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Wednesday  Workshop September  18,  2013 Agenda  and  Feedback

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1a. This session was beneficial. 1b. Why or why not? Much clearer on how to more efficiently get evernote documents uploaded for kids. Rhonda helped me to understand the many different ways I can use evernote besides posting pictures and videos previously taken. Very useful!! I learned about Evernote and what others are doing for portfolios. I loved hearing that the portfolios don't have to be "pretty" and that they are a work in progress. Can we get the points that Rhonda made about what to put in the portfolios sent to us? Evernote meetings are always beneficial but still more info is needed. It was a lot of information but good information. much needed information about Evernote Being completely new to Trinity, I need as much support as possible. I feel lit was very good for trouble shooting and getting ideas on how to continue my learning. Group instruction was helpful and reminded us to begin entering more into Evernote notebooks NOW. I have never used Evernote and need all the information I can get. Also, the timing of this meeting was perfect. It will jumpstart us to begin document our students progress. I think we got some questions answered but we have to update our evernote to follow the steps correctly. It cleared up some issues I was having with Evernote and gave me ideas on how others are using it - roles within the classroom, etc. Rhonda generated ideas to get us moving on the My Learning notebooks. she also helped us with ways to move photos and videos into notebooks. Rhonda generated ideas to get us moving on the My Learning notebooks. she also helped us with ways to move photos and videos into notebooks. We are all still a bit confused about how much we are writing. Are we writing in story form, or are we writing sentences?

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Very informational and practical. Good opportunity for our responses and questions. It was helpful to learn about the new changes in the progress reports. It was also helpful to collaborate with others and practice writing a comments section. Thank you for making this compiled list for us all to access. I think this will make compiling information with my team easier. I think this will be much easier once we figure out the logistics. Thank you for taking so much time to explain everything. We used it as a LT meeting. We discussed some of our children and the progress they have made. Also we discussed strategies for working with children. Learning Team reports are by nature different so the content here was not particularly helpful. I really appreciated that we were able to meet separately, Session was not necessarily beneficial for us on the Learning Team, but we used the time to discuss individual student's and their progress. I had technological difficulties and could not log into the google doc. Good to start thinking about this EARLY. I think I'm going to like this new system.

I am excited to see how this works. I am interested in how we are going to make this work with different personalities (procrastinators or early birds) I was grateful for the opportunity to meet with the Learning Team rather than be in a meeting that would not have held much meaning for me and one that I would not have been able to add a jot of valuable input. I really like the opportunity to practice the process of reporting on a particular child using this format. It was important for the teachers who deal with progress reports to hear about the changes. The changes to progress reports were presented clearly. I appreciated how the reasons for the changes were also clearly communicated. It was also helpful to experiment with the new changes on a google doc. I continue to feel frustrated with the changes... and I typically like change... and I definitely did not like the way progress reports had been. It totally makes sense for K - 4th to have one general comment, but I have trouble seeing why 5th and 6th should be the same (our programs are different than the self-contained model). It is helpful that we were able to discuss particular children and how they were moving forward. I liked being asked to look at the children's growth areas over the last month - socially and academically. It was interesting to hear about how various classes divide the kids and thus capture their strengths and growth areas. I understand the expectations of me for report card writing. I think that the information was beneficial but overall left still wondering about whether or not what we are writing is still a narrative or any less than last year. I think that everyone will be VERY happy with the reporting changes! It's nice that the expectations are clear as far as creating the 3 paragraphs...I love the ideas of collaboration for 5th and 6th grade New progress report format! I don't write them, but I know my lead teachers appreciate the effort to make progress reports an easier process and more valuable for the parents.

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Learned what we are going to do for PRs this coming trimester. Very practical and helpful to address questions and concerns regarding progress reports. Starting to get a sense of the new progress report system, We don't write progress reports but I am thrilled for the specials that do. I liked that it felt like our feedback and suggestions were listened to and acted upon. (this is a really bad sentence but I don't know how to word it better) I liked having a discussion of what it might look like. I was able to see the different perspectives of progress reports and assessments from my fellow colleagues, which I really enjoyed! We are all different and have different, unique, and important ways to see our children and communicate with families. Obviously, it helped us to better understand the new progress report writing. Good information on progress report writing for the coming year. I feel more comfortable about my responsibility for reporting student progress in the trimester reports. I understand my role as a Specials teacher and feel it is more manageable and meaningful. It was beneficial to listen to the reports that other teachers have written; especially from other grade levels. Creating a more authentic progress report for students is a long time coming! Great to practice! I feel we have needed a report card overhaul and discussion. Thank you for the time and effort that went into considering a change in the progress reports. I am uncertain if we are still supposed to tell a story (in the EED) about each child and their strengths or if the comments are to be more succinct. I think I need a bit more information about the expectations. This is a good beginning of the conversation, but I am still not sure what our new reports will look like. Will they be at all different from what we are already doing, aside from taking away the goals from each section? Will we address each strength with a sentence or two, or should we tell a story that is several sentences long? It sounds like we are moving from our previous sandwich strategy to a new structure. Will that come across as easily accessible to parents? We heard new expectations, were told why changes were made, and we were given time to practice while getting simultaneously feedback from our peers. LOVED hearing about new format. Good preparation for report writing. Still wondering what is really expected of us as far as the comment section goes. I was able to learn more about the progress report and brainstorm about how to write it effectively. I am excited about the new progress report form! This was very beneficial. Kathy and I got together and wrote a mock progress report on a child and then we met with Sarah and reviewed how she and Laurel had written their mock progress report. We did them in different ways and that brought us to the question of what is the exact format. Should there be three different paragraphs ( Strengths, areas of growth and goals) or should they all flow together? today helped me to understand the progress report process It was helpful as it directly impacts how I will write my progress reports going forward, it provided me with important details regarding the changes to progress reports for this year.


