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4. Write a story ending with: we looked at each other and walked away.

The Bittersweet End Of Dreams I once had a life - a very good one. When I was little, I was happy, courageous and indifferent of anything that happened to me. One thing that I definitely remember was that I loved to eat. Eating was the only thing I did from the moment I was born. Nothing was more tantalizing than the smell of fried chicken wafting in the air. Meal times were all I longed for the food served would widen my sloe eyes and dilate my nostrils. It was paradise my ecstasy. I was happy. However, that didnt last for long, the moment puberty struck me everything changed. I lost my old self. I wasnt who I used to be. Every day, I would check the mirror for my flaws. All I wanted was perfection I wanted to be perfect. Due to my eating habits back when I had a life, I was overweight or at least I thought I was overweight. At one point, I did not even have the courage to look at myself in the mirror anymore because every time I did, I would be ashamed of myself. Zits and pimples surrounded my visage, my legs as fat as a pig, my sloe eyes that made me look like a fox I hated everything. I hated who I was. I hated me. I got the final blow during the spring of the year of my sweet sixteen. I guess it wasnt that sweet after all. In school, I had one guy that I really admired he was amiable, helpful and not to mention, good looking. Every time I passed his class, I would sneak a peek of him. Back to the incident that changed my life forever I finally decided to tell him that I had a crush on him. With all the determination I had, I brought myself to tell him. His answer, literally, crushed my nave heart. Guys with faces like mine do not hang out with girls with the looks like you! With pools of tears puddling in my eyes, I ran home and locked myself up in my depressing and stuffy room. I cried until my eyes were sore, my nose was blocked and until I was out of breath. Then, I fell into a deep sleep. Hey, are you alright? a soft voice approached me.

Who are you? What do you want? Leave me alone!I yelled. Dont be afraid, Im here to help you. By the way, my names Ana, That was the start of my friendship with Ana. She was always there for me, no matter what. She would tell me things that I sometimes did not like but I appreciated the fact that she was so frank. Soon, she introduced another friend to me by the name of Bula. Both of them, side by side encouraged and helped me to reach my ultimate goal to become perfect. Im sure you have guessed. Yes. Ana stands for anorexia and Bula stands for bulimia. Ana would pressure me to dictate the calories of each and every food that I was to consume, give me the strength to run that extra lap in the park when I was on the verge of fainting and stop me from carbohydrates which were known as junk. Even now, I can still remember the calories of each and every food. How many calories does this egg have? Ana would ask. Err about 100 calories? I would mutter. Wrong! It has 78 calories. You dont even know how many calories an egg has? You are worthless! You dont deserve to eat! Ana would shout right back at me. And when that happened, I would go on a crash diet. Meaning consuming nothing but water. It was not an easy task nor did I enjoy it but my determination and willpower caused my desire to eat lessen day by day. Sometimes, mother would come home with freshly baked cookies and muffins from the local bakery. It was hard to resist sometimes especially chocolate muffins: they were my favourite. That was when Bula came into action. After stuffing myself full if sweet snacks, I would rush to the bathroom. That was where Bula helped me to vomit what I had eaten. Together, we were a team. We were unstoppable. After a few months, I started to notice significant changes. My legs went down in size, my chest deflated even my hip bones were protruding out. That was when I felt powerful and in control of my life. I was going to prove to everyone was

wrong. I wanted to be someone worthy of love. Someone who isnt constantly being looked down upon based on physical appearance. It certainly wasnt easy keeping the secret from my mother. I continued with what I was doing until my mother noticed the side effects of my dieting. Falling hair, brittle nails and yellow skin I had all the symptoms of the people suffering from anorexia nervosa. Then, mother finally decided to bring me to the doctors. She insisted I had to go and no matter how much I wailed and struggled not to go, my efforts were ended in vain. There I sat, on the chair, in the doctors clinic. With just one look at me, he sighed and said, How long has it been since you have eaten a proper meal? At that instant, tears started streaming down my face. I finally realized that I had done something that had made my mother unhappy. Mother was weeping profusely as she hugged me in her arms telling me again and again, Dear, you are already perfect. You are perfect in my eyes and always will be, That night, I had a pleasant sleep. Ana and Bula came to visit me again. But this time, I told them that I did not need their help any longer. I wanted to start anew start me new life. As we said our goodbyes, we looked at each other and walked away. B - 43

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