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Isolated power solutions for operating theatres

Delivering reliable power for patient safety

Classic Solution Guide

290 years
Electric power availability* for patient safety
*99.9958% MTBF performance calculated from the Isolated Panel System dependability study included maintenance recommendation.

A reliable, tested, validated and documented solution

Operating rooms require impeccable availability and quality of electric power to ensure maximum patient safety. For this reason, the standards lay down very strict rules regarding continuity of service for electrical installations.


Reliable, efficient electrical distribution

Schneider Electric is the global energy management specialist.


Support over entire lifecycle

Meeting stateof-the-art standards


Each solution adheres to our our test, validated, and documented (TVD) process to ensure it meets or exceeds your needs. We assess all configurations in certified labs, validate that expected results will be achieved throughout their lifetime, and fully document each architecture to ensure consistency.

We help you leverage and protect your investment, ensuring a robust and efficient installation over the long term.

Our generations of electrical systems and integration expertise deliver a worldclass, modular and interoperable solution. Systems are easy to design, connect, and ensure high-integrity power and communications.

Isolated power solutions for operating theatres

An adaptable solution meeting all standards

Schneider Electric offers an innovative, secure power distribution and monitoring solution for operating theatres, in compliance with the IEC 60364-7-710 standard.
A solution you can trust
All components are designed, manufactured, and tested by Schneider Electric to operate seamlessly. The solution has been validated according to the customers needs and uses to ensure that it operates simply and effectively for the specific customer application. Documented through adherence to the commissioning guides, user guides, maintenance recommendations, and drawings. The centralized uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system and the automatic transfer switch (ATS) have been tested upstream of the isolated panel system. The Schneider Electric solution is designed, wired, and tested to attenuate electromagnetic disturbances in accordance with the IEC 60364-4-44 standard.

Our solution complies with international standard IEC 60364-7-710, and with national standards and regulations.1,3,4
(Group 2*, Class 0.5)

to event monitoring and traceability

The Schneider Electric solution incorporates a monitoring system to: Inform maintenance and medical personnel in real time in the event of an electrical fault in the operating room. Monitor the operating room environment and record all environmental events and data. Provide data to the hospital building management system.

thanks to secure power distribution ...

The isolated panel system included in the secured power electrical distribution architectures is qualified by Schneider Electric. These recommendations allow the system to maximize the energy availability performance.

What do the standards say?

In Group 21 rooms for medical use, an isolated power system2 shall be used for the circuits powering medical electrical equipment and systems for survival and surgical applications. An audible and visual alarm must be provided for in the room in question to alert medical personnel. For class <0.53, a backup power system shall maintain the supply for a minimum of 3 hours (Genset) within a changeover period not exceeding 0.5s (UPS). For the optimum operation of medical equipment, prevention of electromagnetic disturbances is necessary.

1 Group 2 (according to IEC 60364-7-710): rooms for medical applications in which the parts applied are designed to be used in applications such as intracardiac procedures, operative fields, and vital treatments where discontinuity (failure) of the power supply could entail danger for life.
2 3 4

The Isolated Power System does not require automatic cutoff of the power supply whenever an insulation fault occurs. Class 0.5 (according to IEC 60364-7-710): anaesthetic room, operating theatre, operating recovery room, intensive care room, etc. Isolated transformer complies with IEC 61558-2-15. Insulating monitoring device complies with IEC 61557-8 and IEC 61557-9 standards.

A power distribution solution to meet the needs of all users.

The maintenance personnel

The surgeon

The supervision personnel

The nurse

Isolated power solutions for operating theatres

A monitoring system
Reliable information is needed to ensure the satisfactory operation of operating theatres. The monitoring system informs in real time and allows making the appropriate decisions in case of unexpected events.
Monitoring system for the Classic solution

This monitoring system makes it possible, with the basic signalling panel in the operating room, to have information concerning the alarms generated by the electrical installation.

Classic solution

PC Head Nurse

Access to real-time alarms, environment data, and event traceability

Electrical fault Insulation fault Basic signalling panel Electrical fault Insulation fault Basic signalling panel

Operating room 1

Operating room 2

With a reliable power supply and a complete, automated monitoring and control system, we can stay entirely focused on the patient.

Isolated power solutions for operating theatres

Level of information
Comprehensive power and environmental monitoring system option is tailored to meet the specific needs of different surgery environments.
The option ensures patient safety through high energy availability and electrical shock protection.



