquake that occurred in Latur district of Maharashtra was adopted by Sahara India Pariwar for relocation and rehabilitation. Earthquake resistant houses were constructed and handed over to the residents of the village by Nobel Laureate and Bharat Ratna Reverend Mother Teresa. Several basic amenities were also provided for in the village as per the needs of the villagers. Adoption of families of Kargil Martyrs Sahara India Pariwar has adopted the families of Kargil Martyrs and has committed itself to provide emotional and economic support to all such families by allocating 50 crore (USD 10.65 million ) approx. under seven schemes for this purpose. In addition to providing monthly assistance, help is also extended for specific activities such as marriages, purchasing academic books for the children who are studying and attempts are also made to develop emotional bonds with them. Vocational Training Programme We at Sahara Welfare Foundation are of the firm belief that education and skill development should take place in a manner which contributes to enhancement of functional knowledge of the socio-economic backward community. This intervention not only helps in confidence building of the person but also enhances their inherent skills. It is through this that the existing livelihood portfolio of the family improves and in turn reduces their vulnerability, thereby equipping them to deal with shocks and stresses. It is with this in view that Vocational Training Programme was initiated

over 22000 HCC employees and workers have been covered through the targeted WPI program at HCC sites. These workers are one of the most vulnerable groups to acquire HIV/AIDS. HCC has a partnership with the Clinton global initiative (CGI) via a commitment to them to work Planning Commission Members National Advisory Council Members Thought Leaders . Most of these downstream employees comprise of migrant workers. So far. district administration and local communities.HIVAIDSawareness Creating Awareness The HIV/AIDS initiative at HCC was launched in the year 2004 and since then. Under the WPI Program model we conduct awareness sessions. we observe World AIDS Day on December 1 every year to disseminate information on HIV/AIDS through rallies and programs with local government hospitals by involving local NGOs. The Way Forward We plan to conduct more community based programs and create self help groups centred on HIV/AIDS at a community level through collaboration with FXB and local NGOs. We started the Workplace Intervention (WPI) Program at all the project sites in partnership with NGO . drivers. cleaners. As a leading construction engineering organization. condom demonstrations and distribution followed by question and answer sessions. The program includes the creation of a group of Peer Educators at a particular project site amongst the workers. cook.000 workers at various project sites across India.So far. All of its programs are based on the premise that a reduction in adult HIV infection rate will generate a reduction in AIDS-related orphaning. we are a downstream employer of more than 25. FXB is the only NGO working in the field of HIV and AIDS that is present in all the 16 States and Union Territories of India. contractor’s foreman and employees. due to lack of knowledge and awareness.FXB India Suraksha. In addition to increasing awareness in the local communities. our program has seen a huge rise in the awareness and acceptance levels for the cause. over 21000 workers have been covered through the targeted WPI program at HCC sites.

"Chill Zone" at BMC schools: Set up "Chill Zone" (playroom) at 18 BMC schools and appointed occupational therapist at each school. of Maharashtra along with Impact India. . physicians training will be conducted to train the doctors and nurses in private and government hospitals around the project site. one reached out to provide medical services to diagnose hearing and visual ailments. The Foundation started work in the sphere of education in 2007. These included the Lifeline Express. GulabchandFoundation The Gulabchand Foundation has carried out several Corporate Social Responsibility activities. In association with Hinduja Hospital since 2006. The foundation has also supported treatment of burn patients at Hospitals in Mumbai (Kasturba and Sion Hospital) by way of providing medicines. ten children have undergone successful Cochlear Implant operations and currently they are in the post operative stage. 140 children are covered in Balwadis and 2308 children are covered in libraries. Around 800 special children benefited from this initiative. Through CGI. Some of its projects being undertaken include: Balwadis (pre-school) and Libraries: Lent support to 9 Balwadis and 18 Libraries at Vikhroli in Mumbai. pressure garments and all burn patients are given Occupational Therapy. which is a mobile diagnostic van which enables one to reach inaccessible areas and cater to health issues. As a part of the National Rural Health Mission Project of the Govt. The health centre set up at village Kuchi near Sangli in 2007 continued to provide healthcare services.on the HIV AIDS Initiative (CHAI) in India.

which are enumerated as under Developing village roads. Deployment of hired vehicles at sites through local persons. furniture items. initiating a water project to provide water for nearby communities eliminates the need for villagers to fetch water from distant locations. It also contains messages. Gram Panchayat offices etc. Giving opportunities to locals by providing petty contracts such as the supply of bricks. material and shelter in the event of natural calamites such as floods. health and education.BeyondBread Beyond Bread is a corporate stewardship initiative by HCC. grocery / milk supply / vegetables required for mess. earthquakes. about corporate social responsibility. HCC’s project sites are spread over different locations which are situated away from the main townships. education and water management on a need-basis. Providing an ambulance facility to locals in case . sand. For instance. with a broad focus is on children. Our project managers and safety / personnel departments have a feel of the local community. HCC. CommunityInitiatives Being a construction company. in the form of a newsletter that is sent out every quarter. Providing assistance by way of equipment. which include HIV /AIDS awareness programmes. It contains news and developments regarding recent sustainable development programs and activities. schools. interviews and inputs from various people in the organization. and are instrumental in implementing community development activities related to health. thus remaining more productive in other activities. heavy snow fall etc. while executing construction work directly or indirectly. Employment of local persons based on their qualification & experience. undertakes various community development programs at project sites.

LBS Marg. Sponsoring or constructing / renovating village temples / mosques / churches or any sacred place. Vikhroli (W) Mumbai 400083 email: corpcomm@hccindia.of emergencies.com Tel: +91 22 25775959 Fax: +91 22 25775732 . Hincon House.

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