Message From “God” for the

truth movement
3 Timely and merciful truth revealing stories from the Premier Designer of the English Language and World History, Our Creator.
The chance the following three pure anagram “truth telling and perfect stories” have arisen by some astonishing coincidence – each line an anagram and all the hundreds of witty pieces fitting perfectly together into the overall theme/story is 1 to thousands of Trillions. In other words, these are no amazingly incredible coincidences.
See, The “bad guy” is supposed to come as an angel of light in the name of world peace... but only as a temporary ruse. ( Obama works for the interests of the elite international bankers, not us regular folks. If he didn't the World's secretive Finance Pharaohs would not approve and he would lose his job quick, like John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) ) Defeat the “cyberbullying” bill, where say if you text something over the internet to someone who feelings are saddened by it, the person would be able to complain then government then has the option of charging you with a felony. That would be totally tyrannical anti-1st Amendment; promoting people fearing everyone else, including the elite international banker's world government.

Anagrams, have been said to incredibly contain hidden deep wisdom.

The Characters of "President Barak Obama"

Spoke barbarian mated...
“I'm A RED BARB, A top sneak!” Barbarian pest made, Ok?

Rapidly SHAPESHIFT to: A BERSERK TOP BAD MANIA Break-in as adept rambo. Peak brain or mad beast? Adopt a keen barbarism Barbarian adopts meek. Embark on bad parasite! Masked, Barbarian poet! Ape mask! Debonaire brat! Mad brain, peak boaster! Deep mask to barbarian.. Apeman as to dark bribe! Despot! Barbarian make! A dark beast in rambo ape. “ I'm an absorbed peak rat! I'm a bat-eared prank SOB! I am a bastard peer knob! I'm a bastard, peak boner! “ A kind rambo beats rape! Bear apeman, aborts kids!

Parasite ranked a “bomb”! to dark apeman bribe. “I'm a bad aberrant spoke; Am bad/broken - parasite!” Pea-Brained Task Rambo (PBTR)

Step made barbarian, ok? Beast brain made rape! OK? POET brains, a DRAB make! A naked barbarian poet, Makes a drab poet brain! Bad Snake! Rambo Pirate! O Man! Break Rapid beast! Mad to keep barbarians! Arab brain, stampede ok? Ok, stampede barbarian! Seek top mad barbarian! Abort pea-brained mask! MAKE DO BARBARIAN PEST!
“ DRAMA broken, I am pest! I'm a broken bad ape star! Top-rank I am, as bad beer!

Adepts, I am broken Arab, I'm a broken bastard ape. :( “

Anagrams, or the rearrangement of letters of a word or phrase, have often been said to incredibly contain hidden deep wisdom. These are actually stories, each line a perfect anagram-amazingly of the same theme.

The “bad guy” is supposed to come as an angel of light in the name of world peace... but only as a temporary ruse.

"President BaraCk Obama" Rapidly SHAPESHIFTs to:

Prick aboard mean beast! So barbaric: apt, keen, mad. Apt barbaric, and so meek!

A kind ape... bombs rat race! “ I'm reprobate; a bad snack! “ Mad barbarian, coke pets... “ I'm a packed, aberrant SOB. Am a bat-eared prick snob, A crabbier top mad snake! ”

Mean beast prick abroad! Abasement! Prick abroad! Pea-brained brats ok cam! (mass media) Rapid abasement, OK?? Crap! Bad points break camera! (LOL!) Became rabid as top rank. Reprobate, akin bad scam! Barbarian packs demon. Keep satanic rambo bard! Probe dark maniac beast! Adopt me, barbaric snake! “I am a knob, bastard, creep.“ Neat barbaric, dope mask! Spoke barbaric mandate! Top barbaric, mad as keen. Bad Mark! Braincase poet! Mad poet! Barbaric snake! Mad poet! Barbaric sneak! Bad cobra! Mistaken rape! Apart, brain mocked base! Kept barbaric, as moaned... Kept as a barbaric demon! A rabid, macabre pest, ok? Rabid crab, mean beast, ok? Pea-brained brat scam, ok?
I'm a carpeted Arab's knob!” Peak absorbed, maniac rat! Tackier SOB! Drab apeman! Peak Rancid Rambo Beast! (PRRB) “ Bonk! I'm a bastard creep! A berserk top bad maniac! Ace Bastard! Prime knob! An Arab backed Imposter! “

