The setting is a group of five “islands”, although small continents would be a better description. The center of these islands, as well as the capital state is Brimcarr (Old English for sea and rock), and the capital city is Bristrol (as well as that to the entire Empire). To the north is Gicel (Old English for Ice), and it harvests the majority of Salt for the Islands. Salt is found in glaciers, and Gicel has many glaciers through which to provide Salt. To the south is Buclic (Old English for “like a goat”), and as it is the hottest of the Islands it is the biggest provider of meat, vegetables and fruits, and pirates. Many pirates make use of the island’s coves as base of operations for them to launch attacks on the other islands. To the northeast is Sciedbrim (Old English for “shield and sea”) and prior to the Flooding it was the biggest producer of metal and iron. However, since the Flood had diluted the majority of these materials the Sciedites have turned to arms manufacturing, relying on imports from Neoethan. To the south west is Noethan (Old Englis for “below”), so named because it was before the Flooding the weakest and poorest of the Islands. Prior to the Flooding it had the least amount of natural materials; its soil was filled with rocks, making farming difficult and most fish avoided its waters due to the high concentration of salt. However the Flooding broke off significant parts of the island, allowing the Noethians to discover the troves of natural minerals and metals. Beyond the Islands is for the most part a mystery. There a pockets of small islands that house the Pagan tribes, which makes travelling anything beyond the Five Way

Routes a dangerous proposition. The Flooding had completely drowned the kingdom of Flugsteig, and the mountains became spears of rock and earth that protrude from the sea. The waters are violent and no ship has ever managed to journey beyond. As a result, the Islands have become isolated. The people of the Islands know only the words of the Deep God and his Drowned Priests, and the ruling of the Empress is unchallenged. The Frontier Isles The Islands are the true beacons of civilization in the Empire, and are the home of the bulk of the Imperial citizens. However, there are much smaller isles that lie outside the Imperial jurisdiction. These islands are on the Frontier, so to speak, the unexplored seas that represent a new way of life for many Imperial citizens. Many Imperials want an escape from the bureaucracy, or they want another chance at a new life. With the use of the Sea Wardens, the Empire encourages this explorative trait in its citizens. The Frontier is called so for a reason – it is untamed, and when it is untamed that means it is dangerous. Pirates see easy prey for continued “protection payments”, there are monsters of the sea that could attack at any moment, storms that could devastate a small town, and Pagan raids. It’s not a safe way of life, but Imperials have a desire in their hearts to expand their world. And many do not have a choice – it’s either remain where they are or put their lives on the line and go to the Frontier.


The City
The Factions The Drowned Abbey: The faith of the Deep God is the dominant, and only legal religion, on the Islands. Created by Eisaleter Orwyel (A rearranging of the famous occultist Aleister Crowley’s name) twenty five years after the Flooding, it oversurped the then standard religion of Elethma (a rearranging of Crowley’s faith Thelema). Fifteen years of religious “shadow wars” followed until the “Ascension at Callisprey” in which Orwyel oversaw the execution of the last of the Elethites. They were pushed over the cliffs of Callisprey into the raging tides below. Since the Ascension the Drowned Abbey has become the dominant faith of the Islands. The masked Drowned Priests are a cornerstone of islander life. Dressed in robes colored either gray or a dark blue, they cover their faces with a wooden mask inscribed with waves, fish, whales and other aspects from the sea. When they are seen without their masks their faces are covered in green paste created from seaweed. The faith of the deep God is simple: the Deep God was the cause of the Flooding, but He was also the cause of Salt. Please him, or else. The “else” is rather ambiguous and varies from congregation to congregation although they all follow the theme of “end of the world”. Expectations would say that the Drowned Abbey would argue that any sort of step towards progress would incur the wrath of the Deep God, but this is not the case at all. After all, the Drowned Priests insist that it was the Deep God that granted the discovery of Salt in the first place, and the Abbey was eager to give financial support to engineers of promise.

However, what the Abbey is not progressive is with the acceptance of magic. The Abbey preaches that it was man’s careless use of the arcane that caused the Drowning,and although magic has not been outlawed on the Islands by law it certainly has turned into a taboo. Many of the Pagans use magic as well, and stories of human sacrifice, sexual deviance, and open worship of the Whisperer all add to the zeitgeist against magic. The enemy of the religion is the Whisperer, the patron of sorcery. He is a sly god, portrayed as having a silver tongue (in both the literal and figurative sense). He does not have a devilish appearance, but rather as a pale man with blonde hair. The garbs he wears differ with different interpretations. The Salters: The Salters are essentially the engineers of the Islands. The first of the Salters was Toman Neway, who was the man that discovered the energy producing properties of Salt. When placed condensed into liquid and then heated Salt is able to provide an absurdly large amount of energy,and since this energy is only expelled when heated it is also very long lasting. Neway changed the Islands forever; no less than sixty years after the Flooding, the Islands were not just equal to their level of prosperity prior of the Flooding, but they quickly exceeded it. Neway’s advances in the sciences made both him and the Drowned Abbey very rich very quickly. Following his newfound fortune he was too quick to establish a faction of other scientific individuals to secure his fortune and influence on society. The Salters has become a sort of union for engineers and scientists that delve into Salt, but they still hold considerable weight in society. They do not hold specific political prowess, such as any of the noble courts or the Drowned


But the two groups share such similar goals and philosophies it can be hard to see the differences between the two. but they are the source of the Island’s prosperity. The Red came about as a result of the poor conditions of the laborers as instilled by the Barons. The Barons: The Salters are the innovators. The Men in Red have divided themselves from the Hammer. mostly so they can share in the glory of their achievements. Unlike the Nobles. Refusing to share any achievements outside of the Salters would have devastating effects. a semi militant group that wants to see a social uprising. and they represent the greatest economic power in the Isles. a coat of arms. Some families do not have the influence to send one so they align with other families with similar stature and ideologies and send a representative to represent them all. there are hundreds of noble families. All of the families have an insignia. the thing about these “absolute measures” is that they are not violent or offensive in any way. and the Red in turn will do whatever they can to undermine the Barons’ operations. a representative body that shares some of the burden of ruling the Islands with the Empress.the idea that your deeds are etched into history. often from the shadows. The Room of Faces is a gallery of death masks of the most prestigious and greatest members of their family. Both will have them be part of the future of the Islands. and in that steading is a Room of Faces. The policies of the Barons brought about then unheard of productivity and progress in the Isles.Abbey. and the manipulators of the practical ascension of the Isles. The Barons unite under a common banner to ensure that their interests are kept in check. insisting in pamphlets and secret meetings that they abhor the violent ways of the Hammer. this was not much more different than the abolished serfdom. at the cost of horrid working conditions. The Barons especially do everything they can to deter the Red. the Barons are the industrialists. Every family has a steading. Since the rise of the Barons. Some date back to the beginning of the Empire’s history. In reality. but not all are as important as others. All are important. They also organize strikes amongst the various factories. Many Salters are often employed by a member of the aristocracy. However. The Noble Courts: Throughout the six Islands. The Men in Red: Signified by a bold red X. the Barons usually just go themselves. whom send a representative to the Court of Lords. The Barons are the lords of the workers. However. there had been a slight divide amongst the Red in the form of The People’s Hammer. while some are as recent as a few years back. the masters of the wages. one way or another. the aristocracy have lost some clout in the machinations of the Islands. as well as “words of power” which acts as their catchphrase. but additionally so the Salter will educate their children. Many families have one of their own as a part of the Court of Lords. An important aspect of every royal family is the idea of renown . that gives insight into the family’s history and beliefs. However they are aiming to secure their place in Islander society. The Barons are the owners of the factories and the mines. and every 4 . The Men in Red essentially help organize laborers across the factories so that they may get some representation. the Men in Red are labeled by anarchist terrorists by the ruling powers.

.son and daughter is raised up knowing the name and deeds of each and every one of these great men and women.in which the noble upstart Joffrey Rosenkratz in a single night completely assassinated the royal family and the patriarchs of their most loyal houses in a single night. She has two children. or you are not. many of the peasants loved the preceding emperor. or several if they feel the need for them. The island of Brimcarr is the one island of the Empire that has access to every natural resource a civilization needs . Lastly. Their words are “We Rise Higher and Higher”. and their insignia is a red rose on a white banner. However immediately following this he had Bristrol garrisoned with ten legions of mercenaries. not just because of it being the royal capital but additionally because it is the heart of the Empire’s industry. Joffrey quickly acted to make sure all of the major factions were on his side. Becoming a Lord Protector is a rather informal process .you are either declared one. Not even the Drowning or the rise of the Drowned Abbey had dissuaded them. he gave plenty of shows to demonstrate his love for the serfs and laborers.The Rosenkratzs: The Rosenkratz came into power four hundred years ago at the Glorious Revolution. However. Although he did little of it in practice. A civil war nearly broke out over it. Lord Protectors ensure that the interest of their noble lord or lady is kept in check. His predecessor had imposed a series of strict taxes on the nobles to fund a way with Kharjavistan. The houses had no choice but to concede. Salt was given another purpose in the form of Chems. thus holding the capital of the Islands at the throat. secured the middle ground between following the faith 5 . when entered into the bloodstream via syringes. All of the isles deal with Bristrol in some way or another. Lord Protectors are essentially elite bodyguards. This has. Chems are Salt reduced to an anatomical level thanks to a high level electrical current that. Joffrey quickly acted to abolish serfdom. Joffrey’s removal of the taxes got enough of the Houses on his side that he did not need to worry about a coup. Lord Protectors: Each noble family has a Lord Protector. and her son Caldwin. Joffrey earned the respect of the Elethites by offering his right eye to the fire. It was less assassination and more lighting the chapel at which the wedding they were attending on fire and locking all of the gates. The Royal Family . “magical powers” via alterations of the biological structure of the user. of course. and her Lord Protector is Mativo Collesto. it is the crossroads of the Empire. but by the time the dust settled Joffrey was the most loved emperor in (then) recent history. her eldest daughter Elizabeth. Industry Bristrol is a vibrant city.. although that does not necessarily mean that is all they do.even Salt is prevalent to Brimcarr in the form of whale blubber and oil . but after the war he had not redacted them.thus giving it the advantage it needed to conquer all of the isles. Ever since. Thanks to the works of the late Vizery Kitchiv. such as yearly festivals. Normally. The current empress is Adalia II. this would result in Joffrey being executed for high treason. the Rosenkratz have firmly been in power of the Islands. forcing the nobles to pay the laborers on their land a fair wage. Lord Protectors also act as spy masters when the need arises.

