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Tar River Elementary 2013-2014

Staff Handbook

Tar River Elementary Schools Mission Statement

Mount Energy is a safe place where we will enjoy learning, be friendly with everyone and know we can achieve. We wont give up! We will always do our best.

Vision Statement
Every Student is actively learning accepting responsibility achieving Every Staff Member is committed to teaching and learning nurturing and promoting a positive role model maintaining high expectations Every Family and Community Member will be an active partner by being involved with their childs education making learning a priority modeling good citizenship

because it takes a village!

School Information Address: 2642 Philo White Road, Franklinton, NC 27525 Office Phone: (919) 528-2767 Office Fax: (919) 528-2774 Principals Private Line: (919) 528-2780 Cafeteria: (919) 528-2791 After School Program: 919 528-2802 Map
(give to your families for emergencies)

Staff Phone Numbers

(last three digits is the room number)
Admin Area: Principal Diane Garrison Asst. Principal Erin Robbins Counselor Brandi Jacobs Receptionist Lisa Preddy Data Manager Amy Lue Bookkeeper Stephanie Kidd Speech Therapist Stacie Mendenhall/Dottie Foushee Physical Therapist Sherry Thompson Occupational Therapist Scharla Keeton/Michelle Collier Hearing Impaired Specialist Donna Wilkins-Preddy 100 Wing: Art Room Computer Lab ECP Classroom Kitchen Media Music PE 200 Wing: PreK ECP Classroom Kindergarten Kindergarten Kindergarten Kindergarten First Grade First Grade First Grade First Grade 1st Teacher Asst. Title I Reading Teacher ESL Teacher 300 Wing: Second Grade Second Grade Second Grade Second Grade Third Grade Third Grade Third Grade Third Grade ECP Resource Kara Boice Paula Henderson Jaime Melton Sara Roberts Amy Geyer Stephanie Layton April Parrish Heather Wolford Kathy Overman/Lynn Smeltz 311309 311312 311306 311304 311305 311310 311308 311311 311303 Kim Panciera/Kim Johnson Sam Buckham/Caryn Sharp Susan Ellington/Anna Swanson Donna Holmes/Kayrn Taylor Dawn Parrish/Tara Cannada Jenni Preddy/Phyllis Gill Stacy Arrington Ginny Currin Debbie Pearce Susan Reddick Amy Hann Lisa Slingerland Lindsey Evans 311206 311203 311212 311210 311214 311208 311216 311218 311220 311222 311226 311188 311224 Marybeth Riggan Dave Bennard/Pandora Jones Darlene Foster Dana King/Jamie Moore Angie Mangum Michy Meyer/Amy Hann 311154 311139 311136 Kitchen/311166 311130/311132 311159 311150 311104 311105 311124 311101 or 0 311116 311107 311120 311122 311122 311126

400 Wing: Third Grade Fourth Grade Fourth Grade Fourth Grade Fifth Grade Fifth Grade Fifth Grade Fifth Grade Maryellen Bickel Karen Floyd Michelle Sykes Jim Stranix Jolene Warych Ken Warych Heather Wolfe 311412 311411 311404 311403 311409 311406 311410 311405

2013 - 2014 Calendar of Events

August 22 26 September 2 10 13 17 19 25 October 1 2 10 24-25 25 28 31 November 1 6 7 7 11 14 Teacher Workday, no school for students Fall Picture Make-up and Retake Day Early Release Day Parent Teacher Conferences Veterans Day Holiday, no school Family Math and Science Night 5:30 pm 7:00 11:30 am 1:00 pm 6:30 Ident-a-Kid Pictures Fall Pictures (Prepay) Family Reading and Writing Night 4th Grade Field Trip to the Mountains Costume Dance End of 1st Quarter Okay for students and staff to wear costumes to school (K-2 3:30-4:30 and 3-5 6:00-8:00) 5:30 pm 7:00 9:00 am Labor Day Holiday, no school Beginning of Year Test for Third Grade Back to School Dance (K-2 3:30-4:30 and 3-5 6:00-8:00) 6:00 pm 7:30 6:00 pm 7:30 K-2 Title I Annual Meeting & Curriculum Night 3-5 Title I Annual Meeting & Curriculum Night Progress Reports Open House/Hotdog Supper First Day of School for Students 4:00 pm 7:00 7:55 am 3:00

(Kindergarten is staggered over four days. Date of entry was mailed.)

20-22 26 27 28-29 December 4 20 23-Jan. 3 January 6 17 20 21 23 23 February 1 14 22 26 March 19 27 27 28

5th Grade Field Trip to Washington, DC Cake Auction Early Release Day Thanksgiving Holiday, no school 6:00 pm 11:30 am

Progress Reports Early Release Day Winter Break, no school 11:30 am

School resumes for students End of 2


7:55 am 3:00


Martin Luther King Holiday, no school Teacher Workday, no school for students Early Release Day Parent Teacher Conferences 11:30 am 1:00 pm 6:30

Winter Blues Festival Teacher Workday no school for students Father/Daughter Dance Progress Reports

11:00 am 3:00 5:00 pm dinner and dance begins at 6:30

Spring Pictures and Class Pictures End of 3rd Quarter Early Release Day Teacher Workday no school for students 11:30 am

28 April 4 Spring Break, no school April

10 10 18 29 29-May 8 May 7 8 15 16 26 June 9-10 11 11

Early Release Day Parent Teacher Conferences Good Friday Holiday, no school Boosterthon Kick-Off Boosterthon (EOG testing is this month for grades 3-5) Progress Reports Boosterthon Fun Run K-2 Field Day 3-5 Field Day Memorial Day Holiday, no school

11:30 am 1:00 pm 6:30

9:00 am start 9:00 am start

4th Grade Field Trip to the Coast Early Release Day Last Day of School for Students 11:30 am

Table of Contents
School Daypage 1 Classified Staff Time 1 Teacher 1 Tobacco-Free, Drug-Free, and Alcohol-Free 1 Dress Code (for staff) 2 Inclement 3 Workmens Compensation 4 Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogenspage 5 Communicable 5 Sick Leavepage 5 Substitute Planspage 6 Personal 6 Annual Vacation Leavepage 7 Bonus Leavepage 8 Flex Time. page 8 Jury 8 Parent Involvement Leave Policypage 8 Longevity 9 Tuition 9 Absence Reason Codespage 9 Employee 10 Sexual Harassment and Staff-Student 12 Discrimination, Harassment, and 12 Employee Grievance 12 Transfer 12 Resignation of 13 13 Family Medical 13 Internet Safety Policy and 13 13 Web Page 13 Student 13 Administration of 14 Phone Usagepage 14 Voice 15 Sales and Solicitationspage 15 Controversial 15 School Wide Classroom Rules (from Time-To-Teach)page 16 Classroom Disciplinepage 16 Time-Out 17 Fire 17

