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Bashir 29/07/13
Classroom procedures: B. Classroom management (2) How will students get recognized to talk (raised hand, teacher call on student, talk out)? How do students behave during presentations by other students? How do students get supplies they are missing? How and when do students sharpen pencils?

Principles of classroom management: Classroom organization can be a daunting task, especially for the new teacher. Effective practices must be applied to get a well-run classroom that is positive, stimulating and energizing. 1. Consider these suggestions The physical environment of the classroom (e.g. lighting, decoration, etc) Voice n body language (teacher must adjust depending on the situation) Unplanned teaching midstream lesson changes. Teaching under adverse circumstances. Teachers roles and styles (e.g. sometimes teachers act as facilitator, demonstrator etc.) Creating a positive classroom climate.

2. The physical environment of classroom. Sitting arragements i. Consider the size of the room, the class size the desk-chairs (movable/fixed), the activities planned ii. Appropriately arranged chairs and desks. iii. Think about patterns of semi-circles, U-shapes, concentric circles or even straight lines. iv. Give thought to how students will do small group and pair work with as l. Whiteboard use i. Gives students added visual input. ii. Use the in a neat and orderly manner, erasing as often as appropriate. Equipment i. The room has power outlets

ELE3102-En. Bashir 29/07/13

ii. The equipment actually works iii. Teacher knows how to operate it iv. Use of equipment is practical and necessary for the lesson. Voice and body language: Body posture exhibit confidence Face reflects optimism, brightness and warmth Use facial and hand gestures to enhance meanings Make frequent eye contact with all the students Move around the classroom, but not to distraction Dress appropriately Follow conventional.

Unplanned teaching midstream lesson changes What would you do when You or your students digress and throw of the plan for the day An unexpected but pertinent question comes up. Some technicality prevents you from doing an activity. You are asked the question that you dont know the answer A student is disruptive in class. There isnt enough time to finish an activity

Teaching under adverse circumstances Teaching large classes o o o o Try to make each students feel importand Assign students as much interactive work as possible Optimize the use of pair and small-group work for maximum practice of language Use peer-editing.

Teaching multiple proficiency levels in the same class o Do not over generalize assessment of students proficiency levels into the good students and the bad students