P8u and 1ralnlng MeLhods

urŦ PlLesh kapoor
W 1he fundamenLal componenL areas of human
resource developmenL (P8u) are ť
ndlvldual developmenL (personal)ţ
Career developmenL (professlonal)ţ
CrganlzaLlonal developmenLŦ
Þerformance developmenL
W 1he lmporLance of each componenL wlll vary from
organlzaLlon Lo organlzaLlon accordlng Lo Lhe
complexlLy of Lhe operaLlonţ Lhe crlLlcallLy of human
resources Lo organlzaLlonal efflclencyţ and Lhe
organlzaLlonƌs commlLmenL Lo lmproved human
ndlvldual uevelopmenL
W ndlvldual developmenL refers Lo Lhe
developmenL of new knowledgeţ sklllsţ and/or
lmproved behavlors LhaL resulL ln
performance enhancemenL and lmprovemenL
relaLed Lo oneƌs currenL [ob (Lralnlng)Ŧ
Learnlng may lnvolve formal programsţ buL ls
mosL ofLen accompllshed Lhrough lnformalţ
onŴLheŴ[ob Lralnlng acLlvlLlesŦ
ndlvldual uevelopmenL
W Seven CommunlcaLlon Þrlnclples
1o compose effecLlve message you need Lo apply cerLaln speclflc communlcaLlon
prlnclplesŦ 1hey Lle closely wlLh Lhe baslc concepLs of Lhe communlcaLlon process and
are lmporLanL for boLh wrlLLen and oral communlcaLlonsŦ Called Lhe ºseven C's"ţ Lhey areť
compleLenessţ conclsenessţ conslderaLlonţ concreLenessţ clarlLyţ courLesyţ and
W 8 SLeps Lo Plgher Þerformance
1he followlng elghL sLeps wlll help you and your employees lnLeracL ln ways LhaL make you
work more efflclenLly and effecLlvelyŦ 1hese sLeps wlll help you help your employees feel
more moLlvaLed on Lhe [ob and bulld Lhe connecLlon beLween Lhelr own lnLeresLs and Lhe
lnLeresLs of Lhe organlzaLlonŦ
W 8 CuallLles of Success Þerson
1he moLlvaLlon Lo succeed comes from Lhe burnlng deslre Lo achleve a purposeŦ
napoleon Plll wroLeţ ƍWhaLever Lhe mlnd of man can concelve and belleveţ Lhe
mlnd can achleveŦƍ A burnlng deslre ls Lhe sLarLlng polnL of all accompllshmenLŦ !usL
llke a small flre cannoL glve much heaLţ a weak deslre cannoL produce greaL resulLsŦ
ndlvldual uevelopmenL
W ueveloplng AcLlve LlsLenlng Skllls
1he ablllLy Lo be an effecLlve llsLener ls Loo ofLen Laken for granLedŦ We confuse hearlng
wlLh llsLenlngŦ Pearlng ls merely plcklng up sound vlbraLlonsŦ LlsLenlng ls maklng sense of
whaL we hearŦ LlsLenlng requlres paylng aLLenLlonţ lnLerpreLlngţ and rememberlng sound
W Managlng ConfllcL
1he ablllLy Lo manage confllcL ls undoubLedly one of Lhe mosL lmporLanL lnLerpersonal
skllls a manager needsŦ Cver Lhe yearsţ Lhree dlfferlng vlews have evolved regardlng
confllcL ln organlzaLlonsŦ Cne vlew argues LhaL confllcL musL be avoldedţ LhaL lL lndlcaLes a
malfuncLlonlng wlLhln Lhe organlzaLlonŦ We call Lhls Lhe LradlLlonal vlew of confllcLŦ
ndlvldual uevelopmenL
W Coals and locus for Success
Weƌve seen LhaLţ Lo generaLe more of whaL we wanLţ we flrsL need poslLlveţ
empowerlng bellefs abouL ourselves and oLhersŦ We need clear and speclflc goals Lo
alm forŦ And we need Lo Lake acLlon almed aL achlevlng Lhe resulLs we wanLŦ
W 8ulldlng ÞroducLlve CommunlcaLlon
ÞroducLlve communlcaLlon ls problemŴorlenLedţ noL person orlenLedŦ ÞersonŴ
orlenLed communlcaLlon focuses on Lhe characLerlsLlcs of Lhe lndlvldualţ noL Lhe
evenLţ and lL communlcaLes Lhe lmpresslon LhaL Lhe lndlvldual ls lnadequaLeŦ Cne
problem wlLh personŴorlenLed communlcaLlon ls LhaLţ whlle mosL people can change
Lhelr behavlorţ few can change Lhelr baslc personallLlesŦ
W Ilsuallze for Success
When you see yourself ln your mlndƌs eye dolng someLhlngţ do you lmaglne
accompllshmenLsţ LrlbuLes and Lrlumphs or flopsţ fallures and flascos? Ilsuallzlng can
work for us or agalnsL usŦ L depends on whaL we plcLureŴsuccess or fallureŦ Weƌve all
heard Lhe saylng ƌÞracLlce makes perfecLƌŦ AcLuallyţ only perfecL pracLlce makes
perfecLŦ And where ls Lhe only place we can pracLlce perfecLlon? n our mlndƌs eyeŦ
W LffecLlve uelegaLlon Skllls
Managers geL Lhlngs done Lhrough oLher peopleŦ 1hls descrlpLlon recognlzes LhaL Lhere
are llmlLs Lo any managerƌs Llme and knowledgeŦ LffecLlve managersţ Lhereforeţ need Lo
undersLand Lhe value of allocaLlng Lask (delegaLlng) and know how Lo do lLŦ
W 1he LlemenLs of a Cood Coachlng Sesslon
1o conducL a good coachlng sesslonţ you need Lo (1) esLabllsh a purposeţ (2) esLabllsh
