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6. 4. The first question is usually based on simple comprehension that requires short answer. List/state/give The third question is based on personal opinion where reasons given must be relevant to the chosen answer. In some poems you have to know the cultural background of the poems to help you understand better. 7. 2. You have to know the overall meaning of the poems. Write the whole line of the poem when asked to identify a particular line in the stanza. Where. 1 . 5. The second question normally requires you to give 2 answers. 3. what. Eg.TIP ON POEMS 1. Eg. who. You also have to know the meaning of each line and certain words.

They had grown up in poverty and had learnt to accept the challenges in life. They returned home soaked and bruised. they never felt sad or dejected. feeling neither sad nor sorry for the lost. It was part and parcel of life. At the end of the day. making Jokes while rolling their cigarette leaves The couple braved the fierce flood and searched through the dead animals and floating debris.IN THE MIDST OF HARDSHIP STANZA 1 POEM At dawn they returned home their soaky clothes torn and approached the stove their limbs marked by scratches their legs full of wounds but on their brows there was not a sign of despair MEANINGS It had been raining the whole day and the couple had been out the whole night. Although the search was unsuccessful. . 2 The whole day and night just passed They had to brave the horrendous flood In the water all the time Between bloated carcasses And tiny chips of tree barks Desperately looking for their son’s Albino buffalo that was never found They were born amidst hardship And grew up without a sigh or a complaint Now they are in the kitchen. with its up and downs. the buffalo was not found although they tried their best. The couple headed straight to the stove for warmth and some food. That is what their lives are all about. searching for their son’s albino buffalo . Unfortunately. they enjoy each other’s company. 3 The couple accepted difficulties as part of their lives.

making jokes while rolling their cigarette leaves”. What was happening to the village? Why were the couple’s clothes wet? Where were they the whole night? Why were their limbs “marked with scratches” and their legs “full of wounds”? In stanza 3. 2. 6. What does this show you? What does the phrase ‘albino buffalo’ refers to? What does the phrase ‘bloated carcasses’ refers to? Why is the flood described as ‘horrendous’? What is the message of the poem? In your own words. 3. 12. Would you be able to accept the difficulties in life like the villagers? Give a reason for your answer. 11. 9. 4. 7. which line shows that they have accepted difficulties as part of their lives? “they are in the kitchen. 10. 8. 5.Questions: 1. describe the attitude of the villagers portrayed in the poem. 2 .

Then. she is not aware that she is being cheated. Now. she would not have to experience the heartache of breaking up The poet gives a strong advice to all the ladies. She asks them to be sure that whoever they meet is really and truly a gentleman.HE HAD SUCH QUIET EYES STANZA POEM 1 He had such quiet eyes She did not realise They were two pools of lies Layered with thinnest ice To her. She feels sorry and is made to believe that she can offer him happiness that his eyes lack. you will be a winner in the game of life 2 If only she’d been wise And had listened to the advice Never to compromise with pleasure-seeking guys She’d be free from “the hows and whys” 3 Now here’s a bit of advice Be sure that nice really means nice Then you’ll never be losing at dice Though you may lose your heart once or twice 3 . In the process of finding a life partner. she regrets not following the advices given by other who have warned her not to get involved with men who are smooth talkers and seductive. Unfortunately. those quiet eyes Were breathing desolate sighs Imploring her to be nice And to render him paradise MEANINGS The persona is taken up by the man’s quiet eyes which seems lonely and miserable. one may face some failures but in the end.

11. what would you do when you realized the mistake? Why? From stanza 1. 6.Questions: 1. 15. Give two messages found in the poem. 12. 5. 16. 10. 2. What does the persona mean and why? In your own words. 13. 4 NATURE . What is the advice contained in the line “Never to be compromised”? Write one word the poet used to show that falling in love is risky. 8. 4. explain the last two lines in stanza 3. the persona advices one to be sure that nice really means nice. 7. write down two lines in which the poet indicates that he is not to be trusted. “two pools of lies” refers to ………… Why are the eyes described as “layered with thinnest ice”? What were the eyes asking of the lady? Explain the phrase “ pleasure-seeking guys “. To “render him paradise means …………… What was the advice given by the others? Why do you think the eyes are described as ‘quiet’? What did the man do to deceive the lady? What would have happened if she has listened to the advice? In the last stanza. 3. 14. 9. If you were the lady in the poem.

