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"Education can train but not create intelligence. The creativity of an architect is the product of his intellectual skills along with his hard work, dedication & love for his work."
The aim of this competition is to display the standard of teaching and the quality of student work, which also allows student to learn and share ideas on varied topics from diversified regions, as the colleges are from. An architecture student must put into his work, first analytical effort, second love for his innovations and finally fruit of his hard work. A journey from being no-one to becoming SOMEONE....... All years of the college syllabus, encompassing all subjects and topics necessary for the wholesome growth of the student should be displayed in form of reports & sheets of minimum 20 different students. REQUIREMENTS: The division of matter displayed should approximately be in the following ratios: Technical subjects:

25% (Building Construction and Materials, Working Drawings, Site Study Reports, Measure Drawings,
Graphics, Estimation, Specification, Illusion, Acoustics, Climatology, Construction and Management, etc.)

Non-Technical subjects: 50% (Design, Interior Design, Landscape Design, History, Thesis, Appropriate Technology, Green/ Sustainable Architecture, etc.) Allied Subjects: 15% (Visual Art, Architectural Sketching and Rendering, Photography, Competition Entries, etc.) College/ Institute Philosophy: 10% (As per the guidelines, laid down by the Council of Architecture, India, every school/ institute imparting architectural education has been given the freedom to orient the course as per their own philosophy by allocating 25% of the total periods of study to the subject of their choice. The same should be reflected in this category.

PRESENTATION: Panel Display: o The participating colleges are required to pin up their sheets on a panel and display their reports.The work presented for the jury should necessarily be according to requirements of the trophy. Panel Presentation: o The jury would short list 10 colleges who will be competing in the next round. Two representatives of the selected colleges would then be presenting their work in front of the jury.

SPECIFICATIONS: All forms and formats of sheet presentation are permitted. Models will not be allowed. Only academic work of 2012-2013and 2013-2014 is allowed. All sheets and reports should bear the college stamp and HOD's signature on the back verifying the same. The entire presentation should be complied within two panels of 2mts x 1.5mts for the sheets. The presentation should be easily viewable by the jury members. There should be no 3D projections from the surface of the panel or spill outs from the above specified size. Colleges failing to adhere to the above mention specifications will be disqualified from the jury process.