Tornado 18 Lockdown 19 Bomb Threatpage 20 Field 21 Video 23 Cum Records (order)page 24 Pre-Kindergarten Programs Records Transition Processpage 27 Getting Food From Off Campuspage 29 Closed Campuspage 29 Classroom 30 Moment of Silence/Pledge of 30 Grading in Grades 30 Grading Range For Grades 3-5 and 31 Announcements and 31 Staff Developmentpage 32 Teacher of the 34

School Day Staff arrival is no later than 7:30. (On Wednesdays, classroom teachers must arrive earlier so you are ready to work in your PLC Room promptly at 7:30). Certified staff may arrive anytime prior to 7:30. Classified staff (not including custodial or cafeteria staff) may not arrive/scan before 7:30 unless you have Mrs. Garrisons permission. Teachers MUST be in their classrooms by 7:40 and ready to teach at 7:55. Teachers need to greet their class with a smile at the door. This greeting is very important for a child, so a teacher should not be distracted by other teachers or parents during this time (do not let parents use this time as a conference time). Teacher Assistants must be in the cafeteria no later than 7:35 and leave with the students at 7:55. The instructional day is from 7:55-3:00 (bus dismissal is at 3:00 and car/After School is at 3:05). The day ends as soon as your professional obligation is fulfilled. Teacher assistants should not stay after school unless there is a faculty meeting or required school activity. Classified Staff Work Time Classified staff may not work more than 40 hours within one week. This does not include driving a bus or working in the Before/After School program. Teacher Workdays See Board Policy #7500 (copy given to you at opening meeting in August). Workday hours are 8:00-4:00 with 1 hour for lunch for all staff including office and custodial staff. Tobacco-Free, Drug-Free, and Alcohol-Free Workplace See Board Policy #7240 (Drug and Alcohol) and Board Policy #5026/7250 (Tobacco). All three substances are prohibited on campus.

Dress Code for Staff See Board Policy #7340 Please pay close attention to this policy. In response to school requests for maintaining equity in the interpretation of this Board Policy throughout the school system, the points below clarify the guidelines to assure consistency throughout the school system for the wearing of jeans by our employees. Jeans are not to be worn by school-based or central office personnel except under special conditions as outlined below or detailed in the policy. When the wearing of jeans has been approved, the jeans must be appropriate for a professional environment (i.e.; not dirty, torn, excessively worn or revealing). Jeans are permissible in the schools on teacher workdays unless parent conferences are scheduled. Principals and central office directors have the discretion of allowing employees to wear jeans no more than one (1) special day per calendar month (ours is the last Friday of each month). Principals must notify the Superintendents Office by email or written memo of any day designated as a special day for jeans. An email or fax verification of the notice will be sent to the Principal by the Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent within 2 business days of the notice. The Superintendent will notify the Central Office staff of any special days when jeans may be worn. Employees may wear jeans on field trips to outdoor venues such as touring farms, construction sites, manufacturing environments or other settings where clothing might become dirtied or soiled. Jeans are not to be worn on field trips to such settings as museums, theaters, or other indoor venues. The following positions, in addition to those outlined in the policy, may choose to wear jeans due to the nature of their work custodians, technology technicians and the district print shop technician. A principal or central office director may request a waiver from this policy and its guidelines on a special cause basis by submitting a letter of request to the 2

Superintendent. TRES has permission to sell jean passes for United Way and Relay for Life. Inclement Weather Processes Condition: Before the School Day Begins The first notification made by the school system is on the Granville County Schools Website and by phone/email notification with Connect 5. Additionally, the Superintendent will use the Connect 5 phone network and local media outlets to notify staff and the public of school cancellations and delays. Decisions will be made prior to 5:30 a.m., if at all possible. In the event that school is canceled before opening, personnel on less than twelve-month contract are not allowed to report to work. They will report to work on the day that is designated as the make-up day with the students. If the canceled day is swapped with a workday (instead of the no day designation), staff must either take an annual leave day, use flex time, use leave without pay, or make up the time (arranged with Mrs. Garrison) to pay for the day off. All persons who are on twelve-month contracts (Garrison, Kidd, and Edmonds) may either report to work or take the day off as annual leave, flex, or leave without pay. Board Policy #7550 Absences Due to Inclement Weather Instructions for staff when school is Closed Optional Teacher Workday: Staff may report to work from 8:00-4:00 or take an annual leave day. No employee should come to work if they feel that road conditions in their area are unsafe for travel. If a staff member does not have sufficient annual leave to take the day off, the principal will make arrangements with that individual to make up the time missed. Instructions for staff when there is a Delayed Opening: Staff should be in place as soon as it is safe to do so, but no later than 15 minutes prior to the arrival of students. 3

Principal and custodial staff must try to get to school as soon as it is safe to prepare the building (i.e. shovel snow). Before School will open at 8:00.

Condition: Decision to Close Early Mrs. Garrison, Mrs. Robbins, Mrs. Kidd, Mrs. Lue and Mrs. Preddy should receive an email from the county office notifying the school of the early closure. Anyone opening the email must immediately advise the principal. A fax copy of the email will be sent as well. The principal or designee is to call the Superintendents office to inform them that the message has been received. Any school that does not contact the Superintendents office within 10 minutes will receive a phone call. The County Office will send an Connect 5 message to families of the closing. Staff should begin calling the homes of car riders and After-School children to inform parents of the early departure time. The County Office will notify media outlets of the early closing details. Staff may leave as soon as their student supervision responsibilities are met. All bus drivers must report to Mrs. Garrison (in person or phone) as soon as they complete their routes and in turn she will notify the Transportation Director and the Superintendents Office. The Central Office will also close early with the exception of the Superintendent and Transportation Director. They will remain at Central Office until all buses have been reported safe back at schools. After-School will not operate. Workmens Compensation Act All staff members are insured under the Workmens Compensation Act. The law requires that any accident in the line of duty be reported immediately to the principal and together they complete the Workers Compensation Form 19 and Employee Statement. If the employee goes to a medical facility, the employee must inform medical personnel via 4

