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Philip Neri Parish

The Northwest Paulist Center
for Evangelization & Reconciliation 2408 SE 16th Avenue | Portland, OR |97214-5334

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Committed to the mission of Jesus and dedicated to be welcoming to all, we, the community of St. Philip Neri, strive to reach out, to reconcile, and to promote unity for all of Gods creation through worship, education, and service toward the common good.

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Sunday u September 22, 2013 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Sunday u September 22, 2013 BOOK SALE
The book sale is scheduled for October 12 & 13th, so its time to start cleaning out your bookshelves. We are accepting hard cover, paperbacks, music (commercial CDs only), commercial DVDs. This year we are also including religious items, statues, art work, plaques, crosses and crucifixes. Items will be accepted the weekend before the sale. For more information, contact Rose in the office.

Today, Sunday, September 22 we will celebrate Catechetical Sunday with an official Blessing of the religious education teachers. These are all volunteers who faithfully teach at least one Sunday a month (sometimes more), attend in-services and study for each class they teach. We are thankful they have accepted the call of God to help us in this special ministry where they touch the lives of our young people. If you have an interest in being an aide in either Sunday pre-school or Childrens Liturgy of the Word, please give us a call.


We are ready to start our Fall schedule for BINGO, September 29, 1-3 Carvlin Hall. $5.00 fee includes first cards and refreshments. Prizes are all useful and fun.


The St. Philip Neri Peace and Justice Commission is working with New Seasons Market/Seven Corners to host a special noontime Thanksgiving meal for persons who are without family, friends, resources, or are homeless during the holiday season. If you can help with the planning, please sign the sheet in the back of the Church or contact Meg Eberle Ainsworth, or 503.281.6499. She will contact you about a planning meeting.

The Book Group will meet on Monday, September 30 from noon until 1:00 in the Paulist Center. We will begin the discussion on The Sins of Scripture by Episcopalian Bishop Spong. Its controversial, but a way to check what we believe. If you want to join us, please call the office to get information, to sign up, and check how to get a copy of the book, which is $5.00.


We are in URGENT need of people to volunteer to help us do light cleaning in the Church, several times a year. This will only take about an hour of your time, and you will be paired with someone to help you. The duties are VERY light (dusting, replacing candles, etc.). This is a lovely way to spend a quiet hour in the Church. Please FAMILY GATHERING RELIGIOUS contact Marie Tedesco at 503.233.1839 or you can EDUCATION: Family Gathering Religious email her at Education will meet in Carvlin Hall 10:30 am to 11:45 am next weekend, Sept. 29. Subject Where are we

Have you been thinking about becoming a Catholic? Do you know someone who has questions about the Catholic faith? We will begin our faith journey on Sunday, October 6 at 10:45 am in the Paulist Center. Please contact or call the office at 503.231.4955.

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Sunday u September 22, 2013

Pope Francis doesnt just talk the talk, he walks the walk.


This past week Pope Francis responded to an open letter to the Pope with a personal open letter to a man who had some criticisms and questions for him. A man who declared himself a non-believer wanted the Pope to defend the Churchs teachings about a number of things, and I would guess that he never expected to get a personal response from Pope Francis. But, following his own often declared principle that believers should be doing more to share their faith, he responded respectfully and non-defensively to the mans challenging questions. In the process, Pope Francis offered his own personal experience as an example of how to share the faith. The thing that most struck me at the start was the respectful tone of his remarks. He was not lecturing an uninformed student; he was open to the mans thoughts, and curious to better understand his criticisms. The Pope offered to enter into a regular dialogue via the social media if his inquirer was interested. To begin the dialogue, the Pope expressed his understanding of what the man had asked, and respectfully admitted that he, the Pope, might not have been interpreting the mans questions in the sense in which they were asked. The whole tone was one of seeking mutual understanding. The Pope welcomed the opportunity to affirm his faith in central Christian truths, but in doing so did not attack the different values of his questioner. By the whole style of his response the Pope offered an example to us all in how to share our faith in a respectful and loving way, without showing any need to win an argument, but a genuine searching for truth. In this way he was inviting the other to search with him for better understanding of the world, and of its God. Without a tone of superiority, nor of triumphalism, the Pope yet conveyed the heart of our Christian faith, and welcomed a mutually respectful dialogue. The Pope, by his example, was showing us how to walk the walk, and not just talk the talk. Fr. James McCauley, CSP

are opening their doors this fall for their Annual Open House. Each high school will host an Open House for prospective students and their families. The time for each Open House is 1-4 pm and they will be held on the following dates: October 6: October 13: October 13: October 20: October 27: November 3: Central Catholic High School Valley Catholic High School De La Salle North Catholic St. Marys Academy La Salle Catholic College Prep Jesuit High School

Questions? Please call Claudia Thomas, 503.520.4721.


eScrip purchases only please turn in to the office no later than October 2. Thank you.