Sad bonk... macabre pirate!! A bomb eradicates prank! “ Ape bomb, stark radiance... “

“Crap! Am broad snakebite!
Crap! I'm a dear beast knob! “

Anagrams, have often been said to incredibly contain hidden deep wisdom.
see: www.The Obama (film
on or or

The letters of Brainsick bonehead up as master! "President Barack Hussein Obama" Bonehead parasite mucks brains! rearrange to all of the following: Champion streaked brain abuses! key: AAAABBCDEEEKHIINNMOPRRSSSTU (27) Debonair ashames! Bankruptcies! Kind saboteurs became piranhas. Brainsick masters up a bonehead. Peskiest and barbarous machine Snobberies shack up rat idea man. Muckiness as the barbarian dope! O Dear Me! Brains in beast shack up! Unbiased chain-smokers ape brat. America's bandits up boneshaker! Up debonaire ass! Snakebite charms... Brain shocker! Beast ups idea man! Became prankish saboteur and is... Brainsick boneheads up a master. chain smoker but pea-brained ass! Up shabbier, darksome, nice Satan! Peskiest brain, unashamed cobra. Apeman branches absurdities. Ok? Cheekier banana, top absurdisms! Huckster I am, a pea-brained snob! “Dear snob, up snakebite charisma!” I'm a snakebite, proud as branches! “Super! A brainsick meathead snob! Eureka! Hi Snob,Drastic BS apeman.” Snobbish idea man! Pukes rat race! Obscure anathema; spikes brains.... A beast brain! Domineers shack up! Debonair huckster apeman's bias... Kind braincase abhors amputees. “Abandon sick, brashier amputees!” Utopia's brain seems backhander! Much brain as raspiest bonehead! Much brains as pirate boneheads! Bemoaned ass as thick superbrain! Mad barbarian! Cheekiness spout. Nice penis death mask...Barbarous! Sneakier champion... absurd beast! Keen pubic hairs sober mad Satan! Rubbish speaker aces damnation! Spiked brain obscures anathema. Ape suckers shabbier damnation! Prankish beast! Obscure idea man! Handsome ape brain suckers bait!! Mad phobia ensnares SUCKER bait. Parasite brain mucks boneheads! Ape Shit! Brain mad, keen, scabrous. Praise saner bubonic death mask!! Brains bounce... Praise death mask!! Pea-brained crabs OK enthusiasm! Champion bard, sneakiest abuser! Dumb praise satanic boneshaker! Bird-brains amuse cheapskate.
The barbarism... spacious and keen! Sick, barbarous, handiest ape-men! Madhouse crap! Snakebite brains! “ Up bastards! I am a nice boneshaker! " I am a sharpened snob; sucker bait! I am a sharp snob, crude snakebite. I am snobbish and up as racketeer!! I am cantankerous; shabbier spade. I am a naked ape son; shit scrubber. I am: stubborn, sad, cheap, sneakier! I'm a rude cheapskate; SOB's brain. I am a sparkish brute, and obscene!! I am a dick! Up abhorrent baseness! I am bad; reprobate as chunkiness. I am: tube born, sad sneak, sir cheap... I am a spunkier drab beast chosen! I am stubborn as a skinhead creep!

Abused - and brainsick atmosphere. Prankish beast, demoniac abuser!
Naked ass! Emancipator rubbish! Adept chain smoker, abuses brain! I'm snubbier; top-rank ace ass-head. Cherubs's pea-brained satanism, ok?

I'm a kind, sober, abstruse panache! Prouder snake, shabbiest maniac! Spunkier as the absorbed maniac! Beadiest cobra sparks inhumane. Cherub's snakiest paranoid beam! Superman brainsick as to behead? Spunkier, satanic rambo beheads!! Rubbish! He cases top-rank idea man. Maniac's spunkier, absorbed hate!
Sickened! This barbarous apeman! Debonaire beast pukes anarchism. Debonaire cherub satanism peaks!! Sectarianism up! Bad boneshaker!