the WC Authorization/Physicians Report/Pharmacy Guide form by Corvel. Do not use your medical insurance. If any difficulty occurs at the doctors office in regards to accepting Workers Compensation, have the doctors office call Donna Perkins at 6934613 for clarification. The principal is responsible for filling out and signing the Workers Compensation Form 19 and submitting it to the Finance Department within five days of the injury. The accident should be reported on this form even though the employee chooses not to seek medical attention at the time of the accident. The Finance Department will complete the wage section of Form 19 and forward it to the Workers Compensation insurance carrier. Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens See Board Policy #7260. Communicable Diseases Employees See Board Policy #7262. Sick Leave Teachers and Teacher Assistants: This is another tight budget year that is effecting the hiring of substitutes. Once the allotted number of substitutes to be hired has been used, no more substitutes will be hired, no coverage will be given to specialists, and the teacher assistants will rotate for coverage of classroom teachers. It is difficult to find substitutes so if you know that you will be in need of a substitute ahead of the needed time, please fill out the necessary form (TAs only) and give it to Mrs. Preddy. Certified staff must enter their absence and request for substitute via computer on SmartFind Express. Sick leave may be used for: Actual period of temporary disability caused by or contributed to by personal illness, or injury that prevents an employee from performing his or her usual duties. 5

Medical appointments. Illness in the immediate family and medical appointments related to the illness that necessitates the employees attendance. Immediate family includes only the employees spouse, children, parents (including step relationships), or any dependent living in the employees household. Death in the immediate family. Immediate family includes the employees spouse, children, parents, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren. Also included are the step, half, and in-law relationships.

The principal or superintendent may require medical documentation or other acceptable proof that the employee was unable to work to avoid abuse of sick leave privileges. Reason for Absence form must be completed and turned in to Mrs. Preddy no later than the first day back after an absence. This form may be found in a slot at the mailboxes. Substitute Plans Teachers will provide substitutes with a folder. This folder needs to include class roster(s), schedule, fire drill info, tornado info, discipline procedures and lessons to be taught. Also include crisis drill information and other special information such as a process to follow for a child with diabetes. Personal Leave Personal leave is earned by each teacher during the fiscal year at the rate of .20 days for each full month of employment not to exceed 2 days per year. Personal leave may be accumulated for a maximum of five days. A teacher who requests personal leave at least five days in advance shall not be required to provide a reason. Personal leave must be approved, in advance, by the principal. 6

When teachers use personal leave, they will receive full salary less the appropriate substitute teacher pay for each workday absent. Annual Vacation Leave The rate of earning is based on the length of total state service. Annual vacation leave may be earned as follows: Years of Total Service less than 2 years 2 but less than 5 years 5 but less than 10 years 10 but less than 15 years 15 but less than 20 years 20 years or more Days Earned per Month 1.00 1.15 1.40 1.65 1.90 2.15

Leave may be taken in half days or whole days. The principal must approve leave. Annual vacation leave may be accumulated without any applicable maximum until June 30 of each calendar year. On June 30, any employee with more than thirty work days of accumulated leave shall have the excess leave converted to sick leave allowing no more than thirty days of leave to be carried forward to July 1 of each year. Employees may be advanced annual leave at the beginning of the school year based on the projected days that will be earned for that fiscal year. However, all accounts must be balanced by the end of the school year. If an employee is overdrawn, a deduction in the appropriate amount will be made to his/her final paycheck for the year. Instructional personnel and bus drivers may not take annual leave at any time that students are scheduled to be in attendance. Teacher assistants, who do not require a substitute, may be granted annual leave while students are present only after consultation with the classroom teacher to whom the teacher assistant is assigned. Within a given year, you may be granted a maximum of five vacation days when students are in attendance. 7

Bonus Leave The State of North Carolina will be giving bonus leave time (5 days) instead of a pay increase. In the upper right corner of your pay stub, under the heading M.L., you will be able to see how much bonus leave you have remaining. Bonus leave may be used exactly like annual leave, therefore read the information under annual leave to determine when you are permitted to use bonus leave. Flex Time Mrs. Garrison will determine which activity will earn flex time. A running log on flex time and its usage will be kept. Flex time cannot be earned and/or used in increments smaller than one hour. A maximum of two hours of flex time can be use on days when school is in session for children. If a person goes over the two hours, a half or whole day of absence needs to be recorded. There is a sign in/out notebook on Mrs. Preddys desk for flex time usage. This book must be signed when leaving and entering the building. If it is not signed, flex will be converted to an absence. An employee must fulfill their forty hour week obligation before flex time can be accrued. Staff may not accumulate flex time to shorten work days at the end of the school year. Jury Duty Leave with full pay for actual time served without charge against annual vacation leave. Parent Involvement Leave Policy The state mandated Child Involvement Leave gives employees an opportunity of becoming involved in the education of their child and it promotes volunteer participation in our schools. Four hours of leave per year (in increments of no less than one hour) may be taken under the following conditions: To meet with a childs teacher. To attend any function sponsored by a childs school. To perform volunteer work at a childs school.

Please fill out a Reason for Absence form and check off Parent Involvement Leave. Any leave not taken within the school year will be forfeited. There will be no opportunity to carry leave over to the next calendar year. Longevity Pay All employees who have completed at least 10 years of total qualifying North Carolina state service are eligible for longevity payments. Longevity payments are calculated as follows: Years of Service 10 but less than 15 years 15 but less than 20 years 20 but less than 25 years 25 or more years Longevity Rate 1.50% 2.25% 3.25% 4.50% Tuition Reimbursement Tuition Reimbursement Fund has a limited amount of money. Reimbursement is on a first come first receives basis. Prior Approval must be completed and signed-off before a course is taken, otherwise no money will be reimbursed even if an individual takes a course. Granville County Schools will reimburse $400.00 per course for tuition and books. Each individual may request up to 3 courses for reimbursement anytime within the school year (even within the same semester). Reimbursement will only be given if funds exist and the completion of a course form (back side of prior approval form) is filled out with a copy of grades and receipts attached. Absence Reason Codes 01 02 04 06 07 Sick Leave Shared Leave Workshop/Jury Duty Personal Leave Absence Without Pay No deduction in pay. Deduct annual leave from balance. No deduction in pay. $50.00 deduction. One days pay deduction. 9

20 28 01/37

Annual Leave Bonus Leave TA Subbing for Teacher

Includes Winter and Spring Breaks. No deduction in pay, just bonus leave time. Regular salary docked for substitute pay.

