Jaimini Blog_Shanmukha Dec 2, 2008 Drig Dasa Article by Narasimha – An Observation

There has been a lot of discussion regarding Drig Dasa of Parasara article by Sri Narasimha. In the following line I would like to bring forth how Drig dasa varies according to some other scholars. But, I will stick to Jaimini Sutras only. First, I include the notes I wrote regarding Narasimha article some time back and then explain the other method. I request the readers to go through it and bring forth the truth. The padakrama order to be followed in this Drig dasa varies if we take consideration of two ensuing sutras after the Drig dasa adhikara sutra. Reconciling Narasimha's Version with Jaimini I am really surprised by the fact that Narasimha could arrive to the meaning of Trikuta padakrama regarding Drig dasa by referring to Parasara Hora. Most of the students are confused by the word Trikuta Padakrama vide the sutra “ Kujaadi Trikuta Pada kramena Drig dasa”, since trikuta padakrama is also used in Manduka dasa. So, some scholars interpreted trikuta padakrama in Drig dasa as 1,5,9 houses from 9th house. I would like to explain this padakrama referring to only Jaimini Sutras in line with Jaimini methods. In Jaimini methods, we have a number of ways of reckoning the dasa sequences advocated by Vriddha Karikas. I am giving some of them below. 1. Prakriti Chakra padakrama --> where in reckoning will be done zodiacal for odd signs and antizodiacal for even sign. Please remember here that the nature is odd or even not the Vishama pada or Sama pada.

2. Vikriti Chakra Pada karma --> where in reckoning will be done anti - zodiacal for odd signs and zodiacal for even sign. Please remember here that the nature is odd or even not the Vishama pada or Sama pada. 3. Udaya charka padakrama --> always zodiacal for both natures of signs. Readers can now understand the very purpose of Jaimini mentioning the sutra “Na Kwachit” after mentioning the sutras “Prachee vrittir Vishameshu”, “Para Vrittyottareshu”. I don’t really understand why Vishama pada and Samapada reckoning is used in only Chara dasa by Neelakantha. Now I am giving below the ensuing sutras after the “Kujaadi Trikuta ….”. Though sage names it as Trikuta Padakrama, for the sake of clarity, temporarily I call it Drig dasa padakrama. Since it is drig dasa the dasa signs will be the signs aspected by 9th, 10th and 11th house from Lagna. This padakrama is explained below by considering the following two sutras belongs to Drig dasa.

Sutra: Matri Dharmayoh Saamanyam Vipareetam OjaKutayoh Sutra: Yadhah Samanyam Yugme.
I am now venturing to reconcile with Parasara slokas given by Narasimha. Using Katapayadi varga, Matri --> Sign Leo, Dharma --> Sign Aquarius. Sage Jaimini States that for the above two signs the drig padakrama is Samanyam i.e according to Prakriti charka. Since, these two signs are odd signs, the reckoning will be zodiacal even though they belong to Samapada group. That’s the precise reason why Jaimini instructs “Saamanyam”. For Ojapada signs excepting dual signs, the reckoning will be according to Vikriti chakra. For remaining Samapada signs excepting dual signs, the reckoning will be according to Prakriti