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Yes, It was great to hear about all the changes. I also appreciate that this presentation was early in the year! Honestly-- I thought that it was a little silly for us to write about a student today. BUT..... I CHANGED MY MIND COMPLETELY!!! It was so useful to hash out the sticky parts of this BEFORE we are sitting at our computers actually writing them in October. It was helpful to hear the changes that will happen this year. Stacey and I were able to work together to form an example of a progress report after hearing the changes. We found it useful to be able to write a report together , and it could be something we could use to guide our writing for our other children. This was so great! It was necessary for us to talk about this before we actually write these reports. Definitely great to have more information, but need to practice more. The practice part brought up more questions about form (how many paragraphs? 3?), writing style, how many goals if we're discussing 3-5 areas of growth. It didn't like there was much change and we just did a practice paragraph. I need to know what is expected for progress reports this year! We still have a great deal of questions about the length of the writing in EED. Are we writing short sentences for each Strength or are we still writing to "tell the story?" We want to be very clear before we start writing and would like to see written examples of how detailed each section should be. It was helpful to know the expectations around progress reports. I did find it hard to write in this environment, and I wish we saw an example of a comment. It would have been helpful to see a sample before we start our own. In the past we have been asked to "tell the story" of the child, but that is not succinct. Which are we going for? I am unclear about the end product and the expectation from us as a community. I liked being given time to try this new PR format out. I only had time to make bullet points rather than flesh it out into a narrative. I found the format for our meeting helpful. Focusing on one student and randomly thinking of his overall strengths was a positive focus for beginning to write the progress report. We need to get prepared sooner than later. I am wondering when the grade books are getting set up and when I can get a blank copy of the report cards so I can start checking some of my boxes that I am ready to evaluat

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2a. The content of this session can be applied to my work. 2b. Why or why not?

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I now know how to use pictures for classroom music and their portfolios .

Yes we know now how to take pictures and videos and put them in evernote Learn to add pictures and videos to portfolios

We will be using Evernote daily and having instructions as to how to use it is most beneficial. I definitely think this will help ourselves with knowing how to add pictures and videos to our evernote and keeping track of our students. Gave me ideas and examples on what I can put in Evernote. We learned all about what kinds of entries will be helpful to the children in the future. We will be writing reports before we know it, but I am looking forward to more clarification before we actually begin writing. I understand this is a trial year and we will be learning together. It directly applies to writing progress reports. It will be useful to look back on the feedback we were given when thinking about writing in the progress reports later on.

The main content did not apply to me. As above See above. I hope this new format will deliver the report that parents want and help us as teachers reduce the stress related to writing these reports.

It was helpful to ask questions and talk about how this is going to work, as a team.

See above

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It's almost time to synthesize our thoughts in narrative form--so this is helpful. N/A I agree to an extent. I am responsible for providing information and observations on children that I see throughout the day, but I am not ultimately responsible as far as I know for writing up the entire report. Always glad to interface with teammate on our children I'm excited about the changes! Thanks for listening. Once we have final clarification of what is expected we will apply this content ASAP. Even though I don't write progress reports, it's important for me to know what the classroom teachers experience. I think I might be able to be more helpful to my leads in this new format. I can add observations during the trimester. Because I write PRs. Because we all write progress reports. I think that the direction we're heading (My Learning) is a much more authentic, meaningful way of assessing kids in PE. Very excited about the idea behind this. It has been great to share progress report thoughts and even specific examples of other teachers' writing. Yes, because I'll be making a checklist as well. This session was extremely applicable because soon I will be writing these progress report comments for my students. I am now more knowledgeable about what the expectations are. I would have loved the opportunity to share collectively; whole group, in order to get the approval or disapproval from Dawn on what the comment section should look and sound like. I will be looking at my students in a more authentic way! Raised some questions about the difference of "Areas of Growth" and "areas for growth" We will like GOALS and Areas for Growth are the same. Are we supposed to have three separate paragraphs? Or kind of merged all together? We have a child we have already written and thought about and how it looks and sounds. Based on what we decide, we will use that help focus the notes we keep about our children. I now know how to think about and prepare for progress reports. I have to write 20 reports very soon! Reports are around the corner...