Employee Discounts

Community Connections Project

We appreciate the following businesses that offer special discounts to our employees! Please present your current Granville County Schools ID Card to claim your discount. Adcock Business Machines, Inc. 15% Discount 308 Hillsboro Street, Oxford, NC 919-693-1615 American Dream Properties $200 for $150K or $100 for less than $150K Donation to PTO of choice when purchasing Or selling a home and 4.8% Commission. Money payable upon receipt of commission From purchase or sale of home. Contact: Jayme G. Currin, Broker/Owner 106 N. Durham Road P. O. Box 219, Creedmoor, NC 27522 919-528-0888, Ext. 2 American Hero Family Restaurant FREE BEVERAGE with an Entre or 8 Sub 517 N. Durham Avenue, Creedmoor, NC 919-528-6049 ASG Security Home Security System-50% off installation, $27.95/month central monitoring or will take Over existing system for $24.95/month. Contact: Jim Noble 5800 McHines Place, Suite 100 Raleigh, NC 27616 919-733-7770 (office) or 919-771-3269 (cell) Henderson Family YMCA Monthly discount on dues through payroll Deduction. 380 Ruin Creek Road, Henderson, NC 252-438-2144 Highland Vista Condominiums $100 Off First Month's Rent 320 Hidden Valley Drive, Creedmoor, NC 919-283-0412 Home Inspections by THE HOUSE DOCTOR, INC. $25 Discount on any inspection. 490 Parrott Road, Henderson, NC 1-888-348-5418 (toll free) or 252-492-2554 Contact: Jim Nutt 10% Off Autographed Baseball Memorabilia Howell's Clock Shop & Gallery 10% Off All Clocks & Repairs 4048 Cannady's Mill Road, Kittrell, NC 919-693-6917 Contact: Kimmie Howell Perry Brothers Tire Service 10% Discount on all Automotive Services. 606 Lewis Street, Oxford, NC 919-693-2128


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Stovall's Gift & Collectibles 10% Discount for all GCS Employees. (Not to be used on "sale items or discounted items".) Located in beautiful downtown Oxford, NC. Monday - Friday, 10:00 to 5:30 Saturday, 10:00 to 5:00 919-693-1217 SunTrust Bank SunTrust Bank has designed a program of banking services just for you! You can build a customized financial package for yourself from a selection of free or discounted SunTrust services. To find out how to save time and money with SunTrust at Work, contact a branch near you or visit: 104 Main Street, Oxford, NC 919-693-8841 210 S. Main Street, Creedmoor, NC 919-5281512 301 Central Avenue, Butner, NC 919-5756586 The Road to Fitness 10% Discount, No Enrollment Fee Free T-Shirt if Paid in Full: $329 per year cash; or $479 for 2 years cash. Creedmoor Commons Shopping Center Hwy. 56, Creedmoor, NC 919-528-5722 Mobile: 919-308-5429
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Sexual Harassment and Staff-Student Relations See Board Policies #7236 Sexual Harassment Defined, #7237 Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure for Employees, and #7310 Staff-Student Relations. Discrimination, Harassment, and Bullying See Board Policies #7236 Harassment Defined, #7230 Prohibition Against Discrimination, Harassment, and Bullying, #7231 Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disabilities, and #7225 Discrimination, Harassment, and Bullying Complaint Procedure Employee Grievance Procedures See Board Policy #7220 Transfer Request See Board Policy #7440 Assignments/Reassignments/Transfers 12

Resignation of Employees See Board Policy #7900 Retirement See Board Policy #7910 Family and Medical Leave See Board Policy #7520 Internet Safety Policy and Usage The use of the Internet provided by the school system is a privilege, not a right. You are expected to use this access for high quality educational purposes. Staff should not be using the computer/internet during instructional time for personal reasons or checking their email. This may take place prior to the school day starting, during planning time, and/or at the end of the day after students have left. Email Information will be sent to staff on a daily basis. Please check your email each morning, during planning, and at the end of the day. Web Page Development It is mandatory for all teachers to create and maintain a classroom web page that is a part of the schools web page. This year we will all be required to maintain a Haiku site. You may have a link from your webpage to your Haiku site so you will only need to maintain one site. See School Board Policy #7322 Web Page Development. Student Attendance Attendance must be taken on PowerSchool by 9:00 each day. Kindergarten TAs will need to take attendance on paper once they deliver their students at Specials. They are to give this paper to the Kindergarten teacher to enter attendance on PowerSchool. A student absent from school shall, on his/her immediate return to school, furnish a written excuse. If a written note is not furnished on the day returning to school the absence is 13 See School Board Policy #7320

unexcused. If a note is furnished, then the teacher shall change the reason to excused if the reason falls under one of the acceptable reasons outlined in Board Policy #4400. Excuse notes must be given to Mrs. Lue and she will hold them for the entire year. Teachers should not go back, even one day, and change what was entered as absent, present, or tardy. You can only go back in time to change the reason. If you need to change a previous entry (not reason), you must fill out a change in absence form and give it to Mrs. Lue. Unexcused absences will result in the deduction of one point from the nine weeks average for each unexcused absence. Administration of Medicines All medications shall be kept locked in a secure place in the office. Office staff only will administer medicine and maintain documentation of the time and dosage given. Each year the office staff has to complete coursework to be allowed to distribute medicine. No one will give any medicine (including aspirin and cold medication) unless we have a Physicians School Medication Form filled out and signed by a childs doctor, parent/guardian, and the principal. A detailed log of the intake of medicine, return to parent of medicine, and the required dosage to student must be kept. The logbook is annually audited. Teachers are permitted to allow students to take cough drops on their own. If a student is to take medicine in their classroom, the appropriate documentation must be completed prior to this occurring (i.e. inhaler). The children of staff members ARE NOT to interrupt the instructional time of their parent. When sick/not feeling well or in need of medicine, their assigned teacher needs to send them to the office like any other student. Their medicine should be housed in the office as well and not in their parents classroom. Phone Usage Calls should not be made or received during instructional time, lunch or recess, whether on school phone or personal cell phone. Phone calls coming into the office will be screened. Give your families Mrs. Garrisons private line 919 528-2780. They will always 14

be able to reach the school in the event of an emergency using that number. If it is an emergency, class instruction will be interrupted to inform you of the call. If it is not an emergency, a message will be taken and placed in your mailbox. Calls to parents should not take place in a public area where other parents and children can hear the conversation. Students who need to make a phone call home due to illness may call from the classroom or office phone. If they call from the classroom and they are going home, please let Mrs. Preddy know to expect the students family member. Voice Mail Please make sure you check your voice mail at the end of each day! Communication with parents is vital. We dont want them to think we are ignoring their phone calls. This is part of your professional obligation and you should not go home without responding to these calls. Please make sure you delete your voice mail. If you dont your voice mailbox gets full and no one may leave you a message. Again, that gets very frustrating to parents if they cannot leave you a message. Sales and Solicitations No principal or teacher shall promote or cause to be promoted fund drives involving children in person-to-person or door-to-door solicitation. All fund drives must be approved by the principal and proper paperwork completed with Mrs. Kidd prior to the start of the fund drive. Controversial Speakers All speakers must be approved through the school principal. In no instance shall a speaker who advocates unconstitutional or illegal acts or procedures be permitted to address students.


