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ESS / MSS Customization in EHP5

As you all might already heard, SAP is going ABAP all the way, meaning Employee Self Services (ESS) are all ABAP-based, since ECC EHP5 release. Manager Self-Services remain to be ABAP+Java, at least in EHP5 version. Although customization of ESS is done on ECC side, there is a common tradition to ask your portal consultant to do that. So, if you are either an HR consultant that wants to learn the subject, or a portal oneman-show consultant, this guide will help you start!

First of all, you can find the official ESS business package documentation here, or if you are into MSS as well - you can find it here. Let's start with the requirem ents:

1. 2.

Enable IGS on your ECC server, according to note 1527176

Make sure you have the required ESS & MSS business content deployed & enabled on ECC
3. On portal side, create EHP5 system in System Landscape. Please make sure you add a system alias "SAP_ECC_HumanResources". Now test the connection. Following tests must

Add following system aliases: * SAP_ECC_Common* * SAP_EREC_TalentManagement * SAP_ECC_HumanResources 4. Download following portal business content from service marketplace, and upload it to portal through JSPM / developer studio: * * * * * BPERPESSWDA05 according to note 1450179 BPERP5MSS05 (BP ERP05 MSS 1.51) BPERPCOM05 - COMMON PARTS SAP MSS 630 MSS WD for Java applications PCUI_GP 633 - component pre-requisite WD for Java applications

The content you downloaded for deployment will consist of the following:

5. Download following WebDynpro Java components for MSS from service marketplace (only if you plan to use the MSS):

* PCUI_GP * MSS * SAP_PSS (if you use project management)

6. 7.

Create required RFCconnections in WebDynpro content administrator Assign yourself the roles provided in business content:ESS: MSS:

Launchpad Customization
Launchpad is the first screen users land on when accessing the ESS. Please follow these steps in ECC: 1. 2. Run LPD_CUST and select ESS MENU Copy the launchpad to ZESS


Remove unrelated applications (delete or move to inactive folder)

4. You can add your portal custom applications starting with /irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/pcd!3aportal_content!2f...


Change the role of launchpad to ZESS, which was created in step 2:


Save and exit

ESS Customization
Here you will see example of personal info page customization. 1. Go to SE80 and open package PAOC_ESS_PER_WDA


Drill down to application configuration, and click "Start Configurator"


Click "Go to component configuration" and click "Start Deep Copy

4. Create a new package, and a new transport request, and then click "Ok" You will end up with a new configuration:

5. Once your custom deep-copy component configuration is created, use Shift+F8 in order to launch the UIBB (building blocks) customization 6. Once customized, go to LPD_CUST and set your new application configuration instead of the standard one You can refer to SAP documentation in order to find the component package & name which you would like to customize.

* MSS Customization is still performed in the old Java-way, by launching relevant applications in Preview mode from portal Content Admin, and then Ctrl + Right click.