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paint and coatings markets

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Arkema has a comprehensive and unique portfolio of coatings materials and technologies for architectural and industrial coatings; building and decorative paints; transportation, marine and maintenance coatings; traffic paints; adhesives and sealants; inks and graphic arts; textiles, non-wovens, leather and photocure systems.

Arkema is one of the leading suppliers of raw materials for coatings. Our objective is simple help all of our coatings customers grow by meeting their needs, on every continent, for: Enhanced performance through innovative product technology that includes waterborne, solventborne, photocure, high solids, and powder coating resins; additives and rheology modifiers; acrylic monomers; and a wide range of specialty materials. Enhanced value by offering choices that help you find the best balance of performance and cost. Enhanced sustainability by providing products and technology that help you meet specific environmental regulations as well as your own sustainability goals.

Arkemas product portfolio for coatings applications includes:

Waterborne, solventborne and powder coating resins from Arkema Coating Resins. Rheology additives for non-aqueous coatings and adhesives from Arkema Coating Resins Rheology additives for waterborne coatings from Coatex High added value photocure resins for fiber optics, graphic arts, electronics, etc. from Sartomer. Enhanced waterborne polymer emulsions using Kynar polyvinylidene fluoride resins. High performance texturing additives, namely Orgasol and Rilsan fine powders.

98% of Coatings market covered by Arkemas technology and product range.

Others Photocure Powder (resins and additives) High solids Waterborne industrial (resins and additives) Waterborne for architectural (resins and additives) Conventional solventborne (resins and additives)

Organometallic catalysts. Nanostructured materials. Acrylic monomers.


Amines, oxygenated solvents, and DMSO polar aprotic solvent for special formulations.


5% 2



Global coating market

by technology

Source Paint & coating industry overview - 2009 by Chemical Economics Handbook - SRIConsulting

3 2 %

Access to a large portfolio of technologies for major coatings applications

Decorative Paints
Solventborne resins: Synolac Gelkyd Super Gelkyd Unithane Rheological and texturing additives: Crayvallac Orgasol Albamine Rilsan Fine Powders Waterborne resins: ENCORTM SNAPTM Synaqua KynarAquatec Waterborne rheological and texturing additives: EcodisTM CoadisTM RheotechTM CoapurTM

Metal Coatings
Solventborne resins: Crayamid Kynar 500 Synolac Synocryl Synocure Waterborne resins: Synaqua ENCORTM Kynar Aquatec Powder resins: Rilsan Fine Powders Reafree Photocure resins: Oligomers: Craynor Monomers: Sartomer Texturing additives: Orgasol Rilsan Fine Powders Tin catalyst: Fascat

Oxygenated solvents: Hexasol

Rheological and texturing additives: Crayvallac Photocure resins: Oligomers: Craynor (CN) Monomers: Sartomer

Wood and Plastic Coating

Solventborne resins: Synolac Synocure Surface modifiers: Orgasol Photocure resins: Oligomers: Craynor Monomers: Sartomer Waterborne resins: ENCORTM Kynar Aquatec

Solventborne resins: Synolac Synocure Surface modifiers: Orgasol Crayvallac Photocure resins: Oligomers: Craynor Monomers: Sartomer

A new leading supplier serving paint and coating producers around the world
In line with its growth strategy, in July 2011, Arkema officially expanded its presence in the global coatings raw materials markets through the acquisition of the coatings portfolios of Cray Valley and Cook Composites & Polymers (coating resins), and Sartomer (photocure resins) from Total Group. This acquisition is complementary to the specialty polymers downstream from Arkemas acrylics business, as are the rheology additives acquired with Coatex in 2007 and the emulsions acquired from Dow in the US at the beginning of 2010. Cray Valley and Cook Composites & Polymers coating resins have been joined with Emulsion Systems to form a new business unit named Arkema Coating Resins. Sartomer will operate as a separate business unit retaining the Sartomer brand.