School Wide Classroom Rules (from Time-To-Teach) S = Sit properly M = Mind your manners I = Inspect your spot L Listen carefully E = Elevate your hand Classroom Discipline Our discipline program is called Time to Teach. Remember to ask the following three questions before you react and send a child to refocus: 1) Can I still teach? 2) Can the class still learn? 3) Can s/he still learn? If the answer to all three questions is yes, KEEP ON TEACHING AND IGNORE THE BEHAVIOR. If the answer to any question is no, the student will either need to go to refocus or be sent to the office. When disciplining a student, we need to be consistent and respectful. No matter how angry we might become, we need to remain calm, use a monotone voice, and not embarrass a child with sarcasm or derogatory terms such as youre stupid or making a mockery of the child in front of the entire class. If a student is to refocus (student was not bad, something interfered with their learning) they need to reflect and quickly rejoin the class; 4-7 minutes maximum. The student should be (in a soft voice tone and polite) told to go refocus in another classroom (not Kindergarten). When the student returns to your class they should get a non-judgmental statement like great, we are on page 10, as you point to their seat. If a student needs to be removed use options like sending the child to another teacher, assistant principal, or principal. All children sent to the office must have a written discipline referral sheet or note. If a student refuses to leave the classroom 16

calmly call the office for assistance. Only staff members who have gone through training are allowed to restrain a child. If a child is out of control, the rest of the class should vacates the room and go to the art room once the office staff arrives. Once the child is calm and removed from the classroom, the teacher will be called to return to their classroom. Time-Out Room (ISS) Only the assistant principal or the principal will assign students to the Time-Out Room (located in the office conference room). Students cannot be sent to sit in the Time-Out Room without the knowledge of the administration. Assigned times may vary from 30 minutes to several days. Teachers must prepare work for students to complete in time out if the student is to remain longer than 1 hour. See discipline section of the student handbook for more detail. Fire Drills Reminderall classrooms in wings 200 (1st grade only) and 300 must have a shade up and a window unlocked during the day when students are in the classroom. These windows are emergency fire exits. Please do not forget to lock the window and close the shade before going home at night. Policy requires each principal to conduct a fire drill during the first week after the opening of school and thereafter one fire drill each school month. A fire drill evacuation chart must be displayed at all times in every classroom and a copy placed in your emergency substitute plans folder. The fire alarm will sound: Immediately leave your classroom lights off and door shut. Be sure to take your roster as well as a green and red card. If you have a handicapped child in your room at the time, special attention needs to be given to that child by an adult. If a child is in a wheelchair, an adult may only give assistance. A student should never push another student who is in a wheelchair. Students are not to talk or horseplay.


Teacher is to take roll once lined up outside to make sure all students are present. If all are present, the teacher holds up the green card. If anyone is missing, hold up the red card. Inform a person with a walkie-talkie about who is missing so the student can be located. Classes should not return to their classroom until the all clear signal is given. Nothing may be stored directly below a fuse panel. Extension cords may not be used; only powerstrips that are surge protectors. Nothing may block the evacuation windows (not even a student desk or chair). All doors must have full floor clearance leading to them, again no obstacles. Classroom doors may not be covered with flammable items (such as paper). They are fire doors and flammable items will hinder the safety effect the doors are supposed to provide. Tornado Drills

Classroom safety concerns to watch for:

A tornado drill evacuation chart must be displayed at all times in every classroom. Tornado Procedures: A tornado Watch (conditions are right for tornado development) is received by the office: 1. The principal/assistant principal will notify all employees in the school of a tornado Watch. They will enter your classroom without speaking and show you an index card with the writing Tornado Watch. 2. Teachers will continue regular classroom activities, not reacting to card. 3. Students will not be informed of the possible danger. 4. The principal will designate persons (custodial staff and administrative staff) to serve as lookouts on all four sides of the building. 5. The principal will notify all bus drivers of the Watch if it is in place during bus driving time. 6. School will be dismissed at the normal hour and bus drivers will follow regular routes using due caution. 18

A tornado Warning (a tornado has actually been sighted) is received: 1. The principal or designee will notify the staff and student body to get into tornado safety position via the intercom. They must be informed that it is not a drill. 2. The principal or designee will notify classes outside the building. 3. All students and staff will immediately proceed to locations as specified on the tornado shelter plan posted in each room (additional copy should be placed in your emergency substitute plans folder). 4. The custodial staff will turn off all utilities (electricity, water, and fuel) 5. The clerical staff will close all vaults and secure all records. 6. All students and staff will assume a curled position so as to protect their eyes and heads once in the tornado shelter location. 7. All teachers will take roll and notify the principal if someone is missing. 8. The principal will immediately organize a search if someone is missing. 9. Students and staff will not return to their classrooms until the principal declares it safe to do so over the intercom. The principal shall not declare it safe until the weather service has lifted the tornado warning. 10. School bus drivers will not be permitted to leave on their bus routes as long as a tornado warning is in effect. Lockdown Procedures The code lockdown will be announced over the intercom whenever a dangerous intruder is on school grounds. All staff shall follow the following guidelines if the lockdown code is given: If your class is outside: Go to the far side of the playground and hide on the other side of the earth mounds (near the brick house). If all appears safe, move behind the brick house, cross the street, and work your way to Banks Church.