6 . Not much is known. But once Salt became such a valued resource. from within the Isles and to the rest of the world. But the district was flooded along with the world. and no engineer had managed to conceive of a way to restore the district to its former glory.of the Deep God and tapping into humanity’s latent powers. The Flooded District . It was expected that the criminal element would just destroy itself. On paper this should have been a rejuvenating period for the district. Rose District . what happened instead was a civilization was created inside Bedlam.Before the Flooding.Also known as the Royal District or the Lords’ District. The air is thick with the smell of Salt. The name came from Bedlam House. The Old Port District . albeit one that lives in the shadow of Bristrol. and the streets are filled with workers homes. many of navigation routes were recharted to the Old Port District. and the importance of whale blubber became apparent. Back then the Rose District was just all for looks. the district that rested on the western shores was the Government District. with the glaciers and whales that contained them. But once Salt came out. but there is some aspect of a thriving culture in the Bedlam district.Before the rise of the Salted District the Old Port District was a failing center. Dock workers flocked into the Old Port. it was decided to just build a great wall around the district and dump all of the criminals in there. but the Court of Lords was in the Government District. the home of the royal family. It is located right in the middle of Bristrol. is located in the middle of the district. Bedlam District . The Industrial District – The Industrial District is the home of most of Bristrol’s factories and workshops. Districts Bristrol is made up of six separate districts. For now Chems are a common factor of life in the Empire. the Rose District is the heart of the Imperial Government. The White Keep. but in truth it just made matters worse. After the fire. Contractors hoping to build more apartments for the additional demand were not able to get the necessary contracts as the district’s jurisdiction was already filled to the max. Before the Salted Revolution the district handled imports and exports of material goods.An entire district devoted as a prison for the mad and the worst criminals of the city. The famous Asternhouse Processing Plant and Wrincting Butcher House reside within this district. which called the district home before the Great Fire. Most did not find room and were forced to live on the streets. which devastated many of the prisons and cells. There is much dispute within the Drowned Abbey on if this is pagan magic or scientific progress. flooding the streets and the apartments. The near entirety of the technological advances of the Empire are produced here. each serving a different purpose. However. The Salted District -The smell of the sea permeates the most southern district. sure it was where the White Keep was located. It was too far off from the general trading routes to flourish like the Salted District. where the true heart of the Empire lied. the handling of trade was moved over to adjacent district and the Salted District handled the two goods exclusively.

7 .

They are men that are used to the call of battle and the scent of blood on their bodies. whaling ships may want to show some muscle to deter agitated workers from complaining…mercenaries are still an important part of Imperial life. Pit fighters come from many walks of life. Career: Bounty Hunter Original: Bounty Hunter (Basic) Lore: The criminal elements will always slip through the cracks. and it is even better if 8 . the Guards of the Word can only search in so many places. Career: Pit Fighter Original: Pit Fighter (Basic) Lore: Arena fighters date back to even before Brimcarr united the Islands into the Empire. the Pagans still had a presence in the uncharted waters…there were many ways a mercenary could find work. Some are dressed in little more than rags and armed with rusted knives. Some of these are remnants of the world before the Flooding. That is because most will pay more handsomely for a living target rather than a corpse. The savage nature of the Islands had produced a love for blood sports that had never quite left the Imperials after they were civilized. civilizing the frontier. hundreds of smaller ones lurk in the seas. Often times they become mercenaries. you need to rely on Bounty Hunters to get the job done.Career: The Swordborn Original: Ogre Maneater (Basic) Lore: While in truth there are only five islands in the Empire. but that is not necessarily true. Career: Mercenary Original: Mercenary (Basic) Lore: Ever since the Flooding there had been relative peace among the Isles. Sometimes. sometimes bodyguards for the elite. The Flooding did not necessarily wash those away. The frontier produces many sons and daughters of the Empire born with an adventurous fire in their breasts. People love to see criminals suffer for their crimes. just as many are prisoners as there are professional fighters that have turned the arena into a stage for entertainment. These that are “born with a sword in their hands” are not content with their tropical homes. while others are new arrivals caused by whatever natural means. the good along with the bad. The Wardens can only reach so far. Many loyal citizens of the Empire live in this “wilderness”. The best of Bounty Hunters will secure their targets alive. These clusters of islands have been stereotyped as housing just the Pagans. They are often marked with a small wooden sword – either carved or just a pair of sticks tied together – hanging from their necks like a pendant. Mercenaries can act as union busters for the Barons. Bounty Hunters will go into the criminal elements to secure their bounties. They want to see the entirety of the world. All were forged with their harsh existence. Before the Flooding nobles would fight among themselves – sometimes violently – there would be captains that would need additional hands against pirate ships. and either have difficulty finding clean jobs or have no desire for any. and so pit fighting continues as entertainment for the masses and the elite alike. Half criminals themselves. Most mercenaries are not born from green men: they tend to come from the Imperial Navy itself. while others wear finely stitched armaments and equipped with fine steel.

Every Island has their own standing Navy. to some extent. or perhaps even by the Empress herself. Most soldiers don’t wear plated armor. Men of arms will always have a need in the Empire. and professional soldiers are honored by coin and prestige. but it is not at peace. but that does not mean they will experience combat. while others are enlisted into elite squads. rogue nobles within the cities. the seas are another matter. Career: Champion Original: Champion (Epic) Lore: It is an odd thing. to be declared a Champion. so soldiers can be wide spread in terms of discipline. the Pagans in the frontier. The Isles are at relative peace. People love to see hangings. gangs and terrorists that hide within the shadows.that suffering is stretched over dozens of years instead of condensed into a quick death. and the largest scenes of combat are on the frontier islands and they have almost no Imperial presence. They are often hired by the great Lords of the Empire. or in an entire region. There are those that survive. and standard armaments. but they are not commanders of men. Career: Veteran Original: Veteran (Advanced) Lore: Every soldier of the Isles is a trained fighter man. and they are honored. Career: Soldier Original: Soldier (Basic) Lore: The Empire may not be at war. Champions are the greatest soldiers that are employed by the Empire. Monsters inhabit the murky depths and pirates plague the coast. Being a Champion is not just some mere ceremonial declaration – a Champion is the greatest warrior in a branch of the Imperial Navy. However. 9 . But there are also those that go beyond mere survival become men who are trusted by their commanders to get the job done no matter the cost. and there are significant privileges associated with that distinction. Many admirals will come to them for advice and suggestions in matters of stratagem. A blade or rapier is common. although it is likely that they will achieve that distinction in time if they desire it. as it is too expensive and will do little against a bullet. The Isles are beset by enemies on all sides. Or a hanging. Not yet. quality of training. Veterans are celebrated soldiers in the Imperial Navy. but rifles are practically used across the board. Some Veterans remain with the ships they were originally assigned to. The Navy fights to preserve the prosperity of the Isles and Imperial men and women die every day.

in which case you can escape with power intact. Although officially the commissioners say they are cracking down on such behavior. If you are seen as a man of dishonor you will be treated as such and your life will crumble into run. but the appreciation for such talent is losing its luster when faced with rifles. Career: The Iron Marked Original: Sword Master (Basic) Lore: Those That Are Marked by Iron. The opposite is true as well. However. To say they take their fair share from those they protect would be fairly close to the truth. Not all are necessarily under the Imperial pay grade – the rich may hire members of the Watch to act as bodyguards for their estates. Many Champions are controversial figures because of their association with Barons or Lords that have enacted policies that go against public interest. with some Champions harboring legislature that the public approved. are a warrior society that borders on religious ground. Career: Duelist Original: Avengers (Advanced) Lore: Honor is everything to men of station.However. not all members act with such distinction. In essence. And they will want justice. before Salt. How men perceive you will affect every aspect of your life and whom you deal with. The date back to a time before the factories. The Watch has to go into the center of crime riddled Bristrol. For example. 10 . Touched are to aid the righteous rulers in benefiting a region – but who is a righteous ruler when a man can be given charge just by having a large sum of money? Career: City Watch Original: Watchman (Basic) Lore: Those of the Watch are not part of the Navy. there will be those that are harmed by such individuals. Avengers are those men and women of nobility that have sworn to right these wrongs. The City Watch are the police of Bristrol. before the Flooding. Watchmen have been known to take bribes. they are gang thugs in different clothes. or the Iron Marked. a belief that is greater than all other tenants in their discipline. or the Marked. The fact that the Touched adhere to such a rigid code in the face of so much change makes them a controversial figure at best. The Touched follow a rigorous code of honor that has them do Good. or take advantage of others. the upholders of the law. Unless you are a man of power and influence. Although the Watch is a lawful organization. the truth is much more muddled. and Watchmen are not nearly compensated well enough. although that does not disqualify them from having come from that or enlisting in the future. The Marked are some of the very best swordsman in the Islands. Champions will often be demanded to take command in matters of martial law.

although men of low birth but of considerable talent have managed to secure the position. but nearly every Commodore is an individual somewhat versed in the knowledge of warfare and knows how to lead men. who follows the command of the Fleet Admiral. it is very rare (to the point of nonexistence) for any Admiral to give direct orders to his fleet. However. and are some of the very best one-on-one fighters in the Empire. They may not necessarily have much martial experience. but rather one bought with coin. In truth it would be better to say that Commandants are scientists of war. and some of their hunts can last years. An Avenger can be defeated in combat.Avengers are assassins. but they are those of respect and dignity. The position is not a hereditary one. Those that prove themselves to know their stuff are a welcome member to any advisory board on an Admiral’s fleet. Career: Commandant Original: Thane (Advanced) Lore: A Commandant is a noble who has been educated in the ways of war and formulate tactics and strategies for Admrials and their Captains. Career: Captain Original: Sergeant (Advanced) Lore: In a fashion. Most Commodores are nobles who had paid well for the position. The Admiral of the Fleet gives his orders to the Admirals of each of the Isles. Instead Admirals will direct orders to Commodores. As a result many Commandants have little practical knowledge of warfare and are readily ignored by the more practiced war staff. but until death takes them they will not rest until they have taken their target. Some Avengers are legendary in their exploits. rather than an actual practitioner as they rarely see the field of battle once they achieve the rank. They are well trained in the use of dueling blades and pistols. each whom have command over a dozen or so captains. Career: Commodore Original: Captain (Advanced) Lore: The navies of the Empire are appointed by the Count of each Isles to be led by an Admiral of their choosing. who is in turn voted into office by the Empress and the Court of Lords. the Imperial Navy is a series of men being assisted by men who are in charge of a body of men. who interpret his orders 11 .

before the Flooding. Many battles are fought on sea now. Privateers would often be used to either break blockades imposed upon the Empire or to enforce those that were executed upon Massalia. Marksmen are amongst the very best of the Empire’s missile troops. Career: Marksman Original: Marksman Lore: In the years before the Flooding. knights were the epitome of the might of Imperial nobility. and are as likely to be killed as the men under their command. formed the core of the army. A good Captain has to be a good soldiers. With advances in technology. However they are used.and give those interpretations to their Commodores. Privateers are now glorified explorers. They unanimously all use long barreled rifles. being as low as three or four to as much as a few hundred. Career: Privateer Original: Outrider (Advanced) Lore: In the years before the Flooding. The tens of thousands of Captains of the Imperial Navy command a wide body of sailors and soldiers. marksmen will become more essential to the Imperial military doctrine. many Captains were given permission to raid and pillage Massalian ships and colonies. short swords – a single knight could easily stand his own against two or three men-at-arms. trained to be the very best of military might. but Captains are going to be cut from the common cloth as they are men who proved themselves capable of leading men in battle. The rifle and pistol are overtaking the sword. islands that are unexplored and awaiting to be touched by the Empire. they make good use of the Imperial taxes. Commodores are most likely to be nobles who had paid for their position. missile troops were often reduced to support. Emphasis was always placed on the martial fighters. These armored soldiers. and The Knight Career 12 . and attacks from a distance can reduce casualties. However with the advance of Salt and guns the Admirals are reconsidering the importance of missile troops. or else the chain that is the Imperial Navy will just break apart. halberd. In truth they were little better than pirates. the age of the lance is over. the sword and shield. shield and sword had more weight than bows and arrows. who then give their orders to the Captains under their command. the Barons and the factories. However. and have some of the best precision within the Imperial army. seeking out these islands and performing raids on Pagan settlements. when the Empire was in a cold war with Massalia. before Salt and whale oil. except for the distinction of being titled Privateers and their exploits being manners of war rather than acts of criminals. Trained in every aspect of weaponry – the lance. The Captains are always on the front lines of any naval engagement. Pistolier › Knight › Knight of the Inner Circle › Preceptor Career: Pistolier Original: Pistolier (Basic) Lore: In the days of old. However. and as bladed weapons become out of date. However. with Massalia being either outright destroyed or separated from the Isles for as long as the Maelstrom is raging the Privateers would appear to be an extinct profession. there is the matter of the Frontier Isles.