ground rulesţ (3) keep focusedţ (4) avold monologuesţ (3) speak clearly and slmplyţ and
(6) sLay open Lo new ldeasŦ LeLƌs look more closely aL each of Lhese slx elemenLs of a
good coachlng sesslonŦ
ndlvldual uevelopmenL
W Career developmenL focuses on provldlng Lhe analysls
necessary Lo ldenLlfy Lhe lndlvldual lnLeresLsţ valuesţ
compeLenclesţ acLlvlLlesţ and asslgnmenLs needed Lo
develop skllls for fuLure [obs (developmenL)Ŧ Career
developmenL lncludes boLh lndlvldual and
organlzaLlonal acLlvlLlesŦ ndlvldual acLlvlLles lnclude
career plannlngţ career awarenessţ and uLlllzlng career
resource cenLersŦ CrganlzaLlonal acLlvlLles lnclude [ob
posLlng sysLemsţ menLorlng sysLemsţ career resource
cenLer developmenL and malnLenanceţ uslng managers
as career counselorsţ provldlng career developmenL
workshops and semlnarsţ human resource plannlngţ
performance appralsalţ and career paLhlng programsŦ
Career uevelopmenL
W Career uevelopmenL Þrogram
Pas your organlzaLlon serlously consldered lmplemenLlng a career developmenL
program? f noLţ perhaps Lhls ls a good Llme Lo do soŦ 1he followlng descrlpLlon of
severalţ wldely used career developmenL lnLervenLlons and case sLudles can be used Lo
sLlmulaLe dlscusslon on varlous career developmenL pracLlcesŦ
W Career ManagemenL 8esL ÞracLlces
Pere are some of besL pracLlces ln Lhe fleld of career plan and developmenLŦ llrsLţ
provldlng employee assessmenL and career plannlng workshopsŦ Companles such as
Apple CompuLer and Sun MlcrosysLems hold onŴslLe workshops where employees learn
Lo Lake charge of Lhelr careersţ beglnnlng wlLh assesslng Lhelr ablllLlesţ lnLeresLsţ and
W LlemenLs of Career Þlannlng Þrograms
1hough programs dlfferţ four dlsLlncL elemenLs of career plannlng programs emergeŦ
1hey lnclude (1) lndlvldual assessmenLs of ablllLlesţ lnLeresLsţ career needsţ and goalsŤ
(2) organlzaLlonal assessmenLs of employee ablllLles and poLenLlalŤ (3) communlcaLlon of
lnformaLlon concernlng career opLlons and opporLunlLles wlLh Lhe organlzaLlonŤ and (4)
career counsellng Lo seL reallsLlc goals and plan for Lhelr aLLalnmenLŦ
Career uevelopmenL
W key SLeps ln Career uevelopmenL nlLlaLlves
1o ƍhlL Lhe bullƌsŴeyeţƍ you need Lo Lalk wlLh employees Lo flnd ouL whaLƌs mlsslngŦ s lL lack of
percelved opporLunlLyţ noL enough Lralnlngţ Loo llLLle communlcaLlonţ dlverslLy lssues? LxlL
lnLervlew analyslsţ employee surveysţ and focus groups can help you become clearer abouL
employeesƌ vlews on Lhese lssuesŦ
W Career Anchor and Career SLage
Schelnƌs career anchors represenL aspecLs of work LhaL are especlally valued or needed by people for
Lhelr personal fulflllmenLŦ Career plannlng and developmenL acLlvlLles allow employees Lo grow ln
any of Lhese deslred anchorsŦ
W 8ulldlng A CompeLlLlve 1alenL CrganlzaLlon
1o bulld a compeLlLlve LalenL organlzaLlonţ Lhe LalenL leader needs Lo be closely allgned wlLh oLher
senlor managers ln organlzaLlonŦ Pere are flve ways LhaL senlor managers can conLrlbuLe Lo your
organlzaLlonƌs LalenL goalsŦ llrsLţ plan vlgorouslyŦ Senlor managers should parLner wlLh Lhe LalenL
leader and hlrlng managers ln Lhelr dlvlslon Lo creaLe a wrlLLen plan for how Lhey wlll meeL your
currenL and longŴLerm LalenL needsŦ
W Self AssessmenL of Career nLeresL
uo you need Lo develop some new skllls or ablllLles Lo lmprove your poLenLlal for your nexL sLep ? f
soţ whaL skllls or ablllLles would you develop ? Summarlze whaL you personally wanL and whaL you
can do and wlll do Lo saLlsfy your wanLsŦ 1hese are some examples of self assessmenL quesLlons Lo
explore your career lnLeresLŦ
W CrganlzaLlonal developmenL ls dlrecLed aL
developlng new and creaLlve organlzaLlon
soluLlons Lo performance problems by enhanclng
congruence among Lhe organlzaLlonƌs sLrucLureţ
culLureţ processesţ and sLraLegles wlLhln Lhe
human resources domalnŦ n oLher wordsţ Lhe
organlzaLlon should become a more funcLlonal
unlL as a resulL of a closer worklng relaLlonshlp
among Lhese elemenLsŦ 1he ulLlmaLe goal of
organlzaLlonal developmenL ls Lo develop Lhe
organlzaLlonƌs selfŴrenewlng capaclLy

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