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The OC Blog asked: What is the best behavior management system you have used?

Without a doubt, the Clip Chart system! *SunnyDays Curriculum Connection

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." :P It's a lot less stress on me and it makes the kid worry (even tho I told him or her not to :P) It's more meaningful as well./0)1"23-44+556"735."&"(889:. " !"#$%%"&"'()"*+. (cont) " I struggle w ith the idea of som ething up for everyone to see w ho is having a good day and w ho is struggling--I did that w ith a clip system at one point.=>56" " ..but don't worry about it.-. because when things are calmer. the whole WORLD w ould know before the kid got hom e to tell his or her fam ily! *Teresa B.-. but w here I am it w ouldn't w ork because I have SO m any visitors and other students in m y classroom . we can have a rational.. calm discussion about the behavior and what caused it.<<<=8()*+.I use a lot of Love and Logic in my classroom--delayed consequences with the "I've gotta do something./0)123-44+556735.

/0)123-44+556735." W e have som ething called Jazzy Cash.-."&"(889:. T hey can buy things w ith the cash.<<<=8()*+. It is called being a PBS school. we used the "Spare the rod.. -) *Amy B. W e give students a Jazzy Cash w hen they are caught being good. " !"#$%%"&"'()"*+.In the old days. It seemed to work pretty well. T hey get treasure box item s and pay f or jobs and w e have school w ide events they pay to participate in. spoil the child" system. *A ngela G .-.=>56" " ./0)1"23-44+556"735.

call them to the carpet. I use them to quiet them before the hall.=>56" " ./0)123-44+556735.. " !"#$%%"&"'()"*+. remind them of rules.<<<=8()*+.. get them focused. *Amber S.." Stop light! I have students with various disabilities and works great! *Christina M."&"(889:.I use so many. etc.-. I use the stoplight for daily monitoring. but my most FUN management tool is singing songs.-./0)1"23-44+556"735.

*T eresa B.=>56" " .../0)123-44+556735.."&"(889:.. " I have a f riend w ho uses the sam e sy stem and she has a m onthly calendar that the kids keep in their take hom e f older--kids record at the end of each day w hat sort of day they had w ith sm iley f aces or f row n f aces (w ith specif ic colors) and a note can go hom e that night if needed.-..-.../0)1"23-44+556"735. " " !"#$%%"&"'()"*+.<<<=8()*+.It's simple...POSITIVE PRAISE!!!!! *Lorraine V.

Parents would find out Friday afternoon that their child had a rough day on Tuesday.=>56" " . By then.-.I've taught 1st grade for 9 years."&"(889:. it's too late to solve the problem.<<<=8()*+.. I used to use a 'Go for the Green' system that my coworkers had in place at my old school. (cont) " !"#$%%"&"'()"*+./0)123-44+556735. (cont)" slip so families knew what kind of The downfall was that others could see who had changed a card and that the family communication component was too late./0)1"23-44+556"735. I liked that each day was a fresh start and I sent home a weekly week their child had.-.

etc and on Fridays children use the dollars to buy a prize! My 1st graders love this system! (cont) reward correct behavior and actions instead of punish incorrect behavior. returning homework. I fine students a dollar for I like that I can immediately misbehaving. " !"#$%%"&"'()"*+./0)123-44+556735.=>56" " . library books.<<<=8()*+. Every now and then. I pay teacher dollars instead./0)1"23-44+556"735."&"(889:. I'm acknowledging positive behavior! :0) *Angie V. but more often than not.-. positive behavior.For the past several years. I pay students for finishing work.-..

/0)1"23-44+556"735. I know this sounds like a lot.I use the card system and send student fills out when he/she changes behavior."&"(889:. (cont)" Also.=>56" " . These bonus tickets are for im prom tu things and it does not m atter if your card is changed or not. so students w ho have had a bad day and have had to change their card. *M ichelle R./0)123-44+556735.. " !"#$%%"&"'()"*+. For positive behavior.-.<<<=8()*+. but it really w orks for m e. I pass out tickets for bonus behaviors and draw nam es for students to pick out of the goodie box. can still earn positive rew ards. This is for negative home a conduct sheet that the they can "buy" admission to.-. we pass out Carver Cash daily for any good behavior which the students apply toward grade level events his card.

.-. A hug in the morning.<<<=8()*+.The BEST management system is to love your students and make sure they know it! Actions speak louder than words. a hug when they leave. It's w ell know n because they've been doing it f or years! *Jennif er B. w e don't have to do m uch reteaching about behavioral expectations or m anagem ent sy stem s at the beginning of each y ear.-."&"(889:. and even a hug when they've pushed you "over the edge!" *Stacey V./0)123-44+556735. It is unif orm through the w hole school and as such." W e use PBS (Positive Behavior Support) in conjunction w ith Increase the Peace. " !"#$%%"&"'()"*+./0)1"23-44+556"735.=>56" " .

Now students are super m otivated and focused on clipping off the chart! Even the students w ho didn't care before are w orking hard for the positive reinforcem ent:) *M egan C./0)1"23-44+556"735. I sw itched to the clip chart system and LOVE it./0)123-44+556735.<<<=8()*+. Then every week or two they count their coins and go to the treasure chest. It encourages good behavior and they *Brian H. " " !"#$%%"&"'()"*+..-.=>56" " .I like giving all students a crayon they make good choices." bank and giving them coins when learn to count money in a fun way! I used to use the card system but hated it because students that needed the consequences didn't care about losing the card.-."&"(889:.

