Cynthia Breen

Social Services & Psychological Crisis Care Professional (612) 217-0425 |

Career Statement
I have dedicated my entire professional life to working directly in the social service system: providing care for those affected by mental illness or needing psychological crisis services; assisting the developmentally disabled; working with disadvantaged communities; and delivering services and advocacy for underserved populations. Whether as an employee, volunteer or individual, I believe in and practice individualized care in dynamic team environments, recognizing the importance of flexibility; adaptable skills; collaborative problemsolving and strict adherence to regulatory and licensure protocols in all aspects of my profession.

Employment History People Incorporated / Nancy Page Crisis Residence
Mental Health Practitioner Minneapolis, MN / 612-870-3787  Mental health crisis care team member working in high-volume, fast-paced short-term crisis residence, working directly with clients spanning the diagnostic and functional spectrum in individual and group settings.  On a daily basis, responsible for conducting individual crisis assessments, treatment planning and empowering clients to complete their treatment goals. Collaborate in assisting clients in mental health crisis develop and complete Crisis Response Action Plans, Relapse Prevention Plans, Wellness Plans and other assignments to mitigate the individual’s crisis environment .  Ongoing responsibilities include providing treatment interventions to clients in accordance with their treatment plans; this involves promoting, encouragement, and training clients to develop the skills they need to gain independence, self-sufficiency for their basic living needs.

(Dec 2008 - Present)

Advanced Behavioral Health
Therapist (Practicum Intern) Brooklyn Park, MN / Joanne Williamsen, Director / 612-560-8331

(Jan 2008 – Aug 2008)

 As an interning therapist for my Masters Degree practicum, I was actively involved in therapy sessions both in group and individual settings for adults with developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, and autism spectrum disorders, completing 700 hours of internship in conjunction with my Masters Degree in Psychology.  I lead multiple group sessions within ABH’s ‘Pilot Program’, a therapy based on Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and the Pesso Boyden System (PBSP) method; this approach was designed to complement the concrete thinking patterns of the people we served.

Resume of Cynthia Breen Mental Health & Social Service Professional


Cynthia Breen Resume  The Pilot Program is a process that required the entire team to serve each individual, offering broad learning opportunities with diverse clientele needs. As appropriate, I provided individual client-centered counseling, gestalt therapy, strengths-based counseling, cognitive therapy, anger management training and behavioral analysis.

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Hennepin County Mental Health Local Advisory Council
Advisory Board Member (Appointee)

(Feb 2008 – Present)

Minneapolis, MN / Kelsey Walton, Assistant to Commissioner Gail Dorfman / 612-348-4304  By annual appointment by the full County Board, I advise the Hennepin County Commissioners on adult mental health issues as part of the county’s Local Advisory Council (LAC). In addition to serving the full Hennepin County Board, my role allows close work with Commissioner Gail Dorfman, a long-time advocate for those affected by mental illness.  As a designated advocate for consumers of county mental health services, my responsibility within the greater LAC body includes ensuring that policy and planning recommendations from the council reflect present and future needs by consumers for services; addressing shortcomings in the existing system; and facilitating interagency cooperation with social service providers at the neighborhood, city, regional and state level to optimize consumer quality of care, efficiency and proper budget allocation.  My commission also involves research and presenting findings to the board to determine if findings meet policy guidelines. In December 2008, I was elected co-chairperson of the advisory group through the end of 2009; I was re-elected chair in 2010, and remain on the council following renewal of my appointment in 2011.

Hazelden Center for Youth and Families
Admissions Specialist / CD Technician Plymouth, MN / 651-213-4200

(Aug 2003 – Aug 2007)

 Responsible for initiating and managing the client admission process; this involved extensive records management, including confidential client medical records, financial materials, payment instruments and discharge information.  I often worked with clients and their families to arrange special financing, hybrid insurance coverage and other mechanisms to allow less-affluent individuals to access Hazelden’s programs  Additional responsibilities included lecturing on chemical dependency issues; implementation of and coordinating the completion of treatment plans.  I was involved regularly in direct client counseling, including 12-Step education; dual-diagnosis awareness; anger management; grief/loss counseling; and off-site meeting supervision

Resume of Cynthia Breen Mental Health & Social Services Professional


Cynthia Breen Resume

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Minnesota State Senate
Legislative Intern St. Paul, MN / Secretary of The Senate / 651-296-0504

(Fall 1997 – Winter 2002)

 I have diverse and multi-faceted experience working for individual State Senators while part of the Senate Page Program. As a Legislative Intern, I corresponded with Senators’ constituents and the media to educate and provide awareness of pending legislative matters  I also provided political guidance on particular issues in the Senators’ district, utilizing statistical research to target constituents so that customized and tailored communications would be sent based upon a given citizen’s interests, concerns and ‘hot-button’ issues.

Education & Certifications
 Northwestern College St. Paul, MN Bachelor of Science in Psychology Graduate (2004)  Saint Mary’s University/Minnesota Minneapolis, MN Masters of Arts in Psychology Graduate (2008)

Skills & Training
 Group therapy management, individual therapy and applied psychological assessment  Experience working with challenging client populations, including the autistic, intellectually disabled youth, adults with SPMI /chemical dependency issues  Strong communication and organization skills, with proven experience in high-volume and task-intensive work environments. Excellent written and verbal communications, including fluency in APA style and extensive client charting and reporting utilizing Procentive  Self-guided independent contributor, as well as proven abilities as team-oriented contributor  Fluent in Microsoft Office. Experienced using Google Apps (Docs/Collaboration) tools

References & Resources
 Additional information on LinkedIn (  Contact Cindy Breen: / 612-217-0425 / 612-396-3852

Resume of Cynthia Breen Mental Health & Social Services Professional