ArL llrsL

21 LasLcasLle SLreeL
London W1W 8uu

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Louls khehla Maqhubela - Symphony, 2013, oll on canvas (LrlpLych), 102x234cm

1he ln8 !oburg ArL lalr
SandLon ConvenLlon CenLre, Maude SLreeL, SandLon 2196

lalr open 27
- 29
lrlday 11am - 8pm / SaLurday 10am - 8pm / Sunday 10am - 3pm

lor all furLher lnformaLlon please conLacL

Lmall: clare[
1el: +44(0)2077340386
Mob: +44(0)7711943098

!onl 8renner
Skull SLudy, 2013
waLercolour, 18x18cm

Louls khehla Maqhubela
CelesLlal Þro[ecL, 2012
oll on canvas, 103x110.3cm
!onl 8renner, Louls Maqhubela
and karel nel are all SouLh
Afrlcan arLlsLs exLenslvely
represenLed by ArL llrsL, London.
nel was glven Lhe flrsL solo
exhlblLlon when Lhe gallery
opened ln lLs Cork SLreeL
premlses ln 1994 and afLer Lhe
groundbreaklng Afrlca 1993
lesLlval Lhe followlng year, Lhe
SmlLhsonlan's naLlonal Museum
of Afrlcan ArL (WashlngLon u.C)
curaLors made conLacL wlLh ArL
llrsL and began a long and frulLful
relaLlonshlp, acqulrlng noL only
karel nel's key work 8loeptlot of
tbe 1oble noose, buL also work by
Louls Maqhubela, uavld koloane,
Wllllam kenLrldge, Ceorgla
Þapageorge and !eremy Wafer.

ArL llrsL conLlnues Lo esLabllsh
llnks wlLh lnsLlLuLlons and
collecLors ln SouLh Afrlca, Lhe uk
and Lhe uSA and collaboraLed
closely wlLh Marllyn MarLln and
Lhe SLandard 8ank ln produclng
Lhe ma[or book on Louls
Maqhubela's llfe and work, whlch
accompanled a magnlflcenL
reLrospecLlve exhlblLlon, openlng
aL Lhe SLandard 8ank Callery ln
2011 and Lourlng Lo Lhe SouLh
Afrlcan naLlonal Callery ln Cape
1own, Lhen Lhe uurban ArL
Callery. A vlqll of uepottote
ensured Lhe acclalm and
recognlLlon from Lhls long-
awalLed homecomlng, and ArL
llrsL ls pleased Lo be presenLlng a
new LrlpLych by Maqhubela
creaLed especlally for Lhls falr.
ArL llrsL ls also presenLlng new
work by !onl 8renner (Þrlnclpal
1uLor ln PlsLory of ArL aL WlLs)
from her dlsLlngulshed skulls and
navel serles ln waLercolour,
alongslde powerful porLralL
palnLlngs ln oll on sLone, hard
surfaces usually assoclaLed wlLh
Lhe durablllLy of LradlLlonal
memorlal markers. Cll palnL, a
medlum long assoclaLed wlLh
longevlLy, used on Lhese cool
sLone surfaces, renders Lhe oll
palnL unnervlngly morLal. ln
8renner's hands Lhe porLralLs
Lake on an exlsLenLlal lmmedlacy,
and a llvlng presence whlch
challenges and lnvlgoraLes a long
esLabllshed LradlLlon focused on
exacL llkenesses.

karel nel's verLlcal drawlng,
5tockeJ coJo references cuLLlng
edge conLemporary forms of
sclenLlflc daLa analysls. As
resldenL arLlsL for Lhe CCSMCS
Þro[ecL, ln whlch an lnLernaLlonal
Leam of asLro-physlclsLs are
measurlng 2 square degrees of
Lhe unlverse, nel has had access
Lo Lhelr share of 10° of daLa from
Pubble, and hls readlngs of Lhe
naLure and shape of space glve
vlsual credence Lo concepLs
whlch border on unlmaglnable
noLlons of lnflnlLy.

karel nel
SLacked Coda, 2008
pasLel & sprayed plgmenL on flbre-fabrlc
nel's laLesL serles of large, compelllng drawlngs, one of whlch ls on vlew on Lhe sLand,
are from a group called 1be 5poce of 5bope ln a dellberaLe reversal of Lhe CCSMCS
enLerprlse. lor Lhese works are abouL llfe ln Lhe sLudlo, an arena ln whlch LhoughL and
form Lake shape, and where Lhe arLlsL conflgures hls own parLlcular reallLy.

5lleot 1btesbolJs, Lhe LlLle of nel's new exhlblLlon, opens ln London aL ArL llrsL on 16
CcLober 2013. lL wlll be hls flrsL showlng slnce he advlsed and parLlclpaLed ln Lhe
landmark exhlblLlon lasL year called 1be Aftlcoo cosmos - 5tellot Atts aL Lhe naLlonal
Museum of Afrlcan ArL, SmlLhsonlan, WashlngLon uC.

1he accompanylng museum publlcaLlon lncludes an lmporLanL essay by nel, 1be cosmos
ooJ Aftlco / 8oloocloq uoto ooJ tbe loetlcs of koowleJqe. We wlll see more of hls
wrlLlng wlLh lnLervlews and analyLlcal essays, ln a very long awalLed book on hls work, hls
collecLlons, commlsslons, lnsLallaLlons and essays whlch ls currenLly under way, Lo be
publlshed ln SouLh Afrlca laLer ln 2014.

nel's work can be found ln promlnenL publlc and prlvaLe collecLlons LhroughouL SouLh
Afrlca, Lurope, and, ln Lhe, uSA works have been acqulred by Lhe MeLropollLan Museum
of ArL, n?, and Lhe naLlonal Museum of Afrlcan ArL (SmlLhsonlan), WashlngLon u.C.

karel nel ln hls sLudlo ln 8lvonla, !oburg, worklng on new drawlngs for Lhe 2013
exhlblLlon 5lleot 1btesbolJs.

ArL llrsL's gallery space ln London ls slLuaLed on LasLcasLle SLreeL, W1 - [usL 2 mlnuLes
walk from Cxford Clrcus underground sLaLlon and ln Lhe hearL of llLzrovla - a dynamlc
and emerglng area for arLs and culLure ln Lhe hearL of Lhe clLy cenLre.

lor all enqulres and furLher lnformaLlon
on any of Lhe aforemenLloned arLlsLs, please conLacL

+44 (0)2077340386

!onl 8renner
lcon for Lhe ueparLed Soul
Cll on porcelaln, 30x29x3.3cm
ArL llrsL
21 LasLcasLle SLreeL
London W1W 8uu