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[title of show] MUSIC AND LYRICS BY BOOK BY Jeff Bowen Hunter Bell title of show] was originally produced on Broadway by Kevin McCollum, Jeffrey Seller, Roy Miller, laura Camien, kris Stewart, Vineyard Theatre and LAMS Productions ‘at the Lyceum Theatre, where it opened on July 17, 2008. nally produced by the Vineyard Theatre, New York City, February 2006. [title of show] was originally presented by Bridge Club Production at the 2004 New York Musical Theatre Festival 601 West 26th Street » Suite 312 » New York, NY 10001 ‘Tel 800/400.8160 or 212/564.4000 + Fax 212/268.1245 reito Edition Copyright © 2008 by Jeff Bowen and Hunter Bell. International Copyright Secured. All Rights Reserved. CAST OF CHARACTERS Jeff— a composerilyricist Hunter—a book writer ‘Susan ~ their actor friend Heidi — their actor friend ‘*The production pianist appears onstage at the keyboard throughout the entire performance. He is referred to as “Larry.” If't isa female pianist, then “Mary.” ‘TIME AND SETTING Time: [time] Place: [place] MUSICAL SYNOPSIS UNTITLED OPENING NUMBER. Scene 1: Phone Call 1 ‘TWO NOBODIES IN NEW YORK Answering Machine Message 1 (Hunter) Scene 2: Meet and Greet ‘Answering Machine Message 2 (Hunter) ‘AN ORIGINAL MUSICAL, Answering Machine Message 3 (Heidi) ‘Scone 3; Procrastibating MONKEYS AND PLAYBILLS. Scene 4: Post Monkeys ‘THE TONY AWARD SONG Scene 5: Pre “Part Of It AI” PART OF IT ALL. ‘Answering Machine TAM PLAYING ME... Scene 6: Bench Scene WHAT KIND OF GIRL IS SHE’ Scene 7: Dream Sequence DIE VAMPIRE, DIE! Answering Machine Message ‘Scene 8: Filling Out the Form FILLING OUT THE FORM..... Scene 9: Mail It! Mail It! ‘Answering Machine Message 6 (Kris Stewart) Company Company Jeff & Hunter Jeff & Hunter MONTAGE PART 1: SEPTEMBER SONG...... -nne¢COMPANY MONTAGE PART 2: SECONDARY CHARACTERS. Heidi & Susan MONTAGE PART 3: DEVELOPMENT MEDLEY. ..Company Scene 10: What Now? Scene 11: Meet And Greet 2 ‘CHANGE IT, DON’T CHANGE IT.. AWKWARD PHOTO SHOOT..... Answering Machine Message 6 (Sutton Foster) Scene 12: Final Phone Call ‘A WAY BACK TO THEN. Scene 13: Pre-9 ‘NINE PEOPLE’S FAVORITE THING. FINALE... a