Functions performed by the control and signalling panel in the operating theatre
Type of control and signalling panel in operating room Visual and audible alarms on electrical and insulation faults Audible alarm stoppage Tests of the insulation monitoring system Fault handling information Time display, chronometer, and timer Display of operating room temperature, relative humidity and pressure Display of medical gas states (O2, N2O, vacuum) Temperature and relative humidity value setting Generation of an event report Ventilation system status (reinforced, normal, reduced)

Basic signalling

p p p

Functions performed by the monitoring system

Access to functions by supervision personnel Access to functions by maintenance personnel Simultaneous display of all operating rooms data Temperature, relative humidity, and pressure Medical gas states Electrical and insulation fault alarms Display of each operating room data Temperature, relative humidity, and pressure Medical gas states Electrical and insulation fault alarms List of events with dates Display of current alarms UPS remaining time during emergency mode Min and max threshold alarms for temperature and relative humidity settings Display of temperature, pressure, and relative humidity curves Event report edition (Excel file export can be possible)

(by web) (by web)

(by web)

(by web)

Sending of an SMS text message to maintenance personnel in the event of an electrical installation fault (operating room number + type of alarm) Fault handlingacknowledgement from the maintenance person to the operating theatre Hospital Building Management System connection

p o

Standard features Optional features

One coherent electrical system

An architecture dedicated to continuity of service.
An uninterruptible power supply for quality of power A changeover switch in the event of loss of the UPS and for maintenance Total coordination between equipment contributes to long life and continuity of service of the installation

Normal Supply

Emergency Supply

Hospital BMS


Supervisor PC

Source Changeover

Maintenance PC

Monitoring System Isolated IMD* Power System

Mobile phone

TNS System

Touch screen panel

Sockets for other loads

*Insulation Monitoring Device

Sockets for patient safety devices

Electrical system architecture consistent with equipment and a distribution system from a single manufacturer Interoperability with the hospitals electrical system architecture thanks to Schneider Electric equipment

Isolated power solutions for operating theatres

Technical characteristics
Specifications are carefully engineered to meet all required installation, operational, environmental, and standards requirements.
Electrical switchboard enclosure: Prisma P
Floor mounting, integrated transformer Steel sheet, cataphoresis treatment + hot-polymerized polyester epoxy powder, RAL 9001 colour Degree of protection Degree of protection against mechanical shocks Ventilation Cable inlets and outlets Cable connection IP30 IK07 Natural ventilation In duct, through the bottom or top To terminals

Height: 2206 mm Width: 700 mm Depth: 450 mm

IT system feeders
Isolation transformer Insulation monitor + display of insulation impedance 6.3/8 or 10 kVA with temperature and overload monitoring - Internal resistance in alternating current: 110 k - Measurement voltage: 25 VDC max. - Measurement current: 0.2 mA max. - Fault indication threshold setting: 50 k to 500 k 12 feeders (protection for up to 3 outlets per feeder)

Miniature circuit breakers

TNS system feeders

Miniature circuit breakers (included 30 ma RCD) Up to 6 feeders

Conformity with standards

Solution for operating theatres Switchboard Isolation transformer Continuous insulation monitor Electromagnetic compatibility IEC 60364-7-710 IEC 61439-1 and -2 IEC 61558-2-15 IEC 61557-8 IEC 60364-4-44 IEC 61000-6-2 and -3

Environmental conditions (operating room or electrical premise)

Location Indoor Altitude 2000 m Maximum ambient air temperature 30 C Relative humidity 90% Switchboard power losses 465 W

Electrical characteristics
Operational voltage Isc In 230 V / 50-60 Hz 25 kA 63 A maximum


With complete overview and control of every operating room, Im confident that everything is running safely and efficiently.

Isolated power solutions for operating theatres

Single-phase isolation transformers

Schneider Electric offers made in Romania transformers for electrical circuits subject to the isolated power system and in compliance with the IEC 60364-7-710 and IEC 61558-2-15 standards.
Isolation transformer specifications
Special dry single-phase LV/LV transformers Voltage ratio 230/115-230 V 50/60 Hz 1.1 kV H F <3% <3% < 12 In < 3.5 mA < 0.5 mA IT Frequency Insulation level Insulation class Temperature rise class Short circuit voltage Magnetizing current Inrush current Leakage current between enclosure and frame Leakage current between secondary and frame Earthing system Supplied with or without IP21/IK07 cover, and 1 individual test report 6.3/8 or 10 kVA

Reinforced insulation Low leakage current No ventilation

Schneider Electric offers made in Romania isolation transformers

for electrical circuits subject to the IT system and in compliance with the IEC 60364-7-710 and IEC 61558-2-15 standards.