fighting styles. Special: All knights must select an Order to join before becoming a knight. Now. Those of the Inner Circle have bled the most. To be ascended to knighthood a knight must be initiated into one of the six Knightly Orders. although some earned the honor through adventuring. They had thrown away the chivalric plated armor. and the Grand Master usually views all those below him as a son or daughter. they will become a knight. The Orders linked in history. These are exceptional cases and not the norm. No Grand Master will ever send a knightly child to their death without the very best of reasons. There is also not a single knight that does not at the least admire those of their brothers and sisters that sit within the Inner Circle of their Order. even though one must almost always be a noble to do so. and although nearly every knight will have a sword or spear at his side the Knightly Orders have taken to the pistol and rifle. There is no one way to enter the Inner Circle – it is a personal call by the Grand Master. Career: Knight of the Inner Circle Original: Knight of the Inner Circle (Advanced) Lore: There is not a single knight within any Knightly Order that is not trained to the highest standards of the Empire or is bestowed upon nothing less than the best armaments within the Isles. Career: Preceptor Original: Preceptor (Advanced) Lore: Within the rank of the Knightly Orders the Preceptor has authority second to only the Grand Master of the Order.the knight has changed with them. Before knights would fight with martial weapons. Almost all knights earned their marks as a pistolier before they were accepted into an Order. Each knight of the Order is at least a brother to another. most knights first become a pistolier at the Pistol Academy before they ascend to knight hood. Requirement: To become a Knight of the Inner Circle a character must complete the Knight career. taking up armor that absorbs the impact of shrapnel instead. but bits of metal will not be plunged into the knights’ flesh. if a Knightly Order desires them. and serve years on many ships on the frontiers. Before. Bones can still be broken. save the Grand Master themselves. It is the 13 . a squire would be ascended to knighthood. and it would take noble influence for a boy to gain the privilege of being a squire. and have wizened the most amongst all of their ranks. have fought the most. Some Orders have been known to go without a single knight in the Inner Circle for a period of time. heraldry and oaths to one and another. Once they graduate. Career: Knight Original: Knight (Advanced) Lore: Each knight is one of the best soldiers under the Imperial banner…but no knight is truly alone.

Privateers find settlements while Sea Wardens protect the island from all of its dangers. On one hand. Requirement: To become a Preceptor a character must complete the Knight of the Inner Circle career.Preceptor that maintains the chapter houses that dot the landscape of the Empire. That is because one can only become a Declarant after their island protectorate has formally joined the Empire. to remain on hand. Requirement: To become a Defender of the Isle a character must complete the Sea Warden career. Sea Warden › Defender of the Isle › Empire’s Declarant Career: Sea Warden Original: Ironbreaker (Basic) Lore: The islands that dot the Frontier are in constant peril. Many Declarants are too old to do anything else but stay. Sea Wardens are a rare breed. Whatever the circumstances. Sea Wardens work with Privateers to expand the Empire. Or when they start to be all the more aggressive to put an end to it. The Empire sees the Frontier as an investment. or a raid from pirate gangs or an assault from the Pagan tribes. as well as general. one known to signify a Warden that has on at least several occasions saved the island community from otherwise fatal circumstances. It is a rare thing – just because there is the presence of a Warden does not mean any frontier island will survive all of the trials it has faced. Declarants can be allowed to stay. but an actual town or city. A Defender of the Isle is an informal title. Each Sea Warden is a capable soldier in his own right. Career: Empire’s Declarant Original: Ironbeard (Advanced) Lore: There are only twenty three individuals in the whole of the Empire who have earned the title of Empire’s Declarant. and internal conflicts produced by the pressures of the Frontier. but it is just a ceremonial position. or perhaps even an insurrection from within the community. and so they send the Sea Wardens to secure those investments. Declarants are both revered and pitied. Requirement: To become an Empire’s Declarant a character must complete the Defender of the Isle career. helped guide a community to prosper. Additionally. The Sea Warden Career 14 . when a Warden starts to refer to himself as a Defender is when the enemies of the Empire start to reconsider attacking that specific island. A mayor or governor will be elected to take over the island. There are the threats of pagan raids. assaults from sea monsters. They act as both dictators and general for the island community as it grows. and Wardens will often select an apprentice and pass his knowledge and powers of office onto him as he retires. it takes time for a community to grow to the point where it is no longer an outpost. and in times of war it is the Preceptor that leads his brother and sister knights into battle. pirates assaulting the islands for resources. It could be from a Hydra. But a Declarant is without purpose. governor and diplomat. Career: Defender of the Isle Original: Ironshield (Advanced) Lore: There are no “true” in between rank from being a Sea Warden and becoming an Empire’s Declarant. they helped add to the Empire. but a few go out onto the seas again.

meeting and conjuring foul magic in the homes and streets. They learn the art of 15 . So few realize the abundance of heathens within the Empire’s domain. They have become practical in their executions. In fact. Just as the blade is not what one should seek vengeance on. Perhaps the degree of the threat they pose is an exaggeration. Career: Heathen Hunter Original: Dragon Slayer (Advanced) Lore: When a Hunter returns to the Isles. These individuals declare themselves to be “Hunter”. they are detectives now. they fill their lives with the death of their enemies. Firstly. The Pagans are not the true enemy. he is usually so clouded by bloodlust and fury that he does not see any enemy beyond the Pagans. Many Hunters do not survive their first encounter with the wraiths and elementals of the world. Even less so than those that survive their first strike against the Pagans. it burns with such intensity within their breasts. as the Abbey so often loves to declare to its devotees. to gather up supplies that cannot be salvaged from the ruins of their exploits. and the more common of the two. There are some Hunters that had come to hunt these heathens. but the fact that they pose a threat is unquestionable. But if they can become an enemy of the Forest Gods. As soon as a man declares himself to be a Hunter. Hunters that survive their initial encounters refocus their rage onto the spirits.Pagan Hunter › Spirit Hunter › Heathen Hunter Career: Pagan Hunter Original: Troll Slayer (Basic) Lore: The Pagans are the greatest menace the Isles have ever seen. then the Hunter is something to fear. When one declares himself a Hunter. And the Whisperer becomes interested. Some have been devastated by the Pagans. Requirement: To become a Spirit Hunter a character must complete the Pagan Hunter career. And some Imperials have been hurt more so than others. But. Whether true or not. They want it so deeply. The second is much rarer: to hunt heathens. to commit as much chaos as they can get away with. after all. if the Abbey is anything to go by. Career: Spirit Hunter Original: Giant Slayer (Advanced) Lore: Hunters live to kill. They infiltrate their lands. and they want vengeance. They have abandoned the words of God. and they raid upon island settlements. not all worshippers of the Whisperer are outside the Empire’s borders. for they realize they need to live. Almost all of them die. newspapers add him to their list of the recently deceased. By now their bloodlust has subsided. many Hunters The Hunter Career decide that the Spirits are simply controlling the Pagans to do their bidding. there are many that hide under the shadows of the Empire. They tattoo themselves in the insignia of the Deep God. they been seduced by spirits and trickster gods. Sometimes they go in plain sight and take as many Pagans as they can. and they go hunting after the Pagans. and from the shadows they kill. it is often for one of two reasons. In some ways. They do not act brashly. that nothing else matters. a twisted realization sets upon them. But as they kill. they do not just crack down every door.

The exclusive nature of the True Sons was discarded. The survivors of the True Sons returned to the Empire and created a new knightly order. Only those who could prove that their bloodlines originated to the First Men were allowed to swear brotherhood. but at the Battle of the Horns the nearly gave their lives so the Sixth Battalion could enact a devastating attack on the Masallian Fourth Legion.investigating. This has put them at odds with the Roseguard. and eventually the war. The battle at the Horns of Liuxcreio were one of the definitive ones in the war. Those knights that align with the Gray Kraken fill that void. but the bulk of their brotherhood can be found within the capitol city of Bristrol. The Legion of the True Sons of the Empire was one of the older Knightly Orders that served the Empire. but both sides sustained massive losses. as it involved fighting for domain over the hills that was the battle’s namesake. as they see themselves as the Emperor’s elite guard and by extension protective of the city as well. After the civil war came to a close the Knights of the Chimera shifted their objective to acting as protectors of the Imperial capital. utterly and completely. Knights of the Gray Kraken serve in the armies of nobles but their primary loyalties are to the Drowned Abbey. Knights from the three kingdoms came together and formed a single Order and swore to fight for the king best suited to rule the Empire. Until the years after the Flooding the Order did not accomplish anything that warranted 16 . The City Watch has also been opposed to the Chimera on occasion. and going by its name it was a very exclusive organization. The True Sons were known as a mostly ceremonial position. allowing any with merit to swear the words. The Drowned Abbey forces all of their priests to undergo martial training. THE KNIGHTLY ORDERS The Order of the Last Sons (Knights of the Blazing Sun) The Order of the Last Sons was formed in the fires of the War of the Roses between the Empire and Masallia. They put a heavy emphasis on tactical awareness. The Order of the Darkly Sons (Order of the Fiery Heart) For most of its existence the Order was kept away from the history books. They get their facts straight. they interview and interrogate. but they are not equipped to represent the Deep God on the battlefield. Knights of the Chimera (Knights Griffon) The Order of the Knights of the Chimera was founded during the Chimera Wars. that of “the Last Sons”. And then they strike. Knights of the Gray Kraken (Knights of the White Wolf) Also known as the Gray Krakens. and many Last Sons had sacrificed their lives. A sense of duty before one’s life is a big aspect of the order. Masallia would win the battle in the end. when the Empire was split into a three way civil war. using strategy over brute force. Gray Krakens can be found throughout the Empire. this Order is the fist of the Drowned Abbey. When the Abbey calls for their “excursions” of the Pagans they also send a small score of Gray Krakens along with whatever volunteers out on their raids.

The Darkly Sons don’t dispute such associations. The personal army of the Rosenkratz royal family. many Knightly Orders were lost. This has dragged them into more than one controversy over the years. Only upon successfully completing this order can a Roseguard return home and assume his duties to the Empress. the Knightly Heart was one of the first to make contact with the Pagan threat and coincidentally aligned with the Drowned Abbey. a man reputed as being the second best swordsman in the Empire behind the Empress’ Lord Protector Mativo Collesto. whose survivors banded together to survive in the new world. They embody the “knightly heart”. but they were the only Knightly Order. Sometimes it is to match against the Pagans. Nor do they see themselves as distinctly associated with the Drowned Abbey. After order was established. as well as understanding the importance of knowledge. however. The Order of the Knightly Heart (Order of the Knights Panther) In the wake of the Flooding. Those of the Knightly Heart are not dedicated to any one province of the Empire – except those that they were loyal to prior to their oaths. The Knightly Heart sees itself as a protector of the Empire as a whole. They were not the only individuals to do so. Like most Orders the majority of the knights come from noble stock. The Roseguard (The Reiksguard) There is no Knightly Order in the Empire with more prestige than the Roseguard. The Knightly Heart was formed from the ruins of several Orders. Every lord clamors for their son and marital daughter to be counted amongst this reputed organization. The leader of the Roseguard is Alfred Pitchford. although they were not present at the Ascenstion at Callisprey. As such the Darkly Sons have become associated with selfless individuals who are the first on the scene. despite its historical association with the faith. 17 . Even at their own life if the situation demands it. Upon swearing the vows. each and every member has sworn a solemn vow to protect each member of the royal family at all costs. However after the world was submerged into the depths of the sea the Darkly Sons were amongst the first to help establish communications with the other Isles. and being a sword in the Roseguard is amongst the highest social honors. Only a sliver of those aspirations are met. they put themselves above politics and do what they feel is best for the Empire. Only the very best are even nominated. and from that selective group the prime candidates are chosen. The Knightly Heart was paramount in the defeat of Elethma.historians spending the time and energy to scribing them into the annals. often times more than willing to allow a library to be named in the honor of one of their knights. sometimes to secure a person or relic of interest. a newly knighted Roseguard is given an order to venture into the world.

