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CANBERRA SECONDARY SCHOOL 2011 Preliminary Examination 1

Secondary Four Normal Technical

SUBJECT: Upper Sec (NT) Science 5147/01 Name: ______________________________________ ( )

06th May 2011 1 hour Class: _4T1_

Write your name, index number and class in the spaces provided on the Optical Test Answer Sheet (OTAS). Write in dark blue or black pen. Do not use staple, paper clips, highlighters, glue or correction fluid. Do not open this booklet until you are told to do so. This paper consists of Paper 1 (40 marks). Answer ALL the questions in the Optical Test Answer Sheet (OTAS) provided. For each question, there are four possible answers, A, B, C and D. Choose the correct answer and record your choice in soft pencil on the Optical Test Answer Sheet (OTAS). At the end of the exam, submit your OTAS separately from the question paper. At the end of the examination, hand in your OTAS and the question paper separately. Do not staple or tie them together. You are expected to use a scientific calculator to evaluate explicit numerical expressions.

For Examiners Use Section Marks Max Awarded Marks Paper 1 40

This question paper consists of 14 printed pages including the cover page. Setter: Mr Ismail Haji Ahmad Paper 1: Multiple Choice Questions (40 marks) The figure below shows the reading on the vernier calipers when the diameter of a plastic ball is gripped between the inside jaws of the calipers. What is the diameter of the ball?




6.12 cm 7.10 cm


6.21 cm 7.21 cm

Diagram 1 shows a measuring cylinder which contains alcohol. A heavy gold chain is totally immersed in the alcohol for cleaning. This is shown in diagram 2.


What is the volume of the gold chain? A B 16 cm3 43 cm3 C D 27 cm3 70 cm3

Ismail Haji Ahmad

4NT Sci Prelim 1 P1 2011

During an experiment, Husin uses a stopwatch to measure the time taken to fully assemble a model jet airplane. The diagram shows the stopwatch at the beginning and end of the assembly. What is the total time taken to assemble the model jet airplane?

0081 0
A B 118 s 608 s

Beginning of assembly C D

0100 8
490 s 1098 s

End of assembly

Which of the following instruments measures the mass of a metal object?

The experiment shown in the diagram was set up. Which of the substances below has the lowest density?

A oil B water C aluminium D mercury

Ismail Haji Ahmad

4NT Sci Prelim 1 P1 2011

What is the density of a liquid of mass 2000 kg and volume 2.0 m3? A B 1.0 kg/m3 1000 kg/cm3 C D 2.0 kg/m3 4000 kg/m3

A lorry travels along the route P, Q, R, S, T in 25 minutes.

What is the average speed of the lorry? A B 0.8 km/h 72 km/h C D 1.2 km/h 750 km/h

Which of the following distance-time graphs represents a car that is stationary (not moving)?





Ismail Haji Ahmad

4NT Sci Prelim 1 P1 2011

Ah Beng wants to calculate the acceleration of a motorcycle over a short distance. Which information does he need? Initial speed A B C D Final speed Time interval


Gravitational force of an object is a force that A B C D 11 opposes motion. pulls other objects closer to it. changes the mass of an object. changes the shape of an object.

A man of weight 600 N is sitting on a see-saw, as shown. Where must a boy of weight 450 N sit to balance the see-saw? boy of weight 450 N

man of weight 600 N


Wei Hong ran up a flight of stairs. If he took 4 minutes and had power of 10 W, how much work was done by Ali running up the stairs? A B 0.4 J 40 J C D 2.5 J 2400 J

Ismail Haji Ahmad

4NT Sci Prelim 1 P1 2011

13 Four girls lift some books through equal distances. The time taken for each girl to lift the books up 5 times is recorded. The table shows the results. Which girl produces the most power? Girl A B C D Weight lifted (N) 100 200 300 400 Time taken (s) 5 10 15 5


A simple balance is used to find the mass of object X as shown in the diagrams.

2 kg 6 kg

What could be the mass of object X? A B 1 kg 4 kg C D 2 kg 8 kg


Which of the following thermometers use expansion to measure temperature? A B C D bimetallic and infra-red thermometers bimetallic and liquid-in-glass thermometers bimetallic and thermocouple thermometers liquid-in-glass and thermocouple thermometers

Ismail Haji Ahmad

4NT Sci Prelim 1 P1 2011

16 A bimetallic thermometer, as shown, can be used to measure very high temperatures. How does it work? temperature scale

bimetallic strip fixed end

pointer A B C D 17 Electricity flows more easily through metal when it is hot. Electricity does not flow so easily through metal when it is hot. It generates an electric current when the bimetallic strip is heated. Lengths of different metals change by different amounts as the temperature changes.