If you are in the building: 1. Clear students from the hallway immediately and have them report to the nearest available classroom. 2. Close and lock all windows and doors. Close blinds and cover windows in doors. 3. Move students away from windows and doors. It is preferable to seat students against an interior wall, which will provide them protection. 4. Account for students. 5. Turn off lights. 6. Use red cards, green cards, or no cards to communicate with emergency responders. Green Card The teacher should display a green card in the exterior window and slide a second green card under the door to alert responders that everything is safe in the classroom. The responders will continue on through the building. Red Card the teacher should display a red card in the exterior window and slide a second red card under the door to alert responders that emergency assistance is needed as soon as possible. It also alerts them that the intruder is not in the classroom. The responders will continue on through the building. No Card Emergency responders will assume that the intruder might be in the classroom if no card is displayed. They will radio to the office to call the classroom over the intercom. If the intruder is in the classroom holding hostages, the teacher should respond, Everything is fine here except we are missing Diane. Will you look for her? Staff is to keep doors locked at all times. This is a safety issue incase an intruder were to enter the building. All substitutes will be supplied with a key to the room they are working in. Bomb Threat In the case of a bomb threat, the office will run a fire drill procedure. Once outside and away from the building, the administrative staff will approach each teacher and issue the orders to move the students to the far side of the field for protection. The 20

principal may direct students and staff to report to Banks Church. Staff is not to return to the building unless told to do so by the principal or police personnel. Field Trips All field trips must be approved by the principal or assistant principal in writing (Field Trip Request Form) at least 1 month before the field trip. Once this form has been approved, the assistant principal will locate a bus and the driver. Yellow bus approval and over night fieldtrip approval must reach the Associate Superintendents office one week prior to a Board Meeting so make sure you submit your paperwork to the administrator in time. Fee charge in addition to the cost of your trip: If an outside driver is needed, the class will be responsible to pay for the driver. The cost is $15.00 per hour and this includes the time it takes to get the bus from and return it back to the bus garage. A charge of $0.75 per mile for gas usage will be applied. Calculate mileage prior to trip to add charge to student cost. Driver will record the mileage and turn it in to Mrs. Kidd. 1. It is mandatory that only students whose parents have given written permission may participate in the trip away from school. Teachers shall keep on file, for the entire school year, the parent permission forms gathered for each fieldtrip. 2. No student, who would ordinarily be eligible to go on a field trip, should ever be deprived of it because of transportation or admission fees. A teacher must embed the cost for that student into the total price of the trip of the other students. There is not a general school fund to be used for fieldtrip costs. 3. Each one-day trip is to be chaperoned by adults on a 1-6 ratio. If a parent wishes to drive their own child either to and/or from the field trip, they must first fill out a Parent Transportation Request Form. They may get the form from Mrs. Preddy. It must be signed by the principal or assistant principal and 21

given to the teacher. The teacher takes the form with them on the trip and gives them to Mrs. Kidd for storing upon returning to school. 4. 5. Students who are on a field trip are not to be counted absent from classes. One-day field trips need only the permission of the principal/assistant principal. Over-night trips or out-of-state trips need the permission of the Associate Superintendent at least 4 weeks prior to the trip. 6. Field trips on county-owned vehicles shall be limited to a distance of 300 miles one way. If the distance is greater, then a commercial carrier will need to be leased. 7. 8. 9. Parents may ride with their children on the bus if there is enough room for all children and staff, first. Staff must ride on the bus. The supervisor of the field trip must account for all students before embarking on the trip and before leaving any site visited. All activity buses must be swept and litter thrown away after a field trip. Schools that do not clean a borrowed bus must pay a $25.00 fine. 10. The teacher must complete a bag lunch count form and give it to Mrs. Kidd in advance of your field trip if your class will not be having lunch at school. Mrs. Kidd will inform the cafeteria manager. 11. Do not forget to get with Mrs. Preddy to sign out any medication needed by a student that the school is responsible to administer. You must also sign this medicine back in. 12. STUDENTS WHO ARE SUSPENDED OFF OF A REGULAR SCHOOL BUS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO RIDE AN ACTIVITY BUS OR ANY OTHER FIELD TRIP BUS (i.e. COACH). Deposit of funds for a field trip: All money needed to finance a field trip must be turned in to Mrs. Kidd no later than two weeks prior to a trip. NO EXCEPTIONS! All field trips must be planned in a timely manner so parents will have plenty of time to make payment. If money is not received in 2 weeks prior to a field trip, then the student cannot go on the field trip. These mandates include the In-house Science field trips. 22

Please make sure parents understand this time limit. Teachers need to determine whether or not money can 23be refunded for field trips. Example; plays no refunds because seating is paid ahead of time. End of year trips: The last day for a field trip is the Friday before EOG week. The principal must approve special circumstances that necessitate a trip after that date. All funding for field trips occurring in May must be turned in to Mrs. Kidd no later than April 25th. NO CHECKS! Field trip organization process: After you have completed the Request for Transportation Form and it has been received back from the county office, you then will follow a form provided by the school. It begins with Mrs. Kidd. She will also give you a Field Trip ToDo List at that time. Do not send letters home, collect money, and make commitments until your transportation has been approved by the county office and bus drivers have been scheduled. Video Viewing Videos purchased or rented from commercial sources may be used in face-to-face instruction if the following requirements are met: The showing is from a legitimate copy. The showing is limited to an individual teacher and his/her students. The showing takes place in a classroom or similar place devoted to instruction. The showing is not for entertainment, recreation, or fund raising. Reminder, our Superintendent has mandated that entire movies are not show, but only segments directed related to the instruction. All videos, not from our school library, must be approved by the principal. If a G rated video is approved, a teacher may show the video without parent approval. If a video has a rating other than G, a teacher must also get parent approval. A teacher must send the Parent Video Approval Form home and it must be returned with a signature before a

child is allowed to view it. This form can be obtained from the principal upon approval of showing. 24 Cum Records Folders are to be kept in the file cabinet in the office Records Room and always kept in alphabetical order by class. Do not leave Cum Folders in your classroom overnight! Every folder must be a Granville County Schools Permanent Pupil Record folder. Discard any other folder, but only after information has been transferred to the Granville County folder. Anything discarded from a Cum Folder should be stored in a manila envelope for one year. Place the teachers name and year on the envelope and place in the Cum Folder file cabinet behind your classroom folders. If any stickers need to be attached to the Cum Folder, it should be placed in the upper right corner on the outside of the front flap. The same color sticker needs to be applied to the document inside. Complete all of Part I and Part II only on the folder. Note: anything with an * must be in pencil. Part I: School is always Tar River Elementary School. Date of Entrance is when they entered Granville County Schools, not just Tar River Elementary School. Type of Birth Certification is in reference to the type of document we copied (real birth certificate, copy of the birth certificate, hospital certificate, etc.) Address: If the address was written in ink and it is now incorrect, draw a line through the old address and write the new address above it in pencil. If a parent notifies a teacher of a change of address, the teacher must inform the parent that they must bring proof of residence (new address) to the front office. Teacher must also inform Mrs. Lue immediately of the possible address change.