18 .

you get put in jail. Or perhaps it is for fun. or perhaps know of how to escape into woods if they live off of a town. For authorities. says the Thief. it’s also a simple understanding: try to catch me if you can. For the thieves. an outcast of society that lives within society’s domain. The thief is a rogue. but some have quite a few street smarts to them.Career: Thief Original: Thief (Basic) Lore: What’s yours is mine. Career: Original: Thug (Basic) Lore: Criminal gangs perpetuate the Islands. it’s an easy understanding of the situation. Few will go into house burglary. They take what they want to survive. 19 . The only qualifications one needs to be a thief is to steal. Each major city has at least half a dozen gangs perpetuating in criminal empires. come from a wide array of origins but nearly all of them come from the poor. in theory. Most thugs are just muscle. treading their way through a vacant home for valuables. You take what isn’t yours. Most thieves are just petty catpurses. snipping a purse of coins on unsuspecting victims. Some of them are bastard children but that is the closest many of them will ever come to greatness. If they can play their cards right than these men of the street could find themselves a little bit higher than the regular cutter. As such many thieves understand the layout of the city they “employ” in. Thugs can. as well as a war between them to wipe the competition off the crime-political map.

If all of society were to break down tomorrow. and it can take hours to extract all of the bullet shards from a carcass. Explorers are individuals that fill in those gaps. There are many “comprehensive” maps that have gaps. monetary reward will be divided. he is a man that knows how to live off the wild. it would not affect a ranger’s ability to live. Most of them wear light clothes when the weather is permissible. Career: Explorer Original: Scout (Basic) Lore: The Islands are a beacon of civilization. As such while the hunter knows how to profit off of most explorers are a jack of all trades. To the hunter. Career: Hunter Original: Hunter (Basic) fumes he fills his life with the scent of the world. It is rare for difference between the an explorer to partner ranger and the hunter: up with someone because that means any the ranger knows how to live off of the land. and it is uncommon of find a ranger that makes use of a rifle or pistol. some he sees things that people want. he sees the wilderness and understanding how to live off the land. Rural communities find a great deal of value in hunters. or as hunters. As such many Barons will employ explorers so that they may more quickly ship and receive goods. If a man calls himself a ranger. They go into the depths of the unknown and chart new routes for faster travel. secures the location of trees with profitable lumber. it. Just because rangers can live off the land does not mean that they live in the land. Ships are not practical and are too expensive for shipping from one end of an island to another.deviantart. he forages for alchemical ingredients.Career: Ranger Original: Waywatcher (Basic) Lore: As the world becomes more industrial. but that does not mean all of the Isles have been explored. Arrows still provide the cleanest kill. what berries can cure upset stomachs and what will give you poison. Or what remains of it. and essentially anything else that one needs to live off of the wilderness.com/art/The-Hunter-in-themostly a solitary Lore: There is a keen Woods-206313014 profession. and with his pelts he can bring in merchants who in turn could provide business for the rest of the town. He hunts animals for their pelts. Many rangers employ themselves a tour guides. He is an local historical knowledge so as to discern industrial man to be sure. He knows how to trap animals. there will be those that cling to the natural world. He know how to bring a large variety of meat onto their tables. The Hunter in the Woods – Being an explorer is http://tansy9. but instead of 20 .

That’s not to say all smugglers directly sell their goods to their customers – some may act as a retriever of goods for a merchant. with tokens like chips of wood or flat stones used as gambling tokens. a smuggler is just a merchant. Just as the title suggest. or so a crooked lawyer can make winning that big case just a little bit easier. the import taxes of the Empire can be manipulated by less scrupulous officials to earn them a pretty penny while merchants and their customers have to make up for it. as the saying goes. Games of chance are fairly popular across all spectrums of Imperial life. a smuggler will smuggle products past the trade officials so as to having to avoid paying taxes. at least. so if a smuggler can do that then they can undercut the competition. It sounds like a simple thing. When you need to deal in that certain wing of criminal enterprises. Career: Smuggler Original: Smuggler (Basic) Lore: In a way. the funeral. Having to pay a tax raises the base price of a product. Forgers have their hands in many pockets – they need to be in order for them to do what they do. Although moderated. Career: Gambler Original: Gambler (Basic) Lore: Gamblers don’t just gamble with their coins but with their lives as well. and the rest of them is all crooked. But there are some that actually turn gambling into a way of life. back to the embrace of the Deep God. These well-meaning men rely on grave robbers to give them the opportunity to do so. A nefarious profession has arisen in the underworld. one part lawyer. Smuggling gives an avenue for them to get their fair share. Career: Forger Original: Forger (Basic) Lore: Sometimes people need to make something fake look like the real deal. and the actual Return. Often times these games are just used as pastimes. albeit one that can get everyone involved thrown into the dungeons for an indefinite period of time. and how to safely traverse dangerous natural environments. not just amongst the poor as they are often portrayed. but must do so in secret lest society and the Abbey condemn them for it. but it is not one that would not be easily abandoned if its practitioner were given the financial opportunity. All of these provide an opportunity for grave robbers to secure the corpse. Forgers “forge” documents. and naturally get more customers.ruins and any artifacts. turning high class gambling dens into an arena. 21 . There are many natural philosophers who wish to study the human anatomy. Most Forgers tend to stay low – they don’t overtly advertise their services for obvious reasons. you employ a forger. but it can be huge for a tax collector to extract just a little more out of his district’s pockets. Career: Grave Robber Original: Grave Robber (Basic) Lore: The Drowned Abbey preaches that the bodies of the recently deceased should be returned to the sea. and will pay well for it. He is just one that does not pay taxes. Snuggling upsets the economic balance of the Empire…the way the trade official see it. They are one part printer. However there is that lull period between the wakes.

and there have always been those that have gone after the criminals. then assassination is the second oldest. Most assassins go from noble to merchant lord. Career: Assassin Original: Assassin (Advanced) Lore: Prostitution is the oldest profession. they are hired killers and if any member of the Watch catches one in the act then the chase is on. and he has nothing in his pockets. A few have even come from the Navy and these individuals seem to become favorites of the currently enlisted. all of the emotions and adrenaline thrown in with them as they fight to be the match winner. which is why the Watch often attaches a hefty bounty to any they are made aware of. There are certainly few more powerful tools to be utilized in the political games of the Empire. what used to be volunteering vigilantism has turned into a paying profession.The second half of the saying comes into play when the gambler has to back up on his debts. where two combatants while fight with solely their fists until another concedes or is knocked out. and the gladiators have been dealt away with long ago. and the higher tiers have learned to appreciate these sport combatants. The only thing that has changed are the expertise of the individuals. That’s when the gambler has to skip town or have a knife stuck in their gut. while a few strictly serve a singular individual. but most assassins prefer to stay out of each other’s way unless the job requires it. although out of the ring may be a different story. But a part of being civilized is the agreement to not murder a good citizen. Most assassins congregate in cities – that is after all where most of the jobs are. Boxers have grown very popular with the masses. A few have warred against each other to take away the competition. it is said. Every boxer is a fierce combatant in the ring. Chances are. 22 . Most assassins are able to slip away. Detectives represent a new face of criminal apprehension – things like finger prints have radically changed the playing field. Whatever the case. or any variation thereof) duking it out in the arena. Career: Detective Original: Investigator (Advanced) Lore: There have always been crimes. he took a loan from someone you really should not take a loan from. Even more so. however. Career: Boxer Original: Wardancer (Basic) Lore: There is nothing like a good blood sport – two men (or women. If that is true. So boxing rose up.

Any crime lord will be well versed in the arts of murder. and just paranoid enough to be healthy. and some vampires have been known to collaborate with Vampire Hunters to help take down their more depraved brethren. but more likely they have their hands in many pies. as vampires themselves are careful creatures and hide their tracks well. vampires are not restricted just the night. and many nobles have a few they have in their confidence should they require some sleuthing in one matter or another. Vampire Hunters are those that hunt these gods of the underworld. Detectives are mercenaries. and it is unlikely he has control of such a vast network of thieves and thugs without a few lieutenants to keep them in line. They were the first of the Dead and as such they have control over the departed that have not been cleansed. 23 . but they deal with the truth rather than the sword. betrayed by a lieutenant. The City Watch usually has a few off the records. Career: Vampire Hunter Original: Vampire Hunter (Epic) Lore: Vampire. As such they have more respect in higher circles. Unlike common folktales. Crime lords may dress in a variety of ways – from the greatest of fashions to hiding in plain sight with casual line of clothes – but whatever the case they always keep a few spare weapons. They may get ambushed. They may come from the Witch Hunter profession. Vampire Hunters are careful. Vampires by all accounts look like a common man…until they reveal their true natures. red eyes. Many Vampire Hunters are also quite aware that not all vampires are evil necessarily. also called dhampir. And by then it is too late for the victim. Career: Crime Lord Original: Crime Lord (Epic) Lore: At the head of an intense criminal organization is an individual termed as a “crime lord”. manipulative. intelligent. and pale flesh. or have their home raided by the authorities. are the Gods of the Undead. Nor do they have sharp ears. He may have control of a single gang or several. Crime lords may have focused on a singular criminal wing and eliminated all other competitors.Many of the organizations with authority keep on tabs a detectives of some renown. but it is a not requirement.

24 .