In fact. Prakriti charka padakrama means count zodiacally Cancer. Prakriti chakra. counting zodiacally Sagittarius. Ojapada. there will be only three signs aspected by any rasi and since Drig dasa name itself shows that it is based on aspects. Pi. Ta. Aq. Even and Samapada sign. Even.chakra. Ojapada. Even. Drig dasa starts for the 9th sign from lagna and the progression will be the trines from the start dasa sign. counting zodiacally Pisces. Le. Odd and Ojapada sign. Hence name Trikuta padakrama is also justified. the reckoning will be according to Prakriti charka vide sutra “Yadhah Saamanyam Yugme”. For Dual signs. Li. So. Since it is odd sign vikriti chakra pada krama means reckoning Anti Zodiacally. counting Anti Zodiacal Leo. counting zodiacally Virgo. Prakriti chakra (Special rule). odd. since it is even sign vikriti chakra pada krama means reckoning zodiacally. After the first trine then the trine from the 2nd house from start dasa sign follows. I must admit that this Pada krama order idea was learnt from the Telugu commentary of Jaimini Sutras by Sri Kambhampati Rama Gopala Murthy. Cp. I will explain the Drig dasa interpretation by Sri Rangacharya according to his Jaimini Sutramritam. Sc. Even . then the dasa signs are Sg. For example if the Asc is Aries. Samapada. counting anti zodiacally Aquarius. Ojapada. Prakriti chakra. Vikriti chakra. it can be deduced that Sage Jaimini also endorsed the way Sri Narasimha interpreted the reckoning of dasa signs in Drig dasa using this peculiar Drig dasa Trikuta pada krama. Taurus. Sutra: Matri Dharmayoh Saamanyam Vipareetam Ojakutayoh . Drig dasa By Jaimini Scholar Sri Iranganti Rangacharya: Now. Ge. Now I am tabulating the reckoning of successive signs from 9th house for each sign below. Cn. Vikriti charka padakrama. Vikriti chakra. vikriti charka padakrama. Gemini. counting zodiacally Capricorn. Prakriti chakra. Prakriti chakra (Special rule). He takes these two sutras to prove that calculation of dasa years is always according to Prakriti chakra. Odd and Ojapada sign. counting anti-zodiacally Libra. odd. Ar. counting Anti Zodiacally Hence. Samapada . counting anti zodiacally Scorpio. Vi. Sri Rangacharya interprets the ensuing “Matri Dharmayoh” sutras in a different context. Prakriti chakra. Samapada. if 9th house happens to be Aries. So here there no concept like aspecting signs. Vikriti chakra. Even and Ojapada sign. even.

but much more to it. Hence. This argala is not simple that 2nd. We must understand “Why Sage Calls it Drig Dasa?” Some scholars tend to understand it as aspecting signs dasa. Matri. The other version proves that dasa year’s count shall be according to Prakriti chakra. we must understand that in Jaimini Sasthra. with in my limited understanding I tend to support the later version. === . But. One interpretation supports the Drig dasa version given by Sri Narasimha. there are concepts called Sign Arudha and Aspect Arudha. Readers will do well to read the article by Sri Rangacharya published in Saptharshi Astrology Vol 3 to understand Sign Arudha. 4th. it can be understood implied that counting will be according to Praktiti chakra. sign Aquarius. Now. 11th rasis form Argala on a sign. Yes. so it can be understood that Sage Jaimini is speaking about the Ojakuta (Vishama Pada) and Yugmas Kuta (Sma pada) signs. from the above line it can be understood that Sage instructs us to use Prakriti chakra for counting dasa years for every rasi dasa. So for these two signs the counting will be vipareetam (According to Prakriti chakra though Vishama Pada signs). But. The Sage instructs us to use prakriti chakra for other even signs vide the adhikara sutra “ Yadha Saamanyam Yugme”. I have given two versions of interpretation of ensuing sutras after the Drig dasa adhikara sutra.Sutra: Yadhah Samanyam Yugme. hence the first version may not be His upadesa. Conclusion: Well. there is a very important concept called Argala and its real usage has been a secret. Argala raja yogas can be timed with this wonderful Drig Dasa. Leo and Dharma. The first sutra above speaks of Oja Kuta. in my humble view. The signs. which find extensive application in Drig Dasa. as Sanjay Ji always puts it Argala is a very advanced concept and its real usage lies in delineating the Raja Yogas in the horoscope. So. For these two sign though they are Samapada signs the counting of dasa years will be Saamanyam (According to Prakriti Chakra though Samapada Signs). For remaining odd signs. which are in Vishama Pada are Taurus and Scorpio. since Sage never calls Dual signs as Yugma rasi. It is for the learned scholars to evaluate and bring forth the true upadesa that Sage shines upon us. In addition.

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