Veronica Rainone In fifty years what will our generation be known for?

Well the Ipad obviously, the first African American president, the war in Iraq and what else, do you think? Why two series that became cultural phenomenons all in the same ten year period; Harry Potter and Twilight. But when future literary purveyors analyze these feats of literature, which will prove to be superior? The answer to that question is Harry Potter by JK Rowling, and today I will be persuading you beyond a reasonable doubt that Harry Potter is better than Twilight, through an analysis of it’s plot, character development, writing, and fan reactions. 40 Now what is Harry Potter really about? A boy who turns into a man fulfilling his destiny, while maturing? An epic ascension from child to hero while fighting evil? Witches and Wizards, the light vs dark? Death? Friendship? Love? Harry Potter is about all of these things. Now what is Twilight about? Teenagers? Love? Vampires and werewolves? Creepy Uncle imprinting himself on a baby while previously being in love with her mother? Or sparkling? Again Twilight is about all of these things On July 20st, 2007 I was thirteen and outside barnes and noble. It was five minutes from midnight and I was waiting eagerly on line with hundreds of others. In five minutes the seventh and final Harry Potter book would be released. Fans

Jacob’s hot but really shouldn’t a book be about more than hotness especially if it’s going to define our generation? The characterization and development is better in Harry Potter. while its fans are also powerful. until it becomes a facsimile of a plot. We as a group of hundreds were joined by thousands in other cities and towns. Stephanie Myer makes this rivalry eclipse the entire plot of Twilight.were waiting online some for three days just to get a copy of this book. Twilight is a different story. and simply turns into a book about sparkles. Edward’s hot. Of course I am referring to the two rivals for the protagonist Bella’s afections. and even House elves. they are forever divided by an intrinsic plot point that overwhelms the entire story Team Edward or Team Jacob. Everywhere I turned I would see people dressed as wizards. joined by millions worldwide all waiting for one common goal. death eaters. all waiting to receive a copy of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. I like Twilight it’s good to read when you’re bored. while Jacob is a werewolf shapeshifter from a Native American tribe. These characters start . and shirtlessness’ Now don’t get me wrong. but lets be real it has less literary significance and meaning than a Harlequin Romance novel. One of the beacons of JKR's talent is her ability to write so many different characters all with varying and distinct personalities through a time in life when one develops and changes the most and keeps all their personalities consistent. Edward is a dark brooding vampire tortured by his past.

Throughout four novels. Edward starts off as a strong. and even Lord Voldemort himself. she was clumsy. somewhat creepy in his monstrous secret. Twilight characters on the other hand start out strong and stagnate or regress. yet affable. The Edward in Twilight foresaw problems and could always come up with a plan of action. mysterious vampire. but Bella quit progressing when she moves to Forks and consequentially her experiences as a changed being lack discovery and insight and become almost boring. where SM quit introducing conflict in order to protect her happily ever after marriage robbing Bella of further character development. but a puzzle you can't wait to solve. while being flawed. The scenes where Bella became a vampire could have been some of the most exciting and intriguing ones of the series. but in the end I wondered what happened to the character I had loved. sexy. At the beginning of Twiligh the character of Bella was one who stood strong in conflict. Bellatrix Lestrange. insecure. The Edward in . The Edward in Breaking Dawn was bland.out as nave children scared about what test they will need to pass in order to be assigned a house and as they grow up the trio ends up courageously battling evil by taking on Gringotts. she resented the town of Forks but made an effort. she resented her mother yet loved her. After reading Twilight I wanted to get to know him better. The Edward in Twilight was a little too bossy and possessive of Bella. Stephanie Myer failed to demonstrate any character development leading to Breaking Dawn.

” “I wish Sam had taken a picture when he found you that night in September. or even that I was reading the same character.” “Nobody’s on trial. By the time Breaking Dawn ended. You don’t learn anything new or interesting about him after book one. “So what’s the story anyway? I mean. you know… What I’m asking is… everything is back to the way it was before he left? You forgave him for all of that?” “There was nothing to forgive. before.Breaking Dawn became a doormat to Bella's desires and became almost nonexistent in the story progression. And went on to finish the series in less than half a decade This lack of finesse can be seen in no way better than in the writing of each book. First Eclipse which I will be reading as written. since the last time we… well.” . Eclipse and Prisoner of Azkaban. while Stephanie Myer took six months to write Twilight.” “Maybe somebody should be. I just wanted the Edward of Twilight back. It would be exhibit A. Lets take a look at a passage from both these esteemed third novels. JK Rowling took seven years to write her first novel Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone and then took another decade to finish the series.