60 offers some significant challenges or pilgrim opportunities---depending upon how you look at it. What is the shape of our relationship with God now that we are facing the Last Third of our life? Starting Oct. 8, 10:30-11:30am, Paulist Center (on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays), we will explore some of the areas we need to face as we make this pilgrimage: Aging and Dying, Learning to Live with Limitations, Doing Inner Work, Living In or Out of Community, Prayer, Loss and Suffering, and Leaving a Legacy. This discussion/sharing will last for 7 weeks (no December). Your input will be valuable so please plan to attend whether you are 60 or 70 or 80 or 90. Please register by emailing or by calling the office at 503-231-4955 or so we have adequate materials and seating space.

S.E. Portland Vicariate 4th Annual Life Decisions Conference Starting a Different Conversation Advocating for loved ones challenged by mental illness and by aging, Saturday, November 3, from 8:30 am to 12:15 pm, St. Ignatius Catholic Church, Dillon Hall, 3330 S.E. 43rd Avenue, Portland, OR 97206. Registration/ reservations: 503.777.1491 ext, 227. LArche Portlands 3rd Annual Benefit Concert, an Evening with Julianne Johnson and Friends featuring Michael Allen Harrison with special guest PHAME Academy. Saturday, Oct. 5, 7:30 pm, The Madeleine Parish, 3123 N.E. 24th St., Portland, OR 97212. More information:

WHERES THE DIRECTORY? The first draft has

gone to the photographers. We will receive the proof next week and once the final corrections are made and returned to the photographers, it will be sent to the publishers for the final approval proof. Hopefully well have the directories by the end of October. We appreciate your patience.


If youre taking Communion to a homebound person, please let us know. If you know of a homebound person who would benefit from receiving Communion, please call the office to make arrangements.


Sunday, September 22: 9:30 am Mass Sandra Walker Church 10:30 am Mass Deaf Community Mass Chapel Monday, September 23: 8:00 am Mass For Special Intentions Chapel Tuesday, September 24: 8:00 am Mass For our Parish Chapel Wednesday, September 25: 8:00 am Mass For Single Parents Chapel Thursday, September 26: 8:00 am Mass Margaret & Raymond Capri (A) Chapel Friday, September 27: 12:10 pm Mass August (Augie) Amato (A Chapel Saturday, September 28: 8:00 am Mass For the Sick Chapel 4:00 pm Mass Patricia Hart Church Sunday, September 29: 9:30 am Mass Gordon Carnese Church 10:30 am Mass Deaf Community Mass Chapel

Please fill out a Mass Intention Form (located in the foyer of the Church) if you would like a Mass celebrated for you, for an anniversary of death, birthday or marriage, or some other special event. You can also call the office.

Church cleaning for September 23 29: Eleanor Baccellieri and Dorene Dehen

PARISH OFFICE HOURS: 9:00 am Noon on Mondays u 9:00 am 4:00 pm Tuesday through Friday Office: 503.231.4955

Pastor, Director of the NW Paulist Center Fr. Charlie Brunick, CSP, x 117, Associate Pastor Receptionist/Bulletin Editor Fr. Michael Evernden, CSP, x111, Associate Pastor Receptionist/Administrative Assistant Fr. Jim McCauley, CSP, x 109, Director of Adult Faith Formation Business Manager Jeanne McPherson, x 103,

Star Studonivic, x101,

Rose Wolfe, x101,


First Wednesday and third Wednesday (Oct. 2 & Oct. 16) of the month: B- Catholics, 7:15 in the Paulist Center Second Sunday of the month (Oct. 13): Second collection: special collection to help support our subsidized Catholic school educated children. Second Tuesday of the month (Oct. 8): Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, 9-5 St. Pauls Chapel. Third Sunday of the month (Oct. 20): FABULOUS French Toast breakfast hosted by the Breakfast Club after the 9:30 Mass. Second and Fourth Sunday (Sept. 22 & Oct. 13): Lee

and James Xiong will be offering seasonal flowers _____________________________________________

Next Sundays Scripture Readings:

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time: September 29, 2013

Reading 1, Amos 6:1, 4-7 Responsorial Psalm, Psalms 146:7, 8-9, 9-10 Gospel, Luke 16:19-31 Reading 2, First Timothy 6:11-16