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Student Log - (Log 3)

Details of Student Name : Jovian Hiong Wen Ming Overall Period of Work-Based Learning : 2/1/2013- 29/3/2013

Details of Employer Company - KPMG Department you are assigned to - Tax (eg: Audit, Tax, Advisory, etc) Name of Supervisor Ms Lee Ling Kim, Tax Consultant, 2/1/2013- 29/3/2013 Contact Number / Email address of Supervisor 019-3679996

The student should type in a commentary assessing their own attainment in each of the major areas below. Key Skills Students Commentary

Business Awareness
Being aware of the internal and external issues, pressures and influences that have an impact on the role, the employer and other stakeholders

Personal skills

1. I was made to key in figures in PCB(ii), which portrays the monthly tax deductions for each client. Based on the monthly tax deductions, also known as MTD, I was able to apply that in my tax computation. Monthly tax deductions are deducted from the tax payable to obtain the balance of tax payable. This calculation is necessary in preparing tax computations. 2. I was also made to do e- filing, that is doing the clients tax returns. I had to refer to the tax computations that I had done and key in the necessary 1

Key Skills

Students Commentary

information. 1. There were instances in which I had to photocopy a pile of documents. Sometimes, I would have to photocopy stapled documents. Hence, to make things easier, right after photocopying, I would staple the documents together so that I would not mix them up with other sets of documents. 1. I learn to accept constructive criticism. When my senior gives comments about my work, I take note of it and strive to improve myself the next time.

Organisational skills


Professional Judgment
Recognising issues, weighing competing issues, assessing implications of decisions, making confident, ethical, commercially feasible decisions and recommendations

1. Sometimes, the information given by some clients would be confusing. Therefore, I had to look through their files thoroughly and identify the problem. If I really had no clue as to how to solve it, I would always refer to my senior so that I would not make any irreversible mistakes.
Application of Technical Knowledge
Developing, maintaining and exercising the technical knowledge and specialized skills necessary for the role and responsibilities

Understanding and doing what is required at work

Using IT applications

Dealing with technical issues and problems

1. When doing e- filing, I was required to key in the clients spouse information. However, he was a new client and did not have a past- years file to refer to. Therefore, I had to check for documents sent by the client to extract the information I needed. 1. I also learnt how to use the Office Communicator. This made it much easier for my senior and I to communicate, as she did not need to walk to my seat very often. If she had work for me, she could just type to me and I would get the message. 1. There were times my papers got stuck in the printer and I had to learn to take it out myself. 2

Key Skills Communication

Being aware of the importance of effective communication with clients, colleagues and on-site supervisors

Students Commentary

Communication and listening skills

1. When I called the Inland Revenue Board, I made sure I was polite to the officers. I tried to speak their mothertongue so that they could understand what I said. I also listened to what they had to explain and wrote it down in my notes so that I would not forget.
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