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PE Civil Exam 40- Geotechnical Questions & Answers (PDF) For Depth Exam (Evening Session)

Questions & Answers Set #1

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Copyright 2008 all rights reserved PE Civil Depth Exam (Evening Session): This practice exam contains 40-Geotechnical questions and answers each set from all Geotechnical & Soil Foundation Engineering area.

Table Contents:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Subsurface Exploration and Sampling -3 Q&A Engineering Properties of Soils and Materials-5 Q&A Soil Mechanics Analysis -5 Q&A Earthquake Engineering -2 Q&A Earth Structures -4 Q&A Shallow Foundations -6 Q&A Earth Retaining Structures -6 Q&A Deep Foundations -4 Q&A Other Topics- 5 Q&A

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Civil Depth (Evening) Questions -Geotechnical Sample Set # 1

I. 3. Subsurface Exploration and Sampling PROBLEM (General rock characterization) During a field exploration, the core barrel was advanced 180 CM during the coring. The length of the core recovered in Fig. What was the recovery ratio and Rock quality? a. b. c. d. .80 .48 .98 .58 Good Poor Excellent Fair


Solution: R.Q.D=(30+15+18+38)/180= 0.56, Fair Correct Solution is (d) Copyright 2008 all rights reserved 3


Engineering Properties of Soils and Materials

PROBLEM (Shear strength properties) A drained triaxial test has performed for normally consolidated clay with following data. Chamber confining pressure, h=108 KN/m2 Vertical deviator pressure v=158 KN/m2 Pore water pressure, U=50 KN/m2 Find the angle of internal friction, a. b. c. d. 350 260 250 220


Solution: v=158 KN/m2 h=108 KN/m2 Pore water Pressure, U=50 KN/m2, will be deducted at drained condition 1= h+v 3= h 1= 1-U=108+158-U= 266.00-50=216.00 KN/m2 3= h-U=108.00-50=58.0 KN/m2 Sin= (1- 3)/2 / (1+ 3)/2 =Sin-1{(216-58)/2 / (216+58)/2}=35.210 Correct Solution is (a)

Copyright 2008 all rights reserved V.

Earth Structures
PROBLEM (Dam) The concrete dam 25 m long shown in Figure is embedded 1 m into the ground surface and has a sheet pile wall 5 m deep at its heel. The headwater is 7 m deep and the tail water is at ground surface. The permeability of the soil is k= 20 x 10-4 cm/sec both vertically and horizontally. What is the Pore Water pressure at A; A is 2m above the impervious layer?

a 15780.00 kg/m2 b 10960.00 kg/m2 c 12800.00 kg/m2 d 12450.00 kg/m2

18. k= 20 x 10-4 cm/sec=2 x 10-5m/sec, Dam headwater height, h=7m, Impervious layer to Dam bottom height, H=10m No. of flow channel, Nf =4,


No. of potential drop, Nd=13, Impervious layer to A height, Z=2m

Pressure head per net=h/Nd=7/13= 0.54/net Pressure Head at A, Ph=h+H-( No. of potential drop at A x Pressure head per net)-Z =7+10-(7.5x.54)-2= 10.96 m

Pore Water pressure at A, UA=Ph x w =10.96m x 1000 kg/m3 =10960.00 kg/m2 Correct Solution is (b) Copyright 2008 all rights reserved 5 VI.

Shallow Foundations
PROBLEM (Bearing Capacity)

Determine the Effective Area of circular footing with eccentric load shown in Figure where, Soil Unit Weight, = 118 lb/ft3, Footing Radius of circle, R=5 & e=0.5. .

a b c d

54.50 ft2 65.50 ft2 78.50 ft2 63.50 ft2


Solution: Where, e=0.50 and R=5 Therefore, Area of ADC, S= R2/2-[e{(R2-e2)+R2Sin-1(e/R)}] S=3.14 x 52/2-[0.50{(52-0.52)+52Sin-1(0.5/5)}] S=3.14 x 52/2-[0.50{(24.75+143.48)}=32.77 ft2 Effective Area, A=2S=32.77 x 2= 65.54 ft2 Correct Solution is (b)

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Other Topics
PROBLEM (Earthquake loads) A building has to be design earthquake consideration having own weight 6120 kip including the height of building, H=57 ft. Determine the base shear of the building for earthquake. Where, Soil Type, S=1.2 Building Type, Ct= =0.075 For R.C. Space Frame I=1, Occupancy Normal Z=0.2, Zone, 2B= Medium hazard Rw=10, Moment resisting R.C. Space Frame a b c d 265.00 Kip 354.00 Kip 138.00 Kip 288.00 Kip




Wx=6120 kip T=CtH3/4=1.55 sec Dynamic response, C =1.25S/(T2/3)=1.12 Base Shear, V=(ZIC/Rw)Wx Base Shear, V=(0.2 x 1.0 x 1.12 / 10 ) x 6120=136.77 Kip
Correct Solution is (c)

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