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We will be writing progress reports soon, so it was nice to have some practice and time to chat about what is expected. This will make my life a lot better... and progress reports will take less time! This can be applied to my work because I help Kathy with Progress Reports.

It helped clarify the expectations/changes for writing specials progress reports for this school year. I love that we had the opportunity to write and share with our partner and team!

We would like to be able to have our practice progress report read by an administrator to see if we are on the right track. If so, we can use what we wrote today to guide us in writing our progress reports later in the year. I write progress reports and love talking to others about what they are going to do for these new reports. It gave me a rough format for writing comments. It was helpful to see (a little bit of ) of what others wrote for progress reports. This applies directly to our work every day and then in progress report writing however, we would have liked to have Dawn in here to discuss with us and to clarify. We would like to have an EED meeting with K and 1st to show examples. We are eager to move forward with this new format and just want to make sure we are all on the same page! This is the most anxiety ridden part of our job. I love that we are addressing this and thinking forward before we are in the thick of writing. Definitely helps to move forward and with Progress Reports in November it will lessen the stress of writing narratives. Progress reports are part of my work. I found the area of growth section was most challenging for me since we haven't been in school very long. For me, it was another positive way for me to look at a child to see how much he had actually grown since the first day of Kindergarten. Well presented Disappointed the checklist was not changed The new format seems better. Thanks.

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3b. Please tell us anything else you want us to know. Our team is going to Rhonda for a private session.

Would have been nice to have time to work in our groups and be able to practice it some more. I know we are short on time so maybe next time. Pace could be slowed down to allow more time for practice I think it would be very beneficial to have time with our classroom team to create a plan or action so that everyone is on the same page and feels more comfortable. Just learning the correct position of the iPad for shooting photos and videos both for the camera roll and when already inside Evernote was worth learning to make using this portfolio method less frustrating. I need a mess around a little more with the app to get to know and understand it better! I want to learn how to use the new video app. I also need help with setting up a new My Learning notebook-I just realized that I am missing one child's notebook. I want to work on how capturing photos and notes on children might look if we were better organized. Thank you for involving us in the collaboration and problem solving. I'm excited for the changes. I would like to have a sharing day with 5th grade to see how they are utilizing this and to see that we are all on the same track. I would like for more Wednesday sessions with my team. It may be a good idea to offer those for us to work collaboratively on these. Thank You for doing this. I'd like the follow-up session to include examples that we created and a time to share and norm the expectations for narrative length. Thanks, y'all! :) Thank you! I am so glad that we are looking and revamping the PR . I think we are on a good track . Thanks for listening to us! Thank you for taking our wants and needs into consideration, but we need examples, and or final thoughts. Nice job with the Google Sites Jill!!! Am looking forward to writing PRs this year! Thank you so much for being so considerate to us Specials. I wonder about misinterpreting others' thoughts when trying to synthesize all of our thoughts. I wonder about the base teachers being an editor and trying to make all of the comments flow together. Like you said, at first it will seem weird, but I'm SURE we'll get used to it. Thanks for the information! I would love additional information to practice writing these comments. An example comment section from Dawn would be helpful! We would LOVE to see everyone's practice progress reports so we can compare.

The conversation will continue...

Having time to practice was so helpful. I would like to share what we wrote and get feedback! There are still some lingering questions about what is expected of us. Can we get some samples of what these comments should look like? I am still a little unclear about the structure of comments. Also, can I get more clarification about "areas of/for growth?" Is the growth section for both, or is areas for growth part of goals? See above on my question about format.

I wish I can see an example of a progress report! Can we all share the comments we wrote today? Can we have a discussion again about formatting, combining of paragraphs, etc...? n/a We are very optimistic, but also a little confused and would like more direction about what the comment section should look like (i.e. three separate paragraphs or everything put together). I am also struggling to understand the difference between areas FOR growth and goals. We still need more info even though this was a good start. :) Show us an example of what you would like progress reports to look like. Do you see the comment divided by subject areas, or by strengths, growth, and goals - all mixed together? More practice and sharing would be good. Please clarify if we should touch on every subject area or just areas where there is growth or growth needed. We, K and 1, need time to talk with Dawn and understand her expectation. Thank you for listening to our feedback and for the prompt implementation of change. I was struggling a bit with Areas of Growth. I know I will have lots to say in the spring but right now I am focusing on getting to know my students and what their current knowledge and abilities are at this point (beginning of the year). This was a good area to focus on and learn how another person would describe and share information with parents. I want to know the exact format of the report card. Will it be one paragraph or will it be subdivided and listed as areas of strength and goals. When can I get a copy? I would like to see samples from other teachers.

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