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Pearl Harbor was just an air strike with no boots on the ground too.

Tea Party Nation

Special Report from Sister Ciara

On 7 December 1941, 56 ships and 414 aircraft of the Empire of Japan carried out the equivalent of a 21st Century surgical strike against the United States territory of Hawaii at Pearl Harbor causing the destruction or crippling 16 ships and 347 aircraft costing the lives of 3,649 dead and wounded Americans. The following day, 8 December 1941, the United States declared that a state of war now existed between it and the Empire of Japan thus entering America into World War II. Today the full might of the United States is preparing for its own Pearl Harbor type surgical strike against Syria utilizing at least two aircraft carrier strike groups, at least 10 cruise missile capable destroyers and submarines, countless numbers of B-1 and B-2 bombers, and an intelligence apparatus that guarantees near virtual success in destroying just about anything they so choose. The day following this anticipated US strike against Syria, World War III will have begun. The common thread linking World War II and World III is the global economyin 1941 the vast majority of the Western nations were under brutal siege from their own populations as the grinding effects of the Great Depression were still ongoing from the 1929 banking collapse and every effort to stop it had failedin 2013 every single effort to revive the global economy from the 2007-2008 banking collapse have, likewise failed. Due to this New Great Depression, the United States, European Union, the majority of nations in South America, Asia and all of the Middle East are in an economic death spiral that no amount of US Federal Reserve printed out of thin air Dollars are able to either control or stop. You may not know this fact, but it is true that there is overwhelming agreement among global economists that World War II was responsible for decisively ending the Great Depression. When asked why the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have failed to make the same impact today, they often claim that the current conflicts are simply too small to be economically significant. By the US entering into World War II the numbers were indeed staggering. From 1940 to 1944, US federal spending shot up more than six times from just $9.5 billion to $72 billion. This increase led to a corresponding $75 billion expansion of US nominal GDP, from $101 billion in 1940 to $175 billion by 1944. In other words, the war effort caused US GDP to increase

close to 75% in just four years. World War II also wiped out Americas chronic unemployment problems. In 1940, eleven years after the Crash, unemployment was still at a stubbornly high 8.1%. By 1944, the figure had dropped to less than 1%. The fresh influx of government spending and deployment of working-age men overseas drew women into the workforce in unprecedented numbers, thereby greatly expanding economic output. In addition, government spending on wartime technology produced a great many breakthroughs that impacted consumer goods production for decades. Today the United States and the European Union face an even graver threat than they did during the Great Depression, with the American true unemployment rate now nearing 25%, and the European rate over 12% and their youth unemployment rate at a shocking 26%. Now the most critical fact you need to know now is thismassive unemployment ALWAYS causes rebellion, revolution and civil war. And the reason you need to know this FACT is that the elite classes ruling over your lives know itsuch as the influential Rand Corporation which back in 2008 when the global bank crisis started urged the Pentagon to start a massive war with a major foreign power in an attempt to stimulate the American economy and prevent a recession.and the powerful Washington Post columnist David Broder who in 2010 urged President Obama to start a major war with Iran in order to help the economy and be reelectedand Nobel Prize winning economist and close Obama confident, Paul Krugman who in 2011 extolled the virtues of World War II in being able to solve the chronic US unemployment problem started by the Great Depression. Obama, most unfortunately, has begun drinking this war Kool-Aid like so many of his predecessors had done. Granted, since coming into office in 2009, Obama has withstood these war forces, but as the US and global economies now show, he has now given in. However, seeing an attack on Syria for what it really is, the start of World War III, and likewise noting that the typical mainstream propaganda media onslaught is this time failing to convince anyone of their trumped up charges against yet another Middle East nation, Obama has hit the proverbial pause button, in effect stating to his war monger friends, that he will not start World War III without them being in the dock with him. And make no mistake about thisthe invisible hand that pushed Obamas finger down on that pause button was the global Alternative-Conspiracy news movement that for the first time in modern history has stopped these war mongers plans dead in its tracks! But if you think this small victory is enough, YOU COULDNT BE MORE MISTAKEN! These powerful mainstream media propaganda organizations have spent literally billions over the past 20 years to make sure that what they say is believed and trusted without any examination or doubtand to them this is but a minor setback, and their backlash (which has already started) is going to be more brutal than anything weve seen from them yet. Standing between these mainstream news liars and the truth is YOU! But, and this is critical, only if you continue to support those of us who are still telling you the truth, and thus enabling you to act with that knowledge. After all, how do you think those tens of thousands of people in the US now telling their lawmakers to stop this war, and the hundreds of thousands more demonstrating against it all around the world are getting their facts from? During the coming weeks you are going to be hearing more lies from your governments, you are going to see a number of false flag attacks designed to frighten you into inaction, and you will see your elected leaders bowing to the war mongers whose threats against them are real and not to be taken lightly. And be warned.just like on 11 September 2001do not put it past these monsters to put on a spectacular show, especially in light of the newly emerging facts relating to the secret transfer in the US of nuclear weapons. As weve told you many, many times during the past decadeIt doesnt matter if you like it or not, YOU ARE a participant in this war, and as the final chapters of this grand saga are being written, YOU CANNOT fail to stand up and support those of us who at great risk have paused this war, because if you do there will truly be no hope left for any of us.