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Science: Grade 8 Unit: Levels of Organization Lesson: Organ Systems Research Project (Missing Organ Poster

120 minutes (two classes)

GCO: Students will construct knowledge and understandings of concepts in life science, and apply these understandings to interpret, integrate, and extend their knowledge (Skills 3: Knowledge) SCO: Students will relate the needs and functions of various cells and organs to the needs and functions of the human organism as a whole (304-8), describe the basic factors the affect the functions and efficiency of the human respiratory, circulatory, digestive, excretory, and nervous systems (304-9), describe the interdependence of various systems of the human body (304-10)

Have students already put into groups Print worksheets Have drawing utensils ready Book computer lab

Last class we talked about the digestive, respiratory, circulatory, nervous, and excretory systems and their components. Can anyone remember an organ found in one of these organ systems? Today we are going to start group research projects on the organ systems. You will be handed out a sheet to fill in about your assigned organ system, then you are going to design a “missing persons” poster for one of the organs found in your organ system, to be presented to the class. The poster, worksheet, and presentation will all be graded. What should be on a “missing organ” poster?
   Contact info (what system does it belong to) Location (where it hangs out, where it was last seen) Duties (what does the organ do for the human body)

  

Can we live without it? (Is it vital? What will happen to the body if it isn’t found?) Can it be replaced? (By a donor, or a manufactured organ) o Resource: scientists-make-progress-in-tailor-made-organs.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0 Picture/Physical descriptors (What does it look like)

Criteria Organ Systems Worksheet Missing Organ Poster Requirements  Contact info (system it belongs to)  Location (where it hangs out, last seen)  Duties  Can we live without it?  Can it be replaced?  Picture/Physical descriptors Presentation  Shared speaking roles  Presenters are prepared  Communicated information clearly 5 All questions are complete All requirements are met 3-4 Most questions are complete 0-2 Few or no questions are complete Most Few or no requirements are requirements are met met

Presented to the class very well

Presented to the class okay

Didn’t do the presentation

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