There are a vast number of fields these scholars may devote their lives to. the most simplistic yet necessary of these positions belonging to the dockhands. These folk range drastically in personality and personal tastes. Depending on the size and prowess of the merchant ship in question. located in the royal family’s prestigious home the White Keep. Many fine chefs are able to find work on one of the many merchant ships that continuously sail between the islands to sell their wares. Career: Dockhand Original: Dockhand (Basic) Lore: The expansive and important use of sea travel and commerce amongst the islands creates many varied professions for the Empire’s lower and higher citizens. Chefs typically stay within their respective area for supplies and ingredients. he or she has basically decided to devote his or her entire life to gaining every possible grain of knowledge concerning a certain subject. chefs of every caliber and cuisine dot the landscape with all manner of restaurants for the public to enjoy. Bristrol. but they tend to be serviceable enough depending on the greed (or lack thereof) of the merchant in question. mathematics. These astute individuals also spend at least a small amount of time lecturing their younger colleagues on the subject in question. These men and women typically spend their free time (in between docking ships) in local taverns or at home with their families. Career: Scholar Original: Scholar (Advanced) Lore: The life of a scholar within the Empire is typically a peaceful and respected one. as it does not take a specific character trait for one to become a renowned and respected chef. Better yet would be the prospect of being stationed in the royal kitchen. but very few chefs ever reach this level of honor and glory in their profession. furthering their own understanding of the field of study in the process. where many dockhands are employed and stay regularly busy throughout the year thanks to the constant and plentiful trade going in and out of the city. philosophy. but the state of Brimcarr tends to have the finest ingredients and merchandise on hand year-round. The island of Buclic is also a safe haven for dockhands thanks to the area’s large exports of meat and fruits (the latter being a seasonal occurrence). The most prominent area of trade is the capital city. Depending on their field of study. literature. These positions are typically not as wellpaying or satisfactory as one of the aforementioned jobs in Bristrol’s kitchens. Bristrol.Career: Chef Original: Chef (Basic) Lore: Throughout the five islands. Much salt is also exported from Gicel. it can take several dockhands to secure and unload one ship in an efficient manner. particularly cunning and adventurous restaurateurs will visit Brimcarr. scholars may be content to simply stay in their hometowns for their entire lives or may 25 . Once a student chooses to further his or her education and be elevated to this prestigious level. These are typically simple-minded yet reliable individuals who are able to carry their weight (and then some) in precious cargo for merchant ships and private vessels alike. and language. most of which fall within the realms of sciences. in order to gather the finest and most exotic produce to delight their customers back home. For this reason. giving dockhands a reason to reside there as well. history. The true dream of every chef is to one day successfully serve the citizens of the capital city. particularly Bristrol and its surrounding cities.

They may even join a troupe of adventurers if the end goal fits the scholar’s desired studies. It is a position that requires a background of intelligence. and the position is never simply thrown around to anyone who asks for it. as he is paid far more than any Lore: In the Empire. and business prowess for acceptance and success.deviantart.” so to speak. however. is often a well-to-do and respected individual among the noble family. however. The adventurer(s) may find the scholar to be quite the helpful companion as well.http://alcook.com/art/StephenMerchant-Cabinet-Card typically travel by way detailing a clever and of ships that are effective regimen for tailored to the seller’s specific needs.choose to study abroad. as it is his or fairly secure in order to ward off pirate her constant responsibility to make sure that attacks of at all possible. telling off slacking workers and letting them go whenever necessary. The requires plenty of space for cargo and the chamberlain is the first to take the blame for necessary crew members. respectable family. In order to merchants are held in high regard by the make the working troupe as efficient as general populace. history. the royal servants and employees are kept in line and given their proper instructions by the royal chamberlain. and culture in action firsthand. and exporting wares since he or she must between the islands keep a watchful eye on with efficiency and all of the servants prowess. some of them may possible. which are a typical every inch of the estate is cleaned properly occurrence in the Empire’s waters. seeing science. the job must require a sharp tongue and the ability to effectively scare or startle the workers into being as thorough and quick as possible in order for the chamberlain to keep his or her proverbial head safe from the judgmental nobility. It also must be an unkempt area of the house. 26 . since his or her vast knowledge could keep the troupe out of danger and in a good light with the citizens of another society or culture. Career: Chamberlain Original: Chamberlain (Advanced) Lore: Within the White Keep. While and efficiently by the workers. The chamberlain. merchants while writing out and ALCook . importing simple task. the chamberlain must sometimes secretively go to great (and illegal) lengths “trim the fat. Career: Merchant This individual has a Original: Merchant highly respectable and (Advanced) sought after job. respectable and The job of a important cast of chamberlain is not a characters. of the other workers merchants are a mostly within the royal house. Because of the within the expansive Empire’s geological wall s of the white keep nature. At times. A ship the workers to follow each day.

Merchants typically live wealthily and happily if they are truly right for the job. but they rarely gather the stuff. As the cultures and needs of the denizens of each island differ drastically in some respects. with a penchant for sweet-talking and buttering up the customer in order to seal whatever bogus deal the charlatan has up his or her sleeve. it requires a special understanding of each social class and environment in order to fully appeal to the locals’ needs and desires successfully and appropriately. individuals who gather the natural materials needed to craft medicine. There are also local merchants who stay within the towns and cities of the Empire. Within the Empire. he or she will typically want to leave an island entirely in order to avoid suspicion and to continue in his or her line of work in a completely fresh location. 27 . but many Pharmacists share a good relationship with their Doctors. and the medical practices of ages past just seem outright barbaric in comparison. Career: Doctor Original: Barber-Surgeon (Basic) Lore: Doctors are individuals that understand the human condition well enough to be able to cure it of ailments and bodily harm. selling to a specific group of townsfolk and tourists year-round. there are some individuals who make a living out of swindling hapless persons into handing them cash. Not all ingredients are available in a local area. and to buy the ingredients may be costly.to get the goods they sell at a reasonable price. Charlatans may take on any garb or personality necessary to fool their prey into agreeing with their demands. However some choose to travel the Empire. specifically within the bustling cities located on Brimcarr. offering their services to what small towns that remains. ground the medicine into fine dust or liquid and then sell it to Doctors to prescribe to their patients. Career: Pharmacist Original: Apothecary (Basic) Lore: Doctors and Physicians deal in medicine. It is a thankless job. Many people attempt the merchant life. That job are left to Pharmacists. In such a case they may partner up with other adventurers. It is crucial to a charlatan’s continued success in this manner of business for him or her to be constantly on the move. preferably leaving an area inconspicuously as soon as the deal is done so as to avoid getting caught. taking up residence within a hospital. Doctors are usually stationery creatures. Career: Charlatan Original: Charlatan (Advanced) Lore: Unfortunately for their customers and business partners. These individuals may team up with other travelers so as to offer the most protection. That is why many Pharmacist will travel around the Empire to get the ingredients themselves. These ruthless con artists must be quickwitted and slow to panic. Sometimes. but only those who truly have the knack for negotiations and deal searching will succeed in the profession for any lengthy period of time. The understanding of the human body had advanced leaps and bounds since the Flooding. These socalled “charlatans” are ruthless and cunning individuals who thrive on the befuddlement of those around them.

it is an exterminator’s job to rid the infested area of them as quickly and thoroughly as possible. as most diseases are not fully understood by the general public. There is corruption hiding in the cracks of the political world of the Empire. but some have been known to do so. When these problematic creatures show up. the possibility of disease is certainly present.Career: Physician Original: Physician (Advanced) Lore: No matter their line of work or cultural stature. but only a choice few are able to join the skilled ranks of the magistrates. Career: Exterminator Original: Ratcatcher (Basic) Lore: Every social class in the Empire has unwanted encounters with vermin from time to time. Exterminators may also be employed to traverse the sewer systems of major cities and destroy any rat nests they find. everyone requires the assistance of a trained physician at one point or another in their lives. especially when they do so in large numbers. magistrates take their occupation seriously and will not fall prey to bribes. he or she could quite swiftly be arrested and put on trial for malpractice. Magistrates in the Empire are often quite busy in this time period. While technology has not yet reached its historical boom. Even though rodent and insect infestations can be incredibly dangerous because of the creatures’ unsanitary nature and high risk of communicable diseases. healing god. these laws and guilds are in place in order to keep people from paying for faulty products. As charlatans oftentimes pose as physicians in order to con hapless sickly individuals into buying his or her fake wares. ranging from town festivals to state-wide elections. Magistrates do not have to have a certain personality. The job can be a difficult and risky one. and these openings do tend to present themselves from time to time. they simply share an incredible and passionate interest in the inner workings of politics. Their work also covers a wide array of societal events both large and small. often continuing to train throughout their entire lifetime. which raises even more chance for catching harmful (and possibly fatal) diseases. physicians in the Empire are able to heal many ailments and can perform some complicated surgeries. as the science of the medical world seems to go against their philosophy of a nurturing. even the gruffest and most unfriendly physicians are respected and liked by the common man. For the most part. If a physician fails to enter a guild. exterminators are not necessarily well-paid in most situations. Exterminators may also catch live rats in order to sell them to scientists and university students for lab testing and experiments. These skilled men and women must know their trade incredibly well in order to be successful. 28 . Physicians are often required to enter a specific physician’s guild in order to learn as much as possible about specific medical practices. Career: Magistrate Original: Magistrate (Elite) Lore: Many individuals enter the realm of politics within the Empire. Still. Physicians are sometimes disliked by decidedly zealous religious figures. even with precautions being instated. These individuals often must devote their entire lives to studying and understanding the deep and complex political world of the Empire. likely ruining his or her chances of having any future say in the medical world because of such a lofty and frowned upon charge. as the islands are now a bustling cluster of complex societies and cultures requiring plenty of political supervision and study.

Extermination is typically a temporary occupation because of the meager pay and health risks. They can sometimes come into conflict with other Wardens if they cross into other patrol districts. Constables work by themselves. agents are oftentimes employed by adventurers who need a few more helping hands for carrying supplies. Career: Agent Original: Agent (Basic) Lore: Agents may be employed by a specific guild or simply by an individual. And maybe to a party of adventurers. and there is some truth to that. so the agent will typically take on more than one of these tasks whenever they are needed. Career: Miner Original: Miner (Basic) Lore: Salt is the most important natural material in the world. causing them to move on to a life that revolves around quest-taking and exploring the four corners of the Empire. Career: Constable Original: Roadwarden (Basic) Lore: The Constables represent the foot man of the Wardens. An agent may choose their occupation based on a passion for adventuring or lack thereof. as that is the highest center of activity for bandits and thieves between towns and cities. Some feel they would be better suited as vigilantes and take up a life of adventuring as a result. the body of officers that patrol the Islands for criminal activity. It was once said that individuals are only truly honest when watching a play. It is at the heart of everything – every piece of technology makes use of it. as many have had to work for years to get there. Being a Warden is a thankless job – they are never decorated for their services. to bring their talents to the common man. but the “easiest” 29 . Many station themselves on trains. Most actors are not willing to leave the stage. and are expected to be self-reliant. though it is an important one for the safety and well-being of the Empire’s civilians. Their occupation may cover any possible assistance to the person(s) in question. the theaters are the prime location to witness dramatic art at its finest. This occupation may also open one’s eyes to the world of adventuring through experience on quests. So they leave the comforts of the city for the world outside. surrounding themselves with the comfort of job with a guild or going on a possibly dangerous quest with adventurers. only promoted and given a wider jurisdiction. For these reasons. assisting in battles. Similar tasks of recording and tracking inventory are utilized by various guilds as a whole. Constables are trained to live off the wild as well as being prepared to not see another living soul for days at a time. Many have found ways to extract Salt from the seas. most parties will only employ one agent to follow them on a quest. Actors can move a crowd to all the spectrums of their emotions with their prowess of the spoken word. Also. or keeping track of party rations. Career: Actor Original: Performer (Basic) Lore: While cities within the Empire have a number of street performers that entertain the masses during their daily commute. But some actors feel that the time has come for change: that they need to do something different to keep their talents honed. from aiding them with finances and purchases to defending them from attackers while on a quest.