The patients safety

is ensured by reinforced insulation and a low leakage current which reduce the risk of electric shock and prevent unwanted currents which could disturb sensitive medical instruments.

For use in medical locations,

short-circuit protection is not acceptable and the transformer must be able to withstand overloads. Whenever the internal temperature and overload current thresholds recommended by Schneider Electric are exceeded, alarms are generated.

The quality and continuity of power

are ensured through technical features which can limit nuisance tripping of protection systems and provide a stable electric power supply for medical equipment.

Thanks to the design,

there are fewer losses and less generated

heat, with no switchboard ventilation and no routine cleaning required.

Medical locations and operating theatres in particular are environments in which patient safety and the quality and continuity of power are of prime importance.

Vigilohm IM10-H, IM20-H insulation monitor devices

Devices dedicated to monitor hospital low-voltage AC networks with isolated neutral or directly earthed neutral via a capacitive impedance.
Continuous insulation monitors inject a direct low-frequency AC voltage into the network, thus creating an artificial leakage current. An electronic device measures the network insulation from this current. When this insulation level is below the userselected threshold, a relay switches and the fault indicator lamp lights. These are failsafe devices; the output relay is excited permanently, and de-excited in the event of an auxiliary voltage failure or an insulation fault. Indications include: satisfactory insulation resistance (green light), drop in insulation resistance below the fault threshold (orange light), and earth or injection connection lost. Display in eight languages3 of: insulation resistance, thresholds, and alarms with dedicated pop-up windows.

Additional functions with IM20-H

Modbus communication. Datalog with timestamping of all events. Transformer management: secondary load current display (in %), alarm on a threshold (in % of nominal current), alarm on temperature through the sensor (bimetal).

1 Failsafe: the relay is deactivated on occurrence of a fault or if the auxiliary supply voltage accidentally fails. 2 Suitable for use in all climates: b damp heat, equipment not operating (IEC 60068-2-30) b damp heat, equipment operating (IEC 60068-2-56) b salt mist (IEC 60068-2-52). 3 English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, Chinese.

Standards conformance: UTE C 63-080 IEC 364 chapter 4 & 5, IEC 61557-B NF C 15-100 paragraph 413 & 532, NF C 15-211 VDE 107, VDE 413-2


Isolated power solutions for operating theatres

Vigilohm IM10-H, IM20-H specifications

Type of installation to be monitored
LV AC / DC IT systems Phase-to-neutral voltage Frequency y 230 V AC +15% y 100 V DC +15% 50/60 Hz

Electrical characteristics
Range for insulation resistance readings Fault signalling Response time Device operating test Failsafe feature 1 Internal impedance Accuracy Output contact Number 1 for IM10-H 2 for IM20-H Input contact Transformer bimetal Auxiliary voltage of IM10 or IM20 Auxiliary supply of alarm supply chain Cable size Maximum device consumption Measurement voltage Measurement current Dielectric strength Voltage supplied Minimum load 50/60 Hz DC As standard At 50 Hz 110 k 5% Insulation alarm Insulation and transformer alarms 24 V 5 mA 110/230 V AC 15 % 125/250 V DC 15 % 0.2 to 2.5 mm2 12 VA 25 V max 0.2 mA 4000 V AC / 5500 V DC Number of thresholds Thresholds 1 k to 10 M 1 (password protected) 50 k to 500 k y1s Yes

Complete insulation monitoring keeps patients safe

Mechanical characteristics
Weight Thermoplastic case Degree of protection Installation Mounting Front 0.25 kg Panel mount or DIN rail IP52

Cat. III, pollution 2, moulded case, disconnectable assembly, symmetrical or embedded

Other characteristics
Temperature range For operation -25 C to +55 C

For storage Climatic conditions 2 Standards Product Safety Installation

-40 C to +70 C IEC 61557-8 IEC 61010-1 IEC 60364-7-710


Control and signalling panel in operating room

Fast and simple access to critical power and environmental data.
Basic signalling panel Basic signalling panel for the Classic solution
 Simple and efficient  Audible and visual alarm for an insulation or electrical fault (overheating, transformer overload, or circuit breaker trip)  Test button for the insulation monitoring system Audible alarm stoppage Correct operation indicator Flush mounted Antibacterial Tested with Anios cleaning products

Basic signalling panel specifications

Compliant with Dimensions (HxLxD) Weight Supply Protection degree IEC 61557-8 IEC 61010-1 Tested with ANIOS products 170x170x20 mm 0.5 kg 24 VDC IP54, IK08

A simple signalling panel for monitoring of insulation and electrical faults.


