Learning Opportunities in Cement Industries SR. No. 1.

Functions (Departments) Human Resources • • • • • Possible Project/Assignment The process of human resource development activities of the company including employee relation, industrial relation and administration. Study the process of maintaining personal records of employees, manpower planning and staffing. Study of the allocation and management of skilled and unskilled manpower in the cement plant Study of the various ongoing HR related works in the plant Development of software for maintaining contractor's records, daily reports, bills, payments on daily & monthly basis, etc. 2. Mines Operations • • • • • • The operation of open-cast mines such as drilling, use of explosives, blasting, dumping etc. Study of mechanical equipments being used for onsite mining and transportation, e.g. excavator, dozers, loaders, dumpers, tippers etc. To understand the principle of maximum extraction of limestone with minimum use of explosives Understanding the formation of limestone stairs, and geotechnical features of every limestone layers Modification of drilling methods to reduce the boulder formation Scheduling of excavation and loading to minimize the idle time

. electrical systems. gas charging equipments.g. welding equipments. • • • • • • Ordering and receipt of spare parts like process of raising an indent and providing correct specification etc. transmission (hydraulic) systems. lubricants and fuels used for earth moving equipments Maintenance planning to improve availability of equipments Manpower planning. Handover/takeover of earth moving equipments (pre. preparing schedules to reduce delays Spare parts and maintenance planning to reduce inventory and delays . Mines Maintenance • • Study of various systems of earth moving equipments e. etc.g.and post maintenance) The properties and specifications of different oils. pneumatic systems. The layout of maintenance workshop like process layout or fixed position layout or product layout and equipments used e.• • • • • Scheduling of excavation and loading to minimize idle time and operation cost Study on rock slope stability and geotechnical analysis Weight loss in the mines Level of ergonomics in mines Environmental issues in mines 3.

• • Optimum resources allocation scheduling Vibration analysis of equipments and automotives .

blowers. Electro-Static Precipitator. chutes. clinker cooling system. manpower planning. ball mill. rotary kiln etc The operation of hydraulic coupling and gear boxes for power transmission and conveying systems like chain conveyor. critical and rarely available (in local market) spare parts Optimum utilization/engagement of manpower for schedule maintenance To reduce the idle time of skilled labor by proper allocation Increase reliability of plant equipments using statistical tools Increasing the efficiency of the clinker cooling system. To study the materials management systems to keep inventory of expensive. . Mechanical • • • • • • • • • • • • • • The principle of size reduction and equipments used e. etc Maintenance planning. requirement planning etc.4. cyclone separators To carry out survey of manpower with respect to skill assessment and to plan their allocation. cyclones etc. vertical grinding mill etc The operation and maintenance of crusher. spare part planning. The operation and maintenance of hydraulic systems. bag filters. bearing systems. support rollers. process fans. raw mill. bucket elevator. blowers etc. Structural design principle of rotary kiln and mechanical systems used for operation of kiln such as drive system. Types of refractory bricks used as lining in kiln and its maintenance. tools and tackles planning. crusher. silos. lubricating systems.. belt conveyor etc. The working & maintenance of cooling fans.g.

spares and maintenance operations for different mills Resources planning and management Reduction of noise pollution by innovative techniques Reliability analysis. vibration analysis. Waste heat recovery in rotary kiln To carry out the study related to the reduction of crushing time of raw materials Optimal use of compressors. behavior analysis. root cause analysis. to improve energy efficiency Methodology and strategy to reduce the time of refractory brick lining change of a rotary kiln .• • • • • • • • • Modification of existing equipments & development of new equipments (Retrofitting) Optimizing manpower. pumps.

lighting. Electrical • • • • • • • • • • • Electrical systems used for operation of crushers. 6. motor control boards etc Energy efficiency calculations for electrical equipments Fault Tree analysis of various electrical equipments to find the root cause of failure Earthing system of the entire plant Power transmissions and distribution systems and its maintenance Study of the relay coordination system of entire cement production plant Optimum sizing (length and diameter) of cables in a new project Study on maintenance of electrical motors used in cement plant Instrumentation systems for crushers. kiln. kiln. coal mill. motors. cooler. raw mill. conveying systems. AC/DC motors. conveying systems. . Different types of heavy duty motors such as induction motors. cement mill etc. cabling arrangements. synchronous motors Operation and maintenance of Electro Static Precipitators (ESP) Maintenance of all electrical equipments such as switch gear. weigh bridges used in raw material handling section Operation and maintenance of Gamma matrix analyzer for online composition analysis of lime stone entering into raw mill. cooler. pressure & temperature of different sections of cement plant Sensor interfacing and check points to control the process Understanding the operating principle of material weight measurements.5. cement mill etc. battery maintenance. Instrumentation • • • • • Measurement of flow. coal mill. raw mill.

• • Proposal for innovative fault detection methods Proposal for suitable replacement of existing sensors 7. inspection. Project • • • • • • • • The principles used to execute an ongoing projects such as erection. belt conveyor etc. installation of equipments and commissioning Study of various tools and techniques used for monitoring the progress of projects in the plant Environmental impact assessment of new projects and its impact on expansion plan Modernization planning for existing plants such as modification in stacking system. Economic consideration for a new project proposal Feasibility study of a new projects proposal Payback period and return on investment (ROI) of a project Synchronization of activities on a project .

