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Access  to  the  best  care  and  prevention:     Fighting  chronic  disease  in  Turkey  
September  24th,  2013   Ortakoy  Princess  Hotel  in  Istanbul,    
PROGRAM   Time   8:30   9:00   Topic   Registration   Welcome  and  introduction   • • 9:10   9:40   Where  we  are  –  assessment  of  the  current  situation   What  are  our  objectives   Speakers   All  participants   Kevin  Walker,  PFCD     Şükrü  Varol,  AIFD     Representative  of  the  Ministry   of  Health  (invited)   Prof.  Dr.  Mehtap  Tatar,   Hacettepe  University   Prof.  Dr.  Erdal  Akalın,  TÜSİAD   Şükrü  Varol,  AIFD  

Fighting  chronic  disease  in  Turkey:  victories  and   challenges     Acting  local:  How  to  transform  Turkey  and  improve   access  to  prevention  and  treatment  of  NCDs?   • Summary  of  up-­‐to-­‐date  research  on:     o Chronic  disease  in  Turkey   o Barriers  in  access  to  prevention  and   treatment  in  Turkey  

10:30   10:40  

Coffee  break  


The  power  of  partnerships:  Facilitating  patient  advocacy   Antonio  Gaudioso,   expertise  across  borders;  how  an  open  dialogue   Cittadinanzattiva     between  patients  and  policy  makers  can  lead  to  better   Silvi  Gavrilov,  Bulgarian   healthcare  outcomes   National  Patients’  Organization     • Knowledge  sharing  panel  discussion  on  how  patient   Caroline  Staffell,  Membership   advocacy  groups  can  get  involved  in  the  policy-­‐making   and  Engagement  Manager,   process   International  Alliance  of   • Presentation  of  draft  declaration     Patients’  Organizations     Michaela  Benedigova,  PFCD  

11:40   12:30  

Brunch   Sharing  session:  How  to  improve  patient  advocacy  in   fighting  chronic  disease  in  Turkey  

-­‐   Host:  Prof.  Dr.  Mehtap  Tatar,   Hacettepe  University  

• •

Participants  jointly  discuss  and  draft   recommendations  for  a  better  access  to  prevention   and  treatment   They  will  briefly  present  goals,  challenges  and   proposed  solutions  to  align  common  interests   After  the  session,  organizations  are  expected  to  come   up  with  ideas,  measures  and  mechanisms  that  would   help  them    

Speakers:  All  participating   organizations  willing  to   contribute      


Conclusions  and  presentation  of  joint  declaration     •

The  declaration  will  be  based  on  the   recommendations  and  will  include  measures  that  will   Kevin  Walker,  PFCD     help  achieve  goals  set  by  the  organizations   All  participants   -­‐  

Prof.  Dr.  Mehtap  Tatar,   Hacettepe  University  


End  of  event  

CONTACT   Gökşen  Çalışkan   +90  (535)  405  31  49  

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