The streams and gullies are full of water. covering the once bare ground. flowers bloom. The best days are when . However.STANZA POEM We have neither Summer nor Winter Neither Autumn nor Spring We have instead the days When the gold sun shines on the lush green canefields Magnificently. nature slows down. Strong winds accompany the rain. Also there are the days when leaves fade from off guango trees And the reaped canefields lie bare and fallow to the sun But best of all there are the days when the mango and the logwood blossom When the bushes are full of the sound of bees and the scent of honey When the tall grass sways and shivers to the slightest breath of air When the buttercups have paved the earth with yellow stars And beauty comes suddenly and the rains have gone Nature comes alive again after a healthy downpour 6 Questions: . There are days of glorious sunshine which helps the canes in the field to grow tall and luxuriant. In between the hot and wet days. on wet days. beating and bending the sugar canes in the field. The days when the rain beats like bullets on the roofs And there is no sound but the swish of water in the gullies And trees struggling in the Jamaica winds MEANINGS According to the poet. The canefields are harvested and wait for the next planting season. luxuriant. The grass is green. Jamaica’s weather cannot be categorized in to four seasons. filling the air with fragrance and vibrant colours. the rain pours down heavily and in torrents. No other sounds are heard as everyone is indoors. Even the leaves on the trees fall off.

What do you think will happen if Jamaica experiences a long hot season? Give your reasons. 2. full of sound of bees and the scent of honey” means…. What does the phrase ‘paved the earth’ means? 7 ARE YOU STILL PLAYING YOUR FLUTE . 11. 8. 7. In your opinion.1. What kind of weather does Jamaica experience? Name four seasons that some countries have. 9. 12. 3. 6. Which phrases show that the wind in Jamaica is strong? Mention two words from the poem that describe the cane fields. The line “. Why is the rain described as bullets? What do you think is the main crop in Jamaica? Give reasons. 4. why is there no other sound except the sound of the rain? In your own words.. explain the last line of the poem. Do you think the weather in Malaysia similar to Jamaica? Give your reasons. 5. 10.

In stanza 1. political unrest and unnecessary killings 3 Are you still playing your flute? The more it disturbs my conscience To be thinking of you In the hazard of you My younger brothers unemployed and desperate My people disunited by politics My friend slaughtered mercilessly This world is too old and bleeding 8 Questions: 1. The persona feels guilty thinking of the flutist when there is much sadness around her like unemployment. 2 The persona wonders if her beloved is still playing The flute when many have left the village which has become a polluted and lonely place there is no time to enjoy beauty of nature such as the sunset. the rain or the smell of blooming flowers from the place the persona is .STANZA 1 POEM Are you still playing your flute? When there is hardly time for our love I am feeling guilty To be longing for your song The melody concealed in the slim hollow of bamboo Uncovered by the breath of an artist Composed by his fingers Blown by the wind To the depth of my heart Are you still playing your flute? In the village so quiet and deserted Amidst the sick rice field While here it has become a luxury To spend time watching the rain Gazing at the evening rays Collecting dew drops Or enjoying the fragrance of flowers MEANINGS The persona wonders if the person is still playing the flute. The persona misses and longs to hear the song which remiences the peaceful. why does “I” feel guilty? . For the third time. tranquil days of her childhood. the persona wonders if the person is still playing the flute in this times of trouble.

From stanza 2. give two problems that concern the society.. mention two problems faced by the country. 7. 8. ii. explain what these two words refer to: i. what does the phrase the sick field mean? Which line in stanza 2 shows that the poet feels she has very little time for leisure/trivialities? Why is the village quiet and deserted? What has happened to the rice field? What is the persona longing for? What are considered luxuries by the persona? In stanza 3. why does the persona feel guilty when thinking about the flutist? What does the line “ this world is too old and bleeding “ means? Based on stanza 3. why do you think the persona’s conscience is disturbed when the flute is played? What is the message found in the poem? Why do you think the persona keeps repeating the same question in every stanza? 9 ANSWER KEY: IN THE MIDST OF HARDSHIP . 17. What musical instrument is mentioned in the poem? In stanza 1 line 7.2. 9. 13. In stanza 3. to whom does the word his refer? In stanza 2 line 3. 16. Without using examples from the poem. 15. 4. 11. 10. 6. 12. 14. 5. luxury…………………… 3. here …………………….