A bimetallic strip is to be used as a thermostat. The metal that is shaded expands more per degree rise in temperature than the other un-shaded metal, as shown on the diagrams. Which diagram shows the thermostat correctly wired to switch on a fan when the temperature becomes too hot?

Ismail Haji Ahmad

4NT Sci Prelim 1 P1 2011


When matter is heated, it can change from one state to another by the following methods: A B C D boiling, melting and freezing. boiling, melting and oxidation. boiling, sublimation and combination. melting, sublimation and combustion.


Which list contains two good conductors and two bad conductors of heat? A B C D Air, gold, copper and tin. Air, wood, glass and plastic. Silver, gold, plastic and rubber. Copper, gold, silver and aluminium.


Which type of heat transfer can occur in vacuum? A B Conduction only Radiation only C D Convection only Both conduction and convection


Which of the following graphs represents an alternating current? A C

Ismail Haji Ahmad

4NT Sci Prelim 1 P1 2011

22 There is an electrical current (I) in a resistor between X and Y, as shown in the diagram.

What is present between X and Y? A B C D A height difference. A potential difference. A pressure difference. A temperature difference.


What is the total resistance of the circuit? A B C D 5 10 11 13 3 4


An earth wire is connected to the metal casing of an electrical appliance. The function of the earth wire is A B C D to electrocute the user. to make the electrical appliance easier to be used. to re-direct any current leakage away from the user. to re-direct any current leakage back into the appliance.

Ismail Haji Ahmad

4NT Sci Prelim 1 P1 2011

25 The meters in an electric circuit are read, as shown in the diagram. What is the voltage across Coil A? A B 0.046 A 1.08 V C D 0.46 A 1.80 V

Coil A


A circuit breaker is usually fitted to our home and school electric circuits. Why is this so? A B C D It allows more power to be used. It acts as an earth wire for the circuit. It reduces the current in the circuit to a safe level. It switches the current off automatically when the current becomes too large.


Which of the following objects is easily magnetised? A B Iron rod Plastic handle C D Copper wire Aluminium roof


Which one of the following is an advantage of an electromagnet? Ismail Haji Ahmad 4NT Sci Prelim 1 P1 2011

A B C D 29 It does not rust easily. It can be turned on and off quickly. It is portable and easier to carry around. It requires a very small amount of electricity to work.

A transformer is to be used to provide a 100 V output from a 50 V a.c. supply. (Number of turns shown in the diagram is not the actual number of turns)

50 V

100 V

Which of the following coils give suitable number of turns for the primary and secondary coils? Number of turns on primary coil A B C D 100 100 400 600 Number of turns on secondary coil 200 50 300 6000


What is Model Z, as shown below?

Model Z A B 31 An atom An element C D A compound A mixture

The diagram shows the main parts of an electric motor.

Ismail Haji Ahmad

4NT Sci Prelim 1 P1 2011


Which of the following parts repels the coil when the current passes through the coil? A B C D The magnet. The split ring. The carbon brushes. None of the above.


Which of the following elements is a metal? A B carbon hydrogen C D oxygen potassium


The following chart shows the colours of Universal Indicators at different pH values.

Colour pH

Red 1 2

Orange 3 4 5

Green 7 8 9



Blue Violet 12 13 14

Vinegar contains acetic acid which is weakly acidic. Which colour would vinegar give with Universal Indicator? A B Red Orange C D Green Violet

Ismail Haji Ahmad

4NT Sci Prelim 1 P1 2011

34 An base is an alkali which A B C D is a metal oxide. is not soluble in water. is an oxide of a non-metal. reacts with metals to form acids.


Which of the following actions involves a chemical change? A B C D Adding salt to sugar without heating. Passing an electric current through a gold wire. Mixing cooking oil with water at a cold temperature. Passing an electric current through an acidic solution.


Which of the following processes involves a physical change? A B Burning Combustion C D Decomposition Sublimation


Examples of effective stress management methods include A B C D relaxation exercises. eating more junk food. working more than 12 hours daily. playing computer games throughout the whole night.


What is good health? A B C D It is a mental well-being only. It is a physical well-being only. It is a mental and physical well-being. It is a condition when we are very slim.

Ismail Haji Ahmad

4NT Sci Prelim 1 P1 2011

39 Some signs of Dengue fever include A B C D coughs and runny nose. coughs and migraine. constipation and bleeding of gut wall. sudden high fever and bright red rashes.


Which of the following diseases are examples of transmissible diseases? A B C D Fever and diarrhea. H1N1 Flu and SARS. Lung cancer and diabetes. Heart disease and colon cancer.

End of Paper 1

Ismail Haji Ahmad

4NT Sci Prelim 1 P1 2011