Once the message has been decoded it can be read by all individuals and has been sent. Now using wire a man can send a message from one island and. the wage doesn’t even it out for some. connections. and they will work hard to keep it. but the pay is great. These men are industrialist. ruthless wiping out the competition. and often times miners are swept under the rug by their corporate employers. Still. Some miners will quit work and go find job elsewhere as adventurers. They had all the land. and it is their job to keep the laborers in line and make sure everything is kept on schedule. The climate is freezing. the hours are long. arrive at another station as a coded message. The merchant middle class was rising. Telegraphers are very important individuals to the Empire because they in a true sense of the word unite all of the communities together.http://vorpallover. and are often times seen as cruel or malicious.deviantart. Career: Industrialist Original: Burgher (Basic) Lore: It used to be that the only ones who were rich in the Empire were the nobility. Career: Telegrapher Original: Messenger (Basic) Lore: With the invention of the telegram the need for messenger birds have been waved away. It is a dangerous job as well. using the technological revolution to spur them to financial greatness. The nobles were comfortably in the economical authority. They are a hardy folk.com/art/Nurse-Witless-Rooftoop-286530107 30 . a man with an idea can turn that into a pool of money. Unlike the nobles they have to work hard to get their money. Bailiffs know how to work with a wide array of people.way to get Salt is to mine it from the icebergs to the north. and could fit right in with a band of adventurers. and they had control over the serfs. As can be expected bailiffs are not popular individuals. but none of them were “wealthy” so much as they just had more money than the serfs. The individuals that operate telegraphs are called telegraphers. However times have changed. and the roles he plays can vary depending on his employer. and just a little bit of luck. after a period of time fluctuating from minutes to several hours depending on both the distance and length of the message. Before what would take days for a message from Brimcarr to reach an outpost in Sciedbrim now only takes a few hours at most. the labor is torture. they got all the taxes. Career: Bailiff Original: Bailiff (Basic) Lore: A bailiff is essentially a manager. However most bailiffs act as managers for factories. and when they no longer can work for their employers they can turn to an VorpalLover . If he is attached to an employer than it is likely that he manage the noble’s estate and make sure taxes are paid. Through hard work.

and are used by both passengers as well as industrialists to transport their goods. There is no real profession called negotiators. There had never been more things produced. have a way with words. someone has got to work the machines. while maids keep the house in tiptop shape and will assist the women in getting ready for parties and other events. Now that the Empire is all that remains of the civilized world there is no need for diplomats. Carriages are an outdated form of transportation. That role is left to the laborers. and they shop near the mansion. more technologies are making the process faster. the male variant. Career: Servant Original: Servant (Basic) Lore: Mansions and estates are large complexes and they employ a large gallery of servants to attend to the elite family’s needs. and know how to hash out a contract. such as Malassia. they work inside the mansion. with most working sixteen hour days every day. and is simply a form of entertainment. but also carriages and trains. In fact. But there are still factions in the Empire that come into conflict with each other. Drivers of trains are well defended individuals – bandits can and will raid a train. Career: Laborer Original: Commoner (Basic) Lore: The Empire is at a industrial zenith. Many want an escape. like say a party of adventurers. they are quite often lawyers that are representing their clients. helps the men get ready for social events and deliver meals. they would probably jump ship. Career: Negotiator Original: Envoy (Basic) Lore: When the Empire had to deal with the other countries of the world. they would send and be sent diplomats to deal with the political differences before war. They are often homed by the company’s expense on company land…but as soon as they quit or get fired they get evicted from the home. Butlers. and the Empire has never seen sights as marvelous as the Walls of Light or the Voiceagram. Laborers are not a happy lot.adventuring party. but few servants would ever considers themselves to be treated well by their employers. Career: Driver Original: Coachman (Basic) Lore: The word “driver” does not apply to just those that drive automobiles. They are problem solvers. so drivers will always keep a knife or a pistol tucked into his belt to keep himself safe. so they send out men who “negotiate” terms that are favorable to both sides. But the hard truth is. Laborers are essentially factory workers that are paid just enough to put food in their belly. They sleep inside the mansion. Trains are the fastest form of transportation across an island. The way servants can be treated will vary from family to family. If a laborer saw a chance to get out. 31 . It is a way for people to relax while they are drive around a park or a portion of a city. They are the iron horse of the new age. and would do so without a second thought.

It is also easy and pays decelty enough. Career: Navigator Original: Navigator (Basic) Lore: Every sea faring vessel will require the use of a navigator to help travel the high seas. a clerk’s understanding of the bureaucratic structure is fairly important to adventurers. Nobles and rich men send their sons and daughters from across the Empire to study there. and live off a diet of salted meats and preserved water. 32 . Being a navigator is a well-paid enterprise. They are often away for weeks at a time. It is not entirely unheard of for a clerk to jump ship and join up with a party of adventurers to make sure he doesn’t die of boredom. dreadfully boring. but it is a rather thankless one in the grand scheme of things. For most.com/art sailor pays /Whaler-2-293675382 well enough. led by the captain of the vessel.deviantart. Others may desire something a little bit more adventurous and seek to employ their skills to a rugged band of adventurers.Career: Student Original: Student (Basic) Lore: Bristrol is the heart of knowledge in the whole of the Empire. at a chance for something new and exciting. but at this point nothing beats consulting the constellations for directions. Sailors are those that crew the ship. Recently physicians have discovered that lime can help prevent many diseases and so many captains have added that to their sailor’s diets. Additionally he will consult navigation charts and the position of the sun to lead the ship towards its destination. Career: Clerk Original: Scribe (Basic) Lore: Many offices have an army of clerks on hand to deal with the monotonous task of copying page after page of documentation. However it is a task that absolutely no one in any plane of existence looks forward to when they wake up in the morning. It is. Being coated in an air of Salt for days at a time. However after their studies some students will feel that they are not yet ready to settle down. They will go out and experience the world and take in all they can so as to best prepare themselves. on top of the physically exhausting aspects of the profession. but it is a tiring one. Some sailors offer their knowledge to adventurers. No other city can compare to the great Univiersities that the city has to offer. Career: Sailor Original: Boatman (Basic) Lore: At its heart the Empire is a nation of islands and the so the only form of transportation between is by ship. Believe it or not. Technology such as compasses can assist captains. will wear a man out. Montaneous Being a http://montaneous. Those with the drive and dedication will find all the resources they will need to become experts in their field. to be brief. that is enough.

a relic of an age of swords and blood. Grudge Keepers are not exceptional fighters. Of course the big divider here is money. the keepers of all the injustices and insults spurred at a noble family. But with the rise of Universities one can pay to have those in the know bestow their knowledge. Those that are under the elite’s heel are represented by protestors. Being a salesman is not exactly a well-paying way of life. Jack-of-all-Trades are born from nobles that go from major to major. Even more so Grudge Keepers are seen as a thing of the past. They gather an audience around them and the resentment begins to grow. and if he had any say in the matter he would remain where he was. to continue to expand their pool of knowledge. just as 33 . Many protestors know how to quickly escape a pursuit from the City Watch as a result. There are suggestions for Universities that are more financially suited to the lower classes but nothing has come of that yet.Career: Protestor Original: Agitator (Basic) Lore: Change is a slow process. and there will come a point where the plug is pulled. give up any form of payment for years at a time in service. More often than not they are items of no true lasting consequence. as their job is to keep the list of the family’s enemies in a easily digestible format so that more capable individuals can do the killing for them. and this only adds to their growing resentment. If a member of the City Watch finds them then they may be sent to jail for the evening and fined. instead of the enlightened industrial age. and only the rich will truly have access to this sort of environment. At that point they may choose to leave and explore. They may be things like a small bottle of medicine or a Chem that boosts your vitality. if they in positions of comfortable power. but it is a comfortable one. Career: Grudge Keeper Original: Grudge Keeper (Basic) Lore: Amongst the nobility are those called the Grudge Keepers. These individuals are obviously very costly to their parents. just delving enough to get a basic idea of the profession before they move on to something else. Less and less individuals are trained as Grudge Keepers. It is curious why a salesman would leave the cities and start to adventure. Career: Jack-of-all-Trades Original: Dilettante (Basic) Lore: It is easier than it ever has been to learn a trade. individual that enter the streets and spread the need for reform. It’s likely that it would be due to circumstances beyond his control. Career: Salesman Original: Pedlar (Basic) Lore: Salesman are merchants that take to the streets and sell of small trinkets and other miscellaneous items to pedestrians. Men are not so readily willing to make sweeping reforms at any rate – or at all. It used to be that to learn even the basics of a craft one would need to become an apprentice to a master. mostly because of their position in life. Often deployed by the Men in Red. protestors are not a readily welcomed aspect of any Imperial city. But as it stands Grudge Keepers can hold their own decently enough. Grudge Keepers are not known as the most hospitable of individuals.

engineers often also wear protective clothing or coverings to keep fatal injuries from faulty machinery or dynamite blasts to a discernible minimum. no matter how in-depth his or her training or knowledge may be. including a pickax with which to harvest salts from the plentiful Gicelic glaciers. An engineer is typically seen carrying a set of proper tools. so to speak. Engineer › Master Engineer Career: Engineer Original: Engineer (Basic) Lore: Those who utilize their scientific prowess to better the salt-craving denizens of the Empire are met with great renown and respect. Each Master Engineer is usually an expert in a single field. Renaissance men are rare. Career: Master Engineer Original: Master Engineer (Advanced) Lore: At this point in their career Engineers have been fully accepted into the Guild of Engineers and have successfully worked on dozens of renovations. A mind is better focused if it does so on a single thing – distractions will just deter progress after all. and for good reason – they are some of the very best engineers in the Empire. The constant search for a perfected version of the necessary Salt purification process is something that is constantly being sought after by an engineer. The Engineer Career At this point it is unlikely that an Engineer will have his hands in many pots. Some of them may have invented a new type of machinery all together.much as any other noble that is trained in the art of swordplay. Because of the mechanical nature of their work. Master Engineers make up some of the higher tiers in the Guild of Engineers. engineers are often dressed warmly with several layers of cloth or leather and a parka to keep out any blasts of cold. A great deal of them will keep in touch with many trading companies in Gicel so that they will always have Salt with which to work with. Because of the low temperatures of their area of work. 34 .

35 .