Isolated power solutions for operating theatres

Adapted uninterruptible power supply

Centralized UPS to support all operating theatres and intensive care unit.
Cost effective, layout saving solution for more than three operating theatres, with mutualization of battery remaining time. Designed to implement N+1 devices principle, featuring online technology that fully isolates and protects against all power quality disturbances in even the most demanding environments. High efficiency in double conversion or ECO mode saves valuable energy costs and a comprehensive range of options enables it to be highly effectve in any application

Quality of electric power supply and continuity of service

Galaxy UPS specifications

Normal AC supply input Input voltage (V) Normal and bypass AC inputs Frequency (Hz) Input power factor THDI Bypass AC Input Input voltage range Frequency Output Phase to phase output voltage (V) Load power factor Output frequency Overload capacity utility operation Output voltage regulation Voltage distortion (THD) Output voltage tolerance Overall efficiency Efficiency at full load (AC-AC) at 100% load ECO mode Communication and management Control panel

250 V1 to 470 V, three-phase Separate 45 66 Hz > .99 < 3% full load (380 V, 400 V, 415 V) +/- 10% 50 Hz/60 Hz +/- 10% 380 V/400 V/415 V, three-phase + neutral 0.9 50 or 60 Hz +/- 0.1% 125% for 10 minutes; 150% for 60 seconds +/- 1% <2% Phase-to-phase and Phase-to-neutral for non-linear loads +1% static, +/- 2% at 100% load step Up to 93.5% up to 97%1 Multifunction LCD, status, and control console

Only available in unitary products


Secure electrical distribution switchboards for operating theatres

Prisma P

 Reliability of electrical connections thanks to distribution blocks with spring terminals, requiring no maintenance  High level of reliability of the electrical installation thanks to full compatibility between Schneider Electric equipment and distribution blocks  Switchboards tested in accordance with IEC 60364-7-710 and IEC 61439-1 and -2 standards and the EMC standard IEC 60364-4-44.

Isolated power solutions for operating theatres

High value-added services

Throughout the world, our Schneider Electric service experts and our local partners are attentive to your needs and will deliver a comprehensive and unique service offering.
Expert services
For improved performance Energy efficiency Installation reliability and safety Reduced capital expenditure Reduced power consumption Reduction in the number of failures Reduction in downtime and repair time Training of operation and maintenance teams Longer equipment service life over the entire life cycle of the installation Installation design Commissioning Operating aid Maintenance and revamping Energy efficiency audit Customized services

In search of excellence
Schneider Electric conducts an ambitious innovation, quality, and efficiency policy. Around 5% of turnover is invested in R&D 6500 researchers and developers

A close relationship with our customers

We have a strong international footprint with more than 100 000 employees in over 100 countries worldwide. With our partners, distributors, panel builders, contractors, and engineering offices, we want to establish with you a relationship of trust and help you achieve an optimal level of performance.

A strong social commitment

Sustainable development is a key part of the Schneider Electric strategy. Our solutions help those without electricity obtain access to it and favour a reduction in energy consumption by both industrial firms and private consumers. 91% of our plants are certified ISO 14001. The Schneider Electric product offering complies with all existing standards worldwide.

Customer support and online services

Call centres, online diagnosis services, and technical assistance Services via Internet: electronic catalogues, downloadable software, information, and training


Our Classic Solution

The isolated power solutions adapt to all hospital sizes, applications, and requirements. Your Schneider Electric representative will help you choose the specific options that best meet the needs of each installation.
Classic Switchboard
with integral transformer (HxWxD): p Cubicle 2206 x 656 x 450 mm Enclosure

Monitoring System
and visual alarm for an insulation or electrical fault p Audible (overheating, transformer overload, feeder circuit breaker trip) p Test button for the insulation monitoring system p Audible alarm mute Basic display in the operating Theatre

p No door o Transparency door o Plain door p 6.3 kVA o 8 kVA o 10 kVA

Insulation transformer

Panel door

o Module XD312-H with 12 toroid

Isolated Power System p 12 (1 to 3 outlets by feeder) 3 TNS feeders p Number of feeders feeders

Insulation fault location

o 8 kVA o 10 kVA

Local UPS - SMART model

Centralized UPS - Galaxy model

o Consult with your local Schneider Electric representative p o

Standard features Optional features

Were confident in specifying these solutions because each one is pre-tested and documented from end to end, which makes our job easier and our customer confident it will meet their needs.

Find more information about the Operating Theatre Solution on: website Schneider Electric TV website

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