Order of placement of materials: When you open a Cum Folder, you should see the green inspection log facing front. Everything else is as follows: 25 1. Cumulative Record Inspection Log (green): We do not sign this sheet when we enter a Cum Record. Only non-Granville County Schools employees sign the sheet (i.e. parents). 2. New Year Student Information Form: Each year a new form should be filled out. Previous years information form should be removed as soon as a new one is obtained. 3. Affirmation of School Standing: Most students will not have this form. This form is required for any student entering Granville County Schools that has previously attended school in another district. 4. McKinney-Vento Residency Questionnaire 5. Students Permanent Health Record (salmon color): Must fill out top section, including students name on the top tab. File medical information inside of the folder. 6. File the following medical records together in this order: a) Kindergarten Health Assessment (blue for all current K students). Make sure it is filled out and signed by a doctor. b) Copy of immunization record c) Copy of request of Medical or Religious Exemption (yellow), if applicable, and marked by a red sticker on document and folder. d) Copy of Granville County Schools Emergency Medical Plan, if applicable, and marked by a red sticker on document and folder. e) Copy of other medical information, if applicable, and marked by a red sticker on document and folder. 7. Birth Certificate and Social Security Card: Prefer to have documents copied onto same sheet, if parent elects to give us a social security card. Remember, we cannot require social security card on any student or a birth certificate from migrant students.


8. Home Language Survey: Family only needs to complete once. Not necessary to fill out each school year. 9. Student and Parent Acceptable Use Agreement (Internet): If parent does not sign, try to get a paper from parent refusing Internet access. Family only needs to complete once. Not necessary to fill out each school year. 10. Any legal documents or special request information form from the parents and marked by a green sticker on document and folder. 11. Granville County Schools Record of Suspension or Expulsion (pink): Form is completed and placed in Cum Folder by administration. Form is started at the bottom and information may be added working up the sheet. This form is only for students who have been assigned a 10 day suspension or higher. 12. PEP (Personal Education Plans): These are housed in a blue folder (tab cut off) and kept inside the Cum Folder. Keep all PEPs in the blue folder. Never discard any PEP from previous years. 13. K-2 Portfolio: Portfolio includes testing info, student work samples and report cards. Report cards should be filed behind the Academic Progress Report form (green) and PreK and K testing documents should be filed behind the Standardized Test Data Card (beige) at the end of second grade. Keep all testing information except quarterly assessment questions (keep cover sheet with results). 14. Academic Progress Report form (green): You must place a copy of the report card in the Cum Folder behind the Academic Progress Report form. Most recent year on top. 15. Standardized Test Data Card (beige) Testing labels from Standardized Tests are placed on this card. Other testing information should be filed behind this card most recent year on top. 16. Attendance Summary Data (NCWise and PowerSchool report): Most current year on top. Chronological from most recent year to Kindergarten. Be sure to document promotion/retention and grade placement. 17. K-12 Photo Card: Each year adhere new photo on to this card, if available.

18. Place a blue sticker on the folder if a student has an ECP folder, 504 Plan, or any other confidential 27 papers. No confidential information, such as psychologicals or IEPs should be kept in the Cum Folder. This kind of information is kept in a separate, locked file cabinet. If you find such materials in a Cum Record, give any 504 information to Mrs. Robbins and ECP information to Mr. Buckham. Responsibility of Process: 1. Teachers are responsible to check the order of the Cum Folder documents and seek any missing documents at the beginning and end of each school year. Deadline for completion of beginning year check is the first week in October. Teachers are to make documented contact three times for any missing item. After the third time, send a list of the missing items to the Mrs. Jacobs along with a copy of your three attempts (date and type of contact). Mrs. Jacobs will continue seeking missing items. 2. During the school year, Mrs. Lue will organize Cum Folders for any new enrollment. It is recommended that you periodically check new folders as a backup form missing documents. Pre-Kindergarten Programs Records Transition Process 1. Each Pre-K student should have two records: Cumulative and Classroom (colored folder) Records. 2. The following three situations require a colored sticker/dot on the upper right hand corner of the Cum Record. Please make note of the color of the sticker. In addition, situations b and c require the same colored sticker on the upper right hand corner of the document. a) If a child has a Confidential Record kept elsewhere such as an IEP, mark the Cum Record with a blue sticker/dot on the upper right corner.

b) If28 a child has a legal document (such as custody papers, guardianship papers, adoption papers), mark the Cum Record with a green sticker/dot on the upper right corner. Also mark the document with a green dot on the upper right corner. c) If a child has a special medical condition, mark the Cum Record with a red sticker/dot on the upper right hand corner. Also mark the document explaining the medical condition with a red dot on the upper right corner. 3. In the Cum Record the student should have the following documents: a) Birth Certificate b) Legal Proof of Address/Residency c) Social Security Card (optional) d) Immunization Record e) Custody, Guardianship, or Adoption Papers, etc. f) Pre-Kindergarten Assessment g) ASG-ESP pre/post-test record h) Students Permanent Health Record i) Other school-based documents 4. Pre-K teachers should keep a Classroom Record (colored folder) on each student served during the year. This record should be comprised of the GCS approved assessment records, the Work Sampling assessment records, and any pertinent school-based or parent meeting minutes from the school year. You may also include other data collection reflective of the students progress during the school year if you desire. The More at Four Eligibility Scorecard must remain in this record along with all other required records for More at Four, including a copy of the yearly attendance roster, a copy of the birth certificate, and a copy of the registration form. 5. A copy (electronic preferred) of the final Testing Information forms should be given to the Early Childhood Coordinator. Please cc the Director of Elementary Education when you send the electronic copy of the testing data.

29 6. The Cum Records should be submitted to the schools main office for lock-up before teacher check-out at the end of the school year. 7. All schools housing Title I and More at Four Pre-K programs should treat this process equally. There should be no deviation from the PK Records Transition Process as this should be considered a county-wide process. If the school plans to enforce anything above and beyond this process then it is at their discretion. However, this basic process should remain consistent county-wide for Title I and More at Four classes. Getting Food From Off Campus Staff is not allowed to order food delivered to the campus for their own lunch. You may go off campus just to pick up food and bring it back to the building. You may not stay off campus to eat. Another reminder: All students must have the opportunity to go through the lunch line, even when you have planned a lunch activity in your classroom. Any special activity involving food being brought in for whole class consumption must wait until after 1:15 unless it is directly related to instruction. Closed Campus The campuses of all Granville County Schools shall be closed during the school term, with students and faculty personnel being required to remain at the school throughout an uninterrupted daily session, except in the case of extenuating individual circumstances. Mobility Restriction: Students are legally in the custody of the principal and teachers while they are at the school, on a school bus, or attending a school-sponsored activity (i.e. dance). Once students arrive at school, they are expected to remain on the school grounds until school dismisses unless they have an official excuse from the principal to leave for a specific purpose. Unauthorized Departure from Campus: Any student leaving the campus of his/her school without permission will be suspended from school for a period of one day.

