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APQP is one of the top most practiced methodology to track end to end compliance,
Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP in short) is a sequential pattern of procedures that are followed by a company to make sure that the customer is satisfied by their product. The top order management plays a powerful role in product quality planning so as to make it effective. They also ensure that the needs of the customer are thoroughly met by the product delivered. There are few important parameters of product quality planning as follows: Proper communication and organisation in the planning implementation team Zero or negligible measure of quality problems Effectively following deadlines Zero risk factors while the initiation of the product.

Eligibility Criteria
Any individual with a four year degree

Benifits of Six Sigma

Primarily, it teaches how to manage

or the international equivalent along with the knowledge of quality systems can do this course. Prior working experience in ISO quality assessment is an added advantage.

Any person with a secondary degree (a diploma in high school or the corresponding degree) with an experience in the quality systems and ISO can take this course.

Who should do this course This course is ideal for Managers and engineers accountable for handling the supply chain in a company. Since this is related to product quality, the engineers from the core design, quality and the manufacturing departments can take this course to enhance the skills in PPAP documentation.

the APQP once it is introduced. There is a huge demand for engineers with APQP experience in the current state Provides an acknowledgment in the global markets People who take this course can update their knowledge and be in pace with the latest advancements in the industry. Paves way for new ideas and innovation which in turn can increase the efficiency of the process Allows the individual to manage the project and edifies them with the effective methods in executing the project. Offers an competitive advantage over other contenders and brings in new clients Gives an in depth idea about the peripheral processes and the skills to the individuals required by the company in the product quality analysis

Fees : First take : 80 USD Number of attempts per test : 03 Re-take : 50 USD Number of attempts per test : 03

imv academy

Advance Product Quality Planning (APQP) - 1

Introduction Product Quality Planning Responsibility Matrix Fundamentals of Product Quality Planning Product Quality Planning Timing Chart Plan and Define Program
Voice of the Customer

Business Plan/Marketing Strategy Product/Process Benchmark Data Product/Process Assumptions Product Reliability Studies Customer Inputs Design Goals

Reliability And Quality Goals Preliminary Bill of Material Preliminary Process Flow Chart Product Assurance Plan Management Support

Preliminary Listing of Special Product and Process Characteristics

imv academy

Advance Product Quality Planning (APQP) - 2

Product Design and Development

Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (DFMEA)

Team Feasibility Commitment and Management Support

Gages/Testing Equipment Requirements

Special Product and Process Characteristics

New Equipment, Tooling and Facilities Requirements

Drawing and Specification Changes

Material Specifications

Engineering Specifications

Prototype Build Control Plan s Engineering Drawings

Design Verification u Design Reviews

Design for Manufacturability and Assembly

Project Scope Management

Packaging Standards

Management Support

Packaging Specifications

Preliminary Process Capability Study Plan

Measurement Systems Analysis Plan

Process Instructions

Pre-Launch Control Plan

Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (PFMEA)

Characteristics Matrix

Process Flow Chart o Floor Plan Layout

Product/Process Quality System Review

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Advance Product Quality Planning (APQP) - 3

Product and Process Validation
Production Trial Run

Production Validation Testing Packaging Evaluation Production Control Plan

Production Part Approval

Preliminary Process Capability Study

Measurement Systems Evaluation

Management Support

Quality Planning Sign-Off and

Project Communications management

Reduced Variation

Delivery and Service

Customer Satisfaction

imv academy