Nurturing Talent

Nurturing Talent

Media Plan

Baalkalakaar 2011

Drama & Music.Impact as many children as possible -It is organized with the aim of creating an opportunity for the under privileged children of the city to discover and develop their hidden talents in the creative areas of Art.Recognize and reward extraordinary talent among under-privileged children . . . Dance.Objectives .Create Awareness about the event .Create a long lasting Impact on the children.

Duration : 1st November to 21st December (a month and a half) 1st November -Date of Commencement : .Timelines .

Posters and Banners a public places.½ hour Feature Show about the event and talent among children (tentative) 2) Outdoor Media .Static Image – 5/10 times a day . college campuses .Electronic Media 1) Television . . cafés. 30 second – 2/3 times a day .Social Media updates (from their accounts) .TVC.Ad Videos displayed on out of home media screens all over the city.Ticker (on news channels) – 15/20 times a day .

Talk show with event heads .Social Media updates (from their accounts) . .Ads .Continuous announcement by Radio Jockey.Live coverage of event by radio station/ live responses of attendees at venue of event .Electronic Media 3) Radio .RJ can be guest at an Event .

Social Media Updates (from their accounts) . total = 10 During .2 weeks. total = 10 Total= 40 . Duration: Pre .Print Media 4) Newspapers .Print Ads . total = 20 Post . .Featured section called ‘Kalakaar of the Week’ showcasing a child with extraordinary talents at the session/workshops.4 weeks.Print articles (5/6 per week).2 weeks.

10/15 January .Social Media Updates ( from their Accounts) 6) Posters .5/6 December .Print Articles (5/6 per month) Duration: November . (campus promotions) .Print Media 5) Periodicals/ Magazines .Print Ads .Posters at all top colleges in Mumbai.2/3 .

partners. #BKK2011 or #WhenIWasAKid and relating them to the campaign . .Be as relevant as possible and study and change with the times .Follow relevant users. AIESEC world news (relevant) . youth. Partner handles used to promote credibility.Live tweeting at event with pictures and/or videos . .4-5 tweets per day. updates. NGO’s.Tweets will be encouraging people to share their views based on the campaign .Notifications.Social / Digital Media 7) Twitter .use of hashtags eg. .

. .Constant engagement.Social / Digital Media 8) Facebook . .Updates/day : 2-3 from the official account .Notifications regarding workshops and with registration details. .All updates should be linked to the main website.Redirection to the website for the various case studies.Discuss relevant topics with users on a daily basis. using updates and topics based on the campaign . .Facebook questions and polls along with Facebook events option and other FB tools. and events pictures and details.

Social / Digital Media 9) YouTube .all videos to be linked to the parent website. . .to be used only to promote venues. i. Users should check-in to venues to avail certain goodies or discounts.Promo videos for DSN and YouTube (30sec) .Introductory video to the event to be created (deadline : 1st November) .All event videos.OGX based video. Global village videos . AIESEC Mumbai/ Baalkalakaar.Teaser videos if possible . 10) Foursquare .e.

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