30 Staff may leave campus briefly to bring ordered food back to the building. You may not stay and eat at the location where food was provided. Classroom Parties School parties will be kept at a minimum. Allowable parties during the school day include: Thirty minutes prior to the end of the last full day of school before Christmas holidays. Thirty minutes prior to the end of the day during the last week of the school term. Under no circumstances should parties be held during the school day to celebrate birthdays or other celebrations of a personal nature for either students or employees. Food can only be served after the last lunch (1:15). A picnic may be scheduled as a part of an educational field trip, not to exceed one per year per class. The school food service department will assist in preparation of these picnics upon request. The principal shall reserve the right to determine when a party may be given as a reward to a class or group for the successful completion of a stated goal or objective. Moment of Silence/Pledge of Allegiance Both a Moment of Silence and the Pledge of Allegiance will be conducted at the beginning of each school day. Please inform the office if your classroom does not have a flag. We will get you one! Please respect the rights of those individuals whose religious beliefs prohibit the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance. Grading in Grades K-2 Grading is on a 1-4 scale, where 1 is well-below grade level, 2 is approaching grade level, 3 is consistently meeting grade level expectations, and 4 is consistently extending grade level proficiency expectations. There are no - or + in this system.


A reading level can only be awarded if the accuracy rate is 95-100%, selfcorrection rate is 1:1-1:5, and the retelling score is at least a 3. If any of the criteria listed is not met, then the student should not move to the next reading level. Grading Range for Grades 3-5 and Specials All courses (grades 3-5), except for the specials will use the grading scale listed below: 93 - 100 = A 85 - 92 = B 77 84 = C 70 76 = D 0 69 = F The specials will use the marks from the following list: S = Satisfactory N = Needs Improvement

Teachers must enter their grades on a weekly basis into PowerSchool. We cannot wait for you to enter grades when a student withdraws. Other schools cannot enroll a student until we withdraw. Once we withdraw a student we can no longer access records. Announcements and Mail Announcements will not be made between the hours of 8:05 2:55 unless approved by the principal. We will only call the rooms if a parent has arrived to pick-up a child or the administration has to pull a child. Custodians and administrators will carry Walkie-Talkies as a means for the office to contact them. Mailboxes need to be checked several times per day. Please check your box in the morning before school starts, at lunch/planning time, and before you leave at the end of the day. If a note from a parent is in your mailbox, please respond to it on the same day.


Staff Development and WisdomWhere Classified Staff must attend 10 hours of staff development to be eligible for the end-ofyear bonus. All staff development needs to be on WisdomWhere to be eligible for the bonus. Certified Staff In order to renew their teaching certificates, a teacher must earn 7.5 renewal credits within the five-year renewal cycle. Non-Administrators: -

1 renewal credit for literacy 1 renewal credit in the specific academic subject area teaching 5.5 general credits

Administrators: - 3 credits focused on the school executives role as instructional, human resources and managerial leader - 4.5 general credits National Board Certification 7.5 credits for completion 2 credits (1 for literacy and 1 for content) for 10 year renewal

Renewal Credit Guidelines:

A unit of renewal credit is equivalent to one-quarter hour or one in-service credit from a North Carolina public school system. Generally, a unit reflects ten contact hours. The DPI Licensure Section does not accept renewal credits of less than one unit. One semester hour is equivalent to 1.5 units of credit. For a professional educator's license to remain current, all credit must be earned by the expiration date of the existing professional educator's license. To renew an expired professional educator's license, 10 semester hours or 15 units of renewal credit must be earned within the most recent five-year period.

33 The principal must approve staff development, outside of Granville County, in advance. Please complete the front side of the Prior Approval Form and the Request for Absence form along with the PD-1 and give to Mrs. Kidd. She will process forms and notify Mrs. Preddy about obtaining a substitute (if needed). You will be given a copy of the paperwork. Upon completion of staff development that is not provided by Granville County Schools you must fill out information on your WisdomWhere transcript and send proof of completion to Ann Grey Newcomb at the County Office. You are responsible for keeping track of your own paperwork. All staff must register on WisdomWhere no later than 7 days prior to the professional development activity. If you do not meet the 7-day period, you still must attend mandated staff development, but will not receive credit. You must complete an online evaluation within 7 days after taking a GCS workshop in order to receive renewal credit. Upon completion of the staff development evaluation, wait a week and then go back into CourseWhere and check to make sure credit has been given. If credit has not been given email Ann Grey Newcomb. We are now being evaluated on the correctness of each and every Prior Approval Form (PD-1) by the county office. Therefore, it is imperative that you follow the following guidelines. Sections A, B, and C must be filled out completely prior to sending it to the county office and it must have Mrs. Garrisons signature and budget code. Please make sure the PD-1 is completed at least 20 days prior to the event/program. If you submit your PD-1 less than 20 days before a workshop, your attendance will be denied. If you submit your PD-1 after you already attended a workshop, your PD-1 will not be submitted and the cost comes out of your own pocket.

Teacher of the Year Criteria: Outstanding observations and/or evaluation reports 34 Demonstrate innovative and creative teaching practices Possess the ability to speak effectively before a group Actively involved in the total school program and community activities Demonstrate professionalism in all school and community activities Be an advocate of public education

Procedures: A slate of nominees (peer or self-nominated) will be prepared including all teachers submitted. Each nominee that appears on the ballot must give permission to be considered. If there are more than three nominees, the individual receiving a majority of votes will be the school Teacher of the Year and a county nominee. If there are more than three candidates and no one candidate receives a majority of votes, then there will be a run-off with the top three vote getters. The candidate receiving the greatest number of votes in the run-off will be the school Teacher of the Year and a county nominee. County selection: A five-member selection committee will be formed consisting of an Associate Superintendent, Board member, CO member, Current Teacher of the Year, and the Superintendents Designee. At least two observations (usually one scheduled and one surprise). Interview