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"On the Basis of Evidence" - The SJAC Weekly Update

9/19/13 8:13 PM



The SJAC Weekly Update- September 17, 2013

"On the Basis of Evidence"
The United Nations published yesterday its official “Report on the Alleged Use of Chemical Weapons in the Ghouta Area of Damascus.” The report owes its existence to a series of events culminating in the Syrian government granting UN investigators permission to visit the site of alleged chemical attacks east of Damascus. In return for permission and access, the UN agreed not to assign culpability for the use of chemical weapons as part of its investigation. Many saw this stipulation as unacceptable, calling on the UN to do more. But such critics should not forsake the report’s profound importance. The detailed, transparent process of methodical investigation make the report one of the most powerful examples of credible, evidenced-based documentation that establish hard-to-refute facts about what has happened, critical for future transitional justice efforts. At first glance, the UN’s report seems anything but dramatic, especially as it comes more than two weeks after the alleged attacks. Glancing through it, we see several tables, simple diagrams of a small rocket, and a handful of photos— one of an inflamed eye, another of what appears to be rocket remains— though nothing appearing to convey the urgency or immediacy of the highly graphic YouTube videos and photos that documenters have made publicly available online. (Image source: UN video)

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"On the Basis of Evidence" - The SJAC Weekly Update

9/19/13 8:13 PM


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