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Fair Deal For Shore

Authorised by J M Bergin, 3/12 Prospect Tce, Milford.

Joseph Bergin
Contact: 021-489-891 Email: Twitter: josephbergin Facebook:

Young dreams and vision

George Wood

Experience and wisdom

Contact: 410-7134 or 021-281 5555 Email: Twitter: GeorgeWood2013 Facebook: George is Councillor for the North Shore Ward and Chair of the Community Safety Forum on the Auckland Council. As mayor of North Shore 1998-2007, achievements included: cleaner beaches after upgrading the wastewater plant and planning the new outfall tunnel; improved public transport through the Northern Busway and better roading; streamlined council processes; and improved parks and reserves. How faithfully he delivered on his pledges saw him re-elected as Mayor for a further two terms. Georges experience covers all areas of local government. He brings strong leadership skills to the new Auckland council with 32 years in the police and then nine years as mayor. As mayoral forum chairman (2001-2003) achieved extra $1.6 billion Government funding enabling Northern Busway,Victoria Park tunnel and other projects to proceed. Managing councils huge debt levels; achieving value for money spending; developing strong and effective local boards; and maintaining current levels of council service are Georges priorities. He sees quality urban design, to complement our magnificent natural environment, as extremely important. Current roles on Auckland Council: Chair, Community Safety Forum Deputy Chair, Accountability and Performance committee Deputy Chair, Auckland Plan committee Deputy Chair, Civil Defence and Emergency Management committee George says: I know what it takes to stand up for the traditional values of our unique North Shore way of life. With my young and energetic running mate, Joseph Bergin, we will make sure that these North Shore values and lifestyle will be protected and enhanced.

When he was elected a member of the Devonport-Takapuna Local Board in 2010, he became the youngest member elected to an Auckland Council body. Hes learned a lot in that first three years, enough to know that the real power lies in the Governing Body, the Auckland Council, where our former Mayor of North Shore, George Wood, has had to fight a lone battle to preserve the unique lifestyle we have enjoyed for generations. Just as his grandfather, Judge Joe Bergin, and his parents John and Kerry, in their generations have given us the best place on earth to grow up, to school, to play, to work, Joseph wants to ensure that coming generations will enjoy the legacy left to him by his North Shore forbears. I am confident I know the needs of my generation through my experience working with local community organisations and charities, says Joseph, a Rosmini College old boy. He has worked with Youthline, the Takapuna Community Facilities Trust and De Paul House, and is chairman of North Shore National Party. I am extremely passionate for our North Shore. By protecting and developing what we have, we can make North Shore the jewel in the crown the great international city that Auckland has the potential to become, says Joseph. Joseph is adamant: My running-mate George and I will speak up for the people of North Shore, to protect our peoples rights against unitary one-size-fits-all bureaucracy, to preserve the traditional Shore way of life in a modernizing world, with progress and infrastructure that our people want and can afford.

Fair Deal For Shore

Working for you on the North Shore

Our Community Our Future
Debt is too high: Auckland Council is at the cross roads: Debt will climb to $6.7 billion this year. We are borrowing a total of $1.2 billion this year or over $3 million per day. This is too high. By 2021 debt will be at $12.9 billion. George has been a lone voice from the North Shore but with both of us around the Council table we will be a strong voice for the Shore to reduce debt, and to hold, if not reduce, rate increases. The Council cannot keep saying yes to calls for more spending on luxuries we cant afford. Unitary Plan: We pledge to safeguard our Shore way of life, by our Fair Deal commitment to Sensible Community-Led Planning. Population growth is inevitable.We can and must meet the needs of all of our future generations who want to enjoy all that our area has to offer.Whenever new development conflicts with local wishes and values, we will insist on a fair deal for all affected. Better Value for Rates: Yes, we agree with progress on the Shore, but not at costs in rates that we cannot afford. We will insist on closer involvement by Local Boards in spending projects within their areas.

George Wood Joe Bergin s

Keeping ra tes affordable A Fairer D eal for the Nor th Shore Limiting coun cil borrowing Focusing on core Council se rvices Building a cl ean, safe and se cure environment Investing in core Council in frastructure Providing qu ality communit y facilities Developing an d improving ou r parks and sports fields Ensuring C ouncil transpar ency and accountability Maintaining our North Sh ore lifestyle

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George Wood

Joseph Bergin

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Go to and read our policies, get in contact or stop us when you see us out and about so you know who we are.

When you receive your voting papers in the post from 20-25 September, cast your two votes for North Shore Ward Councillors: Joe BERGIN and George WOOD. Place your voting paper back into the postage paid envelope and return before 10 October to make sure it is returned in time. Tell your friends to do the same.

Fair Deal For Shore