Is not barbaric? Keeps unashamed? Macabre, brute skinhead passion. Maniac's boneshaker brutes paid, brainsick as boneheads upstream! Tackiness or pea-brained ambush? Rubbish! Adore apeman tackiness? Ape shit! Sod! Keen Barbarian Scum!
Hacker obtains superb man's idea. Brainier demon hacks up, beats ass! Hacker's brain up dominates base. Cherub man bonks parasite ideas! Obscured brain spikes anathemas. Debunker ashames SOB patrician!

““Amen!” Barbarous, septic skinhead!
Imprudence as shabbier Satan, OK? A snubbier, darksome, cheap saint. Impudences to shake barbarians! The impudence soaks barbarians! Shabbier, ransomed, satanic puke. Sick, superb, debonaire, anathemas. Mean Suspicions, Bad Heartbreak Barbarous, mean, septic skinhead. Brainsick meathead abuses porn! Top banana smirks debaucheries. I am a prankish, obscene, sad brute. An inebriate humpback sods arse! “I am a crab up bonehead's stinkers.” Inhumane beast brakes sporadic! Basket case in paramour's behind? Heap on barbarism! Suck-it-and-see! Sane humpback? Brain-rot disease? Skinhead beast or superb maniac? “Shit! Sickened barbarous apeman!” Bemoaned sneak; pubic hair star!

“ Abuses span aberrant homocides,k? “ Sober up braincase! Death in mask! Keen cohabits as mad superbrain! Shock idea man; beast superbrain! Beat-up, brainsick handsome arse! Beat brainsick unshamed poser! Debase prankish, manic saboteur! Suck demise! Brashier top banana! Bonk! Sharp-eared beast musician! Emaciate rakish and superb snob! Bruise/Behead maniac's top-rank!! And spike this barbarous menace! Skinheads menace barbarous tip. Saboteurs pin macabre skinhead!!! Unbiased knob as star impeacher! P.U.! Brainsick abasement; sad hero! “Radiate macabre pushiness! “Bonk! Cheapest barbarianism; so nuked. Rabidness! An up-beat chain smoker, became prankish beast dinosaur.

Baked-bean as historic superman?
I am a snobbish creature, spanked! ”

These fingers or this mind didn't write all of the above... these are perfect anagrams... just an excavator of... LOOK AGAIN, The incredibly marvelous Creator did A LONG TIME AGO. The spiritual world and heaven above towers over all language with infinite intelligence... Our Father Knows you best by your fruit. He Wishes to Keep and forever Preserve the GOODNESS of the field. ARE YOU GOOD OR ROTTEN? WITH Truth or Lies?

1939-1945 Germany. Obama-nation: “National Socializm”; power in fewer hands has already before drastically TWICE PROVEN TO BE A TERRIBLE IDEA.

The "OBAMAGRAM" is CLEARLY AND MOST HIGHLY obvious. Obama Can't Save You unless you help save Obama from casting more deceptions. Otherwise, perhaps, the future is already foretold. The decoding states Obama (“Oh....bomb-us?”) will die in a bo-mb blast. The beast is not loyal to anyone, only the beast itself, even Obama. "They", the global Finance Pharaohs, will apparently ass-asinate Obama. If Obama is not seen at ground zero prior to the the nuclear detonation (Washington DC?), his demise would only be yet another ruse. (A large deep tunnel system exists under DC. The white house has a entrance.) Why a nuke? The incredible decoding states: " A bomb eradicated prank!" (Anagram of "President Barack Obama"). "Ape bomb! Stark Radiance". "Stark Radiance " implies nuclear.

To help prevent this: fotocopy, make books, sell for a buck.
ABOUT THE fascist “NEW WORLD ORDER” BEAST SYSTEM; PUBLIC OPINION IS EVERYTHING. The major media celebrity liars WORLDWIDE need to be arrested and incarcerated together first, then world's criminal elite class. Pronto! The global elites need to be contained by the good guys within the various militaries until the public decides their sentences; perhaps a secure prison island and new tv show.

Ultimately the elite criminals will decide their own eternal fate. So will you...


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