gypsum and fly ash) Understanding the various stages (such as calcinations. raw mill. such as kiln and cooler and the effect of particle size of coal in clinkerization. SO2 by developing new scrubbing systems . e. The process of crushing. raw mix grinding etc. kiln. Optimum raw mix for production of clinker with minimum cost Heat balance in rotary kiln Increasing cooler efficiency Strategy to reduce energy consumption in process equipments Effective strategy for waste heat recovery Process optimization for recovery of limestone (Beneficiation of limestone) Reduction of emission such CO2. etc. Process • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • The process of manufacturing clinker from raw materials (limestone. Study of various process equipments like crusher. conveying. staking and reclaiming of limestone and clay in cement industry. electrostatic precipitator and the bag-house. coal grinding. coal mill.g.8. cooler. The working principles of cyclones. burning and cooling) of clinkerizaion process in the kiln. clinker grinding. iron ore and coal) The process of manufacturing cement from raw materials (clinker. melting. cement mill. To learn material and energy balance calculations in process equipments Theories related to design of process equipments. To understand the different types of grinding processes.

health and environmental studies. systematic arrangement. zero abnormality. supply chain management. people management. Manufacturing initiatives.9. standardization. Business excellence model The principles of total productive maintenance (TPM). Safety. zero equipment breakdown and zero accident. spic & span. ISO 14001 & ISO 18000 standards Preparation of documents for State Pollution Control Board & Central Pollution Control Boards The 5-S (sorting. World class Manufacturing model. quality management.r.t. Audit etc) • • • To study the protocols & guidelines for ISO 9001. and World Class Energy • • • • The WCM (world class manufacturing) policy w. environmental management systems (EMS). zero defects. Technical Services (Pollution Control. self discipline) of WCM system . asset management. carbon credits etc.

10. Al2O3. particle size analyzer. MgO. C4AF. C3A. Blaine apparatus. X-Ray Flouroscence meter (XRF). Flame photometer. the settling time characteristics of cement. clinker and cement in terms of C 2S. • • • • • • • • • Quantitative analysis of limestone. Fe2O3. C3S. Study on clinker design Qualitative comparison of OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) and PPC (Pozzolana Portland Cement) Increasing fly-ash content with high early strength of cement . Quality Control • • Learning the procedures for process inspection and monitoring. UV spectro photometer. moisture meter. Free lime analyzer. X-Ray diffractometer (XRD). clinker quality analysis Observing the working of laboratory equipments such as bomb calorimeter. SiO2 contents Knowing standard cement casting method to measure quality of cement produced (compressive strength). CaO. Improving the quality of the raw materials such as CaCO3 and laterite by using separation technologies (flotation) To study the composition balance of clay and limestone using weight feeders To study the raw mix design and clinker quality To study the effect of coal quality on the lime saturation factor (LSF). etc.

Railway Transport systems (Different types of Wagons. Measurement and weighing systems. containers and trucks) Mechanical haulage systems. Packing plant • • Automation in packing plant The procedure of changeover in packing. Locomotives and Railway Signal Systems) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Study of the safety procedure adopted in loading of cement (in rail wagons. Procedure to hand over and takeover of Wagons Rakes Procedure to calculate the Demurrage To study the control of various weighing equipments To identify and propose the location of automation in packing Design a procedure to reduce the changeover time in packing Reducing wastage of cement from packing point to loading in trucks Men-less packing plant Remedial measures to reduce failure of conveyor belts Reducing truck turn-around time Development of effective packing systems To carry out the Time & motion studies related to packing section Finding the smart packing materials which are biodegradable and dust-free after filling the cement To study the weight variation of cement bags . Truck Loading systems and Wagon loading systems.11.

etc. Finance • • • • • • 14. 13. distribution and rain water harvesting Study the process of utilization / storage of rain water and waste water Study the topographic data of the cement plant site and the adjacent colony for an efficient design of water and waste water management plan Estimating and costing of new upcoming construction work Rain water harvesting Learning about the stakeholders of a company Understanding the methods to prepare a balance sheet Budgeting and planning for a financial year Distribution of budgets to different cost centers and expense monitoring Internal and external audit systems in cost control Financial audit of a cement company Assets and liabilities of a cement plant Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for plant maintenance. IT • • • • Networks within and outside (WAN and LAN). Utilization of STP water Ground water pumping. Email activities of entire plant . material management. Civil • • • • • • • • The civil and railway track maintenance in the plant Methods to evaluate the structural integrity of the roads and buildings inside the campus Operation of sewage treatment plant (STP). process and quality maintenance. Management Information Systems Learning information security and maintenance of server activities.12. treatment.

generator.• • • Development of form for the Acceptable Used Policy (AUP) for the new employees Development of Non Disclosed Agreement (NDA) form for third party engineers Development of form related to information security 15. etc . DM plant. tyres. condenser Water treatment plant. Boiler feed pump Power plant operation. rice husk. Captive Plant Power • • • • • • • • • • • • The principles of power generation in a thermal power plant Working principles of Boiler. cashew nut. improve the pressure drop of pumps & fans Manpower planning of power plant Study on boilers & turbines with electrical consideration Study of the transient stability analysis of a system when connected to a power grid Study of the process of power utilization in the plant from captive power plant Improving energy efficiency and reducing emission Study on the use of alternate fuels such as coconut shell. Instrumentation Control and Central Control Room Maintenance schedule and planning in power plant Modification of existing systems in thermal power plant to improve the fan efficiency. steam turbine.

Safety • • • • • • • • • • • Understanding the existing safety systems in the plant Design of a safety procedure in loading (in rail wagon.16. containers and trucks) of finished products Methods to improve safety awareness among employees Evaluation based on safety inspection Understanding emergency preparedness Study of safety investigation procedure Study of the occupational health of the employees in the plant Occupational diseases associated with the cement plant Hazards associated with a cement plant Risk assessment in various processes of a cement plant Onsite and offsite emergency plans .

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