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S.N o S.N o CATEGORY III: RESEARCH AND ACADEMIC CONTRIBUTIONS: Indicators as mentioned in the UGCs guidelines-2010 Modification API approved by Score the E.C. held on 1.4.2011 APIs Engineering/ Faculty of Max points Agriculture/Veterinar Languages / for y Sciences/ Sciences/ Arts/ university / Medical Sciences Humanities / college Library / teacher Physical position Education/ Management Research Refereed Journals* Refereed 15/publicatio Refereed / Papers Journals* n Non refereed published in but recognised Non refereed but Non refereed 10/ and reputable recognised and but recognised publication journals and reputable journals and and reputable periodicals, periodicals, having journals and having ISBN/ ISBN/ ISSN numbers periodicals, ISSN having ISBN/ numbers ISSN numbers 25/publication , equally distributed among co authors as per # Conference Conference 10/publicatio 10/publication proceedings as full proceedings as n papers (abstracts not full papers to be included) (abstracts not to be included) Research Text or reference Text or 50/sole Text or Publications books published by reference author reference (books, International publishers books 10/chapter in books chapters in with an established published by an edited published by books, other peer review system International book publishers than publishers with with an refereed an established established journals) peer review peer review system system: 50/sole author, equally 1



Subjects Books by National level publishers/State and Central Govt. Publications with ISBN/ISSN numbers. Subject Books by Other local publishers with ISBN/ISSN numbers.

Chapters contributed to edited knowledge based volumes published by International Publishers Chapters in knowledge based volumes by Indian/National level publishers with ISBN/ISSN Numbers and with

distributed among co authors / editing authors as per #; 10/chapter in an edited book. Subjects Books 25 /sole 25 /sole by National author / author / 5/ level 5/ chapter in chapter in publishers/Stat edited books edited books e and Central Govt. Publications with ISBN/ ISSN numbers. Subject Books 15 / sole 15 / sole by Other local author and author / editor; publishers with 3 / chapter in in case of co ISBN/ISSN edited books authors / conumbers. editors the points shall be equally distributed among all authors / editors as per # 3 / chapter in edited books Chapters 10 /Chapter 10 /Chapter contributed to edited knowledge based volumes published by International Publishers Chapters in 5 / Chapter Chapters in knowledge knowledge based based volumes by volumes by Indian/National Indian/Nationa level publishers l with ISBN/ISSN level 2

numbers of national Numbers and and international with numbers of directories national and international directories

publishers with ISBN/ISSN Numbers : 5 per Chapter/ Block in Distance Learning Courses: 5 per Block 20 /each 20/each project project

IIIC RESEARCH PROJECTS III C Sponsored (a) Major Projects (i) Projects amount mobilized with carried out/ grants above ongoing 30.0 lakhs (b) Major Projects amount mobilized with grants above 5.0 lakhs up to 30.00 lakhs (c) Minor Projects (Amount mobilized with grants above Rs. 50,000 up to Rs. 5 lakh) III C Consultancy Amount mobilized with (ii) Projects minimum of Rs.10.00 carried out / lakh ongoing III (C) (iii) III (C) (iv) Completed projects : Quality Evaluation Projects Outcome Outputs Completed project Report (Acceptance from funding agency) Patent/Technology / transfer/ Product/Process

Major Projects amount mobilized with grants above 5.0 lakhs Major Projects Amount mobilized with minimum of Rs. 3.00 lakhs up to Rs. 5.00 lakhs Minor Projects (Amount mobilized with grants above Rs. 25,000 up to Rs. 3 lakh) Amount mobilized with minimum of Rs2.0 lakh Completed project report (Accepted by funding agency) Major Policy document of Govt. Bodies at Central and State level

10/each project

10/ project


10/each project

10/each project

10 per every Rs 10.0 lakhs and Rs 2.0 Lakhs respectively 20/ each major project and 10 / each minor project 30 / each national level output or patent /50 /each for

10 per every Rs.10.0 lakhs and Rs.2.0 lakhs, Respectively 20 /each major project and 10 / each minor project 30 / each national level output or patent /50 /each for International

International level UGC / ICSSR / CSIR / Fulbright etc Post Doctoral Fellowship RESEARCH GUIDANCE M.Phil. Ph.D Dissertation only awarded Dissertation awarded only Degree Awarded

level Same

III (D) III (D) (i) III (D) (ii)

3 /each 3/each candidate candidate 10 /each candidate 10/each candidate

Degree Awarded Thesis submitted

7/each Thesis 7/each candidate Submitted candidate III(E) TRAINING COURSES AND CONFERENCE /SEMINAR/WORKSHOP PAPERS III(E) Refresher (a) Not less than two (a) Not less 20/each 20/each (i) courses, weeks than two weeks Methodology duration duration workshops, Training, TeachingLearningEvaluation Technology Programmes , Soft Skills development Programmes , Faculty Development Programmes (Max: 30 points) (b) One week duration (b) One week 10/each 10/each duration

III(E) Papers in (ii) Conferences / Seminars/ workshops etc.

Participation Presentation of research (oral/poster) in

and Participation and papers Presentation of research papers (oral/poster) in a) International conference b) National c) Regional/ State level d) Local University/ College level (a) International 10 / each 7.5 /each 5 / each 3 /each 10 /each 10/each 7.5/each 5/each 3/each 10/each

a) International conference b) National c) Regional/State level d) Local University/College level (a) International

III(E) Invited (iii) lectures / talks/ presentation s for conferences/ Symposia/

(b) National 5/each 5/each level *Whenever relevant to any specific discipline, the API score for paper in referred journal would be augmented as follows: (i) indexed journals by 5 points; (ii) papers with impact factor between 1 and 2 by 10 points; (iii) papers with impact factor between 2 and 5 by 15 points; (iv) papers with impact factor between 5 and 10 by 25 points. ** if a paper presented in Conference/Seminar is published in the form of Proceedings, the points would accrue for the publication (III (a) and not under presentation (III (e) (ii). Note: 1. It is incumbent on the Coordination Committee proposed in these Regulations and the University to prepare and publicize within six months subject wise lists of journals, periodicals and publishers under categories IIIA and B. till such time, screening/ selection committees will assess and verify the categorization and scores of publications. # The API for joint publications will have to be calculated in the following manner: Of the total score for the relevant category of publication by the concerned teacher, the first/Principal author and the corresponding author/supervisor/mentor of the teacher would share equally 60% of the 5

(b) National level

total points and the remaining 40% would be shared equally by all other authors.