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Programs and Development Plans of Barangay Project 6, Quezon City 1.

Medical Mission Started at the month of January 1 31, 2012 which is an ongoing program until now to promote the wellness and health being of the people in the barangay proj. 6. The said project includes general check up for man and women, children and especially elderly. There are also special checkups for the people of barangay proj. 6: o Adolescent and health youth camp o Botika ng barangay o Dental health program o Food and waterborne diseases prevention and control program o Food fortification program o Check up sa mata para sa malinaw na kinabukasan o Bone scanning 2. Fogging program Started at the month of January 27, 2012 and was a successful, completed program of the brg. Proj. 6.Fogging is used to kill adult mosquitoes infected with the virus to immediately stop transmission. It is not recommended as a preventive measure as it will be very costly to do fogging every seven days. It will not kill the larvae of the mosquitoes which become adults in 7-8 days. 3. PACER seminar This program started at February 2, 2012 and was a successful, completed program. The Philippine Association for Counselor Education, Research, and Supervision (PACERS) was established in march 6, 1976 in response to the need to gather together educators and researchers committed to the continual development of guidance and counseling practices in the Philippines. The mission of PACERS is to take the lead in safeguarding the practice counseling through counselor education, research and PACERS envisions to develop: o professionally trained practicing counselors who are efficient and effective agents of development of counselees and supervisees;

o Counselors who are able to contribute to building new knowledge that has theoretical and practical significance to the profession; o Counselors whose practice is guided by ethical standards of the profession; and o Counselor education programs that sufficiently address the

professional and personal development of their trainees. Objectives: o To upgrade guidance and counseling services and programs through the advancement of conselor education, research and counselor supervision; o To provide opportunities for continuing education of counselors through various formal and nonformal programs; o To encourage professionalism in the practice and supervision of counseling through exchange, discussion and publication of research findings; o To foster high standard of professional competence andethical behavior among counselor educators, researchers and supervisors through an effective monitoring and evaluation system. 4. Dog Impounding This program started in February 3, 2012 and was a successful program. This program is dedicated to promoting and protecting the health, safety and welfare of companion animals. This program works to promote responsible pet care and to ensure that pets do not suffer due to abuse, neglect or lack of proper care. 5. Bureau of Fire Protection Seminar BFP seminar started in February 3, 2012 and completed in the same date. The enactment of Republic Act 6975, otherwise known as the Department of Interior and Local Government Act of 1990 which took effect on January 1, 1991 paved the way for the establishment of the Philippine National Police (PNP), Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) and Bureau of Jail Management and

Penology (BJMP) as separate entities. Specifically, the Fire Bureaus charter was created under Chapter IV (Section 53 to 59) and carried-out through the provisions of Rule VII (Sections 49 to 58) of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the said law. The organization was then placed under the direct supervision of the DILG Undersecretary for Peace and Order. The succeeding approval of the Appropriation Act of 1991 has also caused the inaugural operation of the Bureau of Fire Protection on August 2, 1991 as a distinct agency of the government, with its initial preparation of Operation Plans and Budget (OPB) undertaken by the staff of the Office of the National Chief Fire Marshal at Camp Crame, Quezon City headed by then F/Brigadier General Ernesto Madriaga, INP (1990-1992) that took over from the long reign of F/Major Primo D Cordeta (Ret.) the first Chief Fire Marshal (19781989). Gen. Madriagaserved as the BFP first Acting Fire Chief/Director from 1991 to 1992. BFP is responsible for ensuring public safety through prevention and/or suppression of all destructive fires on buildings, houses, and other similar structure, forests, and land transportation vehicles and equipment, ships/vessels docked at piers, wharves or anchored at major seaports, petroleum industry installations. It is also responsible for the enforcement of the Fire Code of the Philippines (PD 1185) and other related laws, conduct investigations involving fire incidents and causes thereof including the filing of appropriate complaints/cases The goal of this program is to prevent and suppress destructive fires, investigate its causes and provide emergency medical and rescue services, and enforce other fire related laws with active involvement of the community. A modern fire protection agency working towards a safe and progressive society The objective of this programs is as follows: o Prevention and Suppression of all destructive fires on buildings, houses and other similar structures; Forests; Airports; Land

Transportation vehicles and equipment; Ships docked at wharves; Petroleum industry installations; and other similar incidents

o Enforcement of the Fire Code; o Investigation of all causes of fire; o Assist AFP in times of National Emergencies; o Establish at least one fire station in each Local Government Unit nationwide with adequate personnel and equipage. 6. National Mental Health Seminar Started in February 12, 2012 ended at the same date. The objective of this program is to have all mothers understand the importance of this growing malfunctions or diseases through the importance of newborn screening, proper health care for pregnant women. It is also to reduce the morbidity, mortality, disability and complications for mental disorders and the promotion of healthy lifestyle through the promotion of mental health and less stressful life.