Because as a villager. 4. HE HAD SUCH QUIET EYES 1. washing away properties and other valuable things. 7. One must try the best to overcome hurdles but do not be dampened by failure. while enjoying each other’s companies. those difficulties would be a part of my life. something precious 8. Resilient. They were out in the heavy rain the whole night. 3. 5. 10 3. ‘ and grew up without a sigh or a complaint ‘ 6. 11. they were not affected by the lost. They went on their daily routine. Yes. 9. The rain was heavy and non-stop. 2. 10. Life is full of challenges. They went around the village. The couple had tried their best but the search was not successful. 2. tough with a care-free attitude towards life. The eyes were asking her to be nice to him and to love him.1. No. The wounds and scratches on their legs were caused by bits of wood and debris that were floating around in the water. The phrase refers to dead animals. The flood water was strong. The man’s eyes which were deceiving. searching for their son’s buffalo. Men who have relationships for fun without committing themselves. However. 4. 12. I do not think I can live a difficult life as I am used to living comfortably. The village was experiencing a very bad flood due to the heavy rain. The eyes were deceiving as they looked reliable but actually dangerous just like stepping on thin ice. .

autumn. He pretended to love her by being a perfect gentleman. 11 3. 6. loving. . We may face many failures and uncertainties.5. 14. 16. It probably means that the eyes did not reveal much. 15. She would not have to suffer the heartache and disappointment of failed relationship. 12. but those experiences will eventually help us to choose the right one. Not to fall for men who pretend to nice and loving. I would break off our friendship as I would not want to waste my time being a liar and a conman. 10. Jamaica experiences hot as well as rainy weather. NATURE 1. caring and pretending to be really dependent on her. 9. 11. 2. They were two pools of lies. We should not trust anyone immediately before finding out first about him/her. dice. The rain comes down heavy and makes a lot of noise as it hit the roof. b. The persona advises others to be sure that the one they love is truly a gentleman. 7. winter and spring. 8. 13. The other countries have summer. To bring him happiness that can be equated with paradise. hiding his real emotion. Don’t give in to demands that go against your own values and principles. a. Layered with thinnest ice. We should learn from our mistakes and not to repeat them. It was expressionless. because it would avoid future heartaches.

11. in town 3. ‘I’ feel guilty because she longs to listen to her lover’s flute despite the fact that she has more important things to do. i. Conflict . 6.watching the rain fall ii. longing to hear the song from the flutist 11. The main crop would be sugar cane as the poem talks about cane fields always. thus there is no other sound. the plants and flowers bloom in vibrant colours. Being able to enjoy simple things in life ii. Yes. 8. 5. 7. the rice fields are barren and no longer fertile 12 10. painting a beautiful picture of nature. While here it has become a luxury/ To spend time watching the rain 8. After the rain. 12. . flute 5. the rice fields are barren and no longer fertile 7. Most probably everyone is in their houses as it is raining heavily. artist/flutist 6. 2.4. 10. 9. poverty 4. i. trees struggling Lush and green The air is full of insects searching for honey as the place is full of flowers and young shoots. Any possible answers. The petals have fallen down and covered the pavement. Any possible answers. the young people have the village for better life 9. ARE STILL PLAYING THE FLUTE 1.

He/She feels guilty of thinking about something she enjoys when people around her/him are facing difficulties.collecting the dew drops in the morning .Changes can be traumatic . It describes the earth that is facing turmoil and bloodshed.Be aware of the happenings around you and should take responsibility to overcome/solve them. To show the poet different intentions.gazing at the sunset . 16..affecting the person. The song most probably reminds the poet of life in the village which was the opposite of what the poet was experiencing now. 13. 14. killing/bloodshed 15. the poet missed the flutist and her village but in the last the poet was upset that the poet was ignorant of the serious situations their country was facing. . Initially.smelling the fragrance of flowers 12. . political unrest. 17. Unemployment. .

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