Those that are in this The Priest Career period of consideration are called the Unmasked. learn calligraphy. but that does not mean there are not any rivalries between the Cults. each and every cult seeks to glorify the Deep God in all that they do. Career: Warrior Priest Original: Warrior Priest (Elite) Lore: To a Warrior Priest. Initiates are another word for a student. Career: Unmasked Original: Disciple (Advanced) Lore: There is only one god in the Empire. A character may only enter this career after completing the Unmasked career. and there he will attend to until he either dies or catches the attention of one of his betters. with people more concerned about accumulating wealth and the advances of technology than they are of the things beyond their understanding. and that is the Drowned Abbey. Career: Drowned Priest Original: Priest (Advanced) Lore: After having spent time as both an Initiate and an Unmasked. Their sermons are not 36 . It is not a matter of being on a waiting list so to speak. the priest is recognized by the Abbey as having been Drowned (both in the figurative sense of being “submerged” in the word of God and the literal sense of being drowned in sea water and then revived). There has never been a religious war in the Empire ever since the ascension of the Drowned Abbey. The context of each verse needs to be made known to them as well. Requirement: The Unmasked career is part of the tiered structure followed by the Priest characters. usually as the attendant although those with larger congregations may have several Priests. Once they have been Drowned and Masked there is no turning back until death. and although differences may arise between them. his temple is not one built out of stone or wood but from the bone of his enemies.Initiate › Unmasked › Drowned Priest › Warrior Priest / Proctor › Arch Proctor Career: Initiate Original: Initiate (Basic) Lore: There is one religion in the Empire. and they need to become literate. Many Initiates will learn how to orate their words. Each cult sees another interpretation on the words of the Prophet. The Unmaksed are those that have been granted permission to undergo the Rite but has not yet done so. A character may only enter this career after completing the Initiate career. and his flock are the foes of the Empire. but there are many cults. but to give the Initiate time to fully comprehend what will happen. Requirement: The Drowned Priest career is part of the tiered structure followed by the Priest characters. If they wish to serve the Deep God in one His many cults. They all get along in theory. so they may lead the masses into prayer or song. He will often times be assigned a temple. but a region dominated by one Cult may grant frosty reception to a traveling Priest from another. This is also the must secular age in the Islands’ history. But there are still some who are devoted to the words of the Deep God. they must first become an Initiate. prayers and strictures. and only one faith dedicated to Him.

to make sure the Priests under their command are able to accomplish their ministries. Regardless every Proctor earns respect amongst their fellows and the local authorities and could be sent to oversee the Grand Temple in a city. the Arch Proctor is the highest seat of power that most men of the Abbey can expect to occupy within their lifetime. The difference between him and the Drowned Priest is that he is not afraid of be the first man on the scene of a raid. In the religious chain of command they follow the commands of the Arch Proctor and the High Proctor. Career: Proctor Original: Lector (Elite) Lore: Proctors are amongst the highest ranking officials in the Drowned Abbey and usually lead dozens of Priests that are under their supervision. Arch 37 . Only one Arch Proctor will be seated within each island. with the exception of Brimcarr which will house the High Proctor. Requirement: The Proctor career is part of the tiered structure followed by the Priest characters. and even he has some clout against the High Proctor. When he is not leading a war party against a Pagan tribe or a band of pirates. and he will have a great deal of influence on the political systems of not just his Isle but also the Empire as a whole. A character may only enter this career after completing the Unmasked career. The Arch Proctor is amongst the most devout members of his faith. Sometimes a Proctor may encounter evidence of heathenism in their regions. A character may only enter this career after completing the Unmasked career. whether they be swords or rifles. Requirement: The Warrior Priest career is part of the tiered structure followed by the Priest characters. Pilgrims from across the Isle will flock to his sermons. and administer religious festivals in their region. The Warrior Priest does not adorn himself in soft silk or tattered cloth but hard leather. The Arch Proctor is the highest religious figure in his sphere of influence. unless an Arch Proctor is in attendance.one meant to restore faith in the faithful but to inspire religious conviction on the seas of battle. They will often lead sermons for the important religious holidays. and a proud member of his Cult – unless he was a corrupt men that got the position through political machinations. are adorned in religious inscriptions. Career: Arch Proctor Original: Arch Lector (Heroic) Lore: Promoted from the most charismatic Warrior Priests or the most influential of Proctors. in which case they will either report it to their Arch Proctor or handle the purge themselves. and more than one Proctor was caught in the power struggles between their two superiors. It is the Proctors job to minister to the masses. His weapons. the Warrior Priest can be found on the mainland performing similar duties to a Drowned Priest.

as they are a threat not to just the Abbey’s reputation but to the safety of those around them. The Abbey is reluctant to put much faith in any of these fanatics – many Cults prefer to have their members be of intelligence so as to appeal to the rich and the powerful. Every aspect of their being is dedicated to the promotion of the theologies of the Abbey. usually after strains of heathenism was found amongst his flock. which only adds to their unbalanced psychosis. flay themselves. which can have dangerous results. Flagellants are dangerous individuals. They can even lay on condemnations of heresy on innocent individuals without a shred of proof. and few will mourn their deaths. Career: Flagellant Original: Flagellant Lore: By this point the zealot views themselves as having been abandoned – by their friends. and the Minister can manipulate them to whatever he desires. They wander the countryside seeking answers. They whip their backs in a mad stupor.Proctors of the more martial Cults will even launch Excursions against the Pagan tribes. making money off of their followers. raving on the street. and their God. These individuals are categorized as dangerous. Many zealots put the Cults more at a risk than provide any benefit to the state religion. Additionally in many instances their followers obey their every word with fanatical fervor. their loved ones. Their appearances can vary. Many Cults will send them on Incursions to be rid of them. as studies have found that a great deal many of them were once flagellants. Many Ministers have become paranoid as a result. Requirement: The Arch Proctor is part of the tiered structure followed by priest characters. they pierce themselves. Zealot (Optional) › Flagellant › Minister of Falsities Career: Zealot Original: Zealot (Basic) Lore: Every member of the Drowned Abbey is devoted. Ministers of Falsities are usually hunted down by Witch Hunters and other agents of the Abbey. They are harshly critical of all those that they see as unrepentant of their sins and unfaithful of the strictures – even of devoted members of the Abbey. Some are little better than beggars. in one way or another. Those that are called zealots are another breed entirely. as their financial situations can fluctuate from person to person. A character may only enter this career after he has completed either the Warrior Priest or the Proctor career. while others are relatively well to do. or has acquired two or more permanent insanities. They seek answers more than anything else. Requirement: A character may only enter this career after he has completed the Zealot career. Career: Minister of Falsities Original: Prophet of Doom (Elite) Lore: Minister of Falsities is a term coined by the Abbey and its recognized Cults as a leader of a group of fanatics that preach theologies that is contradictory to the official teachings of the Drowned Abbey. and in their grief and madness they begin to The Zealot Career 38 .

At the lowest are the Witch Hunters. They are led by the Witch Hunter Captains. who have the track record of having successfully tracked down many agents of the Whisperer as well as being capable leaders. Jorias has a strict hierarchy. That is why the Abbey has trained special agents called Witch Hunters to root out the heathens. Every Witch Hunter needs to be able to balance between close combat. and interrogating prisoners. Not even the Empress has power over the Witch Hunters. Zealot (Optional) › Witch Hunter › Witch Hunter Captain U The Witch Hunter Career leaders. All Witch Hunters are fearsome warriors. but they also need to intensive investigators and charismatic 39 . and are under the jurisdiction of the High Proctor. Jorias. an act the Abbey defines as “heathenism”. They are members of the Cult of St. Career: Witch Hunter Captain Original: Witch Hunter Captain Lore: The Witch Hunter arm of the Cult of St. inciting a crowd to assault a den of heathens. and there are so few. the most populated aspect of the order. is an ever present one in the Empire. It is a difficult task. for their arrival on the scene means that most certainly the region has been corrupted Career: Witch Hinter Original: Witch Hunter (Advanced) Lore: The threat of worship of the Whisperer. who themselves follow the commands of the various Generals. Requirements: This career is only available to characters that have completed the Zealot career or have acquired at least 1 permanent insanity. but most are too busy or are too ignorant to keep a vigilant eye for the influences of the evil god.Requirement: A character must have completed the Flagellant career before moving on to become a Minister of Falsities. well trained in the arts of both gunplay and the use of swords. Witch Hunter Captains are never applauded. All people of the Empire fear the influences of the Whisperer. which is why every loss is sincerely felt by the Abbey. and are the Cult’s foot soldiers in its war against the heathens. Captains are proven individuals.

before the Elethites burnt her at the stake for heresy. those subscribed to Solair believe in a more directed. Jorias was sacrificed by the Pagans to their wooden gods. for everyone has a skeleton in their closet. To them the entirety of the seas are a place of worship and just the act of traversing upon them is bringing glory to their God. The Cult of Stars (Manaan) Dedicated to the art of navigation. It is one of the only known Cults have been known to minister to passive Pagan tribes. In her memory one of the first Cults were formed. The fact that the Witch Hunters possess some of the highest authority in the land means that their actions can only be overruled by fellow Witch Hunters. The Cult of Illumination (Ranald) THE NINE CULTS The Cult of the Deepest Halls (Morr) Upon death all of the Deep God’s faithful travel to the Deepest Hals. The Cult of the Blessed Juliana (Shallya) Juliana was one of Eisaleter Orwylel’s most known disciples. one sworn to drive out the Pagan influences as St. faith. where they are attended by the merfolk and are blessed by the Ten Thousand and One arms of the Deep God. Focusing on the rallying leader of a war band are preferred by priests of Solair rather than wiping the enemy out. that of Jorias and that of Veredictius. The order of the Witch Hunter is a wing of this Cult. a captain in the Imperial Navy that was one of the first disciples of Orwylel. the Cult of Solair seeks to drive out the Pagan threat from all of the Islands. The Cult of the Deepest Halls are devoted to giving the recently departed the Rite of Passage – the sprinkling of sea salt on bounded corpses before they are submerged into the sea. The daughter of a doctor. The Cult of Solair (Myrmidia) Named after one of Lukard Soimnt. the Cult of Stars sees navigating the domain of the Deep God as a blessing. The Cult of St. However. The Cult invests a great deal of tithes towards research into navigating the seas an easier and safer prospect. for they attend to the Deep God’s halls. The Cult formed in his memory is one dedicated to the advancement of the Empire’s technology in the name of the Deep God. Requirement: A character must have completed the Witch Hunter career before becoming a Witch Hunter Captain. Any could be interpreted as being an agent of the Whisperer. Under Eisaleter’s direction she was allowed to. Like the other two martial cults. whereas the followers of Josua uses its Witch Hunters to draw it out via fear and intimidation and those of Veredictius will charge down on the Pagan tribes with wild enthusiasm. tactical approach. a man known for both is knowledge of industry and his strong 40 . It is also a martial Cult.by heathenism. Their name comes from how the alignment of stars are often used by navigators to guide a ship. and each member of the Cult is trained in the art of warfare. Jorias (Sigmar) Jorias was a tinkerer. one dedicated to the healing of people everywhere. she had wanted to attend to the sick all her life. Priests of this Cult are also called “attenders”.

are all included in the Cult’s focus. The two Cults are starkly at odds. to root out the heathen threat. Many priests from the Cult are also laborers themselves: every robe is made by a fellow priest. The men in the factories. Jorias. The priests of the Cult are judges and scholars equally. with the Witch Hunters favoring the use of mobs. They do not have temples that are open to the public. They are known to be fair in their decisions. Originally made in reference to fishermen. The Cult of Discovery is dedicated to that aspect of their deity. and favors wiping them out altogether. and he was written as having been the most violent of the disciples. Most of the Illuminators are dressed simply. The Cult of Knowledge (Verena) The Deep God is a god of wrath. torture and fear over the Illuminator’s detective work. the Cult founded in his honor follows his example well: the priests of the Cult are the most zealous in assault the Pagan tribes. the farmers and the blacksmiths. the Cult ministers to all common day laborers. The Cult of Veredictius (Ulric) Veredictius was a soldier that followed Orwylel. the plausibility of those archives having been lost in the Flooding are not nonexistent either. Regardless. the merchants who have not made it big. Scholars are not entirely certain that Veredictius was an actual man – his name is not Imperial in origin.The Cult of Illumination seeks to unearth the secrets of the world…but most specifically. and if he was a soldier than there should be records of him in the military archives. 41 . the Cult of Nets is dedicated to the faith of the regular man. Places of worship in their temples are known to be designed in a fashion similar to either libraries or courtrooms. in gray. Of course. and they keep themselves in discreet. every temple are built by priest in conjunction with local architects. The Cult of Nets (Taal) The Cult of the common man. The Cult of Illumination are the eyes of the Abbey. One would think at first glance that they are the same as the Witch Hunters of St. with many of the best libraries and universities in the Empire founded by them. nor do they hold sermons. so when a judge or jury are found to be biased priests from the Cult are sent to replace them. but also of justice and discovery.