Arkema Coating Resins

More ways to meet your expectations
Arkema Coating Resins is a leading supplier of waterborne, solventborne and powder resins along with additives for architectural coatings, industrial finishes, construction products, traffic paints, sealants, adhesives, inks, floor care and graphic arts products. Arkema Coating Resins offers you access to a truly comprehensive range of coating resins options, plus innovation, sustainable technologies and local service and support wherever you operate around the world. In short, our business will deliver more ways to meet your expectations for performance, value, answers and options for your business.  Comprehensive resources for architectural and industrial coatings, including powder coatings; traffic paints; transportation, marine and maintenance coatings; pressure sensitive adhesives; building and construction products, as well as inks and graphic arts; coatings for textiles, non-wovens and leather.  More product chemistry options, including a wide range of waterborne emulsions,  waterborne and solventborne alkyds, powder coatings, polyester resins and additives for solventborne systems.  More global resources, including product and service support for your business in Europe, North America, Asia, South America, Middle East and Africa. More answers from a coordinated technical and sales support network with sales offices, R&D and application development laboratories around the world.

Worldwide presence
 20 manufacturing facilities in USA, Europe (France, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, UK, Germany), Asia Pacific (China, India, Malaysia) and South Africa

6 coatings R&D laboratories

Brand names
ENCORTM - Evocar - Neocar - SNAPTM EnVia - Synaqua - Crayvallac Crayamid - Gelkyd - Super Gelkyd Synocryl - Synocure - Synolac Unithane - Chempol

Worldwide presence
5 production facilities in France, The Netherlands, USA and China 1 R&D center in France Application laboratories and technical service centers in USA and China

Rheology additives for waterborne paints

A subsidiary of Arkema and its specialty acrylic polymers business, Coatex is one of the main global producers of flow additives for aqueous formulations and water based processes. Coatex develops solutions for countless applications including the suspension of minerals in water, paper and paint manufacture, and industrial specialties. The commitment of Coatex to the paint & coatings industry dates back to the birth of the company and has been constantly strengthened since. Coatex teams are entirely dedicated to one field of expertise: rheology additives for waterborne systems. This focus together with a dedication of innovation makes Coatex know-how unique and its portfolio one of the broadest of the market, within each of the key rheology additives technologies: Associative Acrylic Thickeners (HASE) Water soluble Dispersing agents Associative polyurethane thickeners (HEUR) Thanks to in-house technologies and sustainability driven R&D efforts, Coatex brands meet the most stringent environmental regulations, VOC free, APEO free, heavy metal free. Paint producers need to reach the performances they target while constantly reducing emissions and costs, this need is driving Coatex innovation strategy in rheology additives. In addition to its R&D center in Europe, Coatex has two Coatings laboratories providing formulation support close to its customers in Asia and North America. Coatex teams work in synergy within Arkema to quickly develop innovative solutions.

Brand names
EcodisTM - CoadisTM - ViscoatexTM ThixolTM - RheotechTM - CoapurTM PolyphobeTM*
* in USA and Canada only

Sartomer photocure resins

A worldwide supplier of acrylate and methacrylate monomers, oligomers and other specialty chemicals
Worldwide presence
4 production facilities in France, USA and China. Sartomer is a premier global supplier of acrylate/methacrylate monomers, oligomers, and other specialty chemicals. These low-VOC* products are widely used in ultraviolet light, electron beam, peroxide, and amine cure technologies to enhance the performance of inks, adhesives and sealants, coatings, and plastics in diverse applications (hardwood flooring, printing plates, compact disks and DVDs, construction, electronics, furniture, and package coatings, for food, health and beauty items, etc.). As part of Arkema, Sartomer offers customers global access to technology, manufacturing and service. This means more unique solutions, dependable supply and consistently high quality products and services. Sartomer products are marketed to formulators through a direct sales force and distributors throughout the world.
* Volatile Organic Compounds

Brand names
Sartomer - Sarbio - Saret M-Cure - SarboxTM - Craynor (CN)

Kynar fluoropolymer based coatings

An exceptional resin for a variety of coatings with unrivaled durability
Arkemas high performance and high added value Kynar PVDF exhibits outstanding properties such as resistance to weathering, including proven 25-to-30 year resistance to UV, chemical attack, and pollution. Its reputation as a binder for paint is based on 40 years of development and experience. Various grades lend themselves to dispersion, dissolution, and spray coating methods. Kynar 500 is a premier finish for colorful metal buildings, advocated by paint manufacturers and architects for its unrivaled durability in metal finishes for airports, malls, banks, churches, sporting stadiums, office buildings, and hotels. Arkema has also developed a genuine breakthrough technology, Kynar Aquatec, the first aqueous (solvent-free) PVDF/acrylic emulsion that can be applied to diverse substrates (wood, concrete, bitumen, etc.) as a coating for external walls and reflective roofs, which allows more energy-efficient air-conditioning in zones exposed to strong sunshine.

Worldwide presence
3 production facilities in France, USA and China

Brand names
Kynar 500 - Kynar Aquatec

Tin catalysts
Organometallics range for coatings and adhesives
Worldwide presence
2 production facilities in USA 1 R&D facility in USA Fascat tin catalysts are organometallics specifically developed for the crosslinking of epoxy, urethane, polyester and acrylic coatings, adhesives, and alkyd resins. The main applications for Fascat are the coating of metal automotive parts by electrodeposition and in auto-repair where Fascat acts as a catalyst to cure urethane resins. Allied with Arkemas ability to develop new catalysts, the performance of this range meets the increasing expectations of coating applicators.

Brand name

Polyamide fine powders

A unique product range used as additives
Worldwide presence
3 production facilities in France and USA 1 R&D facility in France Orgasol polyamide 12 and Rilsan polyamide 11 powders are high performance texturing additives for coatings. The main applications include coil coating and industrial coatings, to which they impart abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, and matting effects. Orgasol powders provide soft-feel texturing, coating flexibility, and dry lubricant effects, thanks to their unique particle size distribution and morphology. They are easy to disperse in formulations used in can coating, wood coating and flooring. Rilsan Fine Powders are made from a renewable raw material, 100% bio-sourced, and exhibit a full dispersability in liquid paints and a regular particle size distribution, which provides even regular texturing, excellent coverage and uniform color effects. Beside the application as an additive in paint, Rilsan is also used as a thermoplastic coating in automotive, appliance, and water treatment markets. Rilsan coating is a proven solution for metal protection, with excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance, and outstanding impact resistance.

Brand names
Orgasol - Rilsan Fine Powders

A large selection of Amines and Oxygenated solvents

To improve the properties of solvent-based and water-based paints
Arkema Amines and Oxygenated solvents are used as synthesis intermediates, specialty monomers, catalysts for resins and formulation additives. In paints and inks, Alpamine amines are used as neutralizing agents in waterborne paints or anti-skin agents in solventbased paints. Hexasol oxygenated solvents are used in next-generation waterbased paints to improve key properties such as open application time to extend the duration of film formation. In solvent-based formulations, they are used as diluents or in the synthesis of intermediates and resins.

Worldwide presence
1 production facility in France 1 R&D center in France

Brand names
Alpamine - Hexasol

The safest polar aprotic solvent
Worldwide presence
1 production facility in France 1 R&D center in France Safe for humans and for the environment, the polar aprotic solvent DMSO provides good dispersion properties and good solubility for polymers and prepolymers, in special formulations and waterborne finishes used for surface coatings (acrylic dispersions, paints, lacquers, waterborne formulations and inks). Arkema has developed an improved, pleasant-odor version of dimethylsulfoxide called DMSO Evol, designed specifically for the surface coating, cleaning, stripping, and other applications where n-methylpyrrolidone (NMP) currently finds many uses.

Brand name

Acrylic monomers
A global market leader
Arkema is one of the globes leading producers of basic acrylic monomers, marketed under the Norsocryl brand, and offers a range of products glacial acrylic acid, methyl acrylate, ethyl acrylate, n-butyl acrylate and 2-ethyl hexyl acrylate to enhance polymer performance.

Worldwide presence
3 production facilities in France and USA 1 R&D facility in France

Brand names Arkema also produces and markets, under the Norsocryl brand, specialty (meth)acrylic monomers Norsocryl - Sartomer - Sarbio that can be copolymerized with basic monomers to Saret - M-Cure - SarboxTM provide solventborne or waterborne polymers with specific Craynor (CN) properties like adhesion, especially in wet conditions, or cohesion (chemical and/or physical crosslinking), etc. They are widely used in polymers for paints, adhesives, textile, and inks. Some are also used as chemical intermediates to produce specialty monomers for the coatings market.
Through its subsidiary Sartomer, Arkema also produces and commercializes specialty acrylate and methacrylate monomers and oligomers, and specific ones based on renewable raw materials, under the brand Sarbio.

Nanostructured polymers
A technology well suited to coatings and surface treatment
Worldwide presence
1 production facility in France 3 R&D facilities in France, Japan and USA Nanostructured polymers made with BlocBuilder and Nanostrength products offer proven benefits for many industries and applications including thermoplastics and thermosets, adhesives, acrylic and epoxy coatings, dispersing agents and polymeric stabilizers. The BlocBuilder regulators platform is especially well-suited for paints, coatings, inks, adhesives, dispersants, and surface treatment applications. The controlled radical polymerization process opens new design possibilities within dispersants and polymeric surfactants. BlocBuilder regulators can also be used for the synthesis of well-controlled lattices improving the film formation and block properties of paints and coatings. Arkema also offers Nanostrength, a family of self-assembling acrylic block copolymers. Nanostrength can be used for epoxy coatings, and high-end structural adhesives, imparting enhanced mechanical properties such as impact resistance and flexibility without decreasing the glass transition temperature or modulus. Additionally, developmental high-rubber grades used in hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesives can yield simplified formulations, reduced viscosity, and better mechanical resistance.

Brand names
Nanostrength - BlocBuilder

Headquarters - Arkema - Colombes, France - Coatex - Genay, France - Sartomer - Colombes, France Technical and R&D Centers - Boretto, Italy - Coating Resins - Genay, France - Coatex - GRL, France - Nanostrength - Blocbuilder - Serquigny, France - Kynar - Rilsan - Orgasol - St. Celoni, Spain - Coating Resins - Verneuil, France - Coating Resins - Sartomer Manufacturing Facilities / Sales Offices - Boretto, Italy - Coating Resins - Bratislava, Slovakia - Coatex - Brummen, The Netherlands - Coating Resins - Carling, France - Drocourt, France - Coating Additives - Gissi, Italy - Coating Resins - La Chambre, France - Amines Oxygenated solvents - Lacq , France - DMSO - Moerdijk, The Netherlands - Coatex - Mollet, Spain - Coating Resins - Mont, France - Orgasol - Nanostrength Blocbuilder - Moscow, Russia - Coatex - Pierre-Bnite, France - Kynar - Serquigny, France - Rilsan - Stallingborough, United Kingdom Coating Resins - St-Celoni, Spain - Coating Resins - Villers St-Paul, France Coating Resins - Sartomer - Zwickau, Germany - Coating Resins

Asia Americas
Headquarters - Arkema Coating Resins - Cary, NC - Arkema Inc. - King of Prussia, PA - Coatex Inc. - Chester, SC - Sartomer - Exton, PA Technical and R&D Centers - Cary, NC, Coating Resins - Chester, SC, Coatex - Exton, PA - Sartomer - Kansas City, MO, Coating Resins - King of Prussia, PA Manufacturing Facilities / Sales Offices - Alsip, IL, Coating Resins - Bayport, TX - Acrylics - Birdsboro, PA, Orgasol - Rilsan - Calvert City, KY, Kynar - Carollton, KY, Fascat - Chatham, VA, Sartomer - Chester, SC, Coatex - Clear Lake, TX - Acrylics - Grand Rapids, MI, Coating Resins - Kansas City, MO, Coating Resins - Lemont, IL, Coating Resins - Mobile, AL, Fascat - So Paulo, Brazil - Coatex - Saukville, WI, Coating Resins - St. Charles, LA, Coating Resins - Torrance, CA, Coating Resins - West Chester, PA, Sartomer Headquarters - Arkema - Shanghai, China - Coatex - Changshu, China - Sartomer - Hong Kong, China Technical and R&D Centers - Changshu, China - Coatex - Coating Resins - Guangzhou, China - Sartomer - Kyoto Technical Center, Japan - Yokohama, Japan - Sartomer Manufacturing Facilities / Sales Offices - Changshu, China - Coatex Coating Resins - Kynar - Cuddalore, India - Nanostrength Blocbuilder - Kunsan & Seoul, Korea - Coatex - Mumbai, India - Coatex - Nansha, China - Sartomer - Navi Mumbai, India - Coating Resins - Pasir Gudang, Malaysia - Coating Resins - Shanghai, China - Coatex - Coating Resins - Tokyo, Japan - Coatex

Manufacturing Facilities Isipingo, South Africa Coating Resins

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