” .” “He came back though didn’t he? Too bad he can’t stick to a decision. you know. listen. Stephanie Meyer is really just using her dialog to remind readers of what happened earlier in the story. Amaze me.” “Where is everyone?” “Gone! It’s the first day of the holidays. remember? It’s nearly lunchtime. if you knew the reason why.” “Harry. you mustn’t go doing anything stupid. Now lets look at Harry Potter. “Harry.“Not even you would blame him for leaving.” “If you remember.” This is Jacob talking to Bella about her vampire boyfriend Edward. But the thing is. who ditched her in a previous book.” “I’m fine.” “Okay. you must really be upset about what we heard yesterday.” “You really don’t look well.” “Edward left me last fall because he didn’t think I should be hanging out with vampires. There is very little characterization here. you – you look terrible. I was going to come and wake you up in a minute. He thought it would be healthier for me if he left. I went after him.

Harry?” “Because Black’s not worth dying for. They have just learned that the man whose betrayal killed Harrys parents. you wouldn’t forget it in a hurry. just about to be killed. With just the dialog shown here. Harry doesn’t want to kill anyone .–” “There’s nothing you can do! The Dementors will catch Black and he’ll go back to Azkaban and – serve him right!” “You heard what Fudge said. It’s not a punishment for him like it is for the others. will you. Black isn’t affected by Azkaban like normal people are. has escaped prison.” “D’you know what I see and hear every time a Dementor gets too near me? I can hear my mum screaming like that.” “So what are you saying? You want to – to kill Black or something?” “Don’t be silly. Harry?” Harry is being consoled by his two friends. Ron and Hermione. do you. And if you found out someone who was supposed to be a friend of hers betrayed her and sent Voldemort after her. Rowling gives you a clear picture of what time of .“Like what?” “Like trying to go after Sirius Black.” “You won’t.

With little effort you can probably tell which lines belong to whom. where they are. She's not very good. Sue Corbett is "disheartened" at Meyer's popularity." One of the most remarkable features of both Harry Potter and Twilight is their fan bases. Even the critics agree with this assessment Noted authors such as John Green. Stephen King stated. "The real difference [between Rowling and Meyer] is that Jo Rowling is a terrific writer. Both have millions of devoted fans which helped to turn these two . and Stephenie Meyer can't write worth a darn." In an interview with USA Weekend's Brian Truitt.the day it is. She has said. "Bella is constantly in need of getting rescued. Sue Corbett and Stephen King have spoken out against the series. and what has happened recently. She's on track to go to an Ivy League College but doesn't because e of Edward. Even Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson who portray Bell a and Edward in the movies have said “that they don't like the series and feel the relationship is unhealthy. It's the exact inverse of what I'm trying to teach my daughter." Stephen King also said Harry Potter is about doing what’s right in the face of adversity. She moves in with her father and immediately starts cooking for him and doing his laundry. Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend.

the only things she has are self-created. Even if she is teased about being a mud blood or whatever its called. It's way obvious. She could quit Hogwarts or something. who struggles every day. Unlike Bella. Big whoop. So generally when asked about this conflict both bases had responses. While Harry Potter fans say something like. she has a choice. Twilight fans were a litte different. She follows Harry into his troubles. While Harry Poter fans were able to articulate and craft well founded answers based on literary merit. On the comments from the article” Fangs bared at Harry” found in US weekly. she is in love. Hermione has no problems. I mean.series into cultural phenomenons. fans wrote (and keep in mind I am reading these as written)“Hermione is a week character. Bella has no choice.” “Twilight has a more reasonable plot than HarryPotter. especially when the author already tells you how many books there's going to be. why can't we live in total suspense on what's going to happen next? And my personal favorite “Because it's one of the greatest love stories ever!! Harry Potter . Twilight fans say “Oh my god it’s a vampire that sparkles versus a wizard with glasses duh team twilight”.” Rowling understands that good guys can be ugly and bad guys can be pretty”. And all the Harry Potter books are like Harry being "My life sucks" and then Voldemort shows up and he's like "I'm going to kill you" and Harry's all like "No way" and then Harry wins in the end. Look at Harry and you'll see he's more angsty than Bella.

and showcased Robert Pattinson’s face.EDWARD.. but ask yourself this. in eighty years people will still flock to read Harry’s journey and meet the cast that brought it to life. . At this very moment someone is reading Harry Potter. our generation is going to be known for a variety of amazing things. It has been translated into 67 languages.. and is being read every day. While Harry Potter started out as a phenomenon before Daniel Radcliffe. or want to see Taylor Lautner or Robert Pattinson all old and wrinkly. Rupert Grint. things that changed history. EMMETT. Harry Potter is the number one selling book series. but Twilight has way more romance and more hot guys. in eighty years will anyone really want to read about a whiny lovesick girl. and things that changed life as we know it. In conclusion. Harry Potter is better than Twilight. and Taylor Lautner’s abs. second to the bible. and Emma Watson were ever even cast. shirtless? Harry Potter withstands the tests of time. JASPER.. CARLISLE!! Need I say more!” Honestly Twilight didn’t even become popular until the movies came good too.

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