42 .

but rather are men of station and authority. and could be an asset to many adventurers. Someone needs to direct all those minds. as they need to coordinate a group of Salters. automobiles. Guns. The wizards of the modern Empire are not mind raddled heathens. the core of every facet of technology the Empire possesses. inquisitive young men and women. made impressions. and more are all a product of the revolutionary Salt. and convinced those with money that his ideas were worth backing in coin. Career: Professor Original: Runesmith (Advanced) The Wizard Career 43 . Despite the fact that many Salters’ are not a household name.The Salter Career Salter › Professor Lore: Professor is just another name for men of academia. Salters are not solitary creatures. A Professor doesn’t get into that position by sheer luck – he has to have formed connections. but in the case of Salters it is meant specifically for one that is leading a project. Some would argue that the best advancement in science has been when a Salter worked under someone and had to deal with all those constraints. iron vessels. despite what the newspaper cartoons deptict them as. Salters have a keen knowledge of the science behind the technology. It would be false to say that Professors haven’t allowed the success to get to their heads – quite a few have. Professors are a vital component to the Empire’s scientific machine. Many projects are undertaken as a team effort. Apprentice › Acolyte › Wizard › Battle Wizard / Master Wizard › Wizard Lord Career: Apprentice Original: Apprentice Wizard (Basic) Lore: The Abbey would like to believe that the Eight Schools have been chased out of the Empire. They would be wrong. but rather underground. Whatever truth there may be to the argument. An apprentice is defined as someone who has put significant study into the Arcane River of his School. These natural philosophers research Salt. walls of light. that thanks to their purge of the wizards no form of organized body of arcane philosophers exists. with some of the Universities financing projects involving as many as a hundred different natural philosophers. thugs and bureaucrat. The Eight Schools were not driven out of the Empire. The Empress herself has been known to finance many prospective projects. Most Professors also have some concept of leadership skills. and is at the point Career: Salter Original: Apprentice Runesmith (Basic) Lore: At the heart of the industrial race of the Empire are the Salters. they are vital to the Empire.

the boy becomes a man and submerged himself completely in the River Arcane of his School. chances are the Witch Hunters will have their heads. in which an acolyte chooses his “true name” amongst his wizard brethren. At this point he is given more access to what remains of the Great Library and he is able to expand his knowledge of the arcane. they will ascend. technically. If they can. but never any less than six months – to hide their magic from the world. with all the power and danger that the title provides. Make no mistake. both are young. and so they must be tested. A character can only enter this career after he has completed the Apprentice career. This will only get worse as the Wizard grows in power…but.where he can be allowed to assume the position of a full-fledged Wizard…almost. They are still bound to their master. Requirements: The Acolyte career is part of the tiered structure followed by Wizard characters. and both can easily destroy everything they have every worked for with a single mistake. It is a dangerous world for arcane philosophers. Apprentices must spend a significant period of time – up to three years. if a Wizard commits a ritual – as in. and they still have some months of hard tutelage ahead of them before their masters are truly ready to let off the leash. Because many Witch Hunters that have charms that can detect magical residue. at last. 44 . apprentices that have returned from their exodus but have not yet gone through the Ceremony of Names are considered acolytes. both are eager to prove themselves. He is. A character can only enter this career after he has completed the Acolyte career. Career: Wizard Original: Wizard (Advanced) Lore: Upon the Ritual of Naming. They need to prove they can be trusted. there is a world of difference between apprentices and acolytes. what Wizard could resist learning move about the Arcane Rivers? Requirement: The Wizard career is part of the tiered structure followed by Wizard characters. when the Empire went to war Wizards specifically trained for the theatre of war called Battle Wizards would accompany companies of men into battle. a Wizard. Wizards are also put at even greater danger than when they were acolytes or apprentices. a spell that requires at least a few hours of preparation – he will need to go into hiding until it has dissipated or risk capture. Career: Battle Wizard Original: Battle Wizard (Elite) Lore: Before the rise of the Drowned Abbey. However. If not. Career: Acolyte Original: Acolyte (Advanced) Lore: Although accepted as full-fledged wizards.

Once a Wizard has reached this level of magical prowess it is likely that he will be asked to take on apprentices to bring his knowledge to the next generation. and the life of a Wizard has never become entirely certain since the rise of the Drowned Abbey. but they need to stick to the shadows. but they still have battles to fight. At this point the Master Wizard has trained under the most astute tutors of the arcane. the Drowned Priest preaches. The Drowned God has made a plans for every man and every woman. Career: Master Wizard Original: Master Wizard (Elite) Lore: Master Wizards are nearly at their zenith of power. Not that the Wizards have been grouped with the followers of the Whisperer as “heathens”. Requirement: The Battle Wizard is part of the tiered structure followed by Wizard characters. Both of these were the greatest Wizards to be educated in their time.They would weave the Arcane River of their choice with devastating effect and were a vital cog in the Imperial war machine. albeit only twice in the three hundred years since the rise of the Drowned Abbey. there is no chance any Battle Wizard will openly display themselves on the field of war. Some have a 45 . Battle Wizards still have their roles to play. Times have changed. the people of the Empire have become a fatalistic lot. A character may only enter this career after he has completed the Battle Wizard or Master Wizard career. Sometimes it is against other Wizards who have gone rogue or are putting the other Schools in danger. A character may only enter this career after he has completed the Acolyte career. and their deaths had left a power vacuum the Schools that had just barely been repaired. Requirement: The Wizard Lord is part of the tiered structure followed by Wizard characters. They are capable of redirecting the chaotic Arcane Rivers with precision and unparalleled understanding. The Wizards are on their own now. Career: Wizard Lord Original: Wizard Lord (Heroic) Lore: It used to be that there were eight Wizard Lords for each of the Eight Schools. To even earn the rank of “Master” is a rare thing among the Schools in this days…to reach the point where a Wizard could be consider a “Lord” is a terribly rare thing/ It has happened. learning new facets of the magical realm by taking in experiences from the physical one. though. or perhaps a Pagan tribe has something to value to a School. Others will remain within their cloisters and delve into their manuscripts. Some Master Wizards prefer to be out in the world. A character may only enter this career after he has completed the Acolyte career. Special: The Master Wizard is part of the tiered structure followed by Wizard characters. and the direction of the College would be dictated by them. has likely communed with spirits and possibly even travelled on one of the Rivers. The Seer Career Mystic › Seer Career: Mystic Original: Mystic (Basic) Lore: Under the Drowned Abbey’s tutelage.

and anyone who treads on Qwixia would see the whole of creation in the ripples of the waves. Career: Seer Original: Seer (Advanced) Lore: If they can avoid the torch of the Witch Hunter for long enough. Gray Wizards are a secretive lot. who usually reside in backwoods town away from the eyes of Witch Hunters. The Sand School – The River Qwixia (Celestial Wizards) It is said that time is a river – that is because time is the river Qwixia.desire to know just what these plans are. and the faces of dead philosophers rise from the wave and gives words of wisdom and doom to travelers. the source of power for the time meddling Sand Wizards. Syrlmu’s waters are made from the ruins of fallen civilizations. keeping mostly to themselves and are the most modest of the Schools. but they can use constellations and meteors to help predict the future. with a molten coast and volcanic rock 46 . Some can’t divine their own future and need to go on the run when Witch Hunters catch wind of them. The Gray School – The River Syrlmu (Grey Wizards) The River of Knowledge. Practitioners of the Burning School are said to be brash and act on impulse. As such they just may run into a party of adventurers who could make use of their skills. The few supporters of these seers claim that the Cults are nothing more than frauds who will readily persecute those individuals that have a true. although this has never been truly documented beyond word of mouth. Some say they can even conjure spirits. protruding from its hot waves. The River is one formed from constellations and galaxies. and they have the easiest time hiding from the Abbey’s agents. an act they get plenty of criticisms over. but not so specifically in relation to the fall of the Schools. They use salt water and the bones of fish to divine the future of a man. These mystics. sincere connection with the divine. it is said of Aqyshy. but only in the divining of it. rather than an outright display of force. Seers have – or are said to have – an especially valid insight into the world beyond. and in the case of the superstitious they may turn to mystics for an answer. That’s why they were often deployed as spies or embassies by the Empire. Sometimes their predictions are unclear – they saw death. These men and women are quick to keep their opinions to themselves. The Sand Wizards deal with time. Requirement: Characters must have completed the Mystic career before becoming a Seer. They may be a little bit more likely to criticize the Abbey when out in the open than their contemporaries from other Schools. THE EIGHT SCHOOLS The Burning School – The River Aqyshy (Bright Wizards) A river born from fire. Those that draw upon Syrlmu are from the Gray School and they deal in shadows. claim to have a direct link with the world beyond. Their magics deal in suggestion. They can’t meddle in the past. then mystics can get good enough with their divining to the point where some may call them seers.

The Illuminated School – The River Yieshua (Light Wizards) A River of the brightest light and the widest array of colors. They could make coal into gold. Some would call them alchemists. The Worldly Wizard employ the natural world – the shifting of landmasses.The Worldly School – The River Juqaan (Amber Wizards) Of all the Arcane Rivers. Next to the Gray Wizards. and they are dedicated to preserving the balance of nature. Not much is known of them. 47 . Worldly Wizards in these days stray far from the cities – not just for protection from the Abbey. Before the fall of the Schools they were strictly monitored to make sure they did not cause devastating effects upon the economical balance of the Empire. The fact that so few Iron Wizards remain are the only thing keeping the Empire from entering an economical apocalypse. and their powers are that of metal. The domain of light is their domain. but now all bets are off. Its water is…well. The Dread School – The River Achoriax (Amethyst Wizards) It is said that when you die you travel along the river Achoriax before you reach whatever the Priests say where you go. and the only thing protruding out from the water are rocks. The Iron Wizards draw upon Charos. it’s water. and its shore is made up of rocks and pebbles. The light of the River deals with philosophical truths. Achoriax’s waters are made up of bleached bones. and the same goes for its shores. and that wouldn’t be too far from the truth. Juqaan is the only one that resembles the human interpretation of the word. or harden their bones into iron. but also because their “world” cannot be expressed in the cities. As the saying goes. and many philosophers of academia past were Illuminated Wizards first. The Iron School – The River Charos (Gold Wizards) The waters of the River Charos is smelted gold. the Dread Wizards are amongst the most secretive of the Schools. The rattling of gold and silver will be heard as Wizards make their way through. the Illuminated are more philosophers than employers of Yieshua. if it so desired them. and they were the biggest scapegoat when the Abbey rose against the Schools. The souls of the departed linger along as if they were a thick mist. communing with the wild. Yieshua is the source of power for the Illuminated Wizards. the dead tell no tales and the Dread Wizards follow suit. The Worldly Wizards resemble the Pagan Druids. On one end. and the shoreline is made up of various small jewelry. but whereas they deal with nature’s balance the Storm Wizards employ the wrath of nature. Thunder and maelstroms are the tools of the Storm Wizard. a mad river that crackles with lightning. The Storm School – The River Soliem (Jade Wizards) The River Soliem is a torrent. The Storm Wizards are the contemporaries of the Worldly Wizards. but they do not control them – that is strictly prohibited. The Dread Wizards deal in the dead. and despite that field they are some of the more enigmatic Wizards of all the Schools – to the common man most of all. getting a vision of the man that left a track in the mud. Their writings get past the scrutiny of the Drowned Abbey with the argument that they were more philosophers than a meddler in the arcane.