Market Research Consultant Mumbai. Following are stages we follow to do market research.

Step 1:- Decide objective of Market Research (Data collection, Market feedback, Lead Generation, Business potential finding, or any other or mixed ) Step 2 :- Designing a questioner based on objective & target audience. Step 3:- Selection of Industry Verticals & Geographical area. Indicative list of Industry Verticals • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Automotive Agro Business Aviation & Aerospace Banking & Insurance BPO & KPO Construction Education Engineering Oil and Gas Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Food and beverage Government Media Online Business Real estate Telecommunications Transportation

• • • • • • •

Information Technology Life Sciences & Healthcare Media & Advertising Retailing Power & Energy Manufacturing & Processes Not for Profit

There are total 500+ micro industry verticals ( can be shared at next stage ) Step 4:- Collection of Data ( 3 to 5 time than no of interviews decided ) Sharing data with client for review . Step 5 :- Decide method of interview a) online by email b) Telephonic c) Face to Face d) or mixed Step 6:- checking of Data collected & converting in to excel sheet . ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Guidelines & Limitations of Market Research :• • • • • • Questioner should not be longer than 10 questions. Should not have all questions mandatory. All methods of communication should be acceptable. ( Tele phonic , email & face to face ) Director, Joint Director, GM, Marketing Head, Finance Head etc should consider as qualified respondent from particular organization . Questioner should not have anything to ask about personalize information. If market research is much technical & in-depth then there should be rumination/gift/values to respondent to respect their time & knowledge . Marketing research studies consumer behavior and marketing environment. Since these factors keep on changing, it cannot give exact information. It is also a social science. So, it cannot give exact solutions.

It cannot be an alternative to decision making. In other words, it cannot replace decision making. It aids in decision-making. It can improve the quality of decisions. However, it cannot guarantee a 100% success. It can reduce the business risks. However, it cannot totally eliminate all these risks. Marketing research is a costly affair as it doesn’t give any revenues in return like sales . It is also lengthy and time-consuming. It has a limited scope & practical value. It can't predict consumer behavior, can't give 100% accurate results, provides suggestions and not solutions.

• • • •

Cost & Our Fees is depending on following things:• • • • • No of Respondents Profile of respondent & industry verticals No & type of questions Geo graphical area Method of Interview ( face to face , online , telephonic, mixed )

Time Frame Aprox :• • • • 30 days ( 500 respondents ) 45 days ( 1000 respondents ) 60 days ( 2000 respondent ) 90 days ( 5000 respondents )

Contact Me:• • • Phone: - +91-9222086563, +91-8097027355, +91-9224335234 (I am not sure of attending all phone calls .please email or connect on Skype if not reachable on phone) Email: -,,

Skype: - ebrandingIndia

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