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A bilateral process intended for waste reduction and improving performance of organization in terms of Quality and other indicators.
Lean is a bilateral process in which effective waste reduction and elimination on one side and improving and achieving top paradigms in the quality on the other side are concentrated in parallel. Lean manufacturing has undergone different transitions in the industries from just a waste removal technique to an efficient tool that regulates and generates high quality products.This certification offers a peripheral knowledge of the Lean enterprise and the innovative ideas behind it.

Eligibility Criteria
Any graduate with a work experience

Benifits of Six Sigma

Lean management workforce in a

of 2 years in the related field.

People who are trained in the six

sigma green belt will have an added advantage.

company can guide the new engineers and executives. They can stress the importance of lean managements and its positive effects on the organisation.


Who should do this course Consultants associated with the quality management Managers and executives in the production, maintenance, quality and the materials departments. Individuals in the top and middle management in the companies.

Management certified employees can be unofficial waste management consultants to the company and harvest the advantages in efficient waste elimination.

Fees : First take : 100 USD Number of attempts per test : 03 Re-take : 60 USD Number of attempts per test : 03

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Cultural Enablers

Principles of Cultural Enablers

Respect for the individual, Humility

Processes for Cultural Enablers

Create a sense of urgency Modeling the lean principles, values, philosophies Message Deployment - Establishing vision and direction Integrating Learning and Coaching People development - Education, training & coaching Motivation, Empowerment & Involvement Environmental Systems Safety Systems

Cultural Enabler Techniques and Practices

Cross Training Skills Assessment Instructional Goals On-the-Job Training Coaching & Mentoring Leadership Development Teamwork Information Sharing (Yokoten) Suggestion Systems

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Continuous Improvement Process

Principles of Continuous Process Improvement

Process Focus Identification & Elimination of Barriers to flow Match rate of production to level of customer demand - Just-in-Time Scientific thinking Jidoka Integrate Improvement with Work Seek Perfection

Continuous Process Improvement Systems

Visual Workplace Lot size reduction Load levelling P Production Process Preparation Total Productive Maintenance (including predictive) Standard Work Built-in feedback Strategic Business Assessment Continuous Improvement Process Methodology Quality Systems Corrective Action System Project Management Process design Pull System Knowledge Transfer

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Consistent Lean Enterprise Culture

Principles of Consistent Lean Enterprise Culture

Systemic Thinking Constancy of Purpose Social Responsibility Processes for Developing Consistent Lean

Enterprise Culture

Enterprise Thinking Policy Deployment / Strategy Deployment

Consistent Enterprise Culture Techniques & Practices

A3 Catch-ball Redeployment of Resources

Principles of Business Results

Create Value first to drive performance

Measurement Systems

Measurement Goal and Objective Setting Analysis - Understand what moves the dial on measures Reporting

Key Lean Related Measures

Quality Delivery Cost Financial Impact Competitive Impact

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