7. Violence Against Women and Children Seminar This program started in March 14, 2012 and completed in the same date. The primary goal is to identify where the women and children protection units will be located across the country and to ensure that there will be at least one in each province. Hospitals, whether public or private, which do not have a women and child protection unit may be trained to refer the victims to women and children protection coordinators (WCPCs) and WCPUs in other hospitals where the staff is trained in recognizing, recording, reporting and referring abuse cases. This will ensure that all women and children victims of violence who seek medical care have access to health services provided by trained, competent, and caring health personnel. This issuance shall apply to the entire health sector, including the DOH hospitals, LGU-supported health facilities, private hospitals, and other attached agencies involved in the implementation of the AHA. Health professionals from private hospitals seeing patients who they suspect are victims of abuse are duty-bound to refer the said individuals to concerned

government agencies for appropriate response in accord with either Republic Act Nos. 7610 or 9262 8. Bartending Graduation Bartending graduation program, of the said barangay, event was on March 30, 2012 and was lead by the Councilor RJ Belmonte for the students to graduate in an official bartending profession. 9. Candy Making Event This program of livelihood for both mother and children or even youth to have an alternating source of income which can be done easily. This was on April 10, 2012 and led by Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte. The purpose of this program is to have an alternating hobby and also one way of getting income is on how to make candy foods. 10. Drug Abuse Prevention Seminar The said program will be on November 2012 which will led by The Dangerous Drugs Board. These are the following objectives and the importance of this incoming seminar to prevent the cause of crimes here in the Philippines which is drugs:
The Dangerous Drugs Board, through its Preventive Education, training and Information Division (PETID), conducts trainings and seminars for different target groups. Modules or topics that are included in these trainings and seminars vary according to the needs and job nature of the target participants. Training of Trainors on Drug Abuse Prevention Education This is a training program which enables the participants to plan and implement social action programs geared towards drug abuse prevention in their respective communities. Individuals who avail of this training are youth leaders, SK and barangay officials and LGU personnel, among others. (modules) Training of Trainors on Enhancing Life Skills on Drug Abuse Prevention This program provides participants with skills to resist drugs, strengthen personal commitment and develop social competency in pursuing a healthy lifestyle that is free from drugs. Individuals who avail of this training are students, parents, employees and managers, among others. (modules)Systematic Training for Effective Parenting This is a two-day seminar-workshop aimed to demonstrate and appreciate the role of parents on drug abuse prevention and control, to improve their relationship with their children, to detect drug dependents and to determine where to refer them.(modules) Seminar for Pharmacists on R.A. 9165 and Board Regulations Update This is a one-day seminar aimed to update pharmacists and other paramedical group on the provisions of R.A. 9165 and Board Regulations pertinent to their professions. (topics) Seminar-Workshop for Judges, Prosecutors and Law Enforcers on Dangerous Drugs Law

The conduct of this seminar-workshop is in accordance with the mandate of the Board to provide continuing training for judges, prosecutors and law enforcers as indicated in Paragraphs f and g, Section 81, Article IX of R.A. 9165. This seminar-workshop is aimed to coordinate and integrate the overall efforts of the criminal justice system especially in the field of prosecution and criminal investigation. This activity is being done in collaboration with the Supreme Court of the Philippines, the Philippine Judicial Academy and the Congressional Oversight Committee on Dangerous Drugs. Orientation Seminar for DDB Authorized Representatives This seminar is designed to provide the DDB Authorized Representatives better understanding of their duties, functions, and responsibilities as well as the procedures of the voluntary confinement of drug dependents. This activity is being conducted in collaboration with the Parole and Probation Administration (PPA). (topics) Barkada Kontra Droga (Peer Group Against Drugs) The Barkada Kontra Droga (BKD) is a peer-based program designed as a preventive education and information tool to counter the dangers and disastrous effects of drug abuse. This DDB banner program was piloted in 2005 in three (3) areas in Rizal namely: Cainta, Antipolo and Tanay. As an output of the pilot areas, four (4) different posters were conceptualized and a 30-seconder jingle was produced. To date, DDB has organized 59 BKD chapters with a total of 28,634 BKD members nationwide. These individuals/groups have been empowered to be the catalyst within their peer group in advocating a healthy, drug-free lifestyle through involvement in various wholesome activities. (topics) Interested individuals/groups who would want to become BKD members may coordinate with the office for a half-day launching seminar. BKD members will also have the opportunity to undergo capability building activities such as the Training of Trainors on Drug Abuse Prevention Education and Life Skills Enhancement Seminar. National Youth Congress on Drug Abuse Prevention Education This program maximizes youth empowerment on the fight against the social problem. It aims to update youth leaders on the current issues and concerns of youth development in relation to the National Drug Abuse Prevention Campaign. This is being held annually and is handled by the officers of the National Youth Coordinating Council (NYCC), the youth arm of PETID-DDB, in coordination with the National Youth Commission (NYC) and the Inter-Agency Council on Drug Abuse Prevention Education (IAC-DAPE). The National Youth Congress on Drug Abuse Prevention is now on its 17th year of implementation. Youth leaders from all over the country are being invited by DDB, through the Local Government Units (LGUs) or DDB partner agencies, to take part in this significant activity.

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