Summary of Levy, S.

(2011) In the Plex; Simon & Schuster Sections 1 and 2 of Part One, “The World According to Google”

It was science fiction more than computer science Description of the arguments in the lawsuit against the Google Books project
Google reached a deal with authors and publishers It was going to implement Google Search and do not put the whole book out there, so the user would have a reason to buy it People started to be suspicious about Google

What had happened?
Google founders outstanding feature is their ambition Long story on how they were brilliant students and the first ideas they had for programming computers, and the like The story reaches the point when they had their famous "Page Rank" epiphany Detailed story on how they decided to try to make money on their idea, and then received a check for $100K from mr. Bechtolsheim, and then other investors came

We want Google to be as smart as you More story about the beginnings of Google, their first hires and the like They had technical problems with their crawling and indexing algorithms, but they solved them They started to see that the information that they gathered from their users was far more valuable than the information they were providing back to the users
Here the reading has a little more interesting and a little more engaging description on how Google started to "learn" human semantics They started to observe how users clicked their mice, and how they changed words in a search Again, people started to suspect, and Google promises that its result lists are fair, but refuses to uncover its algorithms, so there is not technical evidence that what they are claiming is the truth


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