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Angry Birds - Pig

~ 1 ~
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4.5 mm Crochet Hook
10 mm Black Eyes
Sewing Needle
Yarn (Double Knitting/Light Worsted)
in colours: black, white and green.
Black Felt
Black Cotton
Note: instructions use US abbreviations.
Ch = Chain
Dec = Decrease
Inc = Increase
Sl = Slip Stitch
SC = Single Crochet
Rnd = Round
F/O = Fasten Off
Pattern by Deborah Hutchinson
Finished Size:
5 Inches
Angry Birds - Pig
~ 2 ~
Eyes (make 2)
Starting at the top of the head.
Cut out black felt for the nostrils and sew on
with black cotton, stuff lightly before sewing
onto the body.
Fold in half lengthways and sew edges together,
position under the nose and sew on.
Ears (make 2)
Fold the circle in half so it makes an ear shape.
Cut out some black felt and sew it into the
middle of the ear using black cotton, then sew
both ears onto the body.
1 With white, 8 SC in Magic Ring. Make sure
you leave enough room to put in a safety
2 Inc in each SC around. F/O 16
1 With green, 6 SC in Magic Ring. 6
2 Inc in each SC around. 12
3 Inc in each 2nd SC. Repeat around. 18
4 Inc in each 3rd SC. Repeat around. 24
5 Inc in each 4th SC. Repeat around. 30
6 Inc in each 5th SC. Repeat around. 36
7 Inc in each 6th SC. Repeat around. 42
8 Inc in each 7th SC. Repeat around. 48
9 Inc in each 8th SC. Repeat around. 54
10 Inc in each 9th SC. Repeat around. 60
11 Inc in each 10th SC. Repeat around. 66
12 Inc in each 11th SC. Repeat around. 72
13 Inc in each 12th SC. Repeat around. 78
14-26 SC around. 78
27 Dec in each 12th & 13th SC. Repeat around. 72
28 Dec in each 11th & 12th SC. Repeat around. 66
29 Dec in each 10th & 11th SC. Repeat around. 60
30 Dec in each 9th & 10th SC. Repeat around. 54
31 Dec in each 8th & 9th SC. Repeat around. 48
32 Dec in each 7th & 8th SC. Repeat around. 42
33 Dec in each 6th & 7th SC. Repeat around. 36
34 Dec in each 5th & 6th SC. Repeat around. 30
Attach the safety eyes along with the white crocheted
eyes just above half way. Make sure the eye whites are
approximately 5 cm apart if using the recommended yarn
and hook size, so the nose will fit in between later. Start to
stuff the body.
35 Dec in each 4th & 5th SC. Repeat around. 24
36 Dec in each 3rd & 4th SC. Repeat around. 18
37 Dec in each 2nd & 3rd SC. Repeat around. 12
38 Dec in next 2 SC. Repeat around. F/O. 6
Sew through last round to close up hole.
1 With green, 6 SC in Magic Ring. 6
2 Inc in each SC around. 12
3 Inc in next 3 SC, SC in next 3 SC. Repeat once
4 SC in 1st SC, Inc in next 4 SC, SC in next 5 SC,
Inc in next 4 SC, SC in last 4 SC.
5 Working in back loops only, SC around. 26
6 Working in both loops again, SC around. F/O. 26
1 With green, ch 6. 6
2 - 4 In the 2nd ch from the hook, SC in each ch.
Turn and repeat for row 3 and 4. F/O.
1 With green, 4 SC in Magic Ring. 4
2 Inc in each SC around. 8
3 Inc in each SC around. 16
4 - 7 SC around. F/O. 16
Angry Birds - Pig
~ 3 ~
Making Up
Sew on the white eyes you attached earlier
around the edges onto the body. The nose
should be positioned in the middle of the face, in
between the eyes. Sew on the mouth just below
the nose, make sure its curved slightly. Sew the
ears on top of the head, directly above the eyes
and midway on top of the head. To finish off sew
on some eyebrows just above the eyes using
black yarn.
Contact Info
If you have any questions or comments about
this pattern please contact me at any of the
This pattern is for personal use only; the pattern
or the finished piece is NOT to be sold for profit.