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FUTURES TENSES AND CONDITIONAL CLAUSES ANSWER SHEET 1. a. Hurry up! Look, the train is going to leave (leave)!

b. Go and see the film. You will enjoy (enjoy) it. c. Ive lost my pen Have you? I will lend (lend) you one. d. Who wants to help me tidy my room? I will help (help) you if you like! fe Hes very organised. Hes planned his whole life. First, he is going to study (study) business and computer science, and then 2. a. What are your plans for the summer? Will you visit / Are you going to visit your family in Vigo? b. Im sure Ill have finished / Ill be finishing this project by Friday. c. Are you going to / Will you marry me? Yes, I will / am. d. In ten years time I will be studying / will study at Yale University. e. Cheer up! Youre making / will have made new friend by the end of the week. f. Were meeting / Well have met Kath at the cinema at 8 oclock this evening. 3. My parents are really worried about my future. They dont think I will pass (pass) my exams this year because I dont study enough, but Im optimistic and I think I will get (get) the results I need. By the end of June I will have finished (finish) school for ever! Everything depends on my exam results, and I wont get (not get) them until August, but Ive already made my plans! I am going to study (study) history at the University of London. My friends Mark and Alice are going to do (do) the same course, and we are going to rent (rent) a student flat together. In fact, we are going to meet (meet) tomorrow to discuss everything in more detail. Just imagine this time next year I will be living (live) in London! How about your? What are you going to do (you / do) when you finish school? What things will you have done (you / do) by the end of this year? What will you be doing (you / do) at this time next year? CONDITIONALS 1If I had set the alarm clock, I wouldnt have been late for work. 2If Tom hadnt been rude to the teacher, she wouldnt have asked him to leave the room 3If Helen hadnt stayed in a luxury hotel, the holiday wouldnt have been expensive. 4If my wife had reminded me, I wouldnt have missed the dental appointment. 5If David hadnt forgotten to renew his visa, he could/would have remained in the USA 6If Sally didnt tell lies, people would like her. 7Unless an agent helps the author, he wont complete the book on time. 8Unless you book in advance, you wont get a room at that hotel. 9If my new trousers were comfortable, I would wear them.

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