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September 19, 2013

Elite Obama Hit Squad Linked To Navy Yard Shooting

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers
The Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) is reporting today that signal intelligence analysts (SIGNIT) monitoring CIA-NSA-FBI encrypted electronic communication traffic in the United States have linked the 16 September Washington Navy Yard Shooting with the Obama regimes 18 June assassination of award winning American journalist Michael Hastings, and the 25 June ambush on the Los Angles Police Department detectives investigating Hastingss murder. Aaron Alexis, a lone gunman armed with a shotgun, fatally shot twelve people and injured three others in a mass shooting at the headquarters of the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) inside the Washington Navy Yard in Southeast Washington, D.C.

this past Monday, this report says. The attack occurred around 8:20 a.m. EDT, this report continues, in Building 197 with the shooter Alexis being subsequently killed by US local and Federal police forces after what has been described as a running gun battle. Michael Hastings, who at the time of his assassination was investigating CIA Director John Brennan, was not under direct GRU electronic surveillance, this report says, but GRU signal intelligence analysts monitoring routine night flight observations of a small fleet of ShadowHawks unmanned drone aircraft at the US Marine Base Camp Pendleton in Southern California during the early morning hours of 18 June, observed that a single ShadowHawk broke formation and sped towards the Los Angeles whereupon it fired upon Hastings vehicle nearing the intersection of Highland and Melrose avenues at around 04:15 PDT destroying it and killing Hastings. [See video of attack HERE] The GRU further reported that signal analysts monitoring CIA-NSA-FBI encrypted electronic communication traffic in the Los Angeles area on 25 June observed a rapid spike of noise occurring between 0415-0445 Hrs (4:15-4:45AM PSDT) within a 12 block radius of the Hastings kill zone identified as North Highland Avenue and Melrose. At 4:37 AM PDT, this report continues, these same signal analysts reported an urgent rise in Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) emergency radio traffic too. A comparison of these two anomalous events, this report says, showed that the common link between them was the attempted assassination by ambush of two LAPD detectives investigating Hastings death while they were driving into their Wilshire Division police station parking lot on Venice Boulevard, and which was less than 3 km from the Hastings kill zone. Critical to note, this GRU report says, was that after the Hastings assassination, and ambush of the LAPD detectives, signal intelligence analysts were able to document the encrypted electronic signature used by these believed to be CIA-NSA-FBI assassins should it be used at some future date. Subsequent to Hastings assassination, this report further states, this same encrypted electronic signature was observed occurring two other timeson 7 August in the Newport, Rhode Island region, and on 16 September, in the area surrounding the Washington Navy Yard Shooting. Curious to note, the GRU says, was that on 7 August, Alexis reported to the Newport Rhode Island Police that he was being threatened by unseen people and feared that some sort of microwave machine was penetrating his body, an incident that took place at the exact same time signals intelligence analysts noticed a huge spike of traffic having the exact same encrypted electronic signature previously noticed in Los Angles when Hastings was assassinated. Even more curious, this report continues, was the 16 September observation of this exact same encrypted electronic signature that occurred shortly before 8:40 am EDT in the area of the Washington Navy Yard Shooting, and corresponding to when an elite tactical response team of the highly trained US Capitol Police, a force that guards the US Capitol complex, were told to leave the scene by a supervisor instead of aiding local officers in stopping the ongoing massacre. The USA Today News Service in confirming about why one of the most elite tactical teams in Washington D.C. was ordered to leave the scene of an ongoing mass shooting also noted: A Capitol Police watch commander "wouldn't let them go in and stop people from being slaughtered," one officer told the

Washington TV station, which is owned by Gannett, USA TODAY's parent company. "We were definitely the closest tactical team in the city," the unidentified officer told the newspaper. "It was at the scene very early on, within a couple of minutes. They were ordered to disengage and turn back. For what reason, we don't know." With both the Hastings assassination and the Washington Navy Yard Shooting now being linked by the same identifiable encrypted electronic signature, this GRU report concludes, it cannot be ruled out that the Obama regime is now employing an elite hit squad against both its enemies and for an as yet undetermined domestic agenda. And in what can only be described as farce meeting reality, the Obama regimes Department of Homeland Security (DHS), barely 48 hours after this mass shooting tragedy, issued a pre-solicitation order for over 4 million rounds per year of 12 gauge shotgun shells, which is the same type of ammunition used by Alexis in the shotgun he had carved the cryptic sayings better off this way and my ELF weapon prior to his taking 12 innocent lives.