If they want to."&"(889:.-.<<<=8()*+. hom ew ork pass. " " !"#$%%"&"'()"*+. or get a pickle. sit in the rolling chair the next w eek.-.I give out Bradford Bucks (tickets) for following directions./0)1"23-44+556"735. doing homework. treasure box. the students put their bucks in a drawing on Fridays (they can also save their bucks for the next week). M y kids go crazy f or pickles and w ill do any thing f or one!! *Lauren B. (cont)" I draw f our or f ive nam es and those students can pick either sit by a f riend f or the w hole next w eek.=>56" " . etc../0)123-44+556735. sit in the bean bag the next w eek. following rules.

T hey can also "brag" to the of f ice af ter m oving it up tw ice to show them that the of f ice is not alw ays a "bad" place. I make mistakes and can "turn it (cont)" think that really shows that we all around" and make better choices./0)123-44+556735."&"(889:.<<<=8()*+.-. But.I love my star chart! It is used for students can earn stars or lose stars. they earn a punch on their card. it can be turned in f or a prize f rom the prize box.=>56" " . " " !"#$%%"&"'()"*+.-./0)1"23-44+556"735. A f ter 10 punches. I teach K. even if they lose a star. The W hen they m ove "up" on the chart f or good behavior. *Linda R . positive or negative behavior.. they have a chance to earn it back.

.<<<=8()*+. love.-.=>56" " . I love filling up the popcorn jar.But. if the class is very good it is a very big scoop (believe m e they w atch) and it I only place a sm all scoop into the jar." The Easiest token I also.system by Angela Powell in her book Cornerstone! Love.. " " !"#$%%"&"'()"*+. they try harder to be their very best.-."&"(889:.We all enjoy a popcorn party! *Nell T.. have used m any different ideas in the past../0)1"23-44+556"735. I scoop up popcorn and add it too a jar. love it!!! :) *Sarah C./0)123-44+556735..

. I like a private sy stem rather than one that is on display f or everyone to see. " " !"#$%%"&"'()"*+."&"(889:./0)1"23-44+556"735. *R achel L. They will work hard for a few marbles toward that marble party./0)123-44+556735.<<<=8()*+. (cont)" For individual students.I have used many systems and like a combination of several .-. T heir lives are hard enough.=>56" " .for the whole class you can't beat a marble jar. Q uirky kids (and there are so m any now ) of ten f ind it challenging to do w hat is easy f or everyone else.-. so I don't w ant to m ake it harder.

they try harder to be their very best. I jar. if the class is very good it is a watch) and it I only place a small scoop into the jar...=>56" " ../0)1"23-44+556"735.-./0)123-44+556735."&"(889:.<<<=8()*+. " " " !"#$%%"&"'()"*+.-. (cont)" very big scoop (believe me they scoop up popcorn and add it too a We all enjoy a popcorn party! *Nell T.I love filling up the popcorn jar.

yes. " wholebrainteaching. class they respond yes. oh class. We recite the 5 rules which we also put with sign language everyday. Also.<<<=8()* an " !"#$%%"&"'()"*+. oh yes.=>56" " .-. If you don't know about this./0)123-44+556735."&"(889:. teacher says class. (cont)" There are many variations like classity class yesity yes. this gets their attention like no other./0)1"23-44+556"735. check out their free website: excellent site! *Joni B.. "class-yes".I use whole brain teaching rules.-.

When I asked my kiddos what their favorite part of first grade was the answer I got most was beads and fun Friday./0)123-44+556735. draw on the white board.. a neat paper. legos.-. etc. it could be a clever answer to a question. They would make patterns and really enjoyed just collecting the beads."&"(889:.<<<=8()*+. They put the beads on a pipe cleaner. My first graders earn beads for lots of different positive choices. They turn them in on Friday and we start again on Monday. I've done it for 3 years and LOVE it! *Karen H./0)1"23-44+556"735. The ones with the most beads on Friday get first pick for fun Friday.I use Angela Powell's bead system. They never know what I might give a bead out for. " " !"#$%%"&"'()"*+. (cont)" Only so many people can do each activity. anything! On Friday we have a 30 minute fun friday time. It could be working quietly. They choose computers.=>56" " .-.

not sw im . At the beginning of the day everyone begins on the "tree trunk". I have a palm tree mural on the wall and each student has a parrot with their name on it. Parrots m ove up and dow n throughout the day based on their behavior choices. then to the stars. The students can move their parrot up to the leaves./0)123-44+556735.=>56" " .<<<=8()*+.-./0)1"23-44+556"735. " " !"#$%%"&"'()"*+. (cont)" The students can also m ove their parrot dow n to the w ater that is beneath the tree. then the sky. Students don't w ant their parrot to "be in the water" because parrots are supposed to fly..-.I use the "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" theme in my classroom."&"(889:." I have used the sam e behavior system for the last 6 years w ith m y kindergarten students and they love it! *Jill H.

I use a responsibility log. I simply say sign the log. (cont)" During class./0)123-44+556735. Students have to sign the log when they a consequence for each time a student signs his/her log. The log make poor behavior choices.-.-."&"(889:. There is requires the student to write a brief description of what they did wrong. (cont) " sheet home at the end of the " !"#$%%"&"'()"*+.=>56" " .<<<=8()*+. I send the week for the parents to see and sign. The student has to then figure out what poor choice he/she made../0)1"23-44+556"735.

My reward system is a team building competition.-.blogspot.-. I'll be posting copies of all m y form s to m y blog. This helps ensure students are ring responsible for their learning./0)1"23-44+556"735. w w w . " " !"#$%%"&"'()"*+. It also fosters som e interesting educational conversations am ongst m y students.<<<=8()*+. (cont)" Team s can earn points by w orking cooperatively during class and doing w ell on tests. Super teams is what I call it. *A shley A . Students are organized into teams where they can earn points toward prizes.teachingto-go."&"(889:. Nothing wrong with a little healthy competition./0)123-44+556735.=>56" "

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