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1 - 21 Mukhi Rudraksha & Their power

1 mukhi Rudraksha enlightens super consciousness and is for overall well being. 2 mukhi (Ardhanareshwar) Rudraksha blesses the wearer to get inner strength and unity in family. 3 mukhi (Agni) Rudraksha frees the wearer from all sins. It is for energy and health. 4 mukhi (Brahma) Rudraksha gives power of creativity, memory and concentration. 5 mukhi (Kalagni) Rudraksha gives health, peace and enhances spirituality. 6 mukhi (Kartikeyan) Rudraksha saves from any emotional trauma. Good for expression and charisma. 7 mukhi (Mahalaxmi) Rudraksha blesses with wealth, happiness and success. 8 mukhi (Ganesh) Rudraksha removes all obstacles and brings success. 9 mukhi (Durga) Rudraksha protects like a shield and removes fear. 10 mukhi (Vishnu) Rudraksha pacifies malefic effects af all the nine planets, protects from black magic and evil eye. 11 mukhi (Hanuman) Rudraksha blesses with stability success and self confidence. 12 mukhi (Surya) Rudraksha gives brilliant radiance and mental strength. Good for energy, inner power and health. 13 mukhi (Kamdeva) Rudraksha gives hypnotic power of attraction, charm, oratory and pleasure. 14 mukhi (Deva Mani) Rudraksha awakenes the sixth sense. Improves visualization power and offers protection. 15 mukhi (Pashupati) Rudraksha improves intuitive, abstract lateral thinking and gives material wealth.

16 mukhi (Jai) Rudraksha gives victory and prosperity at all & levels. To win over enemies and get success in 1 - 21 Mukhi Rudraksha Their power competitions. 17 mukhi (Vishwakarma) Rudraksha helps to gain and fortune. 18 mukhi (Bhumi) Rudraksha Rudraksha dispels sorrow and prevents untimely death. Good for expecting mother and new projects. 19 mukhi (Narayana) Rudraksha fulfills all materialistic desires. Offer protection again black magic and jealousy. 20 mukhi (Brahma) Rudraksha improves visual power and bestows mental peace. To get stable name and fame. 21 mukhi (Kuber) Rudraksha bestows super-richness and protects the earned wealth. Good for protection of self and family. Gauri Shankar Rudraksha symbolizes the Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Good for happy married life. Getting children and for meditation. Ganesh Rudraksha represents to the Lord Ganesha